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Miguel L贸pez


project salad asesoramiento gastronómico



project salad asesoramiento gastronómico


Dietista Podología Cabina UVA Dermocosmética p r o j Higiene e c t e s Infantil Esteticien

Telf. 97786 9601 C/ Aguiló n - 1 baixos C.P. 43400, Montblanc Tarragona


p r o j e c t e s p r o j e c t e s

Andrés Borja Maria Castro

Caballito de Mar Telf. 93 346 86 42

Pons i Gallarza 33-35 Local 2 ART_ 1967/ 073/0808 Barcelona 08030

IDEAM Andrés Borja Maria Castro Telf. 93 346 86 42 Pons i Gallarza 33-35 Local 2 Barcelona 08030

caballito de mar

39,95 € Andres Borja Maria Castro Telf. 93 312 01 52 Pons i Gallarza 33-35 Local 2 Barcelona 08030


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About Claranet Founded in 1996, Claranet is now one of Europe's largest private IT Services Groups. Our mission is to transform businesses through corporate-class technology and smart ideas. We offer a compelling range of enterprise packages that include connectivity, hosting and co-location, network services and security, managed applications and storage.

European presence Over the past decade, Claranet has extended its reach and reputation by expanding its portfolio, investing in its technology and listening to its customers. The launch of Claranet France in 1998 was accompanied by increased focus on the development and provision of business-focused solutions. Operations in Spain and Germany opened for business in 2000 and prospered through the scope and quality of our consultancy offer.

Our 300,000 client base includes Claranet's European enterprise customers, public sector organisations and partners, as well as a core group of small and medium businesses. We now have 16 data centres and 14 offices around the world including London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Atlanta, Georgia.

Responding to the needs of business, we have continued to build our European footprint through strategic acquisition, enhancing the range and quality of our hosting products, placing greater emphasis on value-added and managed services. Claranet is about combining creative thinking with the right technology to design, build and manage customer solutions which are both bespoke and cost-effective.

VPN : ng Next Generation Networking

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VPN : ng The Claranet Next Generation IP VPN Solution



Using MPLS technology, VPN:ng takes advantage of Claranet's international network reach and wide range of access options to build a private network that is cost-effective yet dependable. VPN:ng complements this technology with industry leading Professional Services, designed to address customers’ business and operational needs. Claranet's advantage is its experience and focus on customer satisfaction.

Claranet offers a comprehensive VPN Design Service as standard for all prospective VPN:ng customers. Both Claranet sales and technical pre-sales have received exhaustive VPN:ng training and follow a detailed design guide to ensure every aspect of the customer's business and technical needs have been addressed. Claranet also offers a Design Consultancy service for customers that require additional guidance on their current and future requirements of an IP VPN network.

Claranet understands the importance of thorough testing to ensure the implemented solution meets the design specification agreed by the customer.

Key Features


Wide reach : VPN:ng available in 7 European countries & the US Dependable : Quality of Service (QoS) and industry leading SLAs Professional Services : Experienced Claranet staff creating solutions for customers

Core and access network Claranet has one of the most extensive international Core Networks in Europe with multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) in eight countries. This network is fully owned and controlled by Claranet and is built using next generation MPLS technology.

Application Quality of Service

Access service

Application QoS is a suite of technology features which ensures that in the unlikely event of network congestion, important applications are given priority.

As a fully independent Service Provider, Claranet is not tied to one access technology or wholesale vendor when providing connections to our VPNs.

Up to 6 Application Classes

Voice and Video supported with FastTrack SLA provided on all Application Classes

Wide choice of bandwidth and service levels Backup options based on multiple vendors Extensive local experience guides design process

Load tests on all hardware provided by Claranet as part of the solution Hand over tests to ensure consistent performance of the solution from day 1

Solution Management

Once the proposed solution design has been accepted by the customer, Claranet will commence the implementation phase of the VPN:ng solution. A team of technical and administrative staff will implement the VPN. The Claranet administration teams have extensive experience in each country of successful service implementation.

Solution Management is a critical part of the VPN:ng service. Claranet believes that successful Solution Management must be pro-active. Information is key to pro-active management, and Claranet prides itself on operating one of the most comprehensive VPN Management platforms in the industry.

Self Install Pack

Project Managed Implementation

As standard, Claranet provides a Self Install Pack with the access hardware supplied with the VPN hardware required to connect the site LAN to the provided access circuit. The pack includes an easy to understand Self Install guide designed to aid non-technical staff with the installation.

As an optional service, Claranet can provide a named Project Manager to support the customer during the VPN:ng implementation phase. The Project Management Service is recommended for large or complex VPNs, or where time is a factor. Claranet Project Managers are certified with either PRINCE2 or Association of Project Managers (APM) accreditations.

On Site Engineer assisted Installation As an optional service, Claranet can instruct an engineer to visit the customer's site and install the router hardware. This service is of most benefit for complex installations involving redundant links, or where there is no technical resource on site.



Solution modification

As an optional service, Claranet can regularly test resilient connections. As backup connections are often passive during normal network operation, it is advantageous to regularly test the backup link to ensure it is still active and functioning normally.

The world of business changes rapidly which can result in regular or urgent changes to the solution. Claranet understands that managing this change flexibly, efficiently and simply is important to ensure its customers' businesses continue to thrive.


Service management Service Management is an optional extension of the Claranet Solution Management service where Claranet provides the customer with a named representative, with the role of ensuring customer satisfaction. The Claranet Service Manager will organise regular customer meetings to discuss service performance.



Large VPN:ng installations will automatically qualify for Service Management, but smaller installations can also benefit from this service at an additional cost. MANAGED VPN DEVICE





Solution resilience testing



FastTrack builds upon VPN:ng's premium QoS features by supporting performance critical applications, such as Voice over IP or Video-Conferencing.

Flexible support channels Pro-active management Regional solutions



Voice over IP Video-Conferencing Corporate E-mail Network Backup Terminal Services


00 La opción más sencilla

La opción más inteligente Todos los servicios

Nuestros servicios se adaptan a cualquier fase del proyecto aportando un valor diferencial desde el inicio. Le ofrecemos desde las mejores tecnologías existentes en el mercado, hasta un servicio postventa que se encargará de mantener sus proyectos actualizados -


Diversidad de soluciones Diversidad de soluciones no sólo domóticas, si no todo tipo de soluciones tecnológicas para edificios, negocios y viviendas: C.C.T.V, VoIP, Videotransmisión , Redes, todo ello integrado en una única solución para que en sus proyectos exista un único interlocutor y de este modo agilizar y reducir costes

Asesoramiento continuo Con Activa Domótica, los profesionales disponen de un asesor tecnológico con amplia experiencia en instalaciones. Estudiamos los proyectos para dar las mejores propuestas, y conseguir nuestro objetivo:”clientes satisfechos”

Garantía Ofreciendo el mejor servicio mediante el seguimiento de las instalaciones y lautilización de los mejores productos del mercado. Todo ello con la seguridad de poder asistirle en cualquier incidencia y proporcionarle un efectivo servicio post-venta

Tel. 93 486 38 59 Llacuna, 162 - 164, 08018 Barcelona I N F O @ A C T I VA D O M O T I C A . C O M

W W W. A C T I VA D O M O T I C A . C O M

Control de Accesos Domótica

Gestión a distancia Energía renovables C.C.T.V. Redes Multimedia Sonido


CALIDAD Y EXPERIENCIA Proyectos emblemáticos

Nuevos horizontes

Proyectos más interesantes, más arriesgados y más complejos son retos que marcan la diferencia. ActivaDomótica le ayudará a conseguir las expectativas deseadas mediante las nuevas tecnologías para el hogar actual.

Proyectos sostenibles Nuevos horizontes

Tranquilidad en el hogar Detección de inundaciones y escapes de gas

Siempre cerca de casa Activar la climatización con el móvil

Alarmas contra intrusiones

Abrir la puerta a distancia

Simulación de presencia

Ver la vivienda desde Internet

Aviso de corte de suministro eléctrico

Consumo energético Encendido de luces automático

Controlar electrodomésticos

Confort exclusivo Sala de cine en su vivienda

Aprovechar al máximo la luz natural

Crear ambientes exclusivos

Gestión de la climatización

Control mediante pantallas

Desconexión del sistema de riego

Música en todos los espacios

ActivaDomótica le propone soluciones que no solo reducen costes de instalación, mantenimiento y habitabilidad, sino que contribuyen con un crecimiento sostenible.

Proyectos personalizados Un traje hecho a medída

Cada proyecto tiene un estilo y personalidad especial que se refleja en elementos como la decoración y la iluminación. Le proponemos una nueva forma de dotar de personalidad a cada vivienda, la domótica

Proyectos vanguardistas Tecología y estética

La tecnología es útil cuando nos aporta algún beneficio. Pantallas tactiles que mejoran el confort y la seguridad, son un ejemplo de dideño y vanguardia de la domótica actual







04+01=05 02 Cliente: Residencia geriátrica Sant Jordi Acción: Logotipo Nueva imagen de la residencia geriátrica en Tarragona

Sant Jordi residència geriàtrica



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