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Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

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Bert van Loo . Laminated glass. Newsletters

The Spanish art world related to the laminated glass and, in particular, that affects the citizens of Alcorcón, you are in luck right now.

M. A. Carretero.

ned on the 6th at the Palace of Verdugo City of Avila.

Corresponds to the works of Javier Gomez and will be on display until the In this May will be two ex- 29th of this month. hibitions in the geograpThis show is titled hical area of Castilla"Metamorphoses 1989León works of two artists 2010" and it works Javier closely linked to our City. exposes his early work The first, as to the date of along with a selection of installation, and opened more current works. on April 30 in the gallery As noted in the inside paof Caja de Burgos in ges, we will go the opeAranda de Duero ning day of the Verdugo (Burgos) and corresponds Palace to accompany Jato the works of artist Pevier and his wife Julia in dro Garcia, entitled such an important time for "Essences Light ". them, as both were born His sculptures reveal its in the village of Pedro Beressence from a unique nardo Avila. Nuestra sede: artistic conception of the In my personal concept, Castillo Grande de universe that surrounds Javier's work has evolved S.J. de Valderas you. over time in five successiAvda. Los Castillos, s/n 28925 ALCORCÓN. Your sensitivity to the ve stages, always within (MADRID) ways lets boundless idea- the art work in cold rolling. tion that is reflected in his The first technique was baextensive oeuvre. sed on what I call as "cut The exhibition will be on and paste". Performing display until the 18th of one or more templates this month of May. drawn on paper, placed above the glass sheet draThe second will be opewing and cutting it according to the previously outlined design. Once prepared all blades, sticking was oriented in different directions to form the sculpture. In the second stage combined he combined or technique already descri-

bed above with the "cut and paste", ie the reverse of the previous technique. First hit the glass sheets to form a volume report, and then, using a grinding or other similar device to cut, was "roughing" the volume to get the part of the sculpture complemented with the first technique performed. In the third stage is decoupled from the technique used in his first time and it only uses described as "cut and paste", with which only works formed volumes. Until now, the works were carried out by not including any color in the pieces. In the fourth stage there is an important qualitative leap. From the year 1999 adds color to his works, which refined his art and earn a lot worse in the face of their expressiveness. And in its current stage is replacing industrial glass used in earlier stages of optical glass, of much higher quality than the previous one and that allows you to work a lot more refined in terms of expressiveness of colors and forms. On our visit to this new exhibition certainly enjoy their work in this retrospective.

May 2013

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Important issue: the Intellectual Property Law (XXVI) M.A.C.

Part of the month

Intellectual Proper- ve right to authorize mercial benefit directly ty Law distribution of phono- or indirectly.

La Mediterranea


Visit to Bohemia

Rights of producers.

Concert in the MAVA

The right to single equitable remuneration shall be paid by the management entities of intellectual property rights.

 Activities on the MAVA  News  Our activities

Volume II — Number 55

 Glass recycling  How does CONTENTS:

The realization of this right through the respective management entities include negotiation with users, the determination, collection and distribution of remuneration and any other action necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the former.

grams and their copies.

Lending means of making available phonoThis right may be grams for use, for a litransferred, assigned mited time, no econoor subject to the limic or commercial adcensing contract. vantage, direct or indirect, provided that the When the distribution loan is done through is made by sale in the establishments accessiEuropean Union by ble to the public. the holder of the right or with his consent, It is understood that this right will expire there is economic or with the first, but only commercial advantafor sales and successi- ge, direct or indirect, ve transfers of owwhere lending by an nership effected wit- establishment accessihin the territory. ble to the public gives rise to the payment of Rental means of maan amount not exceeking available phonoding the amount negrams thereof for use cessary to cover its Limited time and with operating expenses. economic or com-

Part of the month


Established artists


Young artists


The Mediterranean shuts


Visit to glass in Bohemia


Research line


Activities in Museums


Activities in the MAVA


Concerts on the MAVA


Crafts Award


More on FCNV


Exposition Javier Gomez


Exposition Pedro Garcia




Culture 2013


Concerts in the MAVA


laboratory items, etc. .. that is



present in the pictures.

The glass museum


No other means of information

Courses at La Granja


better than the paint can provi-

The producer of phonograms the exclusi-

URGENT NEWS  The glass in the Museo del Prado.

Staiend glass in Guadalupe 21

de documentary evidence as

Glass recicled


true of the abundant and diverse

Pilar Aldana’ exposition


Cultural tours


Culture 2013 Programme


A loyalty unites the pleasure of

ERE in La Granja


artistic contemplation. So follow

Fair craft of Segovia


the tracks left by the glass in the

Other trends


Lens Glass and aluminum


Reuse workshop


presence of glass in the daily life of the time.

painting is a fascinating task becomes privilege when you have the opportunity to enter the collection of the Museo Nacional


The next day, May 8, at 19 am,

Sinaga in Alicante


the authors of "The Glass painting

Reflexarte in Vigo


How does


Pedro Ramírez Vázquez


Glass in China


tional work presented in the Audi- a particularly representative torium of the Museum of Glass Art twenty paintings, kept in other

New master artisan


at Alcorcón (MAVA).

CR Art World Day


Edgardo de Bortoli


Broken glass




Celia Ulate in the UCR

del Prado.

in the Prado Museum", José María Along the long hundred paintings of the Prado Museum selected Fernández Navarro and Francisco Capel del Aguila, this excep-

for inclusion in this book contains


With the reading of this work goes It also includes images of original a way in which the protagonist is glass pieces, from different muthe guide on the various physiog-

seums and private collections

nomies glass bottles, glasses, win-

that serve as a reference for so-

dows, mirrors, optical instruments,

me of the ones in the pictures.

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Part of de month. Raquel Stolarski-Assael. prints, various materials and co-

May 2013

lors flowing into the figure. The interior and exterior surfaces interact to create depth, volume and illusory spaces within the piece unique glass effect, which refers to underwater worlds, aliens or microscopic.

Volume II — Number 55

Each work is a mystery to unravel through the creation, play, imagination and discovery are the key instruments of the artist. But beyond that, glass is substance of which dreams are made of ... " His artistic activity private commissions shares of integrated large-format work in architecture: stained glass, murals, furniture and other decorative pieces, with sculpture. A work full of sensuality, eroticism, magic and baroque dream very connected with the rich Mexican esoteric imagery. Raquel Stolarski glass has wor-

In the words of Raquel Stolarski:

ked over 30 years and exhibiting "A glass sculpture, is an intense his work since 1983, a year after opening his own workshop.

bright space filled landscapes. Transparent layers of coated

The cast of solo and group exhibitions of this artist spans more than seventy appointments, both at home-Vitro Art Center of Monterrey (Mexico) In 1992, as in Japan, Glass '94 in the U.S. Now, GAS. International Conference (1997) in Tucson, Arizona, in Spain, of beasts, Ladies and other Characters (MAVA 2001), etc.. This last sample is "Equus", made with the technique that identifies the work Stolarski: laminated sand-blasted and acid sometimes also combined with etching and polychrome.

Rachel's world consists of fanciful shapes, human figures and fantastic animals that appear to have a life.

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Established artists. Bert van Loo.

Our web

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Bert van Loo was born in Holland in 1946. Van Loo's work is classified into six different times. In the first three phases, Bert van Loo uses figurative language and symbols as a means of expression sometimes resorting to clear glass or color on a black background always to provide greater contrast. In the subsequent phases the

author approaches a more abstract language that incorporates the use of other materials, is the case of the stone combined with lead.

In addition to many works of workshop, the sculptor has made many custom pieces of monumental for different institutions and Dutch cities.

The last phase is part of a more conceptual field and sometimes engaged with the outside world in which he lives, because, according to Van Loo himself, "a work of art must come from the amalgam caused between emotion and reason» .

Van Loo, who has made guest appearances in major glass schools, art academies and universities, is a member of several committees and councils in the Netherlands cultural and art consultant in various institutions.

Young artists. Jeremy Maxwell.

Our web

Glassblower for many designers, is himself an artist. Indeed, his creations are unique, the combination is one of its principles. Words, images, sounds, Jeremy Maxwell often follow their intuitions. Art and design Jeremy Maxwell describes his work as "intuitive science". Mind and technique are mixed, and this is what makes your universe is original. His pieces are truly art within the meaning of the word (Latin Ars, artis: technical knowledge skill). The addition of color (including the application requires a very precise technique) accentuates the ambiguity of certain creations. The work becomes poetic and is in perfect harmony with what is called the design. Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert quic- meet blowers, traveled in Italy, kly realized that his life was Czech Republic, United States, and then moved to France, blown glass. Seeking technical and eager to where he perfected his training.

Finally, the impression of a tension between the softness and strength that emanates from their creations, marking the success of animated objects.

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The Mediterranean shuts.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013


Business purposes, the closure of the factory that kept the Mediterranean Olleria no longer an accounting data more virulent consequence of the financial crisis.

With the shutdown of the factory, four dedicated to the glass industry that have lowered the blind in the last decade, as Sang finds.

First was the dean, glasses LeBut in the town of Vall, conside- vante, who came to have five red the cradle Valencian indus- glass furnaces, 420 workers and try glassblowing-no record of its 40 countries receiving their prointroduction some five centuries, ducts. the disappearance of the last Then the drip has been steady, active representative blown mawith Green Glass closures, Viart nual process has been a major and the Mediterranean. setback, the that accounts economist Mark sang in a recent stu- Sang, subject specialist, empdy of the powerful local industry. hasizes that today there is only The Mediterranean came exporting to over 70 countries and 14 million euro bill per year, placing on the market of low heat production arising innovative and creative designs. Those were different times. The company, founded in 1975, was the epitome of the thriving and successful business culture built on the base of the glass and exported to all corners of the world. Today only keeps your marketing activity, after entering 2009 into receivership.

one functioning industry in Vall d'Albaida region in which the glass was once leading activity. This is the San Miguel Glasses cooperative, which survives in Aielo of Malferit despite the throes of an economic situation against, charging 15 million euros per year and 250 employees on staff.

Diving in the history of the activity, Sang is the first glassmaker Olleria documented in 1584, an artisan foreign imported a molding system that has its roots in the Middle Ages. Now, the researcher warns that the future of this "culture of glass" is in danger. Although, as municipal sources say, no record of entrepreneurs interested in deploying new industries, the adventure is risky and daring to take the step requires a lot of courage. However, concerned about the disappearance of artisans who have been shifting over the centuries the technique. Spread the legacy The City promoted a project to spread the legacy of glass in the population.

The Glass House Museum opened in 2010, but is currently cloEconomist points to the lack of sed amid a rehabilitation process synergies and the absence of is set in an old municipal builpolicies that enhance the sector ding, which never ends. tourist attraction as the main causes of the decline. The council was interested in

opening an oven demo on it, but backed by the high cost.

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Our visit to the Bohemian glass.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Within cultural visits policy of our Association and referred to the area glazier, in the month of May we will visit different places in the Czech Republic where the

stroll through the city. Day 22 visit the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Museum and Moser Gallery in Prague.

the Museum of Glass and then Kamenicky Senov to see the School and the Museum of Glass. 27 and 28 we will move to Liberec to see Czech School, Mu-

manufacture of glass has centu-

On day 23 we will go to Pardubi- seum and Factory in Zelezny

ries of tradition and a refined

ce in the morning to visit the

Brod Lhotsky. After visiting the

manufacturing technique.

East Bohemian Museum and in

Museum of Glass and Jewellery

the afternoon visit the Glass Ga-

in Jablonec and return to Pra-

llery in Prague.


our Association we move to Pra-

The 24th Karlovy Vary go to visit

And on the 29th in the morning,

gue, capital of Czech Republic,

the Museum Moser in that city

return airport transfers and Alcor-

for a tour during a period of

and in the afternoon we will visit


eight days by different sector

different places in Prague.

Therefore, on 21 May this month several members of the Board of

landmarks Czech glass.

Endeavor to bring a good photo

On the 25th we will go to Nizbor

shoot and video for our friends to

Once at the airport Vaclav

to visit the factory during Rückl

be partakers of the experiences

Havel of the Czech capital at

CRYSTAL morning and afternoon we have enjoyed visits to these

noon on the 21st, we will go by

visit various places in Prague.

car to the Hotel Ibis Praha Mala Strana and we plan afternoon

The day shift 26 Novy Bor to see

places as traditional in the world of art glass.

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May 2013

Line of research: Inclusions (XIV).

Estefanía Sanz Lobo

The mixture Silver, unlike what

gold remains stuck to the glass,

In Fig 1 shows a single layer of

happened with the fake metal

use a special brush to catch the

silver pan, yielding a yellow hue.

breads, produces shades trans-

golden booklet (what we call "

parent but opaque and brown

polonesa ", etc.).

In Fig. 2, two layers of silver leaf, amber tone offering. When put a fair amount of silver leaf between two glasses or

Volume II — Number 55

wrinkles occur fairly thick silver metallic luster retaining some to melt, as shown in Fig. 3. The disadvantage of this material is that you can not always predict the effects, sometimes yellow tone silver leaf is whitish or greenish reflection, although transparency is still yellow. But the tone is quite unpleasant reflection and opaque. When you look through the microscope we can see a film of


Gold leaf, unlike the fake breads breads wrinkles that metal can described above, they are com- have, instead of evaluating to monly used in glass inclusions

do intentionally to achieve a va-

and have been unable to find

riety of textures.

information on this in the literature. LUNDSTROM (1991) indicates that for gold has gold looks really should get in enough quantity.

yers to achieve a good effect.

the results improve.

Also indicates that the firing

However, the thickness of the


However, speaking only slightly

yellow but when you see the

from the results that can be ob-


tained with pure gold, and even mentioned that other types of breads metal, gives no indica-

samples with enamels.

gold foil requires great skill to place the sheet where you want and to do so that wrinkles are not excessive. Therefore the mixture of fine silver and pure gold with other metal breads poor results because transparency is not achieved, and the tones are not too attractive, as shown in Fig. 9.

tion of plastic effects that can

It has been found very success-

be achieved with them.

ful, however, the combination of

Regarding the recommended

In Figs 5 and 6 are two thin silver

reddish tone, as shown in Figs 7

When put more layers of gold

This silver leaf has a white hue is

metal alloys breads.

visible, and two barely give a

Recommends gold put five la-

in his chapter on metallic lusters.

resting as when working with

indeed, a gold layer is almost in-

layer and the second is two.

other materials.

hough the results are not as inte-

In tests it has been found that,

the color.

Includes working with gold leaf

silver with enamel and chips, alt-

mixes, glazes, etc..

and 8, of which the first is a single

that shows silver leaf along with

Another possibility is bread mix

It says nothing of metal biscuit

The thicker gold layer, the better

crystals just above the silver, pos- temperatures than gold supports ranging from 700 ° to 870 ° sibly a Local devitrification. In Fig. 4 is an excerpt of a work

For example, consider a defect

technique for working with gold leaf, is similar to the traditional, as advised to put a mordant for

fine silver leaf with fine gold leaf between two glass melts.

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Activities in Museums I.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

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Activities in Museums II.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Page 10

Activities in Museums III.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Page 11

Activities on the MAVA. Conferences.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

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Concerts on the MAVA.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013


On the 5th of April last third event was developed corresponding to our "Concerts in the MAVA". This time there were two groups of students from the Conservatory "Teresa Berganza" Madrid implementers two beautiful compositions Rodolphe Kreutzer and W. A. Mozart, respectably.

This work was performed by Mary Martin (violin), Esther MuĂąoz (violin), Laura Gomez (viola), Aida Bauer (cello), Blanca Guest (clarinet) and Susana Perez (clarinet).

It is one of the best works of the repertoire for clarinet and is very popular for its lyrical melodies, especially in the second movement.

One of the outstanding features This "Quintet" consists of four mo- of this quintet is equality and bavements: Allegro, Larghetto, Me- lance of the roles attributed to nuetto and Allegretto con varia- each of the instruments involved zioni. in the question-answer game that the author masterfully bears. The first group, formed by Miriam The group of interpreters Madrid This second work can continue del Coso (flute), Paula Salazar Conservatory had not yet perthrough the following link. (fiddle) and Paul strains (guitar), fected the last move, so delighperformed in an exceptional ted us with the interpretation of At the end of each of the commanner the work "Trio" Kreutzer, the first three. positions, there was a question French author (1766-1831) born and answer session where the Mozart composed this work in in Versailles and was a violinist, audience could ask questions to 1789 initially for bass clarinet and teacher, composer and conthe performers and also the teadedicated it to his friend, the ductor. cher of the Conservatory who clarinetist Anton Stadler, name accompanied them and kindly Two peculiarities, among many that is sometimes quoted this lent to collaborate. others, stand out in the life of this composition. artist. The first, and at thirteen he played a concert comprising himself and the second, who played with a violin built by Antonio Stradivari. The concert by the trio of Madrid Conservatory can go through this link. The work consists of three movements: Allegro, Adagio and Rondo. The second part of the concert consisted of the performance of the "Quintet KV. 581 "of W. A. Mozart.

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National Crafts Award 2012.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

This foundation, based in A Coruña, has combined its support for Galician traditional crafts with a commitment to innovation and adaptation to new markets, offering a platform for craftsmen and training assistance. It also undertakes the important task of developing cooperation in the areas of research and expertise in the techniques of preparing the crafts of Galicia.

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism Jose Manuel Soria, delivered last April 4 National Crafts Award 2012 at the Valencia company Alcora Art Antic, a pottery studio located in Castellón, in a ceremony at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

These master craftsmen of La Laguna, specialists in skin and leather, were also finalists in this contest in the 2011 call. His work is characterized by the uniqueness of their shoes and handbags, unique and personalized pieces of great color and originality.

The finalists in the category for public entities Promote Award 2012 have been the General Directorate for Industrial and Trade of the Government of Extremadura and Crafts Training Centre, Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historical, Artistic and Cultural Albaicin, Granada (Andalusia ).

The Innovation Award 2012, with a budget of 3,500 euros, is the National Crafts Awards, proIn the category Product Award award that recognizes the prodmoted by the Spanish Founda2012 were also finalists boots ucts, prototypes or actions made tion for Innovation of Crafts came Jesus Blasco SL of Castillain the two years preceding the (Fundesarte), are intended to La Mancha, Valencia José date of publication of this angive institutional recognition at Marín jeweler, the potter Andanouncement, involving a comthe highest level to those activilusian Juan Pablo Martinez (Tito) mitment to innovation of craftsties generally recognized as exand the Madrid company manship, by utilizing new techcellent and exemplary in the Landspot Ceramic Designs SL nologies, new materials, or the field of contemporary craft. innovative reinterpretation of traThe Promote Award for Private In this edition, the Valencian ditional and other actions of a Entities 2012, with a prize of 3,500 company Alcora Art Antic, SL similar nature. has been awarded the 2012 Na- euros, is awarded by the dedication of the candidates for the This award was granted to Juan tional Crafts Award, endowed enhancement of the craft, con- Pablo Martinez, Tito, for his work with 7,000 euros, which recogtributing to its activity to give "Reinterpretation of ceramics in nizes the set of an established greater visibility in an environinterior architecture" in collabotrack record. ment and prestige. ration with Trinidad Interior, and This is a pottery studio located in which has brought together the This prize has been awarded to Castellón and was a finalist for expertise of two family businesses the Professional Association of the same award in 2010 and that bind in its third generation to Artisans of Aragon by the strong 2011 calls. reinvent ceramics and interior arimpetus given to the sector to chitecture, in dialogue between Also, were finalists for the Namake an application project tradition and innovation. tional Crafts Award 2012 Kima design techniques to craft, ARDI Guitart craft catalan, Charo Plan (Craft + Design) began in The two team members Sanserif Iglesias and Granda Art Work2006, improving sustainability of Creatius SL are closely linked to shops, SA, Madrid company, production and creating new Sara Sorrentino, Valencian busiand the Galician company marketing channels and colness lately has exposed their Asteleiros Triñanes Dominguez, laboration between companies glass creations twice, one in VaSL in the field of production. lencia Craft Centre and another Fundesarte headquarters in MaThe Promote Award category for Winners in other categories drid. 2012 were finalists private entiProduct Prize 2012, awarded to ties the Federation of Artisans of We refer to the first of the exhibiproducts or collections made Castile and Leon (FOACAL) and tions in our Newsletter n ª 48 for and sold in the two years prior to the Valencian company Sanserif the month of October last year the announcement. Creatius SL 2012. This award, with a prize of 3,500 Promote Prize for public 2012 We also visited the second of the euros, went to the Pisaverde has been awarded to the Foun- exhibitions cited, and what we S.L.U. dation Center Handicrafts and intend in our Bulletin No. 50 for do Galego da Deseño. the month of December last.

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More on FCNV.

More in

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Foundation's debt exceeds two million. Creditors are, in this order: Bankia, Social Security, Finance , other financial institutions and suppliers. " 'Vozpópuli' has been in contact with the Office of the National Glass Centre Foundation of Real Sitio de San Ildefonso, under the command of the Juarez Aurea Granjena to confirm all those points, and his reply was that "does not make statements ". Employers Parade

Posted by Fatima Martin in "vozpopuli" on 28/04/2013.

them gave a singular occasion of their wedding.

The Infanta Elena lamps acquired National Glass Centre Foundation (FCNV) of the Farm discount of 9,000 euros, according to the provincial coordinator unveiled UI in Segovia, Jose Angel Frias. "To me it seems that Elena of Bourbon citizen has enough money to pay one hundred percent of what it was worth. Lamps I have come to the Ikea bargain price", praised.

The "absurdity" of the lamp Agata Ruiz de la Prada And speaking of lamps and mismanagement, the employee of the Foundation remembers the moment he arrived Agatha Ruiz de la Prada to order a fruit of his colorful lamp Magin. The good man has the lamp, dolled up with all sorts of hearts and beads, "took many hours of work and money.

"There has been a very bad management with the silence of all employers" sums Frias, the provincial coordinator of IU, who is surprised that he was still being patron of the Foundation individually Carlos García Revenga, secretary of the Princesses Elena and Cristina, accused in the 'case Nóos'. It also continues the popular MP for alleged mail Segovia and Barcenas, Pedro Ramon Gomez de la Serna and Villacieros, known in the city's aqueduct as "the nursery" (because supposedly fighting in the street of Segovia but it is unknown to policy livestock belongs).

Surprisingly, the list of patrons of the National Glass Centre Foundation of Real Sitio de San Ildefonso is as extensive as 'illustrious'. Piloted by Francisco SalazarSimpson Bos, hold the honorary presidency Majesties The Kings of Spain. Of its According to the UI, which has brought 25,000 square feet of stunning eighteAnd neither paid nor has come for her. the matter to the House of Representatienth century industrial architecture, owAnd there we have the grotesque, the ves through a parliamentary question ned by the Treasury and the Cabinet asship woodshed the factory. " response slope, the eldest daughter of signed by the Board "in what keeps the These examples is in addition to the the King of Spain paid "about $ 3,000" for activity" for years have passed from the string of irregularities, all documented, "lamps that led to his house, which worlds of politics, as Tomás Villanueva which beat out the UI on the subject of would total 12.000 ". The transaction is (counselor Economy of the Junta de Redundancy Employment (ERE) that reflected in a statement of account moCastilla y León), Jesus Merino (accused threatens to fire 17 people in a deflated vements of Caja Segovia (now Bankia) in the Gürtel case), Elvira Rodriguez staff of 55. ERE according to the Bureau from March 8, 2010, when the Founda(CNMV), Isabel Carrasco (president of of Labor Land is not appropriate, having tion received a transfer of Elena de Borthe council of Leon), Ildefonso de Miguel been presented by management and bon y Grecia. (former manager of Canal de Isabel II) , not by the Board of Trustees. Glass Spiders "in the manner of the XVIII" journalism, like Julio Ariza A string of irregularities (Intereconomía), the late Antonio VazIt is a glass chandeliers Royal Glass FacSuch irregularities include contracts with quez Cardenosa (Diario de León), Santory of La Granja, how dieciochesca tiago de Ybarra y Churruca (Vocento), made. They are composed of a shaft or Cardboard Juarez, SL, a family business by the director of the Foundation, Aurea the company, as the very Salazaraxle consists of several modular eleSimpson (Simpson Hello Bye Cars or ments blown hollow glass, which bloom Juarez unjustified notes above 60,000 Cars), Germán Lopez Madrid (Volvo Car euros amounts hash it impossible to aslight arms and staves or scrolls, which offer the viewer a sense of continuity, as sume that the principal contractual obli- Spain), Arturo Fernández (CISM-CEOE), Javier Carved (ex Avanzit), Carlos Rocha if they were the suppliers of garden sup- gations over 1,803.04 euros , or mysteMoreira da Silva (BA Glass and former La rious business advisory contracts plies Palace of La Granja. Seda de Barcelona), or Acute Gomez "allegedly in the Middle East" for 1,160 From there hangs a number of pendants euros per month, including VAT, but wit- Ulpian (Saint Gobain Wanner, SA) , and like tears, pendants, pandelocas, balls, other areas such as Pedro Rodriguezhout relief for income tax. What's more, pine cones, leaves ... that make these Ponga and Salamanca. They have also the Foundation has tried to pass off pieces into true historical gems. Each had representation on the Board, besiglass crystals The Farm Badalona. pandeloca is carved. Some of which des those central, regional, provincial, "The management is trying to dispense are preserved eighteenth century, are local and National Heritage, Spanish as many workers as possible. Try to buy stamped with fleur de lis, symbol of the companies like Glassware, SGD La Granfrom other companies and then sold as ja, Aon Gil y Carvajal, and Corpus VitreaBourbons. glass Real Sitio de San Ildefonso. rum Medii SEGIPSA Aevi. "You need to have a few lights. This is Thus can not be killed with a cultural, another example of poor manageThe month of November 2012, the presiartistic and historical as the Royal Facto- dent of the Foundation, Salazar-Simpson, ment," says a worker at the National Glass Centre Foundation. In the templa- ry. Things you can not do so very badly, approved the termination of a handful "he laments the worker, it is feared that te, whose work hangs in the balance, of employers, which the Board went from the ultimate goal is to liquidate the Nadoes not fit on the head that the Founa quarantine of Representatives 'only' a tional Glass Centre Foundation. dation questionable apply such disscore. Among them, as already mentiocounts without even monetize through ned, have been individually the aforeTwo million euros of debt. The largest advertising, "to give enhancement parts creditor, Bankia mentioned Carlos García Revenga, Serthey deserve." In this regard, remember na, Ulpian Gómez, Juan Luna (curator of that both the Prince and the Princesses, For example, a button. According to the Museo del Prado) and two more that sources within the FCNV, the National Glass Centre glassware have become vacant. "mismanagement has lost more than 150,000 euros each year. Indeed, the

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Javier Gomez exposition.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

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Pedro García exposition.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

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N E W S (I).

Glass funerary.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

The Local History Museum Montilla has taken the dissemination plan of their funds, with new conferences focused on some of his most significant.

tlements in the urban environment during the Roman period, thanks to a glass funerary preserved in the museum.

Matilde Bugella was responsible for On April 24 he spoke about the set- assessing the pieces, ensuring that

it is almost a miracle that have been preserved to this day. They were discovered in the 80s and the quality of the furnishings, probably belonged to a farmer in a village, whose remains have not been located.

Culture 2013. Louvre, Département des Peintures, Paris) and Gainsborough (Tate, London). In these landscapes, gypsies helped put the note scenic but also embodied a new harmony between man and nature, it was necessary for a life detached from the strong bourgeois structures. With the advent of realism, prestige increases wandering community: "I just initiated into the high life and independent wandering gypsy" wrote Courbet in 1853, while, Baudelaire proposed in My Heart Laid Bare (1859-1863) , "glorify the prowl and what could be called the Bohémianisme [Gypsyism]". From Courbet and Manet, the presence of the underclass in art is be-

This past April we visited the exhibi-

re of the gypsy as announcing the

tion "Luces de Bohemia" in the

colorful character courtship.

Mapfre Foundation in Madrid.

In parallel, the nature was establis-

rrow escape academic hierarchy

Since arriving in Europe around

hed as favorite scenario for repre-

of genres, to find a sincere art that

1420, Roma had an enormous fas-

senting Gypsies, because topically

show the true reality of modern life.

cination among artists and writers.

association made between this ra-

Many myths and legends populari-

ce and the wandering life, as op-

zed topics around gypsies and, to

posed to the sedentary life in the

coming increasingly common. This question allowed realistic na-

The gypsy and her children, Courbet (Private collection) or The drinking water The Manet (The Art Insti-

the Enlightenment, were often por-


trayed predicting the future or lin-

Bohemian camps in the landscape

piration to approach the real and

ked to the world of dance, theater

will be then one of the most repre-

away from romantic stereotypes

and dance.

sented, as shown by the works pre-

about Gypsies.

From the eighteenth century, the

sented here Teniers (The State Her-

theme of "fortune" gained a new boom gallant hand painters like Boucher or Watteau, tried the figu-

mitage Museum, St. Petersburg), Morland (The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg / Musée du

tute of Chicago) represent this as-

Meanwhile, Vincent van Gogh masterfully summarized in Caravans (Musée d'Orsay, Paris) these concepts.

Page 18

N E W S (II).

Concerts on the MAVA.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

On Friday May 10th will have the White Voices Choir of the Conservatory of Music "Teresa Berganza", Madrid, for the realization of the fourth concert of the program of our Association "Concerts in the MAVA". Through our Facebook page and our website inform the pro-

gram that will develop these young Cecilia" by Fanny Mendelssingers. sohn. As we have found on internet pages, this choir is composed of about 80 members and is led by Pablo del Campo. In 2006, Pablo del Campo premiered in Spain with the Chamber Choir "Teresa Berganza" "Ode to St.

Currently teaching Choir and Orchestra at the Conservatory of Music "Teresa Berganza" of Madrid. For a better understanding of the curriculum of this director can click the link below.

Glowing in the dark bodies. Jessyca Lloyd-Jones is a renowned artist who uses lighting as a key element in many of his works. In collaboration with glass artists and specialists in neon, Jessyca anatomical sculptures created where the brightness of gases like neon or xenon a touch "electric" and mysterious to different human organs. The collection consists of four organs (heart, brain, lung and eye) blowing glass inside which is encapsulated neon or xenon gas. These gases glow showing different colors when applied electrical current, producing a fascinating and hypnotic result in these curious sculptures. The author wants to express with this work the vital importance of energy in the human anatomy.

Page 19

The glass in Museums: Jablonec.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

From as far back as the four-

In 1949 the collection was

manufacture of glass, jewelry

teenth century Jizera mountains

moved to the old export house

and individual works through his-

in general and Jablonec and Ni- Zimmer & Schmidt, where it resou, in particular, have been closely related to the manufacture of glass. Spectacular advances in the production of glass and jewelery and exports in the second half of the nineteenth century a core made of Jablonec world famous and jewelry center. This success is reflected in the development of the city. Of all the attractions the city has to offer, plus the Museum of glass and high quality jewelery, heritage monuments meets glass manufacturing and design in the region.

mains today.

tory from its origins until today. The Galerie Belveder in Mlýnská is

The building was constructed in

one of the oldest houses in the

1904 and was later adapted by

city and baroque houses part of

E. Herbinge in 1923.

the extensive jewelry collections

It is a magnificent example of Art Nouveau architecture,

held by the Museum. In Kristiánov a monument to glass

popular at the time, and as such making is in a wooden house in is a listed building. The museum has a wide range of works in glass, jewelry, coins, medals, posters and some military objects. New permanent exhibitions: "The Magical World of Jewelry" and "Enchanted Garden", "Seven centuries of Czech glass"

which faithfully recreated the history of what was once the most important town glassmaking in the Jizera Mountains. The village comes alive each year at Fair Marian, showing many examples of the lives of historical trades and crafts. The Museum contributes signifi-

opened in 2004 after three years cantly to the cultural and edu-

The steps followed Museum German Museum Society, founded in 1866 and opened its doors in 1911 in a traditional house.

of intensive restoration work. The information is provided to visitors at various levels, and the exhibition space is devoted to presentations that illustrate the

cational activities of the general public and professionals, and activities for children, youth, pensioners and disabled and mentally ill.

Page 20

Courses in La Granja.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Page 21

The Treaty of Guadalupe Monastery Windows (XII).

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

In others specifically recommended a plea and that "... although the matchlocks ADVANTAGE" or "... take advantage of many points of glass left over from the two windows Background ...". 19 In the drawing, probably one of the most popular motifs in the windows Spanish since the sixteenth century, says: "This is the most common window that ay in all, strong and lost little glass has to be such a good view echura to doors and windows. "

Fernando Cortes Pizarro.

Of all the drawings preserved, On the drawings of stained glass 30 are composed exclusively of straight lines, while 14 others At the end of the treatise the combine straight lines with curauthor includes 54 different de- ves, the latter being by far the signs of stained glass, which as most difficult of execution, since, we have seen are actually more as the author says: "... are more than windows themselves, indivi- difficult to assemble, and to thodual modular panels, of which se who are skilled business ... ". only 43 have survived. While some drawings are tradiPresumably 7 missing drawings tional and have survived numefollow the style and forms of the rous stained glass and other art preserved. forms preserved at the time, otThese panels are all rectangular hers however are clearly the result of the ingenuity of the autformat and types of windows are geometric characteristics of hor and may never come to run, or at least I do not know copies a period of time covering the Similar windows of the time. XVI, XVII and XVIII. In this type of simple glass, colorless and figuration, the spotlight falls on the design aesthetic that traces the network of lead, being mostly colorless glasses, although the author considers the possibility of including some colored glasses sporadically . Some drawings -51, 53 and 54 are related vaguely architectural forms, while others, as noted by Nieto Alcaide referring to the drawings 19 and 52, are inspired by models drawn directly from the Third and Quarto Book of Architecture by Sebastiano Serlio- , indicating a certain knowledge of architecture by the author.

Many drawings are accompanied by a more or less extensive depending on the case. Sometimes the comment starts with a "This window is mui ermosa ...", which once again demonstrates the author's great appreciation for the art of stained glass, including copies as simple as those presented to us. In a couple of drawings, in particular 2 to 19 - are specified construction details as the best location of the reinforcing rods and their quantity recommended: "What ba marked with dots, is the compartment jimmies".

20 In the drawing says the virtues of his strong "trabaçon" that makes it "... mui good for sites with high and defends his tenpestades fortaleça the Air". In the grounds 32, 33 and 34 the author supports the use of multicolored glass, which "although it is true that remove some light, with all that is good-looking and durable mui". Drawing 39 is a round glass window blown individually, now known as cibas, and tells us that "Formerly much used these round glass windows, because they had good view with color differences, which benian glasses perfecion furnace with all ". IF it is true that this type of glass was very popular between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, it was not so in Spain and in the countries of central and eastern Europe. About the cibas, explains that although one of the difficulties they present is that "... rredondos glasses can not sever" because "... bring the margin around the circle and a thick border that are unable Gueco to carve with the saw-set ... "a simple and cheap imitation is to obtain" ... round glasses which are flat and square ... ".

Page 22

Recycling. Pioneering project.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

firsthand the vitality and dynamism that permeates the city of entrepreneurship, San Francisco. As always, conclusions are drawn positive and negative, although we realized that the environment is critical to Silicon Valley for ideas. Premium is much teamwork-something too closely associated with the school, and at all times are open to new initiatives, however crazy they may seem. How this project fits within your career? The project was a response to a staHow did the idea of reusing as glass tement of the final project, and with Jon Ander Lopez Garmendia and the intention that we serve as an exbottles to become luminous surfaSubijana Peio, graduates of the cuse for our first steps into working liSchool of Architecture of the Univer- ces? fe. This goal we have met, as even a sity of Navarra, are the authors of It all started as a response to Final customer came interested in creaLigh Emitting Bottle (LEB), a pioneeProject presented by Luis Maria Uriar- ting the facade of his shop with LEB. ring lighting devices built from used te. After delivery, we turned up and Also helped us to be part of the proglass bottles. we were selected to participate in gram and follow Yuzz shaping us as These elements, subject to approthe National Entrepreneurs Fair held professionals. All this has been thanks priate technology, become 'bulbs' at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Emto the flexibility to work with our reswith which you can build from simbark 2011. pective parents in their studies, and pler devices screens, all with low poAt first we start from an industrial de- Garmendia Subijana-Merino Archiwer consumption and with the adtects. In this way we were able to sign, but because of the good acded value of reusing materials. ceptance was the module, and the combine our workday and LEB, devoting logically, hours after work and on How did the project? various contacts we made, we saw weekends. the opportunity to further develop Initially we wanted to create a facathe project, why not? It should be borne in mind that it is de reusing materials or objects susimpossible to work full time, because ceptible of second applications. Par- Since then, thanks to the help of an right now the project is in deficit. It is tiésemos hence a bottle of 33 cl. of a engineer friend, technically we more a concept than a reality. famous brand of beer. could develop the concepts on which we base the LEB. In this way What motivates you to persevere in The proposal further charged sense we have an industrial design, a utility times of crisis? considering that he was considering model. for a project of a cultural and multi The current situation is well known to What prospects do you have for funded by that mark. all, and now is "fashionable" innovayour marketing? tion and entrepreneurship. The truth In this way, we were getting to meet two objectives: first, to create a 'skin' Currently the project is stalled due to is, it's a good time to ask different sofor the building with a contemporary various work commitments we have. lutions. There is a willingness to listen look, flashy or different, and an adFurthermore, it should be noted that to ideas. Our aim has been to create vertising and brand very important. to get to market a product is influen- something to take but not to stay in a drawer forgotten. The spirit of the arThis took on added significance con- ced by many external factors: inchitect has always been aimed at sidering the location of the site, next vestment, market research, comto the Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao. mercial viability, customer available improving their projects, both in terms of composition, construction, socially, … It is a long and laborious process. What were the next steps? The LEB are oriented to specific inter- so somehow there is a vocation to From this point, we developed the innovate. In fact, our goal was to get ventions beverage brands, which is module with the intention of getting linked to marketing marketing strate- grant Yuzz to prototype. the most technological to the bottle. gies and image that have big What difficulties have you encounteSo think of it as possible pixel. brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken ... red? Due to their morphology and techni- We see great potential in him as a One of the greatest difficulties, while cal characteristics, we saw the possi- publicity stunt for symbolic buildings one of the pillars of an idea turned bility of generating coatings with her such as Coca-Cola factory in Fueninto a business plan, is funding. In our labrada, or timely interventions as large multimedia applications in case, we have found people willing fields such as architecture, epheme- the Heineken Jazz Festival scenarios. to work in this area. But undoubtedly ral installations, scenery, street furniRecently visited Silicon Valley with the most difficult is to create a team ture, signage, music venues, etc.. the Banesto Foundation, through its of faithful, where prime transparency To achieve this, we use each bottle program Yuzz. How was the expeand trust between the parties. Peoas a small tube and apply to it the rience? ple invest in people not projects, this concept and technique of lighting is one of the most important things The experience in the program has devices based on electrical discharwe have learned. We're both restless been very positive Yuzz. It has given ges. people, with enthusiasm and will, it us a different perspective than that Generate a light chamber at each is instilled in the school. Do not forget helps to not give up. We do not know high voltage plasma at low pressure that the program is aimed at deveif the project will see the light, comand intensity. loping economic feasibility plans for mercially speaking. But what we believe is that we should not wait for In this way we create the LEB, which services or products. After a year, we were selected as winners for the opportunities to come, but you're the emit a highly durable, very strong trip to Silicon Valley. With this oppor- one who has to create the circumsand white, and also do not contain tances to appear. tunity we were lucky to experience mercury vapor.

Page 23

Pilar Aldana exposition.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Road to Refuge includes work of

da passionate about, I think in

two sculptors agree creating in-

2012 a new exhibition space at

terior spaces that lead to a silent Mas de Verges Massot where

Road to Refuge!! Exposure to Espai More Massot Sculpture, Painting and Photo-

and enigmatic world where the

permanently presents his work:

eye is lost and the reason may

sculpture, painting and photo-

find rest.


Are roads, junctions, corners for

This season invites Pilar Aldana-

lonely souls are determined and

Mendez, rooted in Catalonia

Opening 4 and May 5, 2013 from

forceful spaces.

Colombian sculptor for 28 years.

16h to 21h.

graphy Carlo Buergi and Pilar AldanaMendez

Pilar Aldana-Méndez draws mar- He has chosen key works from

Exhibition open until October 15,

bles spaces with precise and po- different eras such as buildings


lished forms or creating universes to catch time, African Spaces with transparent glass volumes. Buergi Carlo does so tough and risky cuts in wood logs leaving

and recent works in glass and ceramics series of Empty Soul Sanskrit.

raw textures obscured by the

Carlo presents his latest work

action of fire.

wood Inner Vision Series for the

The sensuality of glass and stone, and the passion of the lines in the wood, give life to this show. Carlo Buergi, Swiss artist Ampur-

first time we can see a selection of previously unpublished photographs of the wild in the wetlands of Ampurda a masterful touch to round this exhibition,

More Massot, Road Verges to Khafre, km 1 17142 Verges (Under Ampurda, Gerona) MORE INFORMATION http://

Page 24

 Our activities.

May 2013

In this section we detail the activities which take place this month, corresponding to the cultural visits related to the glass and outputs that we as provided in the program CULTURE 2013.

 Cultural Tours. On Monday, the 6th, we will move to Avila to be with Javier Gomez in the opening of his exhibition titled Metamorphosis from 1989 to 2010 and to be held in the Palace

Volume II — Number 55

of the Verdugo of the Castilian-Leonese City. The exhibition displays works Javier his early work along with a selection of more current works. In a place as interesting as the Palace of the Executioner. The exhibition will be open until May 29th.

 Culture 2013 Programme.

The next day we booked 3 participation in a tour to mark the closing of the exhibition "Gardens of Light" in the Sorolla Museum.

that came already working on his painting: light, truth, life ... and this time it comes from a more quiet and intimate painting.

The theme of the garden has been a recurring metaphor in world culture.

The visit offers a last look at the exhibition "Gardens of Light" which will mature all that the painter has given us in these months of exposure.

Nature tamed and interior, a sheltered and ordered from the sensibility of man sought paradise. Sorolla captures this idea and implements poured doing some work where a number of ideas

Sorolla was facing his last works, the gardens of his home, with sincere simplicity and the extreme refinement of an artist full, still mulling over the possibilities of painting.

Parallel to the large orders rushing in those years and especially the decoration for the Hispanic Society of New York, in Sorolla matured through his paintings His painting and ideas with us in of gardens, a poetics of silence this journey, which elaborate on and privacy, with amazing conthe arguments of the artist tocomitants with the sensitivity ward the subject of the gardens. symbolist / modernist time.

Page 25

The last ERE of La Granja.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

The Board of Trustees National Glass Centre will meet to address the termination of contracts to 17 employees affected by the Redundancy Employment (ERE) presented by Management and the Labour Inspectorate has advised to stop by defects in the form and in the background. This has been assured on Thursday as the mayor of the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso and patron of the institution, José Luis Vázquez (PSOE), as chairman of the Works Council, José Luis Duque (CCOO). At the meeting, whose date has not yet been made public, the Board of the Foundation based in La Granja, the end of the Royal Site, reconsider the need to dispense with the 17 people, half of the staff of the Royal Factory. The representative of the employees, who has indicated the intention of the Company to attend the call, he explained told Europa Press that the ERE is still valid, because the management has chosen to keep it until employers conclude whether to go with it or remove it, which in his opinion is a "mistake".

meet the compensation of workers since it has been obliged to dispenand for which the Government do- se with half the workforce. es not provide in the budgets of Speaking to Cadena SER, the Ma2013 no provision for this purpose. yor of the Royal Site also has menHowever, Duke has stressed that tioned the statements made about there appears to be intention to him by the provincial coordinator of suspend the ERE despite the efforts IU, Jose Angel Frias, who said Vazof some governments to maintain quez "not aware of anything." employment. So, has dismissed his words as The City of Royal Site has tried, as "irresponsible and frivolous". explained by its mayor, to preserve "When it comes from outside and jobs and activity of a center that do not know what is living in a work"transcends local, is a monument place does not deserve any consiand is owned by all Spanish". deration, neighbors of my people Vazquez has argued that the CNV, are the ones to say whether or not I regional competition and memfind out," said. bers of the Government, the Board, The mayor pointed out that the City the Council of Segovia, the Consisof Royal Site, Senator Felix Montes tory the Royal Place and the world today to the head, was the only insof glass and museums among its titution in 97 voted against the patrons, pass into the hands of the amendment of statutes and is the government and that the workers only one that has been put alongsithemselves assume the responsibilide the employees and has led ty to rescue the project making use them to maintain an action aimed for it of their ability, knowledge and at the Royal Factory. his long career.

That goal, as he stressed, "should not be making a reality show to ridi"It is essential that in these times cule the people in all the national there is a change of leadership, territory", but "appeal to the responwho are authorities that the Centre sibility for the maintenance of jobs." take responsibility of employees," In this regard, he noted that the reThe Works Council Chairman praihe asserted the ruler, who has insiscord has great potential to be consed and thanked the efforts of the ted that the president of the Founsidered improper and could even municipality and has claimed to dation, Francisco Salazar-Simpson be declared void, which continue in the same line for the should leave his post after "failing" "aggravate" the situation even modefense of their neighbors. re of an institution lacks funds to CHANGE OF LEADERSHIP

Page 26

May 2013

XXXIII National Crafts Fair of Segovia. The City maintains its collabora-

favorable conditions for the en-

tion with the Craft Guild sego-

joyment of the public, visitors

viano, backing it materializes,

and Segovia, as exhibitors from

now, with the signing of the

different parts of the Spanish

agreement for the organization

geography involved in this show.

of the XXXIII edition of the Natio-

Volume II — Number 55

nal Crafts Fair to be held from 1 to 5 May.

Given his hearth, prestige, public response and interest of the artisans by attending the National

Institutional support is specified

Crafts Fair of Segovia is one of

in a financial contribution, 2,000

the cultural events of the city

euros, to meet the costs of the

and is part of the annual calen-

organization of the Fair, and


providing the necessary infrastructure, ie giving for free use of space for holding the sample on Avenida Fernández Ladreda. The Craft Guild segoviano undertakes to ensure that the activities are conducted in the most

The mayor, Pedro Arahuetes and Crafts Guild President segoviano, Jesus de la Cruz Leonor, have signed this partnership agreement.

Page 27

Other trends. Van Gogh in Amsterdam. and paint something else behind.

May 2013

The museum has three of these examples in separate windows. The result is fascinating.

Volume II — Number 55

The reason painting does not always correspond to the same time, so one side appear, for example, some potatoes from his Dutch period, dark and very filling. The other, a portrait of blue light closer to the French stage. Its just working feverishly pulling at viewer smiling. Wind forgot to paint an outdoor marina, as learned from the Impressionists, and the sand stuck in the fabric forever. Fabric wrapped in newspaper for transportation, and was marked ink footprint. Both ends have been thoroughly analyzed for the sample with the aid of scientific laboratory of the multinational Shell. The museum has made the National Gallery, London, yield the first version of Sunflowers.

The 40th anniversary of the opening of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, has clarified the greatest misunderstandings surrounding the painter: "was not instant genius thought they worked very hard to understand the technique and the use of color of his art. "

the final painting, and scraps of canvas in its various states of preparation. The beloved object, anyway, is your box colored balls of wool. The painter used them to guide when mixing colors.

The problem is working tirelessly, and lack of money led him to He says Rik van Koetsveld, mause sometimes low quality painnaging director of the center, says goodbye to his office with a tings that have not stood the test of time. sample demystifying. Titled Van Gogh in his workshop (Van Gogh at work) continues the artist's evolution through 200 works and objects themselves, as well as fabrics of his contemporaries, including Gauguin and Toulouse Lautrec.

The best example is the series of cherry blossoms. In the original three, the flowers were roses. The time the white left and collide with a similar work, the other in pink, signed in 1888, as the Dutch-Danish Christian Mourier by Petersen.

Very satisfied, presented together with a later, from his collection. It is the crown jewel because of its reputation and because it illustrates the evolution of the same reason. There are five Sunflowers by Van Gogh in the world and they are all different. The Bedroom at Arles, on loan from the Art Institute of Chicago, and the portrait of Père Tanguy, loaned by the Musée Rodin, Paris, fulfilled the same educational function. However, collector gems are sketchbooks and drawings and watercolors by Van Gogh.

Shortly exposed given its fragility, its thorough illustrate his artistic approach, analyzed how much As the average age of the visieach frame, as happens to draw tor's center is 32 years, the exWhat we now call material recy- evil master painting, ending alhibition combines classical galle- cling does not end there. most in abstraction. ries pictures on the wall, with When Van Gogh had no linen, presentations ready to particiAs in the fabric tree roots, 1890. dishcloths advantage. pate in the creative process. The last of his life. And when I was desperate, turThere a microscope to get to the guts of the canvas, overlap- ned around and used a canvas ping transparent molds to see the different patterns painted on

The exhibition runs until January 12 and can only be seen in Amsterdam.

Page 28

Lens Glass and aluminum.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013


The Louvre-Lens Museum is conceived as a delegation or subsite of the famous National Museum of the Louvre in Paris, it has a collection property, so strictly not a museum but an art exhibition center located on the outskirts of the city Lens, northern France.

The structure is made of white painted steel.

This project is signed Japanese studio SANAA, true to his white, ethereal style, the museum tries to dematerialize their perception from the inside, so that the works on display are those that charge the viewer's attention away.

Some glass roofs also can see the sky and make the most of natural light.

Under austere minimalist design, simple shapes and glass and aluminum as main materials, is totally opposed to the pomposity that awakens the Louvre. The glass combined in different transparencies creates reflections and ripples.

The rooms are aligned and flush with the street, are large, no walls and hang pictures of movable panels, which are changed according to the statement.

Besides boasting works by Perugino, Raphael, Botticelli and Rubens, which visitors can admire boxes next to the Louvre essential others, as "Portrait of Mariana Waldstein" of Francisco de Goya and "Antonio de Covarrubias y Leiva" of El Greco. This museum not only architectural and cultural significance, but also economic.

Lens, the city where it is built, is Visiting this museum is integrated experiencing a decline since the with the display. 60s, due to the decline of mining and with a rate of 16% unemFor a period of five years, the Great Gallery, called the Gallery ployment. of Time, will present chronologically with the masterpieces of the Louvre in Paris organized into three periods: 70 works for Antiquity to the Middle Ages 45 and 90 for the period Modern, via Egypt and the East.

This new Louvre-Lens center allows revitalize the area and spread and monetize Paris museum funds (mostly stored for lack of space) and Lens makes a prominent item in the French cultural map, attracting tourists and economically reviving the city .

Page 29

Glass Workshop reuse.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Nearly a hundred members of the university communitystudents, teachers and PAShave participated in the Building Workshop with recycled glass that has organized the Vice President for Campus Sustainability within Recapacicla program. This program, which was launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, is to improve the management of waste at source and supplemented with various activities held in the campus Teatinos. The glass workshop was held in the central courtyard of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the School of Architecture, on the campus of El Ejido. The workshop coordinator and monitor Benito has been painted and has had a strong turnout. All workshop attendees have brought a bottle or some old glassware that after the application of various techniques (sawing, polishing, etching, bonding ...) were transformed into other useful objects (glasses,

ashtrays ...) or just art objects of aesthetic interest. This workshop is part of the program Recapacicla, environmental education program on waste and recycling targets university is organized by the Ministry in collaboration with the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, and Ecovidrio Ecoembes. The program also includes various activities with playful and participatory. On Tuesday, the 9th, starting at 10 am was held in the Botanical Garden of Teatinos the "Recycling Day" which included the Workshop Percussion "Reciclamúsica" designed to learn how to make percussion instruments from items such as bottles, cans and containers .... Also able to visit the exhibition "The waste in our society", consisting of the installation of 6 panel custom expository explanation to who wants it. The day was completed with an information point and a waste Gymkhana and leisure corner, where you can play with recy-

cled materials. Activities continued from Wednesday, the 10th, and Friday, the 12th, with the development of a training course on "The waste in our society: management and environmental education aimed know what steps can be taken to reduce recycle and reuse the waste generated in the university and, selectively separating waste in their containers. The course was held in the classrooms López de Peñalver and, like the rest of the program activities planned Recapacicla was free. Finally, on April 14 was the deadline for submission of papers for the first ReciclarArte contest was open to all community college campuses in Andalusia and providing prizes for the winners and the organization of a traveling exhibition and accompanying catalog of selected works. For more information on all activities of the program and for registration in courses and workshops you can visit the website of the Environmental Management System of the UMA.

Page 30

Celia Ulate at the University of Costa Rica. that, "Forms of transparency is an exhibition that seeks to transform

May 2013

the perception on the glass as a model of artistic representation. In this sense, the works represent the sample restricted to particular stories of the artist, whose aesthetic criteria incorporate es-

Volume II — Number 55

sential emotions of his life, and allows you to symbolize them through language and discrete and warm feelings in an unusual support ". Celite Ulate She is a graduate of the PsychoSanchez Ulate Celite transpires

In the process I discovered that

his being and essence in shapes

glass can ally with other mate-

and colors that attest to his desi-

rials to create an alchemy aest-

re to unravel all the mysteries su-

hetic, dynamic and refreshing. "

rrounding the glass.

He noted that to do its work has

"Not if I go or come", "Time to

had the privilege of having the

play", "The path of my life", "Ties

substrate enriching their profes-

of Friendship", "Being thrown" and sional training as a psychologist. "Sea of Tears", are some of the works that puts test the creative possibilities offered by this material.

"That's why the personal artistic creation explore the subject of human experience from the perspective of meaning, empat-

Celite presented the artistic exhibition Forms of transparency in the lobby of the Social Action Vi-

hy and overcoming" he said. Emotional possibilities of glass

logy course. He has also done art classes and workshops at the School of Plastic Arts of the UCR. He has also participated in conferences, workshops and seminars offered by Peter Mc Grain, Tommy Giambuso, Gil Reynolds, Stuart Goldman, Patty Gray and Eva Vlasáková, among others. She is founder and professor of the Workshop Vitrocolor of Costa Rica, where classes are taught various techniques in glass. He has also done several works in flat glass for churches and resi-

ce-chancellor of the University of For graphic artist and curator

dences in the country and abro-

Costa Rica.


Juan Diego Roldan Castillo,

It is comprised of 16 works made in 2012 and in which he uses various techniques such as fused glass and intervened, hot glass and fused raked block, glass fused with textile intervention, shattered glass and fused and cast glass.

tist who has researched, analyzed and incorporated glass, as a resource that embodies expressive concerns, allowing you to develop deep levels reflective aesthetic complexity". He also notes that "this condition

He said the artist, "a fortunate and dazzling with glass led me to concentrate on this material elusive, enigmatic and indomitable, mystical and everyday. For over fifteen years I have addressed this way to get to know it, with the desire and intention to unravel all its mysteries.

"Celite Ulate is a Costa Rican ar-

of complexity, not a result circumstantial but the combination of that concern and appeal of this raw material itself, which turns into an artistic language

He has exhibited his works in galleries as Sophia Wanamaker, Klaus Steinmetz, National and Arka in Lithuania, the Costa Rican Art Museum, the Children's Museum and the Director `s Park in Oregon, USA. Celite won the regional "Expressions of Freedom" to commemorate the 50th. Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.

that touches various art practi-

In addition, his work "Columbian

ces from two-dimensional to the

Ceramics" is part of the perma-

dimensional graphic of what the nent collection of the Museum of textile, the entropic a minimalist". Art Textile University of Nebraska, As Roldan exposure indicates

United States.

Page 31

Sinaga in Alicante.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante (MACA) opened on Friday 19th of last April, and until July 7, a new exhibition of 43 works by sculptor Fernando Gil Aragonese Sinaga, chosen by the curator related and Gloria Moure. The panoramic entitled Ideas K selected work path Sinaga from 1984-2011, a period covering 27 years of work that highlights its experimental spirit and diversity.

"combining many visual elements, materials, optics, chromatic and materia". Sinaga visual uses unique materials such as mirrors, and mixing photos, paintings, sculptures, lights and metal. "Interlace many elements that make the increasingly complex work," he explains. This retrospective is particularly interesting in the MACA by connections Sinaga's work with Eusebio Sempere, artist whose funds nourish the muso of Alicante.

"The most interesting part of the exhibition is currently displaying from an artist who has spent 40 years working" notes Commissio"I wanted to be here for the adner Gloria Moure. miration I have for Sempere as This creator has defined his an author who advances the sculpture as the result of criteria of abstraction, painting

and sculpture an increasingly visual and kinetic, which is also in my work, although I'm more widespread" recognizes Sinaga. Sinaga, a native of Zaragoza (1951), is based in Salamanca, where he teaches in the Department of History of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts. After graduating in the fields of painting and sculpture at the Complutense University of Madrid, Sinaga completed his training in Germany and the United States. Ideas Alicante K reaches through the cooperation of various agencies, including the state-owned Spanish Cultural Action, Castilla y Leon, Catalonia, County Council, Town Hall.

Page 32

“Reflexarte” in Vigo.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

"Reflexarte" opened at the Cul-

which shows contemporary art

herculina emblematic in the city,

tural Center of Vigo Novacaixa-

imaginative, surprising and qua-

continues to operate at full ca-

galicia April 19 to 29 June, a ex-

lity through large works, dyna-

pacity, led by the fourth genera-

hibition tour through the infinite

mic and fresh several prominent

tion of the same family, and re-

possibilities of glass that will ma-

artists of our country and the

cording and several brands: Ar-

ke us reflect on its expressive po-

country Portuguese, made in

teviares for art glass, decorative

wer, seeing the work of renow-

their own factory workshops.

laminated glass Viladec and

ned artists and Galician Portuguese: Soledad Penalta, Tiago Madeira, Manuel Patinha, Paco Pestana, Alvaro de la Vega, Tint Trouser, Montse Rego, Maria Xosé Diaz, Carmen Senande,

With these pieces inquire about the artistic possibilities of this ma-

The old factory who knew upda-

ques: laminate, enameled, ter-

ted and move with the times, is

mofusionado, etc..

heir to a great tradition which

Back in 1935 the factory of mi-


rrors The Reflection, for this ex-

sculptures that we enjoy, made exclusively for the exhibition in

hibition, was born in the city of A Coruña, founded by Jesus and Mary Bermudez Ares.

the workshops of the glass facto- At that time was devoted exclury's Reflection, organizer of the

sively to mirrors and glazing of


buildings and, later, to artistic

In celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of Factory Reflection, starts "Reflexarte",


terial and its countless techni-

Manzano and Julia Acisclus

They created the collection of

Glass Factory for standard mo-

creation with fused glass technique. Today this family business since

led to owning a charm and keep alive the care for the old, so, machinery and tools that work is started exposed carefully preserved in a small museum located in the same factory. It exudes authentic history in every corner, something we are aware the new heirs reason that we wanted to share now with this beautiful exhibition tells of glass art form.

Page 33


How does.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

This month we include some pictures of the technique practiced by Bert van Loo.

Page 34

Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, architect and sculptor. ancient Mexico anonymous they are the seed of the cultural po-

May 2013

wer of our country. " Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, architect of large Mexican national monuments like the National Museum of Anthropology, the Basilica of Guadalupe and the Esta-

Volume II — Number 55

dio Azteca among others, also has a career as a sculptor of glass and silver. In 1969, after having spent some years designing projects for your personal taste, you mount a sculpture studio. Since then he has devoted part of his time to this creative activity. His sculptures are in the collections of museums around the world as the "Olympic Museum", Switzerland, the "Daum Museum", in Nancy, France, the "Ski Museum" in Hollmenkollen, Norway, the Museum collection "Jan Staubo" in Hammar, Norway, the "Museo Amparo" in Puebla, the "Glass Museum" in Monterrey, the The fundamental meaning of

porary material like glass, with

"Museum of Death" in Aguasca-

the term "originality", once said

his natural transparency has

lientes and the "Museum of the

the great Catalan architect An-

allowed me to shape elements

Presidents Coahuilenses" in Salti-

tonio Gaudi, is to return to the

that let in light or the stop, the

llo, Coahuila.

origin, back to the simplicity of

multiply, the polished or nuance.

the first solutions.

It is noteworthy that the monu-

In a way, the light has been the

mental stained glass window of

"This reflection of Gaudí, led me

raw material with which I have

the Basilica of Guadalupe is also

to design sculptures inspired by


their responsibility.

By the same token I used silver,

His silver work concern arises

highly malleable material which

from the Pavilions projects in

The Mesoamerican art has a

can build volumes and shapes

Mexico in the Seattle World's

strong and great aesthetic for-

with multiple colors and bright-

Fairs in 1962 and New York in

ce, perhaps derived from the


1964, where exposed to high visi-

the geometries and designs of ancient Mexico.

search copy by interpreting nature and its cycles as the generating principle of every effort, ie, are expressions that interrogate the essence of life. Working with so noble contem-

These parts could be interpreted as a manifestation "futuristic" sto-

bility sculptures by silversmiths of Taxco.

ny expression prehispanic the

But it was not until 1975 when it

ancient sculptors.

establishes connection with the

My work as a sculptor is thus a tribute to the great masters of

signature "Tane" where he created some designs.

Page 35


The glass in old China. them of their illnesses. He allies himself with everything dissolves, penetrates

May 2013

the hardest bodies and more compact. As a small world, even on the planets act as universal magnet attracts purest influences to communicate them to the bodies with which it is mixed. It also acts on the spirits, which develops the powers, and he becomes able to penetrate the deepest se-

Volume II — Number 55

crets of nature sanctuary. " Another alchemist Thomas Vaughan, aka Eugene Philalethes, in his treatise on the soul hidden magic, writes on glass, in this case, a liquid glass: "It should not surprise you that says it is a compound (" the soul is a fine gold compound and simple light ") because there is no perfect specific nature as simple and devoid of composition, except for Almighty God. Do not trust it when Aristotle says that the elements are simple bodies, it is unlike the experience manifests absolute and infallible. The spirit airline liability is a soft substance, the only immediate robe which envelops the soul as it descends and is applied to the generation. The Posted in Asgravis.

Some literary sources date the first glass manufacturing in the last dynasty Zhu (1046-221 to. C.). During the period of the Han (260 a. C. - 220 d. C.), the use of glass diversified. Were made with molded glass objects such as disks Bi and other ritual objects.

made the radical moisture of mixed

vital radical liquor is pure celestial natu-

incorruptible, by the violence of fire,

re and temperament responds in pro-

separating the heterogeneous parts

portion to the upper waters interstellar.

and fuel. Many have imagined that glass or matter, is what philosophers used to make your stone, it is a very stable material, and also that every glass is reduced by a long and violent action of fire. This is not, however the

The glass is said to be an inorganic ma- idea that the term should be applied glass, when in the works of philosopterial, hard, brittle, transparent and amorphous, whereas the glass, which

hers, while Ramon Llull questioned

should not be confused, is a crystalline

about what was a philosopher, said

solid and amorphous. One way to

one who knows how to do glass. The

achieve this is by melting silica sand

wise man understood, like other philo-

and sodium carbonate, melts at very

sophers, his teaching at the target,

high temperatures.

which is a clear material, shining, shi-

From this soul attracts passive spirit, what happens when the first link in the chain moves, ethereal water instantly attracted to passive spirit, it is the first visible receptacle in which superior natures focus. The light of the soul so confined, for this glass legitimate magic liquid flows through the water, then it is "manifest and visible light to the eye", state that is subject to the artist. Herein lies the mystery of the decade of the magicians, his very secret and miraculous pyramid or cone whose first unit is

ning like glass or crystal.

always "on the horizon of eternity" but

cooled while its viscosity increases up

The Pharaoh glass or glass malleable:

the horizon time "'.

to look like a solid.

The Sages often said they possessed

In this state is considered a liquid when

For its special thanks to the different states can adopt, the glass has been linked to the work of the alchemists Gan. In fact, some philosophers have

the secret of malleable glass back, through his elixir. History teaches us that a man was sentenced to death for submitting a container to a Roman emperor. The philosophers will present

called fire your mercury glass, because a similar hazard. In principle that exglass like the radical moisture is extrac- plains the white stone. Some understed from adhered tenaciously to ashes and only obtained by fire, mercury is obtained from the radical moisture of metals, if While the latter is delivered through a much more benign fire. The end of all things seems to ash and

tand it as the projection powder, because it is incorruptible as glass because it resists the action of fire more

nety says the following about him: "Matter hard, dry, brittle, transparent,

latest and most perfect production of the Virgin Nature: "This fine substance is the daughter of the elements, is a very pure and sweet Virgin who has not begotten nothing. But if that were the case engendered by fire makes for Nature, it is her hus-

She let go of her breasts one thick hea-

the work is done.

nary Mito-tight, for example, Sun Per-

to the substance of the glass with the

Glass of philosophers:

what if a vile earth by fire glass is obtai-

cos texts referred to glass. In his Dictio-

Treaty of heaven on earth compared

band who knows how to seduce ...

Means sometimes the vessel in which

Let us now see two examples alquĂ­mi-

In another of his treatises called The

alive, not altered or volatilize.

ash is glass, so philosophers wonder, ned, what will a land not blue?

the base of the pyramid is below "on

Glass philosophical: He has power over all things. Powder screening is changing all metals in nature, leave your printer on all individuals of the three kingdoms, curing

and play with her get all her treasures. vy water, but as white as snow, the philosophers call their virginal milk. Second, given the blood of his own heart, living and celestial fire, called by some the sulfur improperly. Third, finally, gives them a glass secret that has more value and more luster than the white rock and all its roses. Here it is, here is his favor: if you can grab it. "

Page 36

Carmen Martínez, new Master Artisan.

May 2013

At the event, José Ballesta highlighted a very important value these days and that "through his work generate wealth, employment and economic activity." "All this makes your profession, vocation, is truly one of those moments when we are".

Volume II — Number 55

This condition, besides being recognized for their work, enabling them to develop educational activities designed to achieve the survival of his office and involves a commitment to participate in the training or promotion to be developed from the Community of Murcia, as well as participate in technical bodies for those who may be appointed. Although in this sense, Carmen artisans clarifies that we are united for a series of allegations to craft the new law and will be approved shortly, to recognize teaching.

Eight artisans from the region of Murcia with extensive experience in the glazier trades, baker, traditional clay nativity scene, baker, potter potter and artistic metalworker have received at the hands of the Minister of Universities, Business and Research, José Ballesta, letters that credited as 'Master Craftsman'.

It is not the first recognition he has received, but this last mention undoubtedly, adds more prestige to work Carmen already doing for twenty years.

The Charter of Master Craftsman is a professional distinction accorded to those artisans who have practiced the profession for at least ten years and have accredited vocational training sufficient merit. In Yecla, on Wednesday was awarded the Master Artisan Charter Carmen Martinez, owner of Glass craft workshop, Opal.

Currently, Opal Glass, offers a new and wide range of products using the art of glass, like decorative tiles, combo boxes, boxes, ashtrays and all kinds of objects that complement home decor, and also now offer a wide range of jewelery, pendants, earrings and rings, hand designed and unique, as no two pieces are identical outlines.

Page 37

Art World Day in Costa Rica.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

The April 15, 1452 was born in Flo- The diversity of approaches is as

For his part, the artist Silvia Mon-

rence, Italy, one of the greatest

broad as the materials: iron,

ge captured in a drawing in

artists of all time: Leonardo da

glass, acrylic, watercolor, char-

charcoal and acrylic on paper

Vinci, and for this reason, UNES-

coal, wood, and fiberglass resin,

their concerns about the lack of

CO chose this date to celebrate

among others.

communication between

World Art.

"While I was learning to live, I le-

humans. His works do mae! takes as its

In Costa Rica, a group of crea-

arned to die" was the phrase

tors of the Costa Rican Associa-

that inspired Leonardo da Vinci's starting point the Last Supper, Da

tion of Visual Artists (Acav) cele-

work Frenzy, illusion and dreams, Vinci, to portray a modern dining

brates his day with an exhibition

the artist Oscar Carmona.

featuring his personal view on power.

"It raises the duality of life and

among young slaves of technology.

death to the power of ego. The-

"The boys meet at a dinner with

The sample Metaphors of power

re is a widespread fear death,

friends, but spend all their time

is exhibited in the Museum of

because he is considered the

communicating virtually with

Costa Rican Art and gathers 12

end of life, when in fact they are your iPhone, without realizing the

works of Leda Astorga, Herberth

two states that are complemen- real people around him.

Bolaños, Li Briceño, Roxana Bri-

tary, "said the artist.

zuela, Oscar Carmona, Córdoba Magda, Alonso Duran, Rudy Espinoza, Lillibeth Martinez, Silvia Monge, Ileana Piszk and Carlos

The work was worked in molten

Technological development has provided us with very modern

glass with a technique known as appliances that can do everyt"painting with light".

Rodó, in which pose thoughts on "It uses powdered glass, which

hing, but people do not communicate, "said the artist.

several issues, including the sco-

spreads and working with diffe-

The exhibition is on display until

pe of the power and role of ar-

rent tools, and then baked at

May 27 and can be visited from

tists in the contemporary con-

1,475 degrees. After 24 hours,

Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am. m. to 4


the glass is cold and over, "explained Carmona.

Page 38

de Bortoli in New Glass Review.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

  Edgardo

Article published in Objects with Glass.

Two years ago that I'm aware of First I found the material to me!

Since 1985, the Corning Museum

this call and thrilled me so much

Second, I fell in love with him and

of Glass edits New Glass Review,

involved not only does the Cor-

so we start building a relations-

an annual publication in which a ning Museum of Glass and New jury makes a careful selection of Glass Review magazine, which the highlights of the year. They are present in this selection:

always shows the last thing the world is creating in artistic glass .

hip. The materials used were glass threads discarding of blown glass factory Quilmes (Glassware Pro-

Two friends, group members NO- gress) NOMBRE (Ana Paula Gabriela crafts and design created by The technique is simple, thread Ferrúa and Gargiulo) last year students, emerging artists and formed glass panels of different they gave me an entry to call. consecrated worldwide. frames, merged panels up and if Of course I was very flattered I go back to add more material The jury changes every year and and a goal for 2013. and baked again. can be composed of curators, The process was simple, the work artists, designers, art dealers and Then fractionated panels with a was done, I made some very critics. machine for cutting glass and a good pictures, assemble the This year was published the New presentation folder, write to CD UV glue parts. Glass Review # 34. The jury's job and dispatched by mail my dre- - What are your plans for this yewas arduous as they received ar? am to the world. contemporary art, architecture,

the participation of more than one thousand artists from 48

countries, who submitted a total of 2973 images (could be up to 3 images per person). The jury was composed by Tina Oldknow, Hank Murta Adams, Jutta-Annette Page and Jeroen Maes. 100 were selected important sculptures, installations and works in glass. As the only representative of Latin America, was selected as our friend, the Argentine glass artist Edgardo De Bortoli with his "Empty 1", certainly a big step in his career and a stimulus to further advance her artistic.

- Is this the first time you partici-

For this year the plans are wor-

pate? What does it mean in your king hard in my studio with my students, finishing works are in career to be part of this selection? Making the decision to participate was very moving. When I received the confirmation letter

progress and continue creating. In October partake of SOFA Chicago 2013 exhibition http://

from the selection could not be-

For the next issue of New Glass

lieve it, I felt like a mime, a hug

Review, Corning Museum of

to the soul and spirit.

Glass invites artists, artisans, de-

I have not clear what it can mean in my career, I only know that when I got the magazine the first

signers and architects around the world to submit images of unpublished works in glass.

thing I looked for was the work

The deadline for registration is

published with tremendous awe

October 1, 2013. In late Novem-

and the second was to see how

ber or early December, a jury se-

many countries were involved

lected 100 images from the pre-

and to ensure that all of Latin


America was only Argentina

This is the link to apply: http://

Interview with Edgardo De Bortoli with my name was very strong! - What was the process of parti-

- How did you develop the

cipation in New Glass Review?

work? What techniques you used and glass?

Page 39

Broken glass in the Vall D'Albaida.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013


The Blog of Josep Antoni, in the Levant.

The editorial in this newspaper last Sunday, about the disappearance of blown glass, a traditional industry that dates back at least five centuries ago, in Olleria, hit the nail on the head and should raise alarms but not of depression and despondency, but rather the rising, those of scanning the horizon and, with the cords that have on hand, keep creating and generating wealth. But coming ashore.

A claim that, given the current situation, indeed resembles capricious and secondary emergency battery to priority municipalities must attend. The domino effect of broken glass in Olleria is undeniable.

A look at the next census decline recorded in the city since 2009, points to other consequences that are afflicting a population that, in the past decades, when he lived days of wine and roses, with a company like that watered Mediterranean exIt is shocking, as happened in ports all over the world map, Ontinyent, where nearly a deca- with a rudder driven by Luis Ferri de ago tried to build a textile or the new vision for the design museum, synthesizer serve to names like Silvia Garcia heashowcase the evolution of an ded. industry that was also originally purely traditional, but paths we- Were years expansive, 80 and 90, in which the cooperative to re globalization waves as attabe erected in the flagship of the ched to the Chinese economic tsunami, and the generic crisis of traditional glass blowing indus2008 have finally destroy a once try, has joined and diversified its flourishing industry in the second products market by offering innovative ceramic others. half of the twentieth century. L'Olleria, emulating the very idea But as recently splendor today to become dark and creaks. of historical collection was also in this dynamic museum. The glass blowing while Olleria exist in people like Rafael artiA thought held by respective consistory, spurred on, no doubt, sans Abdon regular contributor albaidĂ­ glass artist, Josep Santjoby the desire to generate adan, in numerous works and ded value to their cities, as is to sculptures, performed a duet, in serve and add a focus more which the de l'Olleria brought his tourist attraction.

glass blowing technique "technique for manufacturing glass objects by creating bubbles in the molten glass." Thus it should be noted that the birthplace of glass, even under minimal survival is assured, at least a hint of what was in that place, as presage Abdon entrepreneurial projects, one of the last blowers the Mediterranean. The second population in population of the Valley, as happened in Ontinyent was strongly shaken by the collapse of its main source of wealth, the first city textile and glass in the second. The two have joined the general crisis of the economic sector itself. But it is regrettable that at the institutional level, with a ruined Generalitat especially by the murky and erroneous policies "bac i clean" which boosted Camps Zaplana and not get any restorative lifeline. And while imposing the "every man for himself" with large youth population, adequately prepared, packing in all directions of the global village, which is must "invent", day by day, as most of the population Cuba under Castro, to ensure survival with nothing buoyant outlook.

Page 40

Nuestro Boletín tiene su redacción en: Castillo de San José de Valderas.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Avda. Los Castillos, s/n 28925 ALCORCÓN MADRID

Al vidrio por la cultura

Presidente honorario


Javier Gómez Gómez

Rosa García Montemayor


Evangelina del Poyo

Miguel Angel Carretero Gómez

Diego Martín García


Francisco Martín García

Pablo Bravo García

José María Gallardo Breña

Secretaria Teresa Fernández Romojaro

The purpose of this Association is to promote, encourage and support many cultural activities in the broadest terms, are related to the mission and activities of the Glass Art Museum of Alcorcon. Our goal is to develop and collaborate with other public or private entities to promote, protect and promote the art and culture. 

The Association of Friends of MAVA was incorporated on June 21, 2003 in accordance with existing management.

Tesorera Mª Angeles Cañas Santos

Page 41

Line of research. Images.

Volume II — Number 55

May 2013

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

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Fig. 9

Bulletin No. 55 of the Friends of MAVA.  

Newsletter for the month of May 2013 of the Association of Friends of the Museum of Art Glass Alcorcon.