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E-MAIL: Phono: +34 609003500 Spain

IN ART Photography Exhibitions (individual) • 2006 March and October: “Dal Buio alla Luce” (“From Darkness to Light”) Cervantes Institute Lisbon and Moscow.

VIDEO: February: ART MADRID (Modern and Contemporary Art Show). Exhibition of Glicee works printed in the National Chalcography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando de Madrid, in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute.

• 2005 April-May: “Dal Buio alla Luce” (“From Darkness to Light”) Cervantes Institute Milan.

• 2004 May: “Dal Buio alla Luce” (“From Darkness to Light”). National Library, Naples. Naples City Hall, Ministry for Cultural Goods of Italy, Cervantes Institute and San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts - National Chalcography.

• 2000 November: “EXISTENCIAS” - (“Existences”) Cervantes Institute of Milan September: “EXISTENCIAS” – (“Existences”) National Library of Naples (Italy) (Exhibition in big format: “Retratos” (“Portraits”) and “Mitos, y Símbolos”. (“Myths and Symbols”) work created between 1996 and 2000). Organized by the Naples City Hall. VIDEO: Info and VIDEO:

Collective Photographic Exhibitions • 2012 & 2013 organized collective of artists “Sigilosamente”. In June 2012 & May 2013 exhibit their works in a collective action within Artist Book Fair in Madrid. MASQUELIBROS and Barcelona ArtsLibris. October 2011: ESTAMPA - 19ª International Fair of Contemporary Art Multiple-Madrid ( O + O Gallery )

• 2009 December -2010 to March: “Viaje alrededor de Carlos Berlanga”, (“Journey around Carlos Berlanga”) Exhibition Hall El Águila, Council of Madrid. October-November: “Viaje alrededor de Carlos Berlanga”, (“Journey around Carlos Berlanga”) Exhibiton Hall of Valencia.

• 2008 September: La Merced Palace- Córdoba. Plastic Arts Foundation Rafael Botí.

July: Exhibition Hall of Ubeda-Jaén

May-June: Castle Museum of Santa Ana, Roquetas del Mar-Almería

Abril-Mayo: “La Gallina Ciega-una mirada contemporánea” (“The Blind Hen – a contemporary look”) at the Well of the provincial council of Almeria, and Exhibition Hall of the Social Works of Caja Granada (Bank entity), sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, Council of Almeria and Caja Granada (Bank)

• 2006 March: “Asuntos del corazón” (“Matters of the Heart”) at the Ampurdán Museum (Figueras / Girona-Spain). Poem to Juan de la Cruz.

• 2005 October/November: “Asuntos del corazón”. (“Matters of the Heart”) Cloister La Mercé – City Hall of Cataluña (Girona/Spain). •


National Chalcography of the National Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Madrid) includes printed work in big format in its Collection Fund. October/November: “Realidades Temporales”. (“Temporary Realities”) Contemporary Space for Art. (Mendoza-Argentina). May: “Fuentes Rojas”- Intervention on the urban environment in rejection of the Irak war. . Co-performed with Marcelo Brodsky (Argentina), Paseo de la Castellana/Plaza de Colón, Madrid. • 2002 December: Award at the “XI Contest of Plastic Arts Ángel Andrade”. The Council of Cuidad Real acquires the work for its Contemporary Art Collection. November-December: Exhibition “Kienmira-Alkemira”. (“Whowatches/Theonewhowatches”) Antoja Group. Contemporary Art Space (Mendoza-Argentina / Santiago de Chile). August: Artistic Contest of Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) - Work awarded with the 3rd prize of Photography. Collective exhibition. • 2000 Exhibition “La Puerta Del Silencio” (“The Door of Silence”) personal works in big format in “ARCO 2000”- International Fair of Contemporary Art in Madrid. Italian Pavilion“Studio Morra” Gallery of Naples.

• 1999 Exhibition in “TRANSART” with the title “Memoria/Memory”, organized at the Cloister la Mercé of Girona. • 1990 Exhibition of personal works in “FOTOPRESS” (la CAIXA Foundation). Mention as Outstanding Work. Travelling exhibition afterwards. COLLECTIONS National Chalcography Collection –Royal Academy of Fine Arts San Fernando (Madrid), National Library of Naples (Italy), Cervantes Institute (Milan-Italia), Torelli Collection (Milan-Italy), Contemporary Art Collection “Angel Andrade” Museum (Ciudad Real Council). Private Collections in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Monaco, Russia, France, Germany, USA, Argentina and Chile. VIDEO-INSTALLATION • • •

2006 October: “De la Oscuridad a la Luz” (“From Darkness to Light”) Moscow. 2006 March: “In Ricordo” (“In Remembrance”) Lisbon. 2004 y 2005: “Le Fontanelle” (“The Drinking Fountains”) National Library -

Naples and Cervantes Institute of Milan.

( PROFILE ) SILENCE, by Andrés Ibáñez (*) Miguel Angel Invarato is an artist who belatedly joined the adventure of creation. This reflects in the vital, emotional and pensive experience his work exudes. It is like reaching maturity suddenly, without going through the unbalances and hesitations of the beginning. His world moves between the conceptual meaning of existence and its passing by. Concept of evocation and mysteries; beyond the closed, finished thought of philosophical reflection. Poetry and poetic breath, favoring the announced and yet not fulfilled. Snippets of thoughts… evocations. There is an itinerary across life and its fleeting passage, which materializes paradoxically in quiet frozen images. A world of the becoming and the transcendent; which questions instead of offering answers. His photography is, formally deeply romantic and contemplative, of a beautiful and contemporary esthetic, evoking the melancholic poetry of other times. Facing his work, we have to necessarily remain Silent. (*) Andrés Ibáñez is founder and director of the Ibáñez de Olula Del Rio Museum –Almeria. Spain) 12-2006








“From Darkness to Light” Cervantes Institute

CURATOR, MANAGER OF EXHIBITIONS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES • 1999 -PhotoEspaña 99: Trains, organizes and curates the collective exhibition (39 international photographers): “IMAGES FOR DIGNITY”. Subsequently the exhibition travels to Seville, Valencia, Castellón and Murcia. -PhotoEspaña99: Curator of “YANOMAMI”. Exhibition by Claudia Andujar at the “City Museum” Madrid. • 2000/2010 Curator and coordinator of the travelling photographic exhibition (Spanish Universities and Institutions) “Images for Dignity”, with more than 80.000 visitors. Autonomous University Madrid – November 2000 University of Oviedo – January – February 2001 University of Cantabria – February – March 2001 UNED Melilla – March 2001 University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid – April – May 2001 University of León – June – July 2001 City Hall Foundation of Culture of Valladolid - August 2001 “Foto/Photo Festival” – Cesano Maderno (Milan/Italy) September – October 2001 University of Castellón – December 2001 “Tarazona Foto” (Tarazona/Zaragoza) – January – February 2002 Ministry of Culture Principality of Andorra – “Sala del Govern” – March – April 2002 University of Alicante – May 2002 University of Santiago de Compostela – October – November – December 2002 Council of Almería – February – March 2003 University of Córdoba – March – April 2003 University of Castilla La Mancha (Ciudad Real) May – June 2003 Pamplona City Hall – January – March 2004 University of Castilla La Mancha, Albacete – February – March 2005 University of Castilla La Mancha, Cuenca – March – April 2005 Museum of the Royal Walls of Ceuta – June 2005 Council of Málaga – July – August 2005 University of Jaén – October 2005 University of San Antonio de Murcia – November – December 2005 University of Lleida – February – March 2006 Inter-island Council of Tenerife – La Laguna – May – June 2006 Inter-island Council of Tenerife – Isla de la Palma – June – July 2006 University of A Coruña – September – October 2006 City Councils of Valdepeñas and Puertollano – January – March 2008 Balearic Islands – Balearic Government – March – June 2008 Portugal: Oprto, Coimbra, Aveiro – March – June 2010 671/normal/Exposicixn_Imxgenes_para_la_dignidad.pdf

• 2003 Producer and curator of the exhibition “Mans Salgadas” by Javier Teniente, sponsored by “Caixanova “ – Vigo 2003 – 2005 (Photography) • 2004 Curator of “Lugares que nunca visité” (“Places I never visited”) by Rafael Edwards – Chile (Photography) Curator of “Shortcut Memory” and “Moros y Cristianos” (“Moors and Christians”) by Nicolás Pascarel. France. (Photography). Curator of “Res, el estado de las cosas” (“Res, the State of Things”) by Antonio Biasiucci – Italy – (Photography) Curator of “Ingravidez” (“Weightlessness”) by Esteban Boasso- Argentina – (Sculpture) • 2005 December – and May 2006 Curator of the Exhibition “Toledo visto a través de su colección de Grabados” (s. XVII – XX) (“Toledo seen through its chalcography collection” XVII and XX centuries). Shown at the Cervantes Institute in El Cairo, National Library of Alexandria, National Library and Archives of Egypt. Promoted by the Pangea Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Spain in Egypt, the Provincial Council of Toledo and the Cervantes Institute in El Cairo. • 2007 May Organizes, in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Toledo, the Royal Academy in Spain and Rome, and the Embassy of Egypt in Rome, the Exhibition “Toledo seen through its chalcography collection” (XVII and XX Centuries). Promoted by the Pangea Foundation. . • 2007 to 2010 Prepares the production of future projects and exhibitions: “Africa, historias de un Continente” (“Africa, stories of a Continent”) by Kim Manresa. (Sponsored by the UNESCO”) “Rebeldía de Nobel” (“Rebelliousness of a Nobel”) by Kim Manresa • From 2006 to 2010 Member of the Jury at the international “Premio Napoli” (“Napoli Award”)

JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATION Works published in press since 1979 • NEWSPAPERS “Pueblo”, “ABC”, “El País”, “Diario 16”, “Diario Ya”, among others. • PERIODIC PUBLICATIONS: “La Calle”, “Blanco y Negro”, “Cambio 16”, “Interviú”, “Gaceta Ilustrada”, “Primera Plana”, “Sábado Gráfico”, “Hola”, “Decisión Personal”, “Hombres de Hoy”, “Mía”, “Crecer Feliz”, “Night”, “Dunia”, “Vogue”, “Elle”, “Cosmopolitan”, ”Cómplice”, “Joyce”, “Futbol Profesional” amd “MAN” ,...among others. (See Works in ) • PRESS AGENCIES: NTB-Norks Telegrambyrá (Norway). Pressenza-Photo International Press Agency • WORKS FOR: - International Cinema Week of Valladolid, Telefónica España, Sytech Solar, First Congress of War Correspondents – La Habana, Cuba, November 1998 •


1996 “¡Priviet Russia!” by Rafael de la Rubia, Editorial El Europeo-Canto de la Tripulación 1996 Creative Index Spain 1996 Art Directors International-Photographer 1997 Edit. “Anagrama” (“La fuerza del destino”- “The Force of Destiny” by Josefina Aldecoa) 1998 MULTIMAGE (Italy) 1999 EDAI- Amnesty International 1999 Art Directors International-Photographer-Creative Index Spain 1999 “Realidad, Esperanza- Errealitatea, esperantza” (“Reality, Hope”) ( in collaboration with others authors as: Francesc Torres, Alejandro Tapia, Soledad Sevilla, Alberto Schommer,Iñigo Royo, Perejaume, Aitor Ortiz, Rogelio Lopez Cuenca, Eduardo Chillida, Joan Fontcuberta,......Edited by ELKARRI –Bilbao.) 2002 Editorial “Parténope”: “En el cuerpo de Nápoles” (“In the Body of Naples”) by Giuseppe Montesano 2004 Editorial “Partenope”, “Herido de muerte” (“Fatally Wounded”) by Raffaele La Capria 2008 “La Gallina Ciega- una mirada contemporánea” (The Blind Hen – a contemporary look”) Edited by the Ministry of Culture. Provincial Council of Almería, City Hall of Roquetas and Social Work of Caja Granada. 2009 Disc – Book “Viaje alrededor de Carlos Berlanga”- “Journey around Carlos Berlanga” Madrid City Hall, Valencia/Mostra de Valencia, Valencia City Hall, SGAE/Factoría Autor. • MUNTIMEDIA PUBLICATIONS: 1996 - CD Rom Mac User y the International Creative Disc - Roto Visión.


Production and photography direction:

“América, mito y realidad” (“America, myth and reality”), co-produced and co-directed at the America Museum in Madrid. May – June 2001. •

With the acknowledgement of the UNESCO

- “Toledo – Alejandría Faros de la Humanidad” (Toledo – Alexandria Beacons of Humanity (C. del Mundo) 2002 – 2003 - “La Aparición del Conocimiento en la Corte de Rodolfo II en Praga” (The apparition of Knowledge in the Court of Rudolph II in Prague”) (C. del Mundo) 2003 – 2004 - “Federico II, un Ponte tra l’Oriente e l’Occidente” (“Frederick II a Bridge between East and West” (C. del Mundo – Pangea Foundation) 2005 – 2006 - “Bizancio, una Raíz Común” (“Byzantium, the Common Root” (C. del Mundo – Pangea Foundation) 2007 – 2008

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • From 1979 to 2000 - Works in journalism and photography for diverse newspapers and publications. • From 1999 to 2010 - Creator, producer and curator of diverse Photography, Chalcography and Print Exhibitions. - Creator of projects focusing on raising awareness and education at the photographers for A World Without Wars Association. - Editor of photography for Europe, Africa and Middle East at Pressenza PhotoInternational Press Agency

TRAINING AND KNOWLEDGE • 1975-1980 - Superior studies at the Faculty for Science and information – Complutense University of Madrid, Bachelor of Journalism. • 1977 - Studies on the psychological impact in social communication. - Conference on RECOVERY and PRESERVATION of PHOTOGRAPHY – National Centre of Artistic, Archaeological and Ethnological Information from the General Direction of Fine Arts and Archives – Institute of the historical Patrimony of Spain (Ministry of Education and Culture). • 1995 - Master Classes “Retrato de Autor”/”Author Portrait” • 1996 - Conference for Journalists on “The Roots of the Armed Conflicts” organized by the Conflict Observatory of the Centre of Researches for Peace and the State Department for International Cooperation and for Latin America. - Master Classes “Analysis of the Photographic Positive B/W” • 1997 - Professional debate “Spanish Photography” – Organized by the General Sub-direction of Art Promotion – General Direction of Fine Arts and Cultural Property – Ministry of Education and Culture. • 2000 - Conference for Journalists and Peace Observers. “Journalism and Armed Conflicts”, organized by the Centre of Researches for Peace and the Agency for International Cooperation. - Hypermedia and Applications – Course • 2001 - “Documentary Workshop” – Course organized by Museo de América, Madrid.


Member of VEGAP – Organization that manages Spanish Visual Artists. Member of the Artistic Cultural Movement – Colectivo Antoja. Member of the Artist Colelctive: “La Gallina Ciega, una Mirada contemporánea” / “The Blind Hen, a contemporary look”. Director and promoter of the Digital Printing Atelier “ImagenPositiva+”

IN JOURNALISM AND INSTITUTIONALS - Founding member of Radio Onda Norte Educativa and TV Educativa 4C in Madrid. Attending as a guest or participant at conferences, symposiums and workshops throughout America and Europe, 1994. IN MEDIA: - Director of the program and publication of Radio FM, “La Hora de los Pueblos” - Former member of the Directive Board of the “Association for the United Nations in Spain” (Information and Communication) - Founder and Coordinator of the Association “Photographers and Photo Journalists for a World Without Wars and Violence” - Member of the Spanish Federation of Press Associations - International Journalists Federation - International Organization of Journalists - Member of the International Press Club

Miguel Angel Invarato, 1 - 2011

ENGLISH mai curriculum 2013 + image  
ENGLISH mai curriculum 2013 + image