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Global Volunteer

Teaching / Health / Community Development / Environment / Rural Development / Children

AIESEC Global Volunteer It’s your time to experience the world Global Volunteer

Volunteering abroad is a great way to see a society from the inside, and get to know another culture. An exchange through AIESEC’s Global Volunteer programme its abot doing something good for society as well as learning and developing personally by living and working in another country. We have a multitude of projexts in NGO, school and local projects. All our exchanges are run by local students and you have a team of AIESECers waiting to welcome you when you go on exchange! Requirements

• Student or recent graduate • 18-30 years old • Program fee 4000NOK • Note: Specific conditions and requirements varies from project to project, read more at


Global Volunteer - China

Do you want to live in the fastest developing country in the world? AIESEC is present in 17 cities in China, including Beijing, Nanjing, and Tianjin. AIESEC China oers over a thousand internship opportunities every year. Teaching in China / 6-8 Weeks Beijing - Tianjin - Ningbo - Guangzhou

China AIESEC Norway is cooperating with AIESEC in Beijing, Tianjin, Ningbo & Guangzhou Volunteer in China

Experience the dynamic Chinese culture this summer through volunteering! China is a fast growing country with a lot of dierent experiences to oer. Most of our opportunities are teaching internships where the interns work as English teachers or with cultural education

Overview Where? Beijing - Tianjin - Shanghai -

Guangzhou Duration: 6-8 Weeks Start dates: Flexible (April-July)

Accommodation provided 3

Global Volunteer - Brazil

Do you want to experience one of the most culturally diverse countries of the world? Brazil is waiting for you! AIESEC in Brazil excist in several cities Cultural education / Teaching / community development 6-8 weeks / June-July Juiz de Fora / Florianopolis

Brazil AIESEC Norway is cooperating with AIESEC in Brazil Volunteer in Brazil

Brazil is a melting pot of dierent cultures from Europe, South America and Africa creating an unique brazilian culture. In Brazil you can work in schools or local projects on topics like cultural education and community development.

Overview Where? Juiz de Fora & Florianopolis Duration: 6-8 Weeks Start dates: Flexible (April-July)

Accommodation, local transport & food provided 5

Global Volunteer - India

Do you want to experience the dynamic country of India? AIESEC in India welcomes over two thousand interns every year and is one of the biggest countries in the global AIESEC network. NGO or projects childrens rights / Child’s development / Rural development 6-8 weeks / Baroda (Varodada)

India AIESEC Norway is cooperating with AIESEC in Baroda Volunteer in India

India has a dynamic colorful culture and a vibrant environment. An internship in India will challenge your perspectives and allow you to immens yourself in the culture. AIESEC in Baroda arranges projects that allow you to work with NGOs closely with the rural and underprivelleged community

Overview Where? Baroda (Vadodara) Duration: 6 Weeks Start dates: Flexible (April-July)

Accommodation ca. 400 NOK


Global Volunteer

Your Experience Africa

Have you ever dreamt of going to Africa? Your Experience Africa oers an intense learning experience by volunteering in Africa this summer. Volunteer in NGO, School or Project Community Development / Environment / Education / Children /Rural Development / HIV/aids 6-8 weeks Ghana - Kenya - Mozambique - Uganda

Your Experience Africa - Kenya AIESEC Norway is cooperating with AIESEC in Nairobi Your Experience Kenya

Welcome to the ÂŤGreen city in the SunÂť, Nairobi! This dynamic city is one of the most prominent financial and political cities of West-Africa! Nairobi has prevailant slum areas, and many of our internships are situated there, where you can work in schools, NGOs or local projects on topics such as HIV/aids, teaching, children at risk, skills building and more. Read more about the project at

Overview Where? Nairobi Duration: 6-8 Weeks Start dates: Flexible (April-July)

Accommodation free or 600-1500 NOK


Your Experience Africa - Uganda AIESEC Norway is cooperating with AIESEC in Kampala, Jinja and rural Uganda Your Experience Uganda

Winston Churchil called Uganda the «pearl of Africa», and its said to be «Africa condensed». The country suffered under the terrors of Idi Amin, but is now starting to recover and has had a rapid growth the last year. 88% of the population lives in the rural areas, and many of our projects are adressing the local challenges such as women empowerment, community development, children at risk and health.

Overview Where? Jinja, Iganga & rural Uganda Duration: 6-8 Weeks Start dates: Flexible (April-July)

Accommodation & airport pickup ca. 700-1000NOK 10

Your Experience Africa - Mozambique AIESEC Norway is cooperating with AIESEC in Maputo Your Experience Mozambique

Mozambique is one of Africas up-and-coming hot spots after almost three decades of isolation. The country was one of the poorest in the world, but has grown rapidly. Many of our projects revolve around teaching and empowering the underprivelleged communities in Maputo. *Portueguese or Spanish preferred

Overview Where? Maputo Duration: 6-8 Weeks Start dates: Flexible (April-July)

Accommodation, language course provided.


Your Experience Africa - Ghana AIESEC Norway is cooperating with AIESEC in Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast Your Experience Ghana

Ghana is said to be an ÂŤisland of peaceÂť, located on the west coast of Africa. The countrys economy is strong and stable and has had a big growth the last years. We have project opportunities to support local development such as HIV/aids, teaching and skills building for local communities.

Overview Where? Accra, Kumsai and Cape Coast Duration: 6-8 Weeks Start dates: Flexible (April-July)

Accommodation ca. 700-1000 NOK


The world is waiting for you Volunteer Abroad this summer

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