Mighway Managed

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About Mighway Managed Mighway has partnered with the RV Super Centre (RVSC) in Auckland and Christchurch to create 'Mighway Managed'. With the support of RVSC, we manage your vehicle for you and help you to maximise your earnings. A simple solution for those with limited time. Mighway Managed includes: customer service, booking management comprehensive insurance, servicing, maintenance and vehicle cleaning. Mighway Managed also offers safe and secure vehicle storage at RVSC in Auckland or Christchurch. You don't need to worry about paying additional fees for storage either, as your owner commission will cover these fees. The RVSC will take care of all vehicle cleaning and mechanical checks before and after each hire. Regular reports will be done on any maintenance requirements and wear and tear of the vehicle. Once your vehicle is listed with Mighway, it will be advertised on the Mighway website as 'Managed by Mighway'. Our team will facilitate all future bookings, by approving new booking requests and managing the scheduling, and a representative of the RVSC will conduct all customer pick-up and drop-off.

Vehicle requirements We ask that your vehicle is presented as per the Mighway Managed owner’s pre-drop-off guide. Your vehicle must be roadworthy, certified self-contained, and hold a current registration and Certificate of Fitness (COF). When dropping off your vehicle it will need to be clean and tidy, and equipped for rentals. Your vehicle will be subject to a mechanical check upon dropping off at the RV Super Centre. Only after completion of this check can your vehicle be listed on the Mighway website and available for its first rental. If your vehicle does fail these checks, our team will notify you of the items that failed and the cost for RV Super Centre to make the required repairs. If you would like to proceed with listing your vehicle with Mighway, RVSC can complete the required work (at your own cost) or you have the option to collect your vehicle and get the repairs done elsewhere.