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Brought together by Olympics Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell, founder and executive director of the think tank African People Advocacy, on the benefits to the community produced by the Olympics There is something about the 2012 Olympic Games. Like all Olympics, they are of course an exciting international event and a wonderful occasion to watch thousands of outstanding athletes excelling in a wide variety of competitions. But the 2012 Olympic Games also offer something else to migrant-led organisations in the UK. They give them a unique opportunity to partner and establish long-term relationships with mainstream UK institutions, raise awareness of their work and boost community cohesion. It has proved challenging for us to make mainstream UK institutions

adopt our ideas, and establish partnerships with them. But this suddenly changed a few weeks ago. The African Peoples Advocacy (APA) based in the Medway town of Gillingham, was delighted to hear that the Senegal Olympic Team would be training at Medway Park in Gillingham this summer, before moving to the Olympic Park to compete. APA contacted Medway Council and Medway Citizens Advice Bureau, and proposed organising an event to welcome the Senegal Olympic Team to Medway. It was an excellent opportunity to (a) establish and strengthen cultural, trade, business

and other links between Medway and Senegal and (b) boost community cohesion in Medway. APA and Medway Citizens Advice Bureau are now collaborating towards the creation of a permanent advice centre for African communities in Medway and Medway Council is willing to partner with us to boost community cohesion in Medway and strengthen business links with African countries. APA is also organizing a reception for the Olympic team of Chad, Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The New Londoners - spring edition  

Summer time in London promises to be full of activity with several major events – the London Mayoral Elections in May, the Diamond Jubilee i...

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