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Design of the personal care retail store for the urban Indian slum of the future Retail Graduation Assignment Assignment As part of the TUDelft – Reinvent the Toilet Challenge team you will be in charge of researching the current retail solutions in urban Indian slums. Your aim will be to design a retail solution for our sanitation facility, which will contribute to make sanitation and toilets desirable and affordable between Indian slum dwellers. You will work together with some of our partners (FMCG multinationals) who will help you understand the characteristics of the market. The ideal products and services will be selected to create the ideal retail experience for our facility. Field research in India and possibly other countries might be required. The store will be a key business model component of our sanitation solution. It will provide income for the caretakers and help to sustain the operations of the facility. As such you will also contribute to its conceptualization and development.

Introduction In 2010, Delft University of Technology joined the ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ challenge as part of the Sanitation program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Together with other participants around the world, a radical solution will be developed to provide improved sanitation to the more than 2.6 billion people that still lack access to safe and affordable sanitation.

Traveling and field research in India might be required.

Output and deliverables • Design of the sanitation facility store • Business model and marketing mix for the facility store • Multimedia presentation of the facility and its system

Delft University of Technology proposes plasma gasification to generate electricity out of feces. Ultimately, the goal is to generate enough electricity to make the system self-supporting and possibly generate a surplus that can be used to provide additional services to the users. This makes the system a fully stand-alone entity that has no electric utility connection, no heavy reliance on piped-in water and no connection to any type of sewerage.

If successful the final output will be integrated and presented as part of the TUDelft final proposal at the Gates Foundation Reinvent the Toilet Challenge Fair of 2014.

The TUDelft team is currently designing a family shared facility with diverse integrated services. The objective is to change the face of sanitation solutions in slums through the use of branding, retail and an excellent toilet experience.

We are looking ideally, but not exclusively for an SPD graduation student pursuing the retail specialization and/or with great interest in the subject. Good designing skills and sensitivity to our assignment are a must. Previous experience in the BoP field is a plus.

Who are we looking for?

Want to apply and/or have more questions? Contact JC Diehl and Miguel Melgarejo Or visit us at the applied labs. Applicants will be requested to send a motivation letter, CV and portfolio.

Retail gradassignment  
Retail gradassignment