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Rain Forest Drop Earrings E384 $39

Rain Forest Locket Necklace N1994 Length: 75cm $79

Gorgeous Gifts Ideas. Introducing our brand new lockets. A little home for your treasured photos. It's time to go shopping for something special...

Pearl Cosmos Stud Earrings E3237 $29

Stardust Locket Necklace N1993 Length: 75cm $99

Lily Drop Earrings E2611 $39

Sweet Heart Locket Necklace N1995 Length: 45cm $89

Scala Ring

RR261 K/N/P/R $149

Sweet Heart Locket Bracelet B1512 Length: 19cm $79

Willow Pearl Drop Earrings E2034 $59

Celebrate You Necklace N1965 Length: 58cm plus extender $69

Elements Crystal Drop earrings E1062 $39

Elements Pearl Necklace N1868 Length: 45cm plus extender $199

Florentine Drop Earrings E3391 $39

Pearl Rose Pendant EN1631 $69

Global Traveller Chain Necklace N1974 Length: 45cm plus extender $119

Chobe Pretty Woman Earring Charms E4033 $29

Afrique Necklace

N1843 Length: 40cm plus extender $89

Chobe Ellie Pendant EN608 $69

Chobe Bracelet B1438 $79

So Sleek Pretty Woman Hoop Earrings E2825 $29

Vida Stud Earrings E2518 $29

Kirstie Pearl Chain Necklace N1980 Length: 90cm plus extender $139

Margot Tassle Pendant EN1647 $109

Cosmos Earrings E2036 $59

Cosmos Necklace

N1829 Length: 70cm plus extender $99

Florentine Necklace

N1470 Length: 45cm plus extender $89

Florentine Pendant EN1081 $39

Florentine Bracelet B1194 Length: 20cm $69

Vintage Winter Crystal Drop Earrings E337 $49

Paisley Pearl Necklace N1972 Length: 175cm $169

Sahara Leather Necklace N1084 Length: 40cm plus extender $39

Reminisce Pendant EN1451 $69

Signature Earring Threads E3104 $59

Pearl Zen Bracelet B1490 $69

Everyone’s Darling Earrings E2804 $59

Life of Love Pendant EN1645 $69

Petite Everyday Essential Necklace N1609 S/M/L/XL N1609S- 40cm $29 N1609M- 55cm $39 N1609L- 70cm $49 N1609XL- 90cm $59

Georgie Bracelet

B1161 Length: 20cm plus extender $129

Rosy Drop Earrings E4233 $69

Nora Pearl Necklace

N1950 Length: 45cm plus extender $129

Bold Valecia Pendant EN1637 $109

Eternity Bangle

B1185 S/M Diameters : S: 64 mm - M: 67 mm $109

Pure Renaissance Bracelet B1198 Length: 19 cm plus extender $129

Modo Bangle

B1221 S/M Diameters: S: 64 mm - M: 67 mm $89

When In Rome Earrings E4175 $49

When In Rome Necklace N1933 Length: 65cm plus extender $179

Crystal Santorini Necklace

N1983 Length: 50cm ( can be worn long 100cm) $229

Sass Diva Pendant EN1654 $149

Isla Stud Earrings E4160 $29

Fleur Pendant EN1511 $119

Brocade Earring Charms E2204 $39

Dramatic Duo Necklace N1953 Length: 75cm plus extender $159

(Also available in white shell pearl and classic crystal)

Floral Cascade Necklace N1942 Length: 75cm plus extender $159 Medium Burnished Silver Pretty Woman Hoop Earrings E2243 $32

Brocade Earring Charms E2204 $39

Medium Burnished Silver Pretty Woman Hoop Earrings E2243 $32

Dramatic Duo Necklace N1953 Length: 75cm plus extender $159

Reminisce Earrings E2814 $59

Modern Minimalist Necklace N1981 Length: 45cm plus extender $139

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Gift Guide - Interactive - AUS  

Gift Guide - Interactive - AUS