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1) Why do you feel this particular Resolution is most important – for what types of hotels? Regularly post new content Build a stronger connection with fans and followers are the most important resolution in view of expanding brand awareness. To be well positioned on social media, first it is important to build a community around the hotel, for this reason I have chosen this resolution. Then hoteliers must develop an atmosphere of trust by regularly posting new content. In my point of view this resolution may be apply to upscale establishments because hoteliers need to hire someone to be responsible about the hotel’s reputation. Currently we see more and more hotels employing community manager. What additional actions would give that Resolution even greater impact – drive more impressive results Hotels could reward their most actives fans and followers by offering them special deals, discount on future hotel stay valuable in any of the hotels’ chain. Furthermore, organize a cocktail meet-up with online influencers and obtain their sentiments about any hotel’s refurbishment or new services to be launch. Finally, engage fans in contents that hotels could write about.

Research 3 examples of hotels (or other businesses) that are successfully executing this Resolution online Comment below the screenshot how the examples you have chosen supports the selected Resolution ⇒ Example 1: BELLAGIO HOTEL LAS VEGAS

This hotel is well represented in social media, as I remark they are extremely active. Each day they interact with their fans.

They Theyhave have several severalfans. fans.

They Theyorganize organizecorrectly correctlytheir theirpage pagebybyseparating separating events eventsand andpromotion. promotion.InInthis thisway wayit itis ismuch muchclear clear forforfollower to look at specific data. follower to look at specific data.

They Theyattract attracttheir theirfans fansbybywriting writingdifferent different and andnew newcontents. contents.InInthat thatway, way,fans fanshave have interesting things to look at it. interesting things to look at it.


- Active - Activeonontweeter tweeterwith withseveral severaltweets tweets - Many - Manyfollowers followersonontheir theirpage page


Frequency Frequencyposts posts(someone (someoneis isinincharge chargeofofit)it) Tweeting Tweetingabout aboutexciting excitinginformation information(Chinese (ChineseNew Newyear, year,Super SuperBowl) Bowl) Different Differentsubjects subjectsare arediscussed discussedeven evenpresentation presentationofofdiscounts discounts We Wecan cansee seesome someretweets retweetsthat thatdemonstrate demonstratetheir theirfollowers’ followers’engagement engagement


- They - Theyare arevery veryactive activeononthis thissocial socialmedia media (someone is in charge of it) (someone is in charge of it) - They - Theygive giveinformation informationrelated relatedtototheir theirfield, field, which whichincrease increasetheir theircustomers’ customers’interest. interest. - Their - Theirfans fansinteract interactininliking likingtheir theirpost post - They - Theypost postalso alsopictures pictures(cleaver (cleaverway waytoto attract fans) attract fans) - They - Theypresent presentallallthe theevents eventsthat thattheir theirbrand brand organizes organizesororparticipates. participates. - We - Wecan cannotice noticethe theresult resultininbeing beingactive active - Fans - Fanscan canfeel feelhow howmuch muchBurton Burtonis isengaged engagedinin sharing many information. sharing many information.

They Theyinteract interactwith withtheir theirfans fanslike likeif ifthey they were their friends. were their friends.

2) From the article, what role does technology play in a hotel's Internet strategy success? If you are an independent, limited budget hotel (or business) what steps would you take to compete effectively online? Research 2 hotels or businesses that are creatively reaching customers, without expending large resources – as the large chains are capable of doing. Take screen shots of those examples, include in your answer Nowadays, all the new technology in the Internet will allow hotels to increase their website’s visit and also to be much more present in an active way on the net. Technology is a crucial tool to use in order to become more successful and visible.

nd Word used totofind anan example Word used find example The engine is isan The2 2ndononthe thesearch search engine anindependent independent consultant consultantworking workingininCanada, Canada,heheis isabsolutely absolutely well referenced when looking at the key well referenced when looking at the keyword word ‘Hotel ‘HotelConsultant”. Consultant”.It Itis issurprising surprisingtotofind findthis this consultant who do not work in Paris. consultant who do not work in Paris.

HeHehas hasa aBlog Blog

The Thetitle titleclearly clearlyannounces announces what he is doing. what he is doing.

HeHeis ispresent presentononsocial socialmedias medias

Fans Fanscan cansubscribe subscribebyby enter their enter theirEmail Email

People Peoplecan can interact easily interact easily

This ThisHotel Hotelconsultant consultantexample exampleshows showsexplicitly explicitly what is a great positioning on search engine. what is a great positioning on search engine.

Word Wordused usedtotofind find2*2* Hotel in Paris Hotel in Paris

Hotel Hotelchosen chosentotocomment commentonon Referenced ReferencedininGoogle GoogleMap, Map,which which increase the visibility on the first increase the visibility on the first page. page.

Hotel Hotelwell wellgraded gradedwhen whenlooking looking atatGoogle adresses. Google adresses.

The Thewebsite websiteis iswell wellpresented presentedand andcan canbebe translated in many languages. translated in many languages. They Theyhave havea aBlog Blogwritten writtenininFrench Frenchand and English. English.They Theyregularly regularlypost postarticles. articles. They Theyillustrate illustratetheir theirwebsite websitewith withphotos photosand and videos. They use different tool to be quickly videos. They use different tool to be quickly found foundininthe thenet. net.

They Theyuse use Keywords Keywordstoto increase increasetheir their visibility visibility

They Theyare areconnected connected with social with socialmedias medias Customers Customerscan canleave leave directly directlyand andeasily easily comments comments

This ThisHotel Hotelis isananexcellent excellent example examplewhen whenwewelook lookatatthe the tools that he uses such as: tools that he uses such as: Blog Blog Social SocialMedia Media Comment Comment Reference ReferenceininGoogle GoogleMap Map Videos Videos

Thanks to the perfect examples, limited budget hotel just need to take lesson with ‘Hotel du Nord et de l’Est’ and independent businesses with the Hotel Consultant example. To sump up, hotels and independent businesses should use these steps as follows to be well positioned on the search engine: -

Create an attractive website and use correct title to facilitate the search engine research Work with third party Locate my hotel into the Google map Use in my website as much as possible strategic keywords according to my city, to my hotel category, to my concept … Be present and active in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare…) Build a community around my hotel in developing an atmosphere of trust Use as much as possible links related to my field Create a blog and post regularly relevant articles Post some photos, videos, pictures of my hotel and my city in order to be present in the first page of the search engine.

3. From the Build Your Own Brand video series – what are they KEY elements to online branding, according to Loic LeMeur? Key elements from Loic Lemure’s videos are presented as follow: -

Be present in different social media Share many stuff with your community Not just broadcast Engage with people Feedback and comment have to be answered Listening is as important as sharing Tell stories to your fans and followers Be generous, help people and bring them something Do not use the same conversation intonation in social media

Research 2 hotels or businesses that are using the KEY elements successfully, in your view. Take screenshots, include in your answer comment on why you have chosen these 2 examples I’ve chosen Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and Disney World in Orlando to support my answer.

Using Usingmobile mobiledevice device allows them to allows them tobroaden broaden their theirmarketing marketing activity activity

Present Presentinindifferent different social medias, social medias,which which increases increasestheir theironline online visibility. visibility.

Engage Engagefans fansbybygiving giving rewards and points rewards and pointsbyby ‘Retweet’ ‘Retweet’

They Theyanswer answertoto customers’ customers’comment comment They Theygive giveimportance importance totoclients by clients bybeing being interested interestedtotothem them They Theydodonot notuse usethe the same conversation same conversation intonation intonationininboth both social media social media

They Theyinteract interactinin friendly friendlyway wayonon Facebook Facebook They Theyprovide provide additional additional information information related relatedtototheir their field field Followers Followerscould couldknow knowwhat’s what’s happening happeningininthe thehotel. hotel.They Theycreate create fans’ curiosities by doing that. fans’ curiosities by doing that. Imaginative Imaginative I’ve chosen this example because I was impressed in the manner that Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas uses the social media to develop their brand awareness. They are extraordinary managing their online branding by being in different platform, by interacting with their fans and followers. They do not only promote their establishment, we can feel that they want to be interesting. The positive part of their online presence is that they listen and interact, this attention is extremely important on social media.

Personalized Personalizedservice service Customer Customercan caneasily easily dodoananaction to be action to beinin contact contactwith with someone. someone.

Disney Disneyis ispresent presentinin the themost mostpopular popular social media social mediaand andthey they show showtheir their interactivity interactivitythese these platform. platform.

They Theyshare sharemany manycontents contents with their fans and with their fans andthat that work, work,wewecan canremark remarkit itbyby the thenumber numberofoffans fansthey theyhave. have.

They Theyown owna apersonalized personalized Youtube channel Youtube channelwith with many manyrecent recentvideos. videos.

They Theyprovide provideRSS RSSfeed feedand and Email Emaillisting listingininorder ordertotoshare share their post as soon as possible. their post as soon as possible. Followers Followershave havethe thepossibility possibilitytoto comment commentand andshare sharethe theposts. posts.

Their Theirblog blogis is constantly constantly updated updatedwith withnew new contents contentsseveral several times timesa aweek. week.

I was I wasworking workingforforDisney DisneyWorld Worldduring duringone oneyear yearand andI was I wasamazed amazedabout abouttheir theirentire entire organization. organization.With Withthat thatininmind mindI’ve I’vedecided decidedtotouse usethem themasasexample. example.Regarding Regardingtheir their presence online, they are completely in harmony with the key elements of online branding. presence online, they are completely in harmony with the key elements of online branding. This Thiscould couldbebecharacterized characterizedbybythe thenumber numberofoffollowers followersthey theyhave haveininFacebook. Facebook.They They constantly provide different and interesting contents in each social media. To finish, constantly provide different and interesting contents in each social media. To finish,they they respond respondtototheir theircustomers’ customers’expectations, expectations,wishes wishesand andneeds. needs.

4) From the Build Your Own Brand video series – choose any 2 online tools that were mentioned: - Include a text link to each tool -

Seesmic Blogs

- Describe how a hotel could use these tools to effectively engage their customers By using Seesmic hotel could: ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

Have all their social media in one platform Engage customers at speed of real time Stay constantly connected Bring answers and information’s promptly Enhance customers satisfaction Show to customers the attention given to feedbacks

By using Blog hotel could: ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

Attract a large audience by posting different contents Engage followers Develop a community Provide interesting stories, information’s and events Stay connected

- What actions would be needed to put the tools in place, in a hotel? ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

Create a seesmic and blog account Be active online Someone need to take care of it Build a relation of trust with followers

- How could the selected tools be utilized across channels ⇒ Blog could appear into the website along with social media platform ⇒ Strategic tools - What problems would the use of the selected tools solve ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

Interactivity Online reputation Brand awareness Lack of trust

- What problems would the selected tools create? ⇒ Increase the cost of fixe charge by hiring someone ⇒ Lost of real human relationship - Why did you selected these specific tools ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

I’m an active user of these tools and I extremely appreciate it Easy and interesting to use Allow to share and bring things to our audience Absolutely useful when interacting with followers, fans and customers Enhance customers’ curiosity Allow creating rapidly a community Demonstrate to our clients that we care about them Result can be quantify

5) Select 5 of of the following terms. Define in your own words – include a screenshot example of each term. Location based services This term characterizes the research of any services around us accessible by using mobile network. For instance, we can use Foursquare platform in order to find any stores, restaurants, cinema and so on… PPC The pay-per-click is an advertising tool that allows companies to buy keywords on Internet to be well positioned in the search engine. For instance, in writing these keywords: palace paris. On the right page it appears the websites that have bought these group of words.

Aggregator site It is a site that could be personalized by users as they like in adding and collecting the most famous sites in using widgets and RSS feeds. For instance, Netvibes and Popurls. Thus, there are also aggregators booking websites that gather many websites in order to compare prices (i.e.,, and so on) Social commerce After the ‘e-commerce’ now is a time for social commerce to be distinguished. It is the same concept of e-commerce but this one is characterized by using social media that supports the social interaction and users contributions. Tweets Send a message via Twitter platform is simply call ‘Tweet”. All Tweeters’ users use it to make a short conversation (140 characters authorized) and to update information.

Tweets could be sending by another platform than Tweeter such as Seesmic.

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