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Sewing skills I’d love to learn Angeline Murphy explains what’s next in her sewing education


ne of the most common questions I get asked is where did I learn to sew. Well, I started out turning up trousers roughly seven years ago with a basic sewing machine my brother garment can be a challenge. Along with draping, I would love to conquer had bought me for Christmas. After creating my own dress pattern using a two years of tackling small projects like block. I suppose the beauty of sewing is upcycling clothes, turning up curtains that you are always learning – that’s the and basically sewing only straight exciting part. lines, I decided to enroll in an evening course in Belfast under the guidance I always strive for a well-fitted of Christine Boyle. When the six-week garment and one of my favourite course was over, I had stitched up a patterns to follow is the Simplicity pink tweed tailored jacket with blue lining (looking back it was an odd colour Amazing Fit 1606. I have made this dress so many combination). The skills times and it always I picked up on this turns out perfectly. course included sleeve “ONE CAN NEVER easy-to-follow insertion, inserting an STOP LEARNING AND The guidelines take you invisible zip, interfacing, THERE ARE MANY through inserting buttonholes and lining, SKILLS I AM YET boning, princess and it gave me the seams and offer confidence to tackle TO MASTER!“ you a variation of further techniques on necklines. When my own. boning a garment I normally fit the boning into a channel created by Over the next few years I watched a French seam. This gives a sharp, countless YouTube videos, including professional finish. I also love using the pocket insertion, hemming, edges, bodice pattern from Simplicity 1606 and working with chiffon and many other mixing it up with the Vogue 7939 skirt sewing techniques. It was trial and error variations. Using two different patterns in the sewing room and my seam ripper will give you a unique dress design.  quickly became my best friend. I can now say I have a strong knowledge of To create a well-fitted garment you first many sewing techniques; however one need to select a suitable fabric, and my can never stop learning and there are favourites to work with include stretch many skills I am yet to master! satin and scuba; both have stretch which allows them to fit nicely around Draping fabric around a dress form and the body contours. For a rich finish I pinning into shape is something I have love to use brocade or velvet. It’s fun never taken the time to learn. We were to play around with different fabric – faced with this challenge on the Sewing the key is matching an appropriate Bee and I’d love to brush up these skills. fabric to you garment. Be adventurous On paper it appears quite simple, but and enjoy! getting a flattering, wearable draped


An all-time favourite pattern of Angeline’s

Draping fabric can be a tricky thing to learn, and takes practice!

Esteemed designer, author and tutor Christine Boyle helped take Angeline’s sewing skills to the next level*

Classic, with a flowy feel, this vintage draped skirt offers many possibilities

*Photography by Neil Harrison


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