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Building understanding between communities JUNE 2009

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The Oscar-winning actor and director focuses his camera on the plight of the refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo Story, pages 6-7

ThrEaT To ProTEsT in Parliament Square Style


The return of Biba

by Harriet Grant The continuing protest by Tamils in Parliament Square could be the last of its kind if a proposed change in the law goes ahead. Westminster council, which controls the square, wants MPs to bring in new laws that would bring an end to long demonstrations and stop people camping in the square at night. Protesters have been trying to draw attention to the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka since April. Thousands have been involved in the demonstrations, leading to roads being closed and police mounting a round-the-clock operation to watch over the tents that sprang up

around the square. Sivendran Natarajah, 20, is a student who has been in Parliament Square for the past two months. he insists the protests are peaceful and will continue as long as they have to. Ò We want the international community and our own British government to take responsibility for the Tamil people in camps in Sri Lanka. Nobody wants to be in Parliament Square as long as this, we all have other things to be doing, but we have to be there to promote our cause.Ó he said the council is in constant communication with the demonstrators. Ò The police are happy with us,

the council come and check every day and if there is a problem we sort it out with them. We will stay in the square as long as we have to.Ó Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson told a home Affairs Committee that it cost £8m to police the demonstration, leaving the force overstretched in other parts of the capital. As the protest continues, Westminster council has been holding emergency meetings with the home Office, the Greater London Authority and the Metropolitan Police to push for tougher regulations on protests in the square. Threat to protest, page 2

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The New Londoners issue 3  
The New Londoners issue 3  

The third issue of the new Londoners features Ben Afflek, Shakira, invisible Citizens and secret London.