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Editorial Marketing magazine is made for business students who want to break a new business opportunity. It is designed for today's youth, educational articles on marketing, new product design and music of one of the most important singers of the moment Adele. Hop you like. Miguel Di Napoli, Editor

Jornalist and Editor: Miguel Di Nรกpoli

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BARQUISIMETO, JUL 2013 What is Eduational Marketing ? Educational Marketing is to identify and communicate the features that make it stand an educational institution, be relevant, different and visible in a homogeneous environment, competitive and changing. Implementing marketing strategies enable education institutions to position themselves

in the market to attract students improve and maintain their enrollment. Today it is essential to use marketing techniques in the education market to improve and develop the Marketing Educational specifically, thus giving service and specialized care to users of universities, colleges and schools.

Elearling in University Institute “Antonio JosĂŠ de Sucreâ€?


Adele Crazy For You Found myself today singing out loud your name. You said I'm crazy, if I am I'm crazy for you. Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here turns me crazy, but its you who makes me lose my head, yeah. And everytime I'm meant to be acting sensible you drift into my head and turn me into a crumbling fool. Tell me to run and I'll race, if you want me to stop I'll freeze. And if you are me gonna leave, just hold me closer baby. And make me crazy for you. Crazy for you.

NAME: Adele OCCUPATION: Singer BIRTH DATE: May 05, 1988 (Age: 25) EDUCATION: BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology PLACE OF BIRTH: London, United Kingdom Full Name: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins AKA: Adele AKA: Adele Adkins ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus

Lately with this state Im in I can't help myself but spin. I wish you'd come over send me spinning closer to you. I keep on trying and fighting this feelin away, but the more I do the crazier I turn into. My oh my, how my blood boils, it's sweet taste for u. It strips me down bare and gets me into my favourite mood. Paseing floors and opening doors hoping you'll walk through and save me boy.

Because I'm too crazy for you. Crazy for you.


At this time, the methods comprising the product definition methodology are:

New Products The launch of new products and services is one of the key pillars of business. However, companies do not dominate the execution time to arrive on time to market. Experience shows that the main problem arises when going directly to the development phase without executing the product definition: there are constant changes in the specifications, the results are not in keeping with the objective, the project undergoes a series of successive delays. .. The main reason is cultural: we prefer to get to work as soon as possible, and go solving problems on the fly. Para hacer frente al problema, Ikerlan desarrolló la Metodología de Definición de Producto. Probada en numerosas empresas, esta metodología consigue que toda la empresa comparta el mismo objetivo, asegura el plazo de lanzamiento, mejora la calidad del resultado y permite la reutilización, en posteriores lanzamientos, del conocimiento acumulado.

Functional analysis. It aims to meet market expectations and what you are willing to pay. The method used is based more on the French school (R. Tassinari [4] D. Brunellière [5]) than in the U.S.. Map of offer. To anticipate and explain the desired supply the market during the lifetime of the product. Competitive Analysis. To learn from it, both good and bad thoughts. See Dutile [6]. Modular analysis. The objective is to break the product into modules for parallel design and development, to achieve a modular supply ... In general, the method used follows the principles of Ericsson [7]. Search for ideas. Brainstorming ordered to seek solutions to the functions demanded by the market. Can use many of the techniques listed in Navigator Tool [8]. Design alternatives. The goal is to achieve innovative solutions to the critical points of the product. One of the most popular tools is the TRIZ [9]. Product Design. Conceptual designs to achieve the desired product. Technical catalog. Clarify the supply to the market during the life of the product by adjusting between the desired and the costs (economic, service, execution times). Quality by design. The aim is to develop a product with a proven quality from the start.

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