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SHERWIN WILLIAMS Since the founding by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams in 1866, The Sherwin-Williams Company has not only grown to be the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States, but is among the largest producers in the world. The “Cover the Earth” logo was originally created by Sherwin-Williams’ oneman advertising department in the 1890’s. The original logo for the company was a Chameleon because of the different colors the creature could change into a symbolic representation of the possibilities the company could make with its product. In 1905 Cover the Earth officially replaced the Chameleon. Cover the

Earth has not changed except for an update to the type logo in the 1970’s. With more environmentally conscious consumers Sherwin-Williams logo gives the impression the company is not environmentally friendly. Sherwin-Williams needs a new image that demonstrates the social responsibility it has taken over the years and continues to strive to make a sustainable future. The new image demonstrates the direction SherwinWilliams is heading towards but not shunning its loyal customers with a completely unrecognizable image. The image is a combination of the past retaining its root and embracing the future and changes the company is making as it thrives towards a better earth. It must appeal to new customers and still maintain the current ones.

Paint On:

Sherwin Williams Future Sherwin Williams new logo keeps the reference of covering the earth with paint, but putting a more positive approach to it. Instead of having red paint come out of the can we use a cooler color that is more inviting then the previous color. Instead of covering the earth we are emphasizing the revitalization of the earth and its communities. The paint is now referencing renewal. The pouring of renewal over a foliage world.


With Sherwin Williams new image, the company is helping to enhance communities by providing an eco friendly way of expressing artistic talent. And allowing people be involved with making their community a home by adding personal touches in which can benifit.


touch up your world

Touch-Up Initiative At the Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Stores consumers will be able to return their unused paint for credit towards their future purchase. Having credit will incourage consumers to return to the Paint Stores for future paint needs. Paint obtained through this program will be donated to the local community organization. The paint can be used to paint over vandalism at local stores. Communities can paint the local youth center and allow for a more welcoming enviroment, instead of having blank walls.

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Re-branding and re-position of Sherwin WIlliams

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