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This Is A Direct Excerpt From The Survival Fitness Training Manual 4.10 Outline Superior Stretch Routine 3 x Jump squats 3 x Fingertip Clap Pushups 3 x Hindu Pushups 3 x Brazilians 3 x V ups 3 x Pullups 30 Second Fartlek (Normal for 10 seconds, fast for 5. Do this twice.) 3 x Handstand pushups 10 Second Front Plank 10 Second Right Side Plank 10 Second Left Side Plank

4.20 Building Up To Routine X Create a daily routine that gradually builds up your body. For someone that is very unfit you may just start by walking for 30 minutes a day. As you progress begin to use fartlek e.g. walk for 1 minute and jog for 10 seconds. Once you feel comfortable, add the superior stretch routine, and so on. The above progression is just an example. Everyone has different capabilities. Test yourself to identify the areas in which you need to improve.

4.30 Routine Y Routine Y is a good level to achieve and maintain for your base fitness. It can take as little as 25 minutes a day and your physical fitness will be of a high standard in comparison to the average person. 4.31 Routine Y Outline 30 x Super-Burpees 30 x V-ups 30 x Pull-Ups 30 x Handstand Pushups 120 Seconds Front Plank 60 seconds Seconds Right Side Plank 60 seconds Seconds Left Side Plank The above routine does not mean you do 30 super-burpees (or v-ups, or pullups etc) in a row, although you can if you want. Brake down the exercises however you wish. If your time is lacking you can spread the exercise out during the day, although this is not preferred. The main thing is that you do them. 4.32 Routine Y Sample Set you timer to 35 minutes. 10 x Super-Burpees 10 x V-ups 10 x Pull-Ups 10 x Handstand Pushups Repeat 3 times. You can change your style of pullups each round e.g. wide, towel etc Superior Stretch Routine. Other training e.g. fartlek, fight training etc until the timer goes off. 2 minute Front Plank 1 minute Right Side Plank

1 minute Left Side Plank Remainder of superior stretch routine i.e. cool down. 4.33 Getting From X To Y Create a plan that you are comfortable with and progress steadily. Once you can do routine x transfer the 4 exercises into super-burpees and increase reps/sets from there. e.g. aim for 5, then 10, then 15 etc. Synchronize your amount reps for each exercise i.e. if you are doing 10 reps, then do ten reps of all exercises. To Continue Reading Visit Or Get It In Print From Twitter: Facebook: Travel Smart. Travel Safe. A place to share ANYTHING about surviving travel

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This Is A Direct Excerpt From The Survival Fitness Training Manual 4.10 Outline Superior Stretch Routine 3 x Jump squats 3 x Finger...