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Love, Lust, Obsession, and Ignorance


Europe and romance are a lovely couple. Europe is a place where couples bloom and everything is magical. This may be true to some extent, but as to whether romance in Europe is any less complicated than in America, one can only ponder. When love and lust are in the air, abnormally weird things may happen.

Something To Remember Me By

The pub was lit up. Light was shining through the old wooden framed windows. Andre Brun stood outside waiting impatiently. He was wearing blue jeans and a loose collar shirt. His short brown hair was jelled back the way boys used to grease their hair in the 50s. Every five minutes he looked at his watch and frowned. He anxiously fiddled his lighter and tapped his foot. From behind him, Julia Feirsinger appeared. She removed her black high heals and quietly snuck behind Andre, letting her curvaceous body roll on her heels soundlessly. Andre’s foot tapping created enough noise to cover the sound of Julia’s feet gliding across the cement side walk. “Boo!” Julia said jabbing her fingers into Andres back. Andre, who was frowning at his watch, was startled and turned to see who it was. “Julia, what took you so long?” Andre asked. He was always amazed at how the tall woman was able to walk so quietly. “I was walking past the museum on my way here when I got held up by the paparazzi,” she said jokingly.

A few years back she had been mistaken by the paparazzi as the famous French singer Alizée. Her hair and height matched and that day she had dressed up as Alizée for a party. She was surrounded on the street and played the part until she finally revealed that she was not really the Alizée they were after. The paparazzi were sorely disappointed, but ever since that incident she has joked about it whenever she has been late to a party or meet up. “Shall we enter?” Julia said extending her hand out. The black leather gloves covered her tan skin. Gloves and hat were the only stylish things she would wear. She loved hats and gloves. Andre had many times seen Julia's hat and glove collection and was always amazed at the multitude. “So where is Vevera?” Julia asked, “I thought she said she was coming.” “I thought so too, I told her you were coming but then she said she was busy with something else.” “She didn't tell you what it was? Hah, maybe she just didn't want to see me. Well that's fine with me.” The two sat down and ordered some drinks from the female bartender. The music was playing loudly in the background and it took a while for Andre to get adjusted to shouting over the music. The bar tender brought two beers and Andre paid. After taking his first sip he realized that Julia drank straight from the bottle and didn't require a glass like his girlfriend. “What time does your train leave tomorrow?” Andre asked between his drinks. “Nine, lets not worry about that though. Come let's dance,” Julia screamed excitedly throwing her gloves on the bar. Julie pulled Andre’s arm. He barely had time to lay his beer back on the bar. Andre could not resist admiring Julia’s long curly and slightly messy hair. It bounced from side to side as she danced. He loved the curly brunette hair. However, it was not the

hair that he loved, it was the person whose hair it was. He loved how Julia would not waste her time making her hair all nice. She was a free spirited artist who lived in a mess but when it came to being a friend she was the best. He could not recall anything memorable that did not include Julia. They did everything together. The song changed and soon everyone was slow dancing. Julia took the lead and moved her hands pulling Andre closer. Andre’s body was up against Julia’s. There was not much height, difference so Julia could comfortably lean against Andre without having her breasts press against his stomach instead of his chest. The air between their bodies started to heat up and when his eyes met Julia’s, a cold lump stopped in this throat. He felt like he was suffocating so he shrugged and pulled away. He went back to his bar seat and buried his face in his palms. He had enjoyed as his body rubbed Julia’s. He wanted to clear his mind because he knew they were friends and he didn't want to make Julia feel uncomfortable. “What's wrong?” Julia asked. She made sure that whenever she was talking to Andre she would maximize the skin contact between them. Andre felt the warm hand slide against his neck. “I just need fresh air. I think it’s stuffy in here” Outside, he watched the stars and let his mind clear. After a few minutes he asked, “Julia do you want to go back inside?” “Not really, I was getting bored there anyway. Let’s walk to your place. We can see what Vevera is up to. It would be nice to say a last goodbye to her before I leave to Paris.” Andre was already starting to feel better and by the time they came to the park he had forgotten the dance moment. The park was closed and the gates locked. Julia came to a stop at the gates and peeked through the old metal bars. There were no lamps in the park and the only light came from the moon. The moon light illuminated the fern trees making the park look like a haunted forest. On the north side of the park was a cemetery.

The only missing detail was the mist. “We should go in,” Julia whispered. By now she was hanging onto him waving his hand back and forth. “Now?” “Yes now. If we climb over the stone wall over there no one will see us.” Andre was startled by the idea. It was usually him who would suggest the unthinkable crazy ideas, but now it had been Julia. He thought about Vevera and how she would have never agreed to such madness, and even though he felt guilty of feeling happy she was not there, he still enjoyed the fact that his girlfriend was at his place and not there. Andre helped Julia up onto the wall, then pulled himself up. They removed their shoes before jumping down on the still wet grass. The park was not very large, but as a result of the thick trees, the pond in the middle was hidden from the people on the street. The pond was not merely a small duck pond but rather a small lake. At the deepest part it was up to four meters deep. They sat on the shore of the lake getting their butts wet and leaning on each other watching the moonlight sparkle off the placid surface. Julia rested her head on Andres shoulder when all of the sudden she got up. She started to unzip her skirt and then undress. “What are you doing?” the confused but laughing Andre asked. “Going for a swim. Wana join?” Julia teased with a wide smile. She threw her skirt and shirt onto Andre and dove into the lake. Andre was not going to let Julia out brave him so he too started to undress and soon was in the lake. When Andre surfaced, he could not see Julia. She had dove down under. Then Julia grabbed Andre’s legs seizing them by the ankles. She pulled him under after which Andre caught her. The playful wrestling continued each pushing the other under after another. Andre found a submerged rock that allowed him to stand on in the water. He grabbed Julia by the waist pulling her in before lifting her up. Julia giggled playfully and then wrapped her legs around Andre locking them behind

his back. The shine from the silver cross hanging between Julia’s breast caught Andre’s eyes. It was a moment of magical silence which was then cut off by the sound of guards. Their splashing was heard by the park guards, and now they were coming to check out what caused the splashes. The two friends could soon see beams of lights flashing on the trees. The guards were talking and coming their way. The two swam to shore grabbed their stuff and looked for a place to hide. They found a thick shrub. It was not very large, but with effort they managed to get inside. They covered themselves with heir clothes and sat cheek to cheek, and thigh to thigh in the bush. “This is exciting, is it not?” “It reminds me of the time when we played in my parents bathtub,” Andre whispered in reply “I was still eight years old back then. It's good to be doing fun things with you again. It brings back so many memories.” Julia was happy that they were sitting so tightly, and that Andre could not see her face. She didn't want him to see the disappointed and frustrated look on her face. She couldn't understand how she was almost fully naked and there bedside him and all that he could think of her was as a childhood friend. On many occasions had she tried to break the playmate image, but no matter what she did, she felt as if Andre would not see her as anything else but his best friend. The guards had arrived at the pond. They flashed their lights over the pond and then into the trees. The light went right past the bush but the guards did not see them. “Must have been some ducks,” one of the guards said. “Those were some large ducks then if we could hear them all the way from the post,” another guard replied. “Let’s keep looking in case they were some devious kids. They can't be far.” Julia started to giggle and dug her face into Andres arm to muffle the sound. Her muffled giggle soon got Andre laughing and the two laughed in the bush. When they finally

stopped they were sure the guards were gone. They got out of the bush and started to put on their clothes. Julia had no problem zipping her skirt zipper located in the back, but instead of zipping it she asked Andre to help her with it. Next she started to look for her shirt. “Andre I think I forgot the shirt in the bush,” she exclaimed. “I'll get it,” he replied. A moment later Andre returned shirtless. “Here take my shirt yours is tangled up in the bushes and won’t come free.” They ran back to the wall and once back on the street they started to laugh again. The laughter continued all the way back to the apartment. “Would you like to come in?” Andre asked. “I think I should go. I'm tired and have to get up tomorrow for the trip,” Julia expressed without wanting to reveal that she did not want to have Vevera ruin her perfect evening. She didn't have anything against Vevera except that Vevera was dating Andre. She hugged him and said good night. Andre slid his key in the lock and opened the door. The apartment was dark and warm. There was a dim light shining from the bedroom where he guessed Vevera was. He could smell the scented candles in the bedroom. He went to the bathroom and took of his wet clothes and dried off before going to the bedroom. The bedroom was lit by candle light. The light danced on the wall and ceiling. Vevera laid on the bed with her wavy golden hair untied and draping over the new lacy lingerie. She had a taste for expensive clothing and she also knew how to make it look good on her. She was wearing the white gold necklace he bought her during the summer when they had been in Luxembourg. Andre’s thoughts of Julia vanished instantly. The only thing he was thinking about was Vevera. Every time he saw the beauty laying on his bed, his heart started to beat harder and the flow of blood increased below his waist. Vevera pulled him in, and their lips met for a kiss.

His hands sliding behind her unfastening her bra. Afterwards, they laid looking up at the sealing. Vevera’s head rested on Andre’s chest while he played with her hair. Vevera started to talk about how she loved him, but Andre did not hear. He was too busy thinking. “Andre. What are you thinking about.” “You, how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have you.” They smiled at each other. Vevera believing that he truly meant what he said. “Have you ever thought about why we are together and not with someone else.?” Vevera asked. Andre smiled and with a kiss on her forehead he said, “You talk too much.” He playfully pushed her off and went to sleep. It was ten to nine the next day when the train eased to a halt on track three. Julia stood beside Andre, but Vevera was nowhere to be seen. “She said she was coming here,” Andre expressed. He glanced around the train stations in hopes of seeing Vevera but with no success. “Oh well my train is here now, so I should go. Tell Vevera I'm so sorry I didn't have a chance to see her before I left.” She hugged Andre and while hugging she saw Vevera. Vevera had come like she promised, but she was standing inside the station watching the two through the glass window. Julia saw her and took the opportunity to leave them both with something to remember her by, so she grabbed Andres face and gave him a lingering kiss making sure Vevera saw the whole thing. She made sure to emphasize the kiss as she gently took his upper lip between her teeth before releasing him. Julia flipped her middle finger at Vevera as she ended the kiss. “Something to remember me by while I'm gone,” She told Andre as she picked up her bags.

She waved goodbye and then disappeared into the new Vienna to Paris express train. Andre stood still, unable to wave goodbye or move. He could still taste Julia's strawberry flavored lip gloss on his lips which surprised him. He asked himself, “Since when had Julia used lip gloss.” He had never been quite so surprised by a woman’s kiss, but he had to admit he had really enjoyed it.

Never Know Who May Be Watching

When Andre returned to the apartment, he was not welcomed with a pleasant kiss. Vevera was sitting on the chair squeezing her legs with a grimace on her face. As soon as she saw Andre she got up and walked right up to him. “How could you!” Vevera shouted as she slapped Andres face. “I knew you had feelings for her. Did you not think I would come? Did you think you would get away with it?” she continued and slapped him again but just on the other side. “Vevera stop, I beg you stop. Let me explain. The kiss came to me as much of a surprise as it was to you.” “Still you enjoyed it. If you truly did not feel something for her you would have pulled back right away, but no, I watched as you kissed her back.” “Do you want me to say that I enjoyed the kiss?”Andre asked now annoyed. “No, don't say anything. Don't call me or try to see me . I don't want to see your face for awhile.” “Fine, go.” She walked out and slammed the door behind her. Andre stood in his apartment rubbing his cheek. It was only 10 A.M. and his best friend had kissed him and his girlfriend had seen it and had now left. He thought that on the positive side at least he got a kiss

from someone that morning. There was no reason for him to go after Vevera. When she got mad, the only thing he could do was to let her settle down and within a few days she would come back. Andre knew that this time when she did come back, he had to have something to make up for the kiss. Andre opened up a restaurant catalog and started to search through the lists. He licked the tip of his fingers then started flipping through the pages. All the restaurants he had been in were highlighted. The ones highlighted with yellow were the ones he had gone to with Julia. The ones highlighted with blue were the ones he had gone to with Vevera. He flipped through thinking of each occasion and what they had been liked. He had highlighted twice as many restaurants in yellow as he had in blue. After looking through the catalog he still could not decide on a place so he left the catalog on the table and left the place for a walk. By then Vevera had reached the metro station. She had already bought a ticket and was now waiting for the metro to arrive. People kept looking at her but no one stopped to ask why she was crying. Vevera wanted to stop crying but at the same time she wanted to continue in hopes of someone pitying her and wanting to talk to her, so she kept crying. The metro was almost full and it took her some time before she could find a place to sit. It was by an old woman who right away asked Vevera, “What's wrong my child?” Of course Vevera was not her child. She had never met the woman before but those words were the trigger for more tears. She started telling her story to the woman. She started all the way from the day she had met Andre. “I still remember the first day I met him. I was visiting Salzburg with a couple of my friends two years ago. It was my second day and we decided to visit the old castle on the mountain after we visited the old Orthodox Church. At the castle we were joined with other people for the group tour. It was during this tour that I got to know him.”

“Meldin staion,” came from the loudspeaker interrupting Vevera. “It was love at first sight for me. We got along well from the first moment, but I have always felt insecure. Everywhere we go I see women looking at him. I know that it’s just in his character to be friendly with them but I still can’t erase the thought of having to compete with all the women out there.” “Shedifkaplatz station,” boomed the loudspeaker again. “Do you think I'm being ridiculous?” Vevera asked the woman pausing for the first time between her talking. The little silence was enough for her to hear the soft snoring of the woman. Vevera looked around now embarrassed because she had been pouring her heart out to a sleeping woman. “Hyteldorf station,” came from the loud speaker. This was Vevera's station and she left leaving the old woman sleeping in the metro. Five minutes later the door to Andre’s apartment opened. The olive color hand pushed open the door and the mysterious woman stepped in. The woman held a black travel bag which she laid on the table beside the catalog. She was wearing no mask or sunglasses glasses so if anyone would have seen her they could have easily identified her. The woman opened the bag and pulled out boxes of microphones and cameras. From the bag, she pulled a small router and some tools. The tools included pliers, paint, drills, and putty. The mystery woman put on a pair of black gloves and then headed to the bedroom. Soon the drilling started and once the micro camera was placed on the edge of the wall pointing to the bed, the camera was secured with putty and then white paint was placed to conceal the location. The woman placed another camera in the kitchen, and bathroom after which the microphones were placed. There were microphones under the night tables, under the kitchen table and inside the receiver. She placed the wireless transmitter which would send the signals to a wireless receiver located in her apartment.

When all of the bugging was done she cleared, cleaned up, and closed the door behind her. At five P.M. Andre returned to the apartment. He was on the phone with an old friend. They had been close in high school and she had just moved into town. After he finished the call he emptied his grocery bag onto the table before loading them into the refrigerator. “Milk, butter, eggs, shredded cheese, chicken strips, ground beef, tortillas, jalapeños, salsa, sour cream, mustard, and best of all beef sticks.” Andre said out loud as he placed the items neatly into the refrigerator. He decided during his walk that he would make a romantic Mexican meal for Vevera as a way to ask her to forgive him for the mistake he made. He had also bought some French bread and scented candles, but those he kept on the table. When it came to making food Andre was a perfectionist. The bread could not be dry and the sauces had to be fresh. At the same time, in another room, the mysterious woman turned on the surveillance equipment. The small red TVs were designated for each separate camera and they were stacked on each other making it easy to view all four screens. As the screens light up and Andre appeared on the bathroom camera screen, the mouth of the mysterious woman turned to a wide smile revealing the perfect white teeth. The smile revealed her two dimples and a little golden star she had attached to a tooth on the left side of her mouth Also in another apartment, Vevera lay in her bed crying. She had her face hidden in her pillow and was unaware of the surveillance cameras that were also in her apartment. On the inside of her ceiling, the red light of the transmitter blinked as it sent the data to the mysterious woman's apartment. Another three screens lit up and the mysterious woman’s smile just widened. The joy of seeing a heartbroken Vevera was more than she could hope

for. She fed on Vevera’s pain. The mysterious woman watched the screens for ten minutes before turning the screens off and leaving the room. Vevera and Andrea went to sleep that night depressed and oblivious to the fact that they were being watched. Every now and then the woman would return to the screens and watch. She watched as Andre slept in his bed with only his boxers on and Vevera in her bed still in her day clothes. Vevera had fallen asleep crying and therefore never showered or changed clothes.

Sunny Sunday

Andre was sitting by the table drinking his coffee when the mailman pushed the mail through the door slot. The snap of the metal guard falling back against the door startled Andre. It had been a week since Julia had left. Andre and Vevera got back together and were happy again. Andre flipped through the pile of mail. There was a bunch of free magazines that he ignored and despised. After throwing out all the junk mail, he was left with the daily newspaper and an envelope from Julia.

Dear Andre Hi, I have arrived in Paris and it is most magnificent. My cousin picked me up at the train station and showed me around the town. I visited the Eiffel tower on my second day and then walked through some parks. There are so many beautiful places. You would love it here. I can just imagine the nice photos you would be able to capture. I wish I could share the experience with you better, but I guess letters will have to suit for now. I will start my art studies with the great Gerard next week and I can't wait. He has his own art show that is open for the public on Saturdays and I am planning to go there today.

Yesterday, I went shopping for some new clothes and found this great hat. It has feathers on it and the edge of the hat drapes down so that when I wear it my face is concealed. I have enclosed with this letter a picture of me on top of the Eiffel tower. I hope to hear from you and Vevera.

Your dear friend, Julia Fiersinger.

Andre found the picture in the envelope. There it was, a picture of Julia on top of the Eiffel tower. She was wearing a traditional French woman’s hat with the dark leather gloves on her hands, her overcoat blowing in the wind. Andre smiled and then laid the envelope on the desk and started to read the newspaper. He had barely gotten past the first page when the doorbell rang. Vevera stood outside waiting impatiently. “Come I want to show you something magnificent. Take your camera along.” Andre went and dressed and got his camera equipment ready. Meanwhile, Vevera who helped herself in, found the envelope on table. “She seems to be having a lot of fun in Paris,” Vevera said. “Who?” replied Andre who came into the kitchen to find his coat. “Julia.” “Oh yes, I got the letter this morning. So what did you want to show me.” They exited the apartment building onto the breezy street. The strong wind picked up the dust and scattered it through the air causing the people to cover their eyes as they walked. Vevera brought Andre to the lake side park where the tree leaves had started to turn yellow. “Look, the first signs of autumn. Isn't it beautiful?”

It was beautiful and Andre loved it. They spent the morning walking around Vienna watching the start of autumn. It was a Sunday, so families who weren't at church were at the park. There were the people who were with their dogs. There were the new lovers who just sat on the grass and cuddled. Then there were the teenage boys that were testing out the skate ramps, and then there was them. They were in the middle of a happy sunny autumn Sunday. The park used to have a lot of birds but now that winter was coming they had migrated south. Andre and Vevera found an empty place in front of some moss coved rocks and decided to sit down. They took pictures of each other and then pictures of them together. Alternating they posed by the rocks all the time enjoying the sun. After their photo craze, they lay down on the grass and closed their eyes. Vevera rolled her shirt up revealing her stomach, and her belly ring which started sparkling in the sun. At mid-noon, Andre and Vevera stopped by a kebab vendor. They continued walking until they found a bench in the park. “You have kebab sauce all over your face.” Andre said to Vevera. Vevera used the palm of her hand to wipe the sides of her mouth. “Better,” she said smiling. “Almost, you still have a splatter on your nose. Here let me,” he pulled out a tissue from the bag and whipped her nose. At no point did they see the mysterious woman following them. The mysterious woman had a camera with her and was snapping pictures. She had been following them for the past two hours but was now satisfied with the amount of pictures. Back at the apartment the mysterious woman downloaded the pictures and selected the best ones. She printed them out and pinned them to a wall which she had designated for the pictures she had taken of the two and would continue to take. She looked at the picture of Vevera smiling and laughing as Andre was reaching to

wipe the kebab sauce off her nose. She couldn't stand the happiness in the picture. She was about to pin it to the wall when she thought of something. One after the other, she pulled down the pictures and piled them on the table. She looked for a picture of her and printed multiple copies of the picture. She took a pair of scissors and cut out Vevera's head from each picture. Then she cut out her head and placed it on Vevera’s body taping the picture from behind. When all of Vevera’s heads were replaced by hers she re-pinned the pictures on to the wall.

The Engagement Party

Two months had passed since Andre Brun had seen Julia. He was thrilled because Julia had promised to come to his and Vevera's engagement party. The party was at a nice Vienies restaurant with traditional Austrian food. The restaurant was on the edge of a hill overlooking Vienna. It was dark so Vienna was light up in full splendor. From the restaurant balcony you could see the old Ferris wheel in the theme park. It was 60 meters tall with lights in each of the boxes. Ten of Andres and Vevera's friends and relatives were there and within this group the mysterious woman was also. She was wearing a rose blood, strapless dress with frill edging. The tight dress followed her curves and contrasted with her dark, curly, brunette hair. Her black high heels clicked against the marble floors as she went to hug Vevera. “Sister, I am so happy for you,” the mysterious woman said. Her fake diamond coded earring dangled back and forth as she hugged Vevera. “You two are sisters?” Andre asked looking confused. “Yes.” “How come you never told me Sandra was your sister,” Andre asked Vevera. “How do you know her name if I have never mentioned her to you before,” Vevera replied

ignoring the question Andre had asked her. Vevera had not told Andre about Sandra because she had always been jealous of Sandra's looks. She did not want to let Sandra steal her man the way Sandra had stolen all her high school boy crushes. “We dated.” Sandra revealed without hesitation. She smiled and then said, “So where are the cocktails? I want to get this party started.” There was a moment of silence before Andre exclaimed, “ I think I need a drink too. I'll show you to the bar.” Vevera was silent. She did not know what to say, so she stood and watched as her sister walked away with her finance. She had believed that for once in her life her sister would not steal the man and there she was talking to him now. “Why Sandra? Why tell her now about us?” “Well, she ought to know sometime, so might as well tell her now before she permanently locks the deal with you.” “I thought you were over me.” “I was never over you. If you don't remember you broke up with me.” “Two Anoucha cocktails please,” Andre told the bartender. “You still remember what my favorite cocktail is,” Sandra promulgated. Meanwhile, while Sandra and Andre were drinking, Julia had arrived. She was late to the party and the first person she met was the still confused and shocked Vevera. “Where is Andre?” Julia asked Vevera. “Having some cocktails with the devil.” “Who?” “My charming young sister. “ “You hate her that much?” “I hate every curve in her body. I hate her even more than I hate you.” “At least we share something in common. We both hate each other's guts. Well I am going

to go say hi to Andre. Enjoy your party.” Vevera was now red with anger. Her party was ruined by the two people she hated most, and it had been ruined by the two people that Andre had invited. Tears ran down her cheeks spreading her mascara. She ripped the brioche from her dress and threw it down the cliff. “Julia, you're here. Come, I want you to meet Sandra,” Andre said after which he went to greet some other people leaving Sandra and Julia to talk. “So I guessing you’re the charming young devil Vevera was talking about.” “Is that what she calls me now-a-days?” “Don't worry, I'm not friends with her. I'm here as Andres friend. I have been his friend since we were toddlers.” “Well then, in that case, nice to meet you.” “Where is Vevera I left without explaining myself. Do you think I should go find her,” asked Andre who had finished greeting all the guests. “I saw her on my way here. She seemed fine. She is probably out there right now talking to some of her friends. Stay and talk to us. You see her every day, while I came all the way from Paris just to see you.” “I agree with Julia, Vevera probably forgot about the whole incident already,” Sandra said helping out Julia. She knew that Vevera would not forget the incident right away. She knew that Vevera’s jealousy for her would be tearing her apart and if Andre did not go find her now Vevera would go home and drown herself in her own tears. That was exactly what Vevera had done. She had left the place and returned to Andre’s apartment where she planned to wait for Andre. However, as the night went on her eyes got more tired. She had cried all her tears and lay face down on the bed. When Andre returned he found Vevera sleeping on the bed, face down still in her dress. He pulled the cover over Vevera and lay down beside her.

He heard a knock at the door. He got up and opened the door but there was nothing. The corridor was not there. His eyes were blurry as he squinted at the bright light. He could see some movement after a while, but could not make out what it was. At first it seemed like one person, but as he continued to open his eyes, he could see that there were the shapes of two women. Julia's wavy brunette hair appeared on top of him. “Good morning handsome,� she said. Andre looked around and then noticed Sandra was there too. He started to sit up and looked at Sandra. Sandra was in a white shower robe but Julia was naked. The fact that Julia was naked on top of him took a while for him to process. When it finally hit him, he closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and re-opened them. Sandra was gone. She must be in another room he thought. He felt guilty about looking at Julia's naked body but his eyes could not resist the temptation. He had often seen her in a bikini and sometimes in underwear and bra, but never fully naked. It was one of his unspoken fantasies. He had often dreamed about seeing her naked and was waiting for Julia to do the first move which would then allow his fantasy to come true. His eyes scanned her body as they slowly dropped down. Then he noticed something was wrong. The body was too familiar to him. It was not the familiar body of Julia though. Her breasts were larger and she had more body fat. Andre closed his eyes trying to focus and when he opened them again he was laying on the bed beside Vevera. The room was dark and he realized that like Vevera, he had fallen asleep with his clothes on.

Epilogue Following the Christmas celebration Andre and Vevera's life started to get more dramatic. Julia had decided to end her studies and returned to Vienna to follow her heart. She was working harder than before in her attempt to seduce Andre without revealing her true feelings to him. She had come to the conclusion that if she could separate Andre from

Vevera for a week or two and spend time with him alone, she could succeed. That is how she ended up meeting up with Sandra at the mall. She expressed that she wanted to separate Andre and Vevera so that she could speak some sense into Andre. She had seen Sandra’s eyes on Andre and did not see it helping her cause if she revealed to her that she was in love with both Sandra’s sister’s fiancé and her ex. Sandra who was wanting to separate Andre and Vevera, was not too keen on letting Julia win over Andres heart, but was sure that if Andre would end up doing something with Julia, then he would start to fall apart and that is when she could swoop in and claim him. She was going to remind him what he had dumped and when he was madly in love with her, she would rip his heart out and leave him to suffer all alone. The two agreed to help each other separate the couple, and even though Sandra never mentioned it, she told herself that wherever Julia was planning on taking Andre she would be there to make sure Andre would do something with Julia which he would regret, but would also start the unraveling of the relationship he had with Vevera. The plan went to action on January 25th. Julia had bought two bus tickets to a small town in the Alps. It was going to be just her and Andre in one of Austria's most romantic towns. Sandra invited Vevera to an afternoon coffee where she said she had to tell Vevera something important. While she would be talking to Vevera, Julia would be creating a lie which would get Andre to go with him. She helped pack his bag and then just before they left, she made sure she took his phone and left it in the apartment. They got on the bus and soon they were heading towards the Alps. Meanwhile Sandra and Vevera sat down at a cafe. “So what is it you wanted to tell me,” Vevera asked trying to act strong. She was afraid of what Sandra might say. “Yesterday I met Julia and she told me the most disturbing thing. She was planning on trying to separate you so that she can woo Andre away from you.”

“Why should I believe you? You have always been mean to me and not seemed to care.” Vevera did not want to believe Sandra, but her insecurity believed Sandra. She already knew that Julia had feelings for Andre. Everyone but Andre knew this. He was smart but when it came to see past deception, he was as oblivious as a one could be. “You have every right to doubt me but we both know that it’s true. I want my sister to be happy now that she has finally found a man for herself.” There were no more words between the two. Vevera got up and left the money to pay for the coffee on the table. She hurried back to the apartment where she found Andre’s phone. She looked at the phone and saw a message on it from Julia. She sighed in relief. If Julia was sending a message to Andre, then it must mean she is still planning the scheme. Knowing she could mark the message as unread again Vevera opened to read it. The message was short but it said what was needed. “Hey Bitch, I guess you’re too late, because by the time you are reading this, we will be long gone. Tell your lovely sister thank you for me. It was very kind of her to distract you while I took Andre away from you. I'll see you in a week and so will Andre, though I can't promise he will be so sure about you anymore.” Tears filled her eyes. She cursed at Sandra. She had actually thought her sister had cared for her but she knew that was a lie. A thought of suicide went through her mind, but it was erased by the thought which told her that killing herself would only let her sister and Julia win. She was going to fight back. She was not going to let her sister bully her anymore. For the first time in her life Vevera felt confident and strong. She stopped crying and started thinking. If Sandra was in the scheme, then maybe she would have a hint to where Julia had gone. Vevera decided to stop by at Sandra's apartment and that is how she learned about the surveillance cameras. “I always knew she was obsessive, but this is straight out madness,” Vevera said out loud shocked at the truth which she had come across.

Love, Lust, Obsession, and Ignorance  

A 20 page version of my novel