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Miguel Angel Salamanca COLEGIO JOSE MAX LEON


1. Functions of each invention 

Nyne aqua


Piano fingers

Bottle seed

Blue fox


Moon Walker shoes

Jmgo view

Lumus aster

Triton Gills

2. Comparison between Nyne aqua and Jmgo view 3. Glossary

4. Bibliography

Functions of each invention Nyne aqua An IPX7 certified portable speaker that allows us to have a meter of depth for 30 minutes without affecting its operation. Although it is very difficult to immerse it, since Aqua floats and stays always ready to play music.

It is designed for streaming our favorite songs from a mobile terminal or tablet with Bluetooth connection, it also has a 3.5mm analog auxiliary input if you prefer to use the typical stereo cable. It also has a button to switch between different equalizations and with a microphone from which you can receive calls from the phone at a distance of 10 meters.

Ruggie Ruggie is a curious new wake-up proposal created by a Canadian startup that is trying to get funded and promoted on Kickstarter. It has the shape and feel of a small rug, and when it starts to sound the only way to make it go off will be to really get out of bed. The alarm clock carpet to the rescue

Ruggie is created in a shape with memory foam pad, offers a soft touch and has a size of 39.37 x 59.69 centimeters. In its upper corner includes a digital clock whose light goes off after 20 seconds to avoid disturbing us at night, and the sound of your alarm can be customized to our preferences . Once the alarm starts to sound, it will not be enough to touch the touch panel of your base, and to force ourselves to get up, it will be necessary for us to support each other for three seconds so that it goes out. Once the alarm is off, the alarm will try to convince us not to go back to bed by entertaining us with motivating phrases that we can also personalize.

Piano fingers This Japanese gadget was made to practice the piano wherever you are, it does not require a touch screen. Basically it is a glove that has a speaker and an autonomy of 3x LR44 batteries

Bottle seed Seed Bottle is able to keep track of the amount of water consumed at any given time, as well as remembering that we have to take hold of the bottle when we spend too much time without getting hydrated.

Seed Bottle is made of stainless steel and incorporates a coating inside that keeps the water cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. The cap has an LED sensor, which shows the amount of water you have taken throughout the day, the frequency with which you must drink to stay hydrated and even the temperature at which the water is. Moreover, if it is too hot, it will warn us not to burn us, as well as show an alert if the liquid has been too long in the bottle and you have to change it.

Blue fox The core of the system is a wrist computer on a bracelet that, in the active mode, all the people who use the pool carry.

This computer measures both depth and time under water; for this, it constantly measures the distance between the swimmer and the surface of the water. This distance can be set between 5 and 125 cm, and as soon as the user exceeds the programmed depth, the clock starts counting.

This can be adjusted between 5 and 95 seconds; when the determined term is exceeded, the wrist computer sends an ultrasonic signal that detects a receiver installed in the water, which, in turn, is connected to an alarm that activates an acoustic and visual signal.

Roccbox The Roccbox portable stone oven integrates a thermometer probe whose indicator is installed on one side to show the interior temperature reached, the burner can use gas, wood or coal as a heat source, and ensures that it only needs 15 minutes to warm up and reach a temperature of up to 500 degrees Celsius, always depending on the environmental conditions and the type of fuel used.

Its developers wanted to offer everyone the possibility of enjoying a stone oven that could be installed anywhere and pick it up to save it without space or mobility problems, its weight is only 20 kilos. The burner is removable and the legs of the oven are foldable, reducing its size to be able to take it in the car or store it at home.

Moon Walker shoes Then there’s the magical moon-walking sensation. It’s created by strategically placing the north poles of two thin but powerful N45 Neodymium magnets so that they’re facing. As they strongly repel one another, there’s a strip of air between them, so that

you’re quite literally walking on air.

Moon Walkers are also smart shoes, featuring an E-Ink screen around the base controlled by a smart phone app, so you can customize and integrate with your social networks.

Jmgo view Able to create images of up to 180 inches, has technical specifications that place it in the low range of this type of equipment for home theater, as the contrast remains at 1,000: 1, the brightness in only 250 lumens and the panel has a resolution of about 1280x720p already.

To its favor it has compatibility with 3D videos and an Android 4.4 operating system that give it enough autonomy to not need any other device, since it is able to play the movies and make them sound by their own speakers. It has 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage for our data and can be controlled from the included remote control or from a mobile terminal through the WiFi network.

Lumus aster Although Lumos Aster is a backpack with lights and intelligent, it is the most complete in terms of safety backpack concept, especially urban cyclists. When the night begins to fall, is when we see the main function of the backpack, since we can find several sets of lights, both lateral, front and rear, strategically distributed so that they are visible from any angle at the time of traveling on the street , also has directional lights that will indicate our turns, these are activated by a single lever that is installed in the middle of the handlebar.

In addition Lumos Aster contains a very important light, as is the brake light, essential for the safety of the driver and / or passengers. This light is responsible for announcing that the speed was reduced or that it simply stopped. If this light bulb is not lit, an accident could be triggered, and in the case of the cyclist it would be the most affected, as it does not have much to protect.

Triton gills

Comparison between Nyne aqua and Jmgo view The gadgets to generate are made to facilitate the life of people throughout the world and over the years these are adapted to the market becoming more accessible to the consumer. Two of these gadgets in general have taken a leap into the future offering products that many years ago would have been the product of science fiction: Nyne aqua is a waterproof speaker that offers an excellent sound quality, Jmgo view portable projector with quality of 1080p. These two gadgets are based on the same objective which is the portability, the first in the audio and the second in the video, but although they are based on the same objective I think they are

very different in terms of the audience they are intended. Jmgo is a very versatile projector but not all people would get the real benefit that it has, Nyne aqua on the other hand if it has the ability to be almost for any audience besides being much more accessible, who does not like music And also share it with your friends? For this reason personally I consider that the speaker is a better gadget.

Glossary RAM: Random Access Memory (RAM) is the hardware in a computing device where the operating system (OS), application programs and data in current use are kept so they can be quickly reached by the device's processor. Developers: A developer is a person or a company that buys land and builds houses, offices, shops, or factories on it, or buys existing buildings and makes them more modern. Fake: prepare or make (something specious, deceptive, or fraudulent)


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