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ENTRE LA MEMORIA Y EL FUTURO BETWEEN MEMORY AND FUTURE LAND ART CONTEST Energetic sculptures in the landscape Project to intervene in the landscape, by means of serial sculptures without a defined number, to transform a deteriorated landscape at Freshkills Park, Staten Island, New York.

View of the situation in the whole State Old rubbish dump, New York City


Outlet of intervention in the landscape For this specific project, our proposal consists in a sculptural intervention in the landscape, as the missing link between MEMORY AND FUTURE This intervention, which due to its aesthetic and technical characteristics interweaves and combines contemporary art, anthropology and technology, is justified by the redemption of a degraded landscape.

Tansey’s illustration Based on Robert Smithson’s sculptural work, 1970

Stone engravings of the native Indians in North America

Archimedes’ spiral Sketch of the planimetry that we will use for the project development in the hills of the recovered landscape. This Totem sculptural intervention adapts itself to its artistic functions, as an sculptural and aesthetic ensemble integrated in the surrounding landscape. At the same time, it adapts to the contest basis, as it will be also used for production of clean and ecologic energy.

Totems of North America natives Our proposal integrates history and anthropology, serving us as a source of inspiration. Totems, singular elements of worship, were a part of the rituals used by the natives in North America.

These totems are our starting point in our sculptural approach.

Sketches extracted from engravings of North American natives.

These symbolic sketches will be the conductive thread of our pictorial proposal in the totems. The adaptation and reutilization of this native technique as starting point is recognition to those cultures that used to live and haunt in these territories that are today transformed for other uses. The totems are, under our point of view, the aesthetic tribute that we should pay to these cultures, which are an inalienable part of the history of this Country.

LANDSCAPE, a TRIP in the RETINA The totems sculptures will be arranged aligned in the laterals of the walks, so they can be used as markers, at the same time as the aesthetic function. They are designed and programmed as vertical wind power generating turbines. At the so-called higher elevation, the arrangement of the totems will be executed following the formation of an Archimedes’ spiral, starting from the higher level and descending to the river.

Logarithm spiral spiral


COMPOSITION SKETCHES Sculpture and wind power generator, vertical axis

Sketch, model 1

Sketch, model 2

Sketch, model 3

Sketch model 4

Considering that Art is a visual faculty, our proposal wants to become the thread to understand the environment, and to cause changes in our comprehension of it. In a calling to all our corporal and sensitive registers, we will try to break down paradigms of limited visions in the object of perception, exploring new forms of comprehending our environment.

In our Project, we try to make visitors to experience art and history as a way to offer a perceptive dimension that activates senses, both in the physic and sensorial planes. The purpose is to provoke the observer to go back in history.

Totem sculpture is designed in order to promote a contemplative walk in a fusion of art and landscape, as well as a reminder of the anthropological history of the area. It consists mainly in the adaptation of existing technological elements, transforming them into medium-size kinetic sculptural work.

By means of new perceptions of the “true landscape” and “virtual landscape”, totems cause stimulating experiences, as they are able to offer different visions of the sculptures according to hourly flux. We will cause different sensations depending on the weather or the wind force, so unexpected and unpredictable visions of either the whole collection or one totem will be possible.

So, we create kinetic spaces with multiple visions, both in a sculpture and in the collection located to the walks along the park.

This new horizon of visual experiences in totem sculptures is the result of acceleration processes that take part in wind currents when hitting with the vertical blades that the vertical axis turbine has, which, as have pictorial applications, will create kinetic and chromatic sensations. The ability to adaptation to new technologies and to change depending on day or night light, will make these sculptures a new way to understand sculpture by means of innovation, as the same time as we preserve the environment and generate clean energy.

View of the ensemble from the bridge

Due to the transformations in the actual world, with new parameters and point of views, classical approaches are no longer enough to represent sculptural work, as it only allowed us to understand structural complexity.

Recreation of the walks

New sculptures will provide us with sensations of multifunctional fusions and inter-actuations with history, anthropology and transformed landscapes.

Recreation of the walks This is the defining function of these sculptures Union of MEMORY AND FUTURE as a reflection of future The parameters to decode and understand this fusion of anthropologic history, kinetic sculptures and wind turbines, integrated in landscapes with clear exponents of lagoons and marshes, are a challenge that contrast the primary idea of sculpture, as an object with only one function.

Recreation in the landscape

Recreation of walks

These sculptures can be seen and situated alone, in a collection in the walks along the park, or as a polychromed column forest.

Recreation of walks We believe that is a new way of art integration that suggests new lectures for its understanding, relating it to the natural environment.

Changes in the environment and consuming habits force us to a reinterpretation of our comprehension parameters of the immediate natural environment. So, a symbiosis of random fusions between natural conservation or intervention for the development and to take advantage of natural resources takes place, without interfering in the landscape in a irreparable way.

Recreaci贸n virtual By means of this analysis, in which we decide our sculptural proposal, we wanted a Totem, as it can be at the same time a sculpture and a vertical wind turbine. So, we insisted on landscape, creating reference points and energetic centrals able to supply clean energy to inhabited areas in immediate or even further places.

Example at the Capitol

This new system that generates wind energy with the use of a rotor turbine with vertical axis and independent vertical sections has several advantages: as it does not have blades, we avoid damages in coastal and lagoon birds. This is quite important as these areas are the preferred ones when nesting and reproduction.

Vertical axis wind turbines of new generation are demonstrating to be able to develop energy as efficiently as wind energy generators with medium blades. We think that these turbines are to most aesthetically advise for the development of our project in this environment.

When placing totems in the landscape, specifically along walk margins, we would create resting areas, with the use of a part of the basement of the anchorage needed to fix the turbines. With this, we would leave some of them mid-buried and some not, thus creating leisure areas formed by the own structures, shaped as tables, benches, and elements for the use of visitants, as well as serving as reference visual


Sculptural totems will also have more uses, as well as aesthetics and functional. In our proposal, we include that by means of structural manipulations; we will transform these sculptures in sonorous transmissions, creating even complex sounds able to form modulated themes. This could be done with the mechanic applications and wind collaboration as impulsive element. These sounding uses are only foreseen in limited areas.

Image at day

Image at night

ILLUMINATION Inside the transformed group of the standard turbine, we also foresee the incorporation of spotlights, both for lighting as curtain kind with a light circle that would have leds in the upper side of the totem. In the peak of the central rotation axis, it will be done with a middle-distance laser pointer focused to Firmament with the purpose of creating a sweeping light spectrum in the night landscape, becoming a lighting reference.

Image, nightlight

Singular element of light application, as a buoy in the upper axis of the central rotor. This lighting will be done with a middle-power laser pointer, focused to infinite. We calculate its light intensity at about 100 m per unit

Between memory and future  

planteamiento de trasformación de espacio publico - arte y medio ambiente - ARRUDI ART SPAIN

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