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Issue #2 Summer 2011



Kick-off week ‘11 Welcome to JIBS & Jönköping


Accreditation & Internationalisation




Editorial word: Since our business school has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and internationalization it is not surprising to hear terms such as uniqueness, differentiation, competitive advantage or branding so often as one does on our campus. Responsible Publisher: Alexander Wennlo Editorial Director: Mihai Leontescu Editorial Vice-Director: Shabnam Mirzoeva Editing manager: Anna Koponen Jessica Bradshaw Marketing: Nicolas Waern Photo: André Karlström Mikhail Shchepin Art Directors: Annie Jönsson Caroline Olofsson Writing artists: Polina Ivchenko, Agneta Bladh, Mihai Leontescu, Jessica Bradshaw, Maggie Hovhnessian, Amanda Modin, Tommie Cau, Amit Chaudhary, Emelie Johansson, Helen Orselius, Sarah Bohman, Matilda Johansson, David Hammarstrand, Eva Maria Vingerhoets Bille, Alexander Wennlo, Shabnam Mirzoeva. Printed by Henrix Grafiska AB Circulation Ca. 4 500 Published By JSA Gjuterigatan 5 551 11 Jönköping Front page photo Patrik Svedberg

JIBS offers great possibilities for those who seek them. So, while you’re reading this magazine think about why you chose JIBS and what you want to achieve in return from your education. As a student, newcomer or not, you have the opportunity to choose the things you want to learn or practice your own abilities. You do in fact have the power to choose and act upon your goals and dreams. Good grades are of course important but there are many other aspects than grades that reflect one’s capabilities. Your ability to deal with real-life situations and challenges can be further developed by getting involved in several extra-curricular school projects. Step out of your comfort zone and explore new places. Go abroad on exchange. Choose a place that represents your goals and captures your imagination, will it be Brazil, China or New Zealand? The International Office will show you the way. Endeavour yourself within the JSA, the JIBS Student Association, and its variety of projects ( Projects such as the career fair NextStep, Nordnet Trading Room, BAP- Business Accelerator Program or the Host Companies from your courses will take you closer to the business environment by dealing with real business situations inside and outside JIBS. Be proactive and engage yourself in different social events where you can gather social capital and sharpen your social skills. International Day, Kick-off week, the Spring Inspiration fashion

show, Winter Banquet and Entrepreneurship Day are examples of the different social events. Moreover, once you graduate you can join the JIBS Alumni Association (JAA) which will offer you valuable information about your fellow JIBSers and what they do. You can achieve this by simply joining the online network ( Planning to start your own business or simply have a business idea and not sure about how to proceed? Science Park will be your guide ( Looking for a job in Sweden? Knutpunkten Career Center is a part of Jönköping University and helps you in searching for a part-time or summer job in Jönköping or around Sweden.

“...Now it’s your time to choose.” Get to know more about the projects that the JIBS Student Association (JSA) organizes by visiting or joining our network on Facebook. Applications from students interested in being a part of certain projects will be received during the following months and stay tuned for posters around campus and further information online ( JIBS is here to help you turn your dreams into memories. All you need to do is envision the things you want to achieve and dare to ask for help along the way and of course, work hard. The projects, activities and courses you get involved with while here at JIBS and after on will sharpen your perceptions and understanding of what you truly want. Envision the life you desire, slowly proceed towards that vision and never give up. Rome was not built in one day and nor will you be able to shape your own vision into tangible outcomes but with persistence on a daily basis, all can be achieved. Good luck!

Mihai Leontescu - Editorial director, Head of Communication Committee within JSA.



2 Number 2 Summer 2011






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Akademien salutes JIBSers

30 Emmelie Johansson Alumni story 32 Young Europeans 33 Science Park What can´t I do for your business? 34 Madelene Bardh Alumni story

About JIBS United JIBS United is a project operated by JIBS Student Association in collaboration with Jönköping International Business School and JIBS Alumni Association. The main objective of the magazine is to inform students, alumni and staff about education, student projects and research projects. We hope that the variety of contents will appeal to you and that your interest in JIBS and all the different activities and projects taking place at JIBS will increase.

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JIBS alumni

Word from the acting CEO and Dean of JIBS:

Agneta Bladh

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a brand new student at JIBS and you will soon become a true JIBSer! We hope you are international at heart and entrepreneurial in mind. Approximately 40% of all our students are coming from another country. You may be one of these students, or you are a Swede, either from the neighbourhood or another place in Sweden. All of you are most welcome to our international school! I sincerely hope you will have a wonderful time here. We expect you to study intensively and hard but at the same time we encourage you to have fun – this is also an important factor to become successful in your studies. Take the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and to learn about different cultures and habits. This will certainly help you in your future career, as the world is becoming more and more interdependent.


JIBS United

Numerous companies today are multinational and operate in many parts of the world. You will be given new possibilities at this school – take them! JIBS offers you an international setting and contacts with the local and regional business society. It is up to you to give your study period the little extra. If you get a business idea for a new company, Science Park, closely connected to the university, will be glad to help you out in the initial phase. Welcome to JIBS! Once here you will always be a true JIBSer. Agneta Bladh Dean, Jönköping International Business School

JIBS United


JIBS alumni


Did you know that...


...You can find all partner universities as well as interviews from international students on this website:

Tomas Bengtsson

JIBS marketing strategy and the introduction of tuition fees

////////////////////////////////////////// For the upcoming academic school year the University is going to introduce tuition fees for non-EU programme students. Many believe that this entrance barrier is created to hinder international applicants. Furthermore, this may also be a challenge to the distinct and established international profile of JIBS. To investigate the issue, JIBS United talked to Tomas Bengtsson. As the director of student recruitment at JIBS, Tomas has direct linkage to the implementation of the school’s marketing strategy. Together with his colleagues, he aims to ensure that international students find out about JIBS and that the best applicants are selected and enrolled into the programmes. Followed by a drop in the number of non-EU applicants, the insertion of tuition fees will inevitably challenge the school with finding new ways of attracting fee-paying students. Even though the quality of education and the safety that Sweden provides are vital factors in students decision making, Tomas believes that free tuition was crucial to the choice of JIBS for many non-EU students. However, Tomas notes that JIBS is well-prepared to handle problems associated with the new regulation, “Since I started this job five years ago, the recruitment office has been focusing on enrolling international programme students.

“...we knew that tuition fees will be implemented and as a result our mission has been to find where in the world we could recruit students, and also to access fairs, agents and other collaboration partners. I believe we have succeeded in this.” A special team is now working on marketing JIBS in different parts of the world: Sweden, EU, Russia, Pakistan, China and the Middle East. In addition, the school is participating in study fairs and collaborating with partners in focus areas world-wide. This has already resulted in an increased number of EU applicants. For good students com-


JIBS United

ing from outside of the EU, Jönköping University offers scholarships, which cover thirty per cent of their tuition fee. Regarding the international vision and strategy of JIBS, Tomas is convinced that JIBS will not suffer from the tuition fees insertion.

“..still we have a strong exchange programme with plenty of partner universities all over the world, so there will not be less international students in JIBS. Besides, thirty per cent of our stuff is also international.” Surrounded by a variety of diverse tasks, Tomas is extremely enthusiastic about what he is doing. Before his recruitment to his current position in 2006, the recruitment office did not focus on international programme students, which consequently gave Tomas the job of building up his own department. This turned out to be even more exciting than it seemed in the newspaper advert. Currently with tuition fees introduced, Tomas and his colleagues have several visible goals, including recruitment of exceptional fee-paying students as well as EU students. For the future, the office aims to develop a solid foundation for recruitment, particularly of non-EU students, based on this year’s experience. In regards to Thomas’ vision of JIBS he comments that, “I think that now JIBS has a really good atmosphere. Despite the fact that the school is young, it conducts significant research and has a strong international brand, opening wide growth and improvement possibilities”. Apart from this, he is very happy that the JIBS alumni network has started expanding internationally and adds that this trend should be further fostered. Taking everything into account, Tomas believes that studying at JIBS benefits students as they are given opportunities to succeed by meeting many international people, taking advantage of the exchange programme, and if they wish to make a career in Sweden as well as learn some Swedish. //////////////////////////// Text: Polina Ivchenko ////////////////////////////

JIBS alumni

Age: 41 Place of birth: J채mtland, Sweden Education: Bachelor of Science in psychology, Mid Sweden University Workplace: Recruitment office in JIBS What Tomas does: Director of student recruitment Describing JIBS with three words: International, open-minded, entreprenurial

JIBS United


JIBS alumni

Did you know that...


...JIBS is offering the summer program for the 6th time. Students participating in the program come from JIBS partner universities.


International Accreditation and Studies Abroad ////////////////////////////////////////// According to JIBS website, in autumn 2010 and spring 2011 JIBS initiated an AACSB and EQUIS accreditation process (see box below for details). Although the EQUIS accreditation will take up to two years and AACSB accreditation will take at least four years to complete, the fruits of the initiative will provide greater research opportunities, attract higher quality students and faculty and, most importantly, allow for higher global recognition. Another question arises that has a greater effect on today’s students at JIBS: what are the potential benefits of choosing an AACSB- or EQUIS- accredited partner university for your study abroad program? To explore more about the importance of the international accreditation and the study abroad program at JIBS, Leticia Lövkvist, coordinator for International Exchange Students at JIBS, was interviewed. Throughout the interview, Leticia highlighted two main points. First, Leticia thoroughly emphasized the importance of studying abroad on exchange.

“Having been abroad on exchange will not only provide an unforgettable experience but also enable our students to attract their future employers. Nowadays, many companies pay importance to this factor” Fortunately, JIBS is considered the most international business school in Sweden with the largest study abroad programmes of any Swedish business school. Our great variety of partner universities allow students the opportunity to participate in collaborations such as exchange programmes and choose the right university with the right program and atmosphere. Taking part in such collaboration can undoubtedly provide you with invaluable life-experience.

The second point that Leticia emphasized was the importance of accreditation. Even though JIBS is still in the accreditation process, many of JIBS’ partner universities are already accredited by organizations such as EQUIS and/or AACSB. Leticia underlined that accredited universities provide top-quality education and services for their students and moreover, internationally accredited universities and programs enable graduates to get employed by highly recognized companies and firms. Leticia also shared the importance of maintaining good relations with our existing partner universities. “Upgrading

our relations with partner universities will not only strengthen our existing relations but also lead to signing of new agreements”. Every year a representative of international office attends conferences, such as EAIE and NAFSA, where she manages to meet university representatives from around the world, develop new contacts and fortify old ones. Recently through a conference, JIBS managed to build a new partnership agreement with BEM Bordeaux Management School in France, which is a very highly accredited university. “Visiting partner universities, sending them university material about JIBS programs and activities, and welcoming international guests enables us to market JIBS and attract new exchange students”, says Leticia. In view of the introduction of tuition fees for non-EU programme students, Leticia stated that the imposition will not affect the number of students choosing Swedish schools for exchange, since the tuition is waived in the exchange agreements. “Taking advantage of the available exchange programme and keeping in mind the importance of accreditation will help JIBS’ers to not only spend a semester studying at a great university but will also give them a distinct advantage in the search for their future dream job” //////////////////////////// Text: Shabnam Mirzoeva ////////////////////////////


JIBS United

EQUIS (the European Quality Improvement System)

AACSB (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)

EQUIS, an accreditation by EFMD (the European Foundation for Management Development), evaluates whole institutions such as business schools and university faculties of business and management. It assesses not just degree programmes but all the activities and sub-units of the institution, including research, e-learning units, executive education provision and community outreach. EQUIS looks for a balance between high academic quality and the professional relevance provided by close interaction with the corporate world. A strong interface with the world of business is, therefore, as much a requirement as a strong research potential.

The AACSB Accreditation Standards are used as the basis to evaluate a business school’s mission, operations, faculty qualifications and contributions, programmes, and other critical areas. AACSB accreditation ensures students and parents that the business school is providing a top-quality education and future employers that its graduates are ready to perform from day one.

EAIE conference, Nantes, France

Chantal Coté, Director International Office, JIBS

Examples of JIBS Accredited Partner Universities: • • • • • • • •

HEC Montreal, Montreal, Canada, EQUIS & AACSB Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Viña del Mar, Chile, AACSB Tsinghua University, China, EQUIS & AACSB Universita Commerciale ”Ligi Bocconi”, Italy, EQUIS ITESM, Tec de Monterrey, Mexico, EQUIS & AACSB Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, AACSB Babson College, Boston, USA, EQUIS & AACSB St. Gallen University, Switzerland, EQUIS & AACSB

Chantal Coté, Leticia Lökvist & Colleagues from JIBS Partner University - Yonsei University, South Korea.

STUDENT student

Did you know that...


...JIBS has recently initiated the EQUIS and AACSB accreditation process.

AIESEC in Jönköping

– an opportunity to get global leadership experience!

What is AIESEC? AIESEC is the largest youth organisation in the world. It is a network and platform of young people all over the world, who want to develop their leadership potential and gain international experience. At present, the organization has around 50.000 members worldwide, and is present in 110 different countries. AIESEC members have the opportunity to go on internships in all these member countries, for 3, 6, 12 or even 18 months. It can be an exciting summer abroad, an internship as part of your degree (which you can get ECTS points for at JIBS) or a way to get started after your degree is finished. AIESEC partners with among others Microsoft, Nike, Unilever, pwc and Husquarna worldwide.  On the road to these internships, AIESEC members can improve their leadership skills and employability by going to different conferences all over the world, as well as taking on a leadership role within the local committee at their university, helping to plan events and coordinate outgoing as well as incoming internship exchanges. The voluntary work in the organisation brings members


JIBS United

of different backgrounds together and creates a practical setting, where university theory is put into practice, and members work as part of a dynamic team to help other AIESEC’ers both locally and globally to exchange work experiences. Why don’t we have AIESEC in Jönköping yet? So, with all these merits – and with local committees in Linköping, Gothenburg, Lund, Uppsala, Umeå and Stockholm, why don’t we have an AIESEC committee in Jönköping? The answer is that we used to, but the people in charge left without recruiting new members, and the local committee was closed.  We think that JIBS, with its international spirit and entrepreneurial thinking, would be a perfect starting ground for an AIESEC in Jönköping. Students here are certainly interested in studying abroad – we have the highest percentage of students studying abroad of all schools in Sweden – so there is a lot of reason to think that JIBS students would be interested in going on internships abroad, especially when it can be done as part of a degree. 

STUDENT student Short facts:

50.000 members 110 countries 1,700 universities 10,500 exchanges globally 470 conferences a year 10,000 leadership opportunities 750 local committees 800,000 alumni 4,000 partners

What are we doing about it? In order to make AIESEC in Jönköping a reality, we have started the AIESEC Jönköping initiative group. We have already gained support from the university, but now we just need more students to back it up and make it happen. We are working with the central AIESEC committee of Sweden to fulfill all the requirements necessary to open our own branch. What can you do about it? • You can join the Initiative Group and help us prove that there is a basis for an AIESEC local committee in Jönköping • You can join AIESEC when we become an AIESEC Local Committee (hopefully this year, possibly early next year) • You can live the AIESEC experience and improve your leadership skills

• You can go on a paid internship abroad and learn how to work in an international environment You can go on a paid internship abroad and learn how to work in an international environment • You can participate in training programs to improve your soft skills • You can meet new people and make new friends all around the world Keep AIESEC in mind, because this is going to be great! If you have any questions, feel free to contact the JSA International Committee on //////////////////////////// Text: Eva Maria Vingerhoets Bille ////////////////////////////

JIBS United


STUDENT student

VILJA- JIBS female network Last spring semester seven students at JIBS came up with the great idea of creating a female network for all female students at JIBS. In March, Vilja – JIBS Female Network, was founded.

“...Vilja was created with the purpose of networking dedicated business students and giving them the opportunity to meet successful women in the business sector...” Just like its meaning in Swedish, Vilja is about willing! We think students want to enjoy their study time while preparing to start building their own careers.

“ part of this we wish to focus on the importance of women supporting each other. We must be both willing and daring; if we are, together with the support from each other we will be able to reach our goals and the careers and professional roles we might dream of..” Vilja supports you as a female student by arranging various events throughout the year that inspires to purposeful engagement in work and life. Last semester we started off with a highly encouraging lecture about visions and motivation, a lecture that generated great response from the students. In May, we kicked off the spring by running the race Vår Ruset together. We hope you will feel inspired by us and that you are interested in joining


JIBS United

Vilja’s future activities. Our first event in this fall semester will take place soon after the kick off-week. The 8th of September, Ylva Runström, the managing director of the municipality of Uddevalla and the company Uddevalla utveckling AB, will be holding a lecture. She calls it Superpower and it will depict the art of possessing the right mentality for success in life. The day after the lecture, ten of the participating will get the chance to get personal coaching by Ylva of how to control pattern of thoughts. This will be an excellent start of the fall, to inspire and to motivate you by setting goals and creating visions for the semester, year and life ahead. Furthermore, a representative from PwC will visit us to talk about her Lust For Life project. Later in the semester we will arrange visits to companies and other exciting activities, where you as a student will get the great opportunity to meet with inspiring people and potential future employers. Exact date and time for all Vilja’s events will be provided in near future, so keep your eyes open for Vilja at JIBS! 

Let us build our future dreams – together! Please visit us on Facebook VILJA – Jibs Female Network.

STUDENT student

JIBS student tops elite programme at Copenhagen Business School Jonkoping International Business School collaborates with some of the best educational institutions and allows both Swedish and International graduate students to study abroad for one semester. I had a similar opportunity to study at one of the partner universities during the 3rd semester of my masters program in Innovation & Business Creation. Having studied in the UK and lived and worked in the US for a number of years, unlike most of my peers my preferred study abroad destinations were Copenhagen and Helsinki, as I wanted to experience another Scandinavian country apart from Sweden. Also, among JIBS’ partner business schools CBS and Aalto were easily among the best ranked and globally known for their quality of education. While I was searching for modules to pursue during my stay at CBS I came across the school’s elite programs. At the time CBS offered three intense and challenging courses, the elite modules. The modules ran during the 3rd semester of the graduate programme, and enrollment was based on individual assessments of the applications, as demand was high for the modules. “..the competitive streak in me kicked in and I genuinely wanted to do the elite program in international entrepreneurship because I knew these requirements did raise the bar and would ensure some of the best international graduate students would join the internship.”

In the International Internship in Entrepreneurship (IIE) course at CBS, students work part-time (about 30 hours a week)

as interns in selected high technology start-up companies, where they complete a mini-consultancy report on a business problem of strategic importance. Each project has its target structured in cooperation between the student, an assigned company mentor and an academic supervisor from CBS. The aim is to define and successfully complete projects with an optimal mix of theory and practical application that holds to academic scrutiny while meeting the practical business needs of the company. In early May, I was formally accepted in the IIE course and was also chosen as a recipient of an academic scholarship from CBS, double whammy!! In June, I had my first round of interviews with BullGuard a Danish internet security solutions provider who were working on identifying an optimal market intelligence system and creating a strategy to implement the recommendations. Before the end of the day, the program coordinator confirmed that BullGuard wanted me to work with them. I moved from Jonkoping to Copenhagen in August and was surprised to find when I met my classmates that, from China to Mexico, every continent had representation. I spent three wonderful months working at BullGuard where the work environment was friendly, supportive and designations were irrelevant. I tried to differentiate myself by running the task as a project and created a project distribution list, sent out fortnightly status updates to the group and tried to exceed expectations. The result was a grade I had always wanted at a premiere institution like CBS and especially in a competitive course like IIE.

“...I implore my fellow students to use the study abroad semester as not only an opportunity to travel, explore and learn about a new culture or a country but also to add value to their professional competencies so as to have a strong repertoire of skills.” Remember when you go abroad that you are ambassadors of JIBS and Sweden, even if you are an international student at JIBS, so have a fantastic time while your endeavor is to give your best. My result at CBS is due to the fantastic support system I was lucky to have. I am genuinely grateful to Prof. Jan Annerstedt (CBS), Prof. Peter Gammeltoft (CBS), Stephanie Hadler (CBS), Prof. Veronica Gustafsson (JIBS) and Nicolaj Borchorst (BullGuard) for their unconditional support and guidance.

//////////////////////////// Text: Amit Chaudhary ////////////////////////////

JIBS United


ALUMNI staff

The network of JIBS Making the most out of your JIBS experience includes joining the JIBS Alumni Association after graduation. Its president Tommie Cau, a 2006 JIBS graduate, describes the life after student parties, graduation and what a network of thousands of former students has to offer. Proof points

There are a few very certain things, which will happen to you when becoming a Jönköping International Business School student. They include things such as student parties, exam anxiety (reoccurring on a monthly basis), shortage of money and the fact that you will make friends for life. Another very certain thing is that one day your student life will end. This has already happened to thousands of us. To date, JIBS has more than 5, 000 alumni with a JIBS diploma spread across the globe. If you read this, chances are that you are either already one of them or will be in the years to come. That is +5, 000 proof points of what an education at JIBS can lead to and putting them together paints an interesting picture. You will find consultants, bankers, auditors, marketing directors, financial controllers, entrepreneurs, and many others. To me, what unites them all is their drive and ambition, their curiosity and confidence to find new ways and new opportunities through different creative pathways. In fact, my own personal experience is that this is true to the extent that if there aren’t any opportunities left, they create them. If there aren’t any fun job positions, they create them or move to the other side of the planet (actually they do that either way). If there aren’t any good enough student activities, they create them. If you are an incoming new JIBS student you will experience this first hand, enjoy it.

JIBS Alumni Association » keep in touch with JIBS and thousands of your fellow alumni » get special invitations to useful events » know what’s going on at JIBS » add value to your degree by strengthening the JIBS brand » meet and establish fruitful connections » get interesting job offers directly to your inbox

Sign up today! 16

JIBS United

Connections, for life

These alumni members also represent the +5, 000 connections spread around the world, ��������������������������������������������������� each with their individual and exciting stories to tell (in JIBS United, among other places, we continuously try to exemplify this) about JIBS and the experiences they have gained after graduation. Some of those connections are today my best friends and some of them are or will be yours too in the future. The JIBS Alumni Association (JAA) is a social professional network that gathers these individuals. They are then organized in a way which allows each individual network member, as well as JIBS, to benefit indefinitely. As a potential student, the JIBS Alumni is the next natural step in taking the leap from your student life to your career life. Regardless of what path you take in your post-graduate life, you will learn to fancy this idea or already have it in mind (but don’t mind thinking small, think big!) chances are that one of us “oldies” are already there or well on our way. We may be able to give you some useful pointers along the way. As alumni, our network is your network and it is all about having fun and facilitating career development. Through events, the alumni’s database and your own connections, as well as their connections, you will most definitely find the network useful, and fun.

“...alumni members also represent the +5, 000 connections spread around the world, each with their individual and exciting stories to tell. The JIBS Alumni Association (JAA) is a social professional network that gathers these individuals.” The party goes on

At the end of May we gathered alumni members to the Annual General Meeting, which was held in Stockholm, Sweden. Co-hosting the event with Audi, a brand not too different from JIBS itself but more on that another time, and the International Data Group (IDG). We enjoyed a Friday evening filled with friends, energy and great inspiration. Personally, I met old friends that I had not met for years. Business cards were exchanged and conversations were started. A key external speaker at the meeting, Pingis Hadenius, with IDG summed up the evening with words such as “energy” and “pride”. Those words and that evening itself exemplify a lot of what the network is all about. The very basic idea is that we are JIBS’ers, not only as students but also as alumni. So if you are already studying at JIBS or just starting then you shouldn’t place too much emphasis in the thought that one day the student parties will end, because another one will start. This in mind, the alumni and I will do our very best in making sure that it will be a great one. That’s a promise. Get to know us more on! PS. Stay tuned for the JIBS United alumni theme edition in late fall //////////////////////////// Text: Tommie Cau ////////////////////////////

STUDENT student

Entrepreneurship Day 2011 – Inspiration for Innovation “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” -Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, Inc. JIBS has shown itself to be a leader in the field of Entrepreneurship for several years now. Since its founding in 1994, entrepreneurship has been one of the most important areas of research at the school.

Based on publications from 1995-2006, JIBS ranked ninth worldwide and third within Europe in the field of entrepreneurial research. JIBS has also received many prestigious awards over the years in this particular field. Since all faculty involved in teaching Entrepreneurship focused courses at JIBS are active researchers, students are exposed to the most up-to-date published research available. Notably, in 2008 core faculty member Professor Johannisson received the prestigious Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, recognizing his international leading role in developing the academic field of entrepreneurship. JIBS also lives up to its slogan, International at heart. Entrepreneurial in mind, which is exactly what Entrepreneurship Days project leader Rebecca Korthenius hopes to demonstrate at this year’s event.

“I want to build an awareness around the entrepreneurial spirit of JIBS and to show that at JIBS, it’s not just a slogan: it’s a reality”,- says Rebecca Entrepreneurship Day is an annual event arranged by JSA that in the past has included lectures, workshops and a chance for established companies and organizations in Sweden to connect with JIBS students. The event also shares a close collaboration with the “New Venture Challenge”, which is organized in the course Entrepreneurship and Business Planning (EBP). This challenge requires all students taking EBP to form teams and to start and launch their own company. These teams will then exhibit and present their ideas on Entrepreneurship Day. A select jury of judges will then award prizes to the teams they feel present the most innovative new ventures. Project leader Rebecca was involved as a participant in last year’s Entrepreneurship Day in the New Venture Challenge and says that her goal for this year’s event is to involve more of the 2nd and 3rd year students as well as the 1st year EBP participants. Her team hopes to accomplish this by hosting inspiring guest lecturers, handing out tempting goodie bags (filled by local sponsors), encouraging thought-provoking mingling between students as well as by having representatives from successful and innovative companies present at the event.

“..Entrepreneurship Day 2011 is planned to occur sometime in late September or early October and promises to be an inspiring and fun filled event for all JIBS students. More details about the event will be revealed in the beginning of the new school year in August. Stay tuned! //////////////////////////// Text Jessica Bradshaw ////////////////////////////

JIBS United


JIBS alumni

Jönköping, a City in Continuous Evolution

As a student at JIBS I have had time to see the city of Jönköping evolve at a very rapid pace. When I started studying at JIBS the bridge over Munksjön was just one year old and plans for construction all around town were obvious.

Since 2007 the north and northeast side of the Lake Munksjön has been transformed with the addition of Bryggan and the new building opposite school named Spira that will be opened for the first time on 2011.11.11. Since its introduction in late 2010, Bryggan has become a very popular venue among students because, opposite to the beach at lake Vättern, this large sundeck faces in a southern direction. As soon as the sun comes out you will see people flood to Bryggan to sunbathe. Between these two venues construction of the new Atollen site has begun.

“There is a very ambitious plan in Jönköping to grow and evolve into a more modern Swedish City.” Most notable in these plans is the idea to try and move the city centre to the south side of Lake Munksjön. As the city can’t grow much more to the north, this is the only direction that future growth in Jönköping can take. One important step in this could be to move the current railway station in the current centre to the

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JIBS United JIBS United

southern end of lake Munksjön. Where the station, and hence the railway tracks, end up being situated depends both on national and local factors when it comes to transportation in the long term. In the Municipality election of 2010 one party launched the idea of the “Jönköping Riviera,” where the complete removal of the railway from lake Vättern would free up the entire southern part of the lake. Jönköping does need more ways of transportation and there will be an expansion of the railway tracks in our region. There have been many petitions made by locals to see to it that this expansion doesn’t have to happen along the beachfront of lake Munksjön. Let’s hope the entire lake will be accessible in the future. Some of the changes to the city landscape are in the near future, and some will take more time. The moving of the city centre as a plan is of course on a very long term basis. However, the city centre as it is today is going through continuous changes as the city grows and our students drive the Jönköping business life forward. Undoubtedly the city centre already looks quite different than it did when I started Studying in Jönköping. In just a year there will be a new structure being raised on the other side of lake Munksjön and the local football team may soon need a new arena if they manage to win promotion to the Swedish Premier Division. A lot will happen in Jönköping in the coming five to ten years. Source www.jönkö

More information at //////////////////////////// Text: Alexander Wennlo ////////////////////////////


The harbour

Stora Hotellet


The pier Photos: Sebastian Sรถderstrรถm,

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Jönköpingsfesten –

Experience Jönköping in one weekend On August 19 to 20 something special is happening in Jonkoping. On these 2 days towards the end of the beautiful Swedish summer, it’s time for the new Jönköping Festival that will fill the center of the city with fun activities and experiences with a focus on culture and sport. The celebrations will take place in the Centrum of Jönköping, utilizing Rådhusparken, the canal street, and other areas in the centrum and surrounding Munksjön. The festival is organized by the municipality of Jönköping, Jönköping City and Destination Jönköping in collaboration with local businesses and community life. The event will run over two days and is addressed to local residents but also visitors of all ages. For you as a student this is the perfect way to get to know the city and enjoy the late summer before your studies begin. Just a few of the fun activities to enjoy include: watching an outdoor film, learning to salsa dance with Jönköping’s Salsa Association, or listening to live music at the Posten stage (Jönköpingspostenscen).

Photos Jönköping: Sebastian Söderström,

Events including:

Overlooking Challenge 2011 Triathlon Competition for both professionals and amateurs. Swimming at the pier, biking along the North Strand Street, Running along Munksjön and Växelzon right in the center. Read more at Outdoor cinema - Bio and birds chirping. Jönköping Salsa Club - City is filled with beautiful beats of the salsa club (offers salsa dancing and zumba). Fitness classes - Friskis and Svettis leads an aerobics session from Jönköping Low-Car Rally - Energy Centre / City Planning Ultimate Frisbee - YMCA University Water Activities


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STUDENT student

Kick-Off Kick-Off 2011 2011 Hello everyone!

I’m David, the Sexmaster. I’m guessing that sentence caught your attention and made you curious, an explanation will follow, I promise. When you have read this article you will know more about the social committee and the kick-off week, making you ready for a week you won’t forget. As the previous semester and the summer come to their end, a new era will begin at Jönköping International Business School. A lot of students, both from Sweden and from all over the world will come to Jönköping in search of higher education that will generate a great foundation for their future working life. Do not start freaking out over future exams and deadlines just yet, you will get there eventually.

The first week of the new semester is all about you! The ones responsible for arranging the Kick-Off week is the JSA(JIBS Student Association), the Student Union and of course the Social Committee. Every school has their own Social Committee; JIBSs’ is called ‘Sexkreation’. The name is something which has evolved from the Swedish language for over 100 years. The old Swedish word ‘Sexa’ was synonymous with a social gathering of people including supper and an event at which you enjoy yourself in the company of friends. Sexkreation has been planning the kick-off for several months now. Helping us create a memorable week for you, we have the ‘fathers’. They are groups of old ‘zeroes’ (former new students) with the mission of making your beginning here at Jönköping

University the best! During the first day you will be able to buy different packages containing an overall, some patches and tickets to gain entrance to the different events. You will also be placed into groups. Tradition In Sweden we do have some traditions, which I guess most international students will consider peculiar, for example midsummer and små grodorna. The main tradition, when it comes to the student life, is the overall which you will hopefully buy.

Each school is represented by a different color, at JIBS it is green. The overall is considered to be a symbol, not only for which orientation your school is, but also for the fellowship that goes beyond the different colors. Even though you study different programs, at completely different schools you have one thing in common and that is that you are wearing an overall. It truly is a good tool for you to use to get started on networking with others as well as feeling comfortable in different situations such as at Akademien, the student club. We here at Jönköping University, have a rare opportunity. Where else will you be able to find people that are soon to be business lawyers, engineers, teachers, nurses, architects, stock-brokers etc. - yes the list goes on.

I urge you to take this chance and interact with students, not only from your own school but

with the others as well. You will make friends for life and they will always come in handy during periods of seeking employment and later on in your work life. I do not think that anyone, after receiving their bachelor’s or master’s degree, will look back and say to themselves; “I wish I didn’t get to know as many people as I did”, no - rather the opposite. Since this cannot be stressed enough, you will find me repeating it several times during the kick-off and the rest of your stay at JIBS. Akademien The student club, Akademien, has the slogan “For students, by students”. Those who you will see working there are students and they do it for free. The vision for Akademien is to be the best student club in the world and we are constantly taking big steps on achieving this goal! We are striving for this goal through maintaining a great atmosphere and nice interior, but also through getting well known DJ’s and artists to play throughout the night. Last year some of the biggest names were Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Petter and a lot of other international DJ’s.


The main tradition, when it comes to the student life, is the overall which you will hopefully buy.

JIBS United


STUDENT student

The start of a new era! I am going to give you a little sneak peek into the kick-off week and give you some good suggestions. Throughout the week your group will be able to collect points which will lead to awards given out during the last event.


To start the week off there will be a roll-call where you will receive important information from the school. After this you will be introduced to your ‘fathers’ who will guide you through the first week and all the events which will take place. To be sure that you won’t miss out on any of the events we have made different packages which you can buy. There is the GOLD package and a SILVER package. The GOLD package includes tickets to every event and party during the week. The silver one only has a few of them included. Of course there are free events during the week as well but I recommend that you take part in the ones included in the packages. Taking part in all the events gives you even greater opportunity to bond with other new students. The new people you meet will also most probably be in your courses later on. The cost of the packages range from 900-1200 SEK depending on which one you choose. There will however be single tickets sold to certain events if you do not wish to buy a full package. Since we only have one ATM on campus, try to bring cash as queue’s form very quickly. In the afternoon there will be a cocktail mingle on campus where you can meet teachers, students from different programs and nationalities. The night will end with a party at Club Caj.


Here you will have your first lecture. Then it’s off to the park for some games and the overall ceremony, where you will finally be able to put your overall on and wear it! It is also on this day that you will be able to go to your first sittning. The sittning is a dinner party with your fellow students, where you eat and sing songs all in the name of having a nice time. The night will end at Jönköping University’s own nightclub, Akademien. 24

JIBS United


You will attend an event where the theme is based around inspiration. One of Sweden’s most known talk show hosts will hold a lecture. This event is always appreciated by the students. We hope that the weather will be nice because this night ends with a beach themed party at another one of Jönköpings clubs, Centrum. Get your sandals, shorts and flowery shirt on and say alooooha!


Feel you haven’t really got an understanding of Jönköping as a city yet? No worries, during the day you will be guided through Jönköping where you will find the most relevant places. Throughout the day the different groups collect points by completing different tasks which are performed at different places around the city. Come nightfall we turn back time to the old Greeks, its Toga time! Bring a sheet and sweep yourself into it, put on a crown and join us in the kick-off week’s most enjoyed party!


The afternoon will be spent on one of Jönköping most beautiful places during summer, the beach! There will be a lot of games, karaoke, teambuilding exercises and other fun things to do. The lake Vättern is known for its cold water but feel free to take a swim. A pool party is something almost everyone enjoys. We have taken this idea not one, not two but three steps further. Jönköpings biggest bath-house will be turned into a big pool party filled with 1,500 joyful students! It is called SWE (Student Water Event) and is allegedly the biggest pool party in all of northern Europe!


Finally the weekend has arrived and you will receive a welldeserved sleep in morning. In the afternoon you will be introduced to a famous Swedish student drinking game called CAPS, which will take place at Akademien. Afterwards Club Enkelt will open their doors and yet another great night will begin.

STUDENT student


What better way to end a week by having a great brunch, filled to the brim with juicy goodies. Take your time, fill your stomach and discuss the week with your new friends. And then use the rest of the day to contemplate the past week.


There will be a big event in one of the nearby parks, which students from the different schools will attend. During the evening it will be your last chance to collect some more points for your group, it’s time for the “night mission”. See which one of the groups is the most creative, funny and interact the best.


This year’s kick-off week is unfortunately coming to an end, as a famous quote states, “Oh, well. What’s a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely... completely wonderful.” The event of the evening, finsittning, is where you dress up, look sharp and celebrate the past week and all the new friends you have made. There will be a ceremony where the best father group, the best female and male zero, and the best father are presented awards. We can promise you that after this week you will have memories and friends for life! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us; Like us on Facebook to receive even more info about the JIBS Kick-Off, 2011 //////////////////////////// Text: David Hammarstrand ////////////////////////////

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STUDENT student

Akademien salutes JIBSers

Akademien: “For students, by students”


JIBS United

STUDENT student

“The vision for Akademien is to be the best student club in the world”

JIBS United


Did you know that...

JIBS alumni


...You can find all partner universities as well as interviews from international students on this website:


JIBS at the National Model United Nations in New York Ever since 1923, NMUN (National Model United Nations) has taken place all over the world. The conference prepares and educates students on how the United Nations operates. The conference that takes place in New York is the largest in the world, and requires two hotels around Times Square to host around 5,000 students for one week in April.

Why did we choose this course?

Both of us have always been fascinated by the organization and felt that this was a great opportunity. We also wanted to learn how diplomacy works and how to act and behave as a diplomat.

“...We perceived this course to be a good way of “...JIBS is the only Swedish University to attend personal development in regards to both public the NMUN model and has been a part of the New speaking as well as taking on a representative role.” York conference since 2003” This year’s delegation of 20 students was the eighth delegation to participate. We represented Finland at the Marriott Marquis hotel. We started working with our assignment in November, preparing for six months in advance to be able to fully grasp what true diplomacy is really about. After the conference was over, the delegation from Jönköping returned home with two awards; “Honorable Mention Delegation” and “Outstanding Position Paper”. The composition of the delegation truly symbolized the United Nations, and for that matter JIBS. With a mixture of students from different nationalities we worked together towards the goal of having a great time and to learn more about the UN. We were teamed up into pairs, each pair representing a committee within the United Nations. This was done in the beginning of the second semester. The whole course is in total 15 credits, divided up into two sections with the second part including the New York conference.

The reason why we chose our committee, General Assembly Second Committee, was that the economic and financial issues are something that engage us both, not only domestically but also on an international level. When we found out that our assigned country was Finland, we saw it as an advantage since the values and standpoints are very similar to Sweden’s. The first part of the preparation was to engage ourselves into the Finnish way of thinking and point of view. In the end of the first course we wrote an individual position paper stating Finland’s position on regards to questions, which concern our committee. The way in which we researched our topics were through scrutinizing the UN website, the website for the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as many other secondary sources of information.

JIBS delegation at the NMUN in New York


JIBS United

“..the delegation from Jönköping returned home from New York with two awards: “Honorable Mention Delegation” and “Outstanding Position Paper”.

This part of the course was time consuming, however necessary in order to understand the topics. Once we were paired up, the more practical preparations started. Now the writing of the official position paper began. This position paper was later on then sent to the NMUN conference.

The Conference

Arriving in New York our expectations were high, the entire delegation was eager to start working with the topics we had been studying for six months. The task before us to write resolutions and meet new people from all over the world became more and more exciting as the conference approached. At the opening ceremony in one of the ballrooms at the Marriott Marquis, we finally understood how big this NMUN conference was, when sitting surrounded with about 2,500 students in the same room. In our committee all 192 member states were represented, which means that it was approximately 350 delegates working together. The third day of the conference is called “meltdown-Thursday”. This was a long day where all the paper work had to be finished and handed in, in order to become an official draft resolution before voting on them. In our committee we had eleven draft resolutions when we moved into voting. Ten of these were adopted by the committee. One mishap that occurred in one of the adopted resolutions was a typo of the operative clause. We found this to be a funny thing as it stated that free trade of “coca” should be allowed. We tried to divide out that clause but failed!

U.N Secretary-General (1953-1961) born in Jönköping, Sweden

Why should you take this course?

First of all, you get to experience New York form a non-tourist perspective! We stayed in the city for two weeks, which meant that we had time to explore all the parts of the city and find our own hidden treasures, or so called ‘smultronställen’! Secondly, you get the opportunity to visit and work in the UN-headquarters’ plenary. Also, during the course and the conference you meet new friends from all over the world, as well as from JIBS. Looking back we are really glad that we took the opportunity to attend the conference. We highly recommend all of you out there interested in the work of United Nations to do the same! //////////////////////////// Text: Matilda Johansson Sanna Efraimsson ////////////////////////////

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ALUMNI staff Age: 31 Place of birth: Gothenburg Education: International Economy program at JIBS 2002-2006 JIBS with three words: Innovative, genial, international Job title: Marketing and Sales executive at the Swedish Equestrian Federation (SEF)

e Emmelie melie Johansson When I answer my iPhone, I am greeted by Emmelie’s bright and friendly voice. Emmelie is the marketing and sales executive at the Swedish Equestrian Federation.

“ a former student of Jönköping International Business School, Emmelie is also vice president of the JIBS alumni committee.” Emmelie is an ambitious and outgoing person who explored several professions before reaching her present position at the Swedish Equestrian Federation. After graduating high school Emmelie worked for a few years before she applied to JIBS. As her first challenge Emmelie went way up north, to a small Norwegian municipality called Berlevåg, where she spent a year rinsing fish. She tells me her father was quite skeptical about her selection of profession, and never thought she would pull the entire year through. But she did. As the dedicated and expansive person she is, Emmelie then headed to the capital city of Norway, Oslo, where she became engaged in both sale and insurance. At the insurance company Trygg Hansa, Emmelie managed to get a promotion from “just” selling insurance to becoming supervisor of the damage department. Before she applied to JIBS, Emmelie also took the opportunity to develop her English as she has worked as a receptionist in France. While studying at JIBS, Emmelie really enjoyed the international aspect of the school. In particular she favored the continuous segments of English occurring during her study period. The semester abroad which JIBS offers students was also appealing. During her school years Emmelie also worked at an employment agency called Poolia through which she was transmitted to Saab Trading Systems and Axfoods’ economy department. In her third year at JIBS, Emmelie went to India on her semester abroad. 30

JIBS United

After experiencing different cultures and learning about new perspectives, Emmelie was determined to take on the challenge of doing a trainee program. She was offered three different positions and accepted one with the Swedish company Lantmännen. During her time at Lantmännen Emmelie got to work with different projects in marketing, organization and production development. Four of her fifteen months as a trainee she was situated in Estonia where she focused on increasing organization. At her current position in Stockholm as a marketing and sales executive at the Swedish Equestrian Federation Emmelie runs everything related to sponsors. One thing she fancies about her job is that she is able to come close to riding as a sport. Emmelie’s main task is to manage current sponsors and recruit new ones. She also markets the sport both in Sweden and internationally. Recently Emmelie was in the USA managing PR during the world championships. Emmelie tells me that she has no normal days at the office and that she spends lots of her time in the field meeting with potential and current sponsors. When Emmelie looks back at JIBS as a school, she tells me that she is very satisfied with her education and really likes the warmth amongst the students. She still keeps regular contact with her old classmates both on a private and professional level. Three pieces of advice Emmelie would like to give to the current students at JIBS are:

“..believe in yourself, everything is possible, and do what you enjoy doing because then you will be good at it.” //////////////////////////// Text: Amanda Modin ////////////////////////////


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Förra året satsade vi 11 200 000 timmar globalt i individuell kompetensutveckling. Som nyanställd får du 148 timmar i grundutbildning, en individuell utvecklingsplan och tydlig karriärtrappa. Våra Global Opportunities ger dig...

Visst, allt det där stämmer, men nu handlar det om dig. Vi vill ju att du ska jobba på ett av våra 60 väldans trevliga kontor. Visst, KPMG är stort i världen, men för att komma dit måste du ändå börja någonstans. Så varför inte välja en omgivning där kompetenta och schyssta arbetskompisar hellre spelar lagspel än kör solorace. Är du lagspelare ser våra coacher till att du får speltid direkt. Och du får jobba med våra bankkunder, med stora affärstransaktioner eller revisionsarbete för flera stora bolag på Stockholmsbörsen. Från matchstart. Varmt välkommen till KPMG! Ansök på

STUDENT student

Young Europeans

- Mobility and Multilingualism “What are the advantages of being a young European in the 21st century?”

Primarily the freedom to travel without restrictions, pursue your studies or look for a job/internship anywhere in Europe. Europe is a multicultural environment with open doors for you who is mobile, adaptable and seek opportunities wherever on this continent. EU citizens are nowadays more mobile than ever before and many can speak several languages, young Europeans in particular. At JIBS, with more than 32% international students coming from Europe year 2010 and the introduction of tuition fees for non-European students year 2011, it is obvious that young European students will play an important role in the internationalization aspect of JIBS in the future.


Language is the instrument for intercultural communication. English is widely used as a communication tool among Europeans. 38% of EU citizens state that they have sufficient skills in English to have a conversation ( English as a foreign and second language is popular in many EU countries. Sweden is at the top the list with more than 90% of locals speaking English. However, if you are an international student at JIBS, learning Swedish will open doors for you, especially if you plan on staying to complete your degree, to do an internship or find a part-time or even a full-time job in Sweden. You can take Swedish courses on campus (either at JIBS or HLK) or attend the public course Swedish for immigrants (SFI). The Swedish Institute (, and tyda. se are also good websites to guide you in your Swedish language learning process. If you are a Swedish student, an extra point on your CV would be a foreign language other than English. HLK offers courses in German, Spanish and French and for those more adventurous, even Chinese, courses for which you can also gain extra ECTS points. Of course, JIBS students can also improve

their language skills by going on exchange and by taking courses in the language which they want to practice.


In his September 2009 Political Guidelines, the European Commission President José Manuel Barroso announced that:

“By 2020 all young people in Europe must have the possibility to spend part of their educational pathway in other Member States”.

Transnational mobility for the purpose of acquiring new skills is one of the fundamental ways in which individuals, particularly young people, can strengthen their future employability as well as their personal development. Studies confirm that learning mobility adds to human capital, as students access new knowledge and develop new linguistic skills and intercultural competences. Furthermore, employers recognise and value these benefits. Europeans who are mobile as young learners are more likely to be mobile as workers later in life (European Commission). At JIBS, exchange semesters are rather the norm than the exception, 90% of students go abroad at least one semester at one of the various partner universities worldwide (jibsworld. se). Furthermore, exchange semesters in one of the 33 European countries participating in the Erasmus programme can also bring a scholarship for supporting students while on exchange. Learning mobility can also mean going abroad for an internship. JIBS encourages students to find a practical internship that relates with their studies and students would also be able to quantify their time spent in a company into ECTS credits.

“Two organisations that help students find internships abroad are or the European programme “Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs (”.

You can find more information about the opportunities you can benefit from as a young European (either local or international student at JIBS) by visiting the site: culture I believe mobility and multilingualism are two important pillars for the European society. Young people in Europe have the chance (and should take that chance) to strengthen their professional and personal skills by chasing opportunities regardless of borders or foreign languages. //////////////////////////// Text: Mihai Leontescu ////////////////////////////

MISC misc

Science Park:

What can’t it do for your business? The main aim of Science Park is to help current and future entrepreneurs and enterprises start and develop their own businesses.

“..Science Park is a meeting place for knowledge, innovative companies and exuberant business entrepreneurs who are looking to explore new business opportunities in the Jönköping area.” The Business Lab, which was originally known as the Creative Center, is a vital part of Science Park. According to Tobias Dahlberg, a business developer at Science Park interviewed for JIBS United, Science Park was established in the mid 1990’s by two students from the University. Several hundred students come to the Business Lab every year. There they can receive contacts as well as develop their ideas through coaching and counseling by the different appointed business developers. Students can also participate in workshops where they get the opportunity to meet key partners that can eventually end up aiding them in several ways in their business endeavours. However, if you already have a company and want to develop it further, the Business Incubator program should be your next step. Here the program helps you by developing your current business by providing you with relevant and up to date services.

“..Science Park, together with the Business Lab, promotes anywhere between 300-400 business ideas on an annual basis. Both students as well as other entrepreneurs who seek to start their own businesses or develop current ones are a part of this.” As Tobias is a business developer he gives guidance to students, who are planning to join Science Park, on when to meet with counselors as well as other business developers. The counselors help students polish up their entrepreneurial ideas and guide them towards potential customers and business strategies. Science Park also offers additional support by presenting a variety of services, all free of charge, with counseling by experts from both academic and business perspectives. Tobias also emphasized the fact that there are no requirements on what kind of business idea you should possess or how developed your business is.

“..The most important focus for you is to come up with a key idea that includes what kind of business you are interested in, what customer section you are targeting and what plans you believe will make your business successful.” Tobias stated that students wanting to start up their own company should join Science Park, try new ideas and start running a business even before graduating from the University. That experience will give them the expertise to run their own business and making their own money. Furthermore, students are encouraged to establish connections with students from other faculties as this can benefit them with other experiences and expertise with areas other than business.

“..Science Park gives you the wonderful opportunity to practice your business skills and possibly run your own business. All you have to do is have the needed drive, determination and zest in wanting to develop an idea and make it successful.” Science Park invites students and entrepreneurs to get in touch with the offices, book a meeting, join a seminar and learn more about how to start your business.

For more information please visit Science Park’s website at //////////////////////////// Text: Maggie Hovhanessian ////////////////////////////

JIBS United


ALUMNI staff

Age: 24 Place of birth: Jönköping Education: Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics Madelene’s position at PwC: Auditor

Madelene Bardh Jönköping International Business School is one of the leading Business Schools in Sweden when it comes to students obtaining employment before their graduation. Madelene Bardh, previous student at JIBS, is a great example of a student who got an attractive position as auditor at PwC before finishing her education. Through hard work and involvement with JIBS Student Association (JSA), Madelene was able to build relationships and networks as a student that were valuable when taking the first step out in the business world. Madelene recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics at JIBS, but before she even started writing her Bachelor thesis Madelene was assigned a position as auditor at PwC´s office in Jönköping. Her first contact with the company took place during her second year at JIBS. She heard that the External Committee within JIBS Student Association was looking for a contact person for the Audit and Consultancy firm PwC. She took the opportunity and applied for the position, and was chosen to be the student to handle all communication between PwC and the school. During her time as contact person, she also helped the company to organize events arranged at JIBS and to promote PwC among students. PwC is the main sponsor at NextStep and Madelene explains that assisting the company during this Career Fair was one important responsibility of hers. During the interview, Madelene tells us that her participation in JSA and School events has helped her build the relationship with PwC that led to her eventual hiring.

“...every opportunity has the possibility to change your life!” She describes the employees at PwC as open and very much engaged in the communication towards students at JIBS. She believes that her involvement combined with PwC’s open mind set was beneficial when she later on applied for the position at their local office in Jönköping. Madelene tells us that she is motivated to start her position as auditor this autumn at such a large and global company. “I believe that my employment at PwC will 34

JIBS United

give me great career opportunities and I am really looking forward to the challenges the position will give me.”

“...being involved in JSA, where I got the opportunity to work in a group with common goals, has given me experience that I can take advantage of when entering the business world.....” She describes her involvement in JSA as a fun experience where she had the opportunity to meet a lot of people and build a valuable network, both inside and outside JIBS. “Being involved in JSA, where I got the opportunity to work in a group with common goals, has given me experience that I can take advantage of when entering the business world.” Also having close contact with the business world and PwC made Madelene realize that JIBS students have developed a good reputation among companies. Madelene emphasizes the importance of involvement, and recommends students at JIBS to participate in events arranged by JSA’s partners and to become involved in JSA. She further says that students should not be afraid to take the opportunity early on in their studies. To get involved in projects arranged at JIBS, such as by becoming a contact person, could help students to get to know new people, come in contact with future employers and to build valuable relationships. This could, according to Madelene, later on become an advantage when entering the business world. As a former student of JIBS we asked Madelene to give her best pieces of advice for students studying at the School. Advice she would give students, based on her own experience from JIBS, is for students to try to create a plan for their future career and participate in company events arranged at JIBS. Finally she encourages students to network and to look for new challenges in life.

//////////////////////////// Text: Emelie Johansson Helen Orselius ////////////////////////////

Din framtid börjar här

Är det något vi på PwC har lärt oss så är det att studenter efterfrågar inblick i vårt företag och vill veta vad vi egentligen gör. Är du nyfiken? Vi har praktikplatser för ekonomer, statsvetare och juriststuderande, vi har traineeprogram för ekonomer, systemvetare och civilingenjörer och nu har vi även casetävlingar där alla som vill får ansöka, inga krav på specifik utbildning. Vi har även sommarjobb och CV-skola, allt för att underlätta för dig och för att du ska få svar på alla dina frågor om jobb och framtid. Så kolla in vår hemsida redan idag för att ta reda på vilka möjligheter vi har att erbjuda just dig. Vi finns även på Facebook

ALUMNI staff

JIBS ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONAnnual meeting in Stockholm On 27th of May 2011 the JIBS Alumni Association (JAA) organized its annual general meeting, where JIBS alumni from all around Sweden and the world were invited to a mingle event in Stockholm. For those of you who do not know what JAA does, the aim of the association and its board members is, as the association’s president Tommie Cau describes it, “to develop our alumni network into a world class social professional community of former JIBS graduates”. To date, the network is comprised of over 2000 graduates who have interesting jobs all around the world, from top management positions to running their own companies.

New York. This really demonstrates the truly international spirit of JIBS.

“... JAA’s aim is to develop alumni network into a world class social professional community of JIBS graduates.“

One speaker at the event was Pingis Hadenius, publisher at IDG (International Data Group, a technology media organisation present in more than 85 countries), who spoke about planning and changing career paths and gave advice of how to succeed. She be-

Some would perhaps be surprised to hear that our alumni graduates have great jobs in the financial market in London or work in top multinational companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Deloitte, or Swedish giants like H&M and IKEA. Maybe less surprising is that you can find JIBS graduates working all around the globe in cities like Hong Kong, Paris, London or


JIBS United

The JAA meeting debuted with a word from the association’s president, Tommie Cau, who presented the successful steps the association took over the last years, marking the end of the beginning of a new life phase of the alumni network. The association is now exploring the opportunities of creating a living alumni network through “integrating our communication and sharpening our member offering”.

gan her speech by saying that: “...anything

is possible.”

“ can change and it happens all the time that you have to make choices. A successful career is to have fun, to develop.”

Pingis Hadenius about career planning:

• You need to have a goal to know where you are heading but “long-term career planning,” she said, “is the stupidest thing to do because you never know what will happen and what opportunities may come along”. • She describes the feeling of knowing when a job is right: You feel that time flies, and that your job makes you happy. • A successful career is to have fun, to develop. • It is also about the people around you and how they influence you. People that inspire you, that give you energy are the ones you should surround yourself with. • You should also focus on result-oriented tasks so that you know that your work is valued. • To delegate is also very important. • She adds that, “you can never be the best, but good enough takes you a long way”. The acting dean and CEO of JIBS, Agneta Bladh, was also present and in a short interview she explained why JIBS alumni are an important resource to JIBS: it is a large network of professionals who not only can connect JIBS with the companies they are working with, but can also connect with JIBS current students, who are very much interested in having the opportunity to talk to these alumni and ask them about how it’s like to work in a particular company, like Google or IBM.

“ can never be the best, but good enough takes you a long way.”

During the event, the election of new board members also took place. Emmelie Johansson and Kristoffer Olsson are two re-elected members of the board and are the two Vice Presidents of the JIBS Alumni Association. When asked about their experiences and the future of the JAA association, Emmelie explains that there is a feeling of pride when it comes to being a JIBSer, that’s what she felt when meeting with other students from cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg. She also argues for the importance of the association enlarging its network with more members and offering them more events to attend, as well as the importance of sponsors when it comes to the events and projects the association organizes. Kristoffer mentions that the association strives for consistency and that it is important for the board members to keep their positions for a longer period of time. Tommie Cau, President of JAA, discusses the value of being an alumnus within the network. Members need to see the clear value of entering the network, and this is a prioritized task for his team, Tommie says. Marketing is also very important to promote the network, to both existing and potential members. Events such as this meeting should be organized more often, as well as in different corners of the world. Previously alumni meetings have been organized in London as several alumni live there. As for future events, Tommie Cau wishes to see an alumni meeting in the next years with “three times more people and more speakers, some of which could be successful JIBS alumni”. For more information visit the //////////////////////////// Text: Mihai Leontescu ////////////////////////////

JIBS United


Did you know that...


...JIBS recently built a new partnership agreement with BEM Bordeaux Management School in France, which is a very highly accredited university.

Word from JSA President

Welcome to JIBS! As I am writing this, summer has already arrived in Jönköping and most JIBS’ers have already gone home to their hometowns or started working at their summer jobs. Some JIBS’ers have even completed their studies and are on their way onto different careers in Sweden as well as abroad. In August, those of us who are still left in Jönköping will have the opportunity to welcome the next generation of JIBS’ers to JIBS through the JSA Kickoff Week. The JSA, which was formed in 1982, hosts a Kickoff Week run by our social committee, which arranges parties and other social events throughout the year. Sexkreation, as they are called, are often the first group of people that the new students encounter and will be the first part of the JSA that they get to know. Sexkreation, which consists of students, is run by appointed students for the benefit of students. This is what the JSA builds its quality upon, students doing the best they can to make everyone’s time at JIBS a great experience as well as enjoyable as possible. I myself started my involvement in the JSA through the Social Committee during by first year at JIBS. I then moved on to work within the Student Union in the Student Union Council. Then in the autumn of 2009 I was lucky enough to be elected as Vice President of the JSA even though there were two other applicants that where equally qualified for the position. The year I spent as Vice President brought about a lot of new memories and new experiences. It also proved to be beneficial as it helped widen my personal network, but most importantly I felt good knowing that we on the board where helping JIBS’ers gain as much as possible from their time spent at JIBS.

Getting involved in the JSA doesn’t have to mean being involved in the actual board. A good way of getting engaged in the JSA is by being apart of one of our many projects or just by trying to attend as many projects as possible. Experiences gained at JIBS, in the classroom and outside of school, are what make us all JIBS’ers. They are also what make us unique as students coming from an International Business School. I know that my experiences throughout my time here at JIBS will give me an upper hand later on in my business life. I hope that the new and current students will also see the opportunities provided to be able to build something for themselves, as well as their fellow peers. Apply for a position on the board of 2012 and take part in hosting the JSAs 30th anniversary! JSA – By the Students, for the Students. Best regards, Alexander Wennlo President of the JIBS Student Association

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