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januar / februar 2013


The Company of Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty, © Simon Annand


The company is renowned for its family atmosphere. “I love those people (the dancers),” says Bourne. “I love nurturing that talent, especially in the beginning of their careers.”

“After 25 years I looked at this anniversary year and revived my earliest pieces which I used to dance and were made on my own body,” Bourne says.

And the dancers love him and many stay for their dancing lives and beyond including Mikah Smillie, now based in Scotland, a dancer with Bourne for 10 years, who documents the company photographically and returning to perform in the recent revival of Highland Fling (La Sylphide).

atthew Bourne celebrated the silver jubilee of his New Adventures dance companies during 2012. But he did not rest on any laurels for this 25th birthday. The anniversary year launched with a revival of his earlier, shorter works and the finale was a fresh look, with new dance language from Bourne, at Sleeping Beauty.

And the new work is inspired by the bodies of his dancers with a mix of ballet, contemporary and musical theatre training. “I look for something different (in my dancers) not a perfect body or technique but passion – that little bit extra, bit of magic,” says Bourne. “I like individuality with all sizes and shapes, not clones, like ordinary people.”

According to Bourne, “I love working with the company and the family of dancers. It is a privilege to have a company. And I still get enormous pleasure form the work we do together.” Sleeping Beauty was created while the company was on tour with the revival trilogy so Bourne was

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