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Once upon a time‌ There was a beautiful kingdom. It was full of happy people, that were always my grandgrand-grand-(...)-grandfather had an old kitter that wrote some of her memories. That time animals could speak as humans did, and they were kind and clever.

My grand-grand-(...)-grandfather's kitten was very clever, too. She was the proud mayor of the RENICCE kingdom. She was very happy because of the kind animals and people, that brought flowers to her door every day. Everybody in Renicce kingdom lived without fear of anything, because they were so happy, that they didn't know what fear is. But one day this changed...

...On that oneday their lifes which was belive that is this peaceful kingdom. Most the kitten and her

changed forever. A scary dragon, for sleeping, woke up and attacked of the population ran away but best friend and Buco stayed and they fought bravely against the dragon.

...But it didn't help. Days and nights, but they couldn't win. The dragon was stronger and spit fire, as much as he could. Some beams came to an elephant’s bottom. This elephant gave a scary sound... you've never heard a sound like this before. The dragon's eyes opened when...

...The dragon's eyes opened when it heard that noise. The elephant was shocked and ran away. The other animals didn't know what to do. The dragon was very angry because the elephant woke him up. The angry dragon vomitted fire and the forest where they stayed started to burn. The kingdom was...

...The kingdom was being destroyed by fire. Buco was a very brave soldier and a very good friend to the kitten so he gathered TOGETHER the other animals and trapped the dragon fire. That was the END of him. The animals cheered and were so happy that the dragon was dead. Now all they had to do was...

...Now all they had to do was to stop the fire. After that, they could dance, drink (water and orange juice) and have fun. A shepherd (who paradoxically was a sheep) discovered the dragon's lair, where a parrot was held captive. The parrot agreed to tell it's secret to Renicce Kingdom in exchange for freedom. That's how the memories of my grand-grand-grand-(...)-grandfathers' kitten end, where they lived happily, without dragons, with plenty of riches, ever after.

Romanian story  

The Hidden Talents international story illustrated by Romanian students

Romanian story  

The Hidden Talents international story illustrated by Romanian students