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After the rains, the river forms some ponds nearby. There live a family of frogs very happily, jumping and singing all day long. Some of them are large and others small. One of them, the littlest of all, is the funniest because she does not get tired of jumping from one place to another.

One day the frogs decided to celebrate a competition to reward the one that could make the longest jump. One after another were coming. All trying to improve the jump of their partner before.

When it seemed that a very chubby and robust frog would win the competition, the littlest of all turned up. Many laughed at her pretension. But she did not flinch. She took a strong run up with all her strength and made the biggest jump of all her life. All her mates were left wide-eyed. They could not believe what they had seen.

The frog was declared absolute winner of the tournament. Since then, despite being the littlest of all, she was admired as the best athlete of the family.


Una pequeña historia de una rana saltarina.