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 Administratively and politically independent  An open group, accepting independent members or/ and belonging to any political party, promoting partnership with individuals and organisations / institutions to facilitate progress  Independent from any financially interested group  Exigent regarding the profile of our members: new members can join at the recommendation of existing members, via personal invitation from at least one existing member  Centered on solutions and on win-win situations, permanently featuring constructive approach, in view of progress.


Diaspora Progresistă – Romanian Open Society Abroad is a civil structure , launched in October 2011 by a group of Romanian intellectuals living abroad, who share the same beliefs regarding the value of Romanian and European solidarity, permanently pursuing social and political progress in Romania, in the EU and in the World. The main philosophycal concept put forward for international reflection is „The Ethocracy”: a social/political model nourished by the most valuable qualities residing in the human being. DP-ROSA Departments: 1. Doctrine & Political Communication 2. Culture, Education & Arts 3. Relation with Civil Society (trade unions, NGOs, press etc) 4. Ideology, Strategy & Ethics 5. Relation with parties and political foundations 6. Relation with EU Institutions 7. Information, MultiMedia, Image, IT 8. Gender Balance 9. Human Rights-Roma & other EU minorities 10. Relation with lobby groups

Come closer! Any person with open views, constructive attitude and/or creative ideas is welcome in DP-ROSA Team. Our Members enjoy freedom og thinking, freedon of opinion, freedom of expression and personal initiative serving the development of an intelligent, descentralised, permanently growing network. Are you an expert in your field and want to do more for people around you and for your own long-term satisfaction? Are you particularly generous and would like to get involved more in charity? Can you write well in one or several languages, have design or IT advanced knowledge? Are you a person with special spiritual gifts and you want to help out in macro-projects, with majour positive implications in people’s lives? Have you already set up your own social network and would like a valuable cooperation with similar networks, for a higher purpose? Come in, join DP-ROSA Team and give a helping hand to build Progress! Find the Registration Form on our website:

Change is obligatory, Evolution is optional

Facebook: Diaspora Progresista LinkedIn: Romanian Open Society Abroad (ROSA)

Short description of our recent events:  8 October 2011, Brussels, Belgium:

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launching of initial platform 3 November 2012, Athens, Greece: First Annual ROSA Conference o Adoption of Agenda 2013 o Athens ROSA Declaration o Athens ROSA Rezolution December 2012, UE: Charity Event „Santa Claus comes from Abroad” 8-10 March 2013, ROSA Events in Italy--Rovigo: „Romanians Abroad promote Gender Balance” . o Charity evening „Romanians Abroad Re:Open Romanian School in Athens!” o Cultural events (music, exhibition) o Citizens Initiative: Supporting European Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) August-September 2013: ROSA Summer School-Santorini - focused on Media issues.

Do not forget your most important contribution in 2013 ! In 2013 we support The Citizens Initiative for an European Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) to obtain one million signatures!

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