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08 2011 Fall

Digital Marketing Miguel SANCHES TAVARES MBA 2A


1. In YOUR own words, what is the difference between traditional word-ofmouth marketing and Influence Marketing?

The difference is that for the traditional marketing the marketers have to go to search the audience while for the influence marketing marketers need to find the right influencer, which is the customer that is the one who will be able to influence his large community. It is more about delivering trusty value to potential consumers who are more and more influence more directly.

2. Post a link to the article you read, in addition to the Slideshare. Higilight the key quote. How did the article expand your understanding of the assigned presentation? Support - contradict? Please be specific.

In my point of view the key quote regarding slideshare and the article I’ve chosen is the important place that the consumers are taking toward the brand. Nowadays, marketers have to position the consumer first and then the brand. By reading the article I have understood that this new marketing trend will impress and increase consumers brand loyalty. I also figure out, why it is so important for companies to chance their marketing and to adapt to consumers’ habits. Because, now, clients understand that Advertising is all about cheat and they want to share their experience. Furthermore, businesses have to transform their brands, their relationships with their customers if they want to increase their sale. Now, it’s all about trust between companies and customers.

3. What is the relationship between communities and your social brand give your insights for Slide 23.

Businesses need consumers to sell their brand and consumers need businesses to buy things. So, both need each other. Now we need to know how the brand should be place toward the community.

4. What is the relationship between Klout scores and Influence Marketing? Is a Klout score meaningful?

These two tools will be needed to increase customers’ communication. Yes it is. Klout score will be meaningful to determine which person is the right influencer for our business by its activity on the social network. This right person will be the intermediary between businesses and communities.

5. Choose one of the two hotels below:

To define my SIM action plan I have decided to choose Aloft Hotel.

* Create a SIM action plan * Clearly state your objectives: - Increase hotel visibility on social media - Interact with costumers and engage them - Build relationship - Increase hotel’s online reputation - Expand hotel’s brand awareness - Propose some specific offers only to the costumers on social media - Create an atmosphere of trust between the hotel and the costumers. - Reward the influencers - Increase hotel’s TO and ADR

Vision of the hotel To thrill audience with exceptional experiences

Steps to follow to meet the objectives: - Create a blog - Be active and post as much as possible on social media chosen - Don’t be spamy, don’t be boring - Give to our audience interesting information, data - Do not provide exactly the same information on each social media - Interact with costumers, answer to comments, questions and problem - Engage people - Engage some one who will be on charge of our SIM - Offer them something of value that will attract them - Post interesting and funny video - Create a Buzz around a specific topic - Create an RSS feed in order to push the communication - Create an specific architecture for each audience

* Select at least 3 Social Media as tactics (no points for Facebook) - Blogs - Tweeter - Youtube - LinkIn

* Show how the selected Social Media have synergies These selected medias have million of users already present in their platform and they are extremely active. Thus, these social medias still have opportunity to increase their users. Blogs: 113 million of users Tweeter: 150 million of users Youtube: 2 billions of views each days LinkIn: 43 million of registered users

* Explain why you selected these specific media Currently, these specific medias are trendy and I have understood the potential of users they assembly. These medias are the place where we can find easily our audience.

* How will you measure the results of the Influence Marketing. Influence marketing will be measure by: -

Specific tool that measure the social media activity


The hotel’s activity in given period. Period when the hotel posts some specifics offers and rate.


Conversion of visitors to fans.


Google analytics


Use Tweetdeck, to measure tweeter

Midterm Exam  

Social Influence Marketing midterm.

Midterm Exam  

Social Influence Marketing midterm.