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Miguel Roldos Farias

Miguel Roldos Farias

Portfolio architectural design 2d geometric compositions spacial exploration 3D IMAGES Architecture Office VERTICAL GYM ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM fire figther drill tower HIGH DENSITY HOUSING iNFRAESTRUCTURE MODULE GREY WATER TREATMENT PLANT 2d geometric compositions spatial exploration 3D IMAGES

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Miguel Roldos Farias

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Architectural Designs from distinct scales, programs and proportions designed during undergraduate architecture program in “Universidad San Francisco de Quito�. The different studios emphasized distinct themes such as structure, section cut design, sustainability and high density housing.


Architecture Office

Model Perspective

Studio 2- Fourth Semester May 2011 Professor: Kerry Sandoval Institution: “Universidad San Francisco de Quito” This project is a proposal for an architectural firm of four architect. Its goal its to make a public AREA WHERE PEOPLE CAN LEARN AND DISCOVER ARCHITECTURE. There is a private program for the architects and their ofices, meeting rooms, and cafeteria. The public area where everyone can access include an exhibition of the architects work,,a library, an administration, and two video rooms. The public area on the ground floor also works as a path to connect two streets at different levels. The public and the private spaces merge into the vertical circulation that deploys the building users to the ROOM they need to reach. The concept goes around the idea of “merging” spaces. This aproximaiton becomes literal in the building’s structure. The building also looks to include its sourrounding by defining gardens as part of the buildings geometry.


Main Idea

Public vs Private

Section Cut

Both start an interaction with surroundings by a decomposition of volumes; both share a central volume made up of vertical circulation.

Both programs merge into this central space; the incorporation of vegetation suggest an inclusion of the outside vs the inside.

Circulation : Where two volumes merge and entries from both street levels


vERTICAL GYM Studio 3 -5th Semester / May 2015 Teacher: Roberto Morales Institution: “Universidad San Francisco de Quito” The concept comes from the idea of a decomposition of a block. The project is divided into five distinct blocks. The top and the bottom areas hold the larger spaces: a basketball court and a swimming pool. In between these two blocks, there are three different areas that hold spaces according to their scale and how much time will people spend in these spaces. After these areas where located, the intention of the project was to make sure that everyone inside the building can have at least a visual interaction with other activities. This design pursues the idea that users should not limitate on practicing a single activity. Adittional to the elevators we have staris and bleachers for people to rest while beign observants of other activities. At street level the cube breaks by a diagonal that creates a larger public space beneath a “hanging” solid which emphizes the entrance to the building.

Largests programs located

at the ends of the volume

Program inside defines permiability with outside (solid, semi-solid,

Diagonal defines entrance an creates a public space

section cut

section cut


Archaeological Museum Studio 4 - Sixth Semester March 2012 Professor: Roberto Morales Institution: “Universidad San Francisco de Quito”

The goal of this studio was to design a habitable bridge based on its structure. tHE SITE HAD A gorge that limited the accesibility to an archeological site named “Rumipamba”. This building is meant to be an archeological museum that introduces the guests of the site what they are about to see. It is a transition from an urban landscape to a mythical archeological enviorment. The structure of this bridge is made up from three columns and three trusses. Three different volumes hang from this structure.It starts with a private enclosed volume where people will either start their joruney to the site or deal with the administrative offices of the museum. The circulation of the museum is completly peripherical keep the guest in touch with the nature that sourrounds them. The first area they contact is an outisde cafeteria for them to stay as long as they want. Then they reach a video room to get introductory information about the site. Finally they reach the exhibition area, where they fin


cAFETERIA Section Cut



Firefighter Drill Tower Studio 4 - Sixth Semester April 2012 Professor: Helena Garrido Institution: “Universidad San Francisco de Quito�

This project is part of an structural studio where a vertical structure FOR a fire drill tower, the distinct exercises and practices that are considered make out of the tower a circuit for these exercises. These circuit goes around the main volume where fire and smoke drills happen. The circuit is defined by two types of vertical circulation; stairways and a abseiling/climbing wall that connects all the practice spaces. Each of the practice spaces has its own storage that becomes an organization element in the composition of the tower. The structure defines the distinct activities with out being an obstacle for the distinct exercises.



Circuit goes around main volume and connect distinct practices



Model Perspective

High Density Housing Exercise Studio- 7th Semester / December 2013 Teacher: Andres Nunez In Collaboration with: Nicolas Crespo Institution: “Universidad San Francisco de Quito� This project is located in the city of Quito, Ecuador and has a particular terrain; even though the topography is regular its longitudinal proportions becomes a challenge. The purpose of the project is to create a housing typology that includes commerce, office and housing; tHIS NEIGHBORHOOD is characterized by its insecurity and limited public spaces. By being near the city center, it is likely THAT the neighborhood WILL become denseR tHEREFORE THE GROUND FLOOR IS COMPLETLY PUBLIC. this public area ALSO becomes a connection between two streets; something that is not happening with the dense single housing around the project.

Two housing volumes leaves ground level public. The gap between them giving a connection to the community

Office building connects both housing volumes, public areas for both housing and offices appear

The housing volumes break into two to let in the office volume, bridges appear as an allusion to the office building

Model Facade + Section Cut


Infrastructure Module

Section Cut + Model Perspective

Exercise Studio- 8th Semester May 2014 Teacher: Pablo Moreira Institution: “Universidad San Francisco de Quito” This project is located in the coast of Ecuador in aN Island in the province of Esmeraldas called “Isla Zapotal”. The island has a particular situation since THERE IS NO BRIDGE THAT CONNECTS ITS TO THE CONTIENT, it ALSO lacks the most basic needs such as water and sanitation infrastructure. In the island there are two towns and both of them survive of an emerging tourism caused by a resort recently constructed in continental territory. The resort uses the island as an attraction but It limits the tourist consume within their sophisticated infrastructure making it very difficult for the natives to compete with them. The idea is to make a module that lets the communities become a competition for this infrastructure. tHEY WILL DIFFERINTIATE FROM THE RESORT BY FOCUSING IN A LOCAL/ COMMUNITY TURISM. Budget and material transportation is a problem; there is not physical connection to continental land therefore modules are though to me easily constructed in the island by having pre fabricated pieces in the continent. The idea of the module is to be flexible by fractioning the structure permitting distinct panels configure the space according to the use that is given. by connecting two of these modules, A LARGER structurE MAY BE CONSTRUCTED ACCORDING TO THE NECESSITIES OF THE COMMUNITY.

Digital Perspective Merge of two conditions in order to gain complete comfort over tourists

Sun, rain, wind and ecological protection + water recollection

Merge of modules conform larger spaces for activity variety that involves not only tourism but a space that the community itself can use


Grey water treatment plant





3. museum

4. wetlands + urban gardens

5. community program

section cut

section cut


Miguel Roldos Farias

2D GEOMETRIC COMPOSITIONS Basic compositions during the first semester of UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOL in “Universidad San Francisco de Quito”. distinct PARAMETERS WERE given to FOLLOW PATTERNS AND UNDERSTAND HOW elements may interact.


“Superposition” 11,7 x 16,5 Materials: Color Cardboards

“Interlace” 11,7 x 16,5 Materials: Color Cardboards

“Contact” 11,7 x 16,5 Materials: Color Cardboards


Miguel Roldos Farias

spacial exploration thIS PROYECT exploreS different spaces trough materials and layeRS. iT STARTS ON PAPER, LATER ON IT TURNS INTO A MODEL AND FINALLY IT BECOMES A SCULPTURE. THE IDEA IS TO EXPLORE SPACES THROUGH tIMe by making the sculpture flexible, the sculpture and the dynamics of its surroundings will change As the tree growS.


Line superposition: Step 1 2D Exporation

Final Product: Step 3 3D Exploration + TimeTree defines time and change

3D Model: Step 2 Exploration within differnt planes


Miguel Roldos Farias

3d imaging 3d images done in sketchup + vray. IMAGES ARE EDITED IN PHOTOSHOP AND ILLUSTRADOR.




Miguel Roldos Farias

Miguel Roldos Architecture Portfolio