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The reality of Truck Weight Increases..Will The Interstates Become Drop Zones Very few things rival the mass of a fully loaded Auto Transport. One area of discussion that has come up is increasing truck weights. So I did a scan to find out how dangerous could increasing truck weights be to an Auto Transport. Well I pulled this from the Dayton Daily News:

Ohio Bridges as reviewed by Ohio County Engineers Assoc. Over 6,000 , about 25% of the bridges in Ohio: are no longer opened have been cut down to one lane marked for load reductions ruled structurally deficient


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With 6,000 bridges not making it now... can you imagine what would happen with heavier trucks in Ohio alone? Ohio would be known as the drop zone state. There would be jokes about the real Ohio lottery being the people taking a chance going over the bridges. We would be the only state where you would need a parachute that inflates in addition to the airbag. Nobody would want to drive through Ohio And this is only one state

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The reality of Truck Weight Increases  
The reality of Truck Weight Increases  

can you imagine what would happen with heavier trucks