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Greetings, It gives me immense pleasure to bring forth the latest edition of MarkDarshak ,the marketing magazine of NITIE by Marketing Interest Group (MIG ). During its 50 years of legacy , NITIE has been making its presence felt in all the areas of management . MarkDarshak tries to capture this essence in the field of Marketing by bringing insights, business ideas, avenues and potential areas of this simulating field of management to the student community. The current edition of MarkDarshak focuses on the theme of Festival Marketing. With the rising economy and income level, Indian buyers’ spending during the festive seasons increases manifold and marketers are constantly innovating new marketing strategies to entice the buyers. This edition also touches upon gamut of other events that have claimed a significant mindshare of the people and brings out the learning that these events encapsulate. MIG has tried to reach far and wide and encompass the opinions of the students from eminent institutes of the country on such matters. I appreciate MIG, the Marketing Club of NITIE for bringing out the magazine for the benefits of the student community. I hope , MIG will keep the marketing enthusiasm among the students and take it to a greater height.

Prof. Ashok K. Pundir Convener


FROM EDITOR’S DESK MARKDARSHAK FEBRUARY 2013 ISSUE CONVENER Prof. Ashok K. Pundir EDITORIAL TEAM Aditya Vaish Devesh Singh Hardik Chauhan Mradul Gupta Raju Bhuyan Sandeep Nailwal Sarvesh Sharma Shikhar Singh Sonam Sudarshan Choudhary Surbhi Jaiswal Yuvika Pahuja COVER PHOTOGRAPHS D. J. Baruah Likhit Verma

An Initiative From Marketing Interest Group

Dear Readers, With the gleams of diyas and enchants of Quran, with smiles of people and sweets all around, with sharing of gifts and want for more things, with demands so high and buyer spending high, how can Marketers miss the chance. In this edition of MarkDarshak we have tried capturing Festival Marketing. We did put in our best to present before you various aspects and marketing strategies during festival time. This will not only expose you to another dimension but also broaden your vision and scope. We also tried putting in an extra tint of advertisement analysis. It was an enriching experience for us.The support and enthusiasm you showed with your article entries was overwhelming. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the contributors. We hope you all enjoy reading MarkDarshak current edition as much as we enjoyed making it. Keep the Marketer alive in your soul. Team MarkDarshak Marketing Interest Group



Maxims for Success Festival turn MNC Local Riding on expectations Festivals and Marketing



Shangri-La Hotel


Sustainability and Market -ing Strategies


Cause Related Marketing: New Tool for Marketers




Cover Story

Festive Marketing : Maxims for Success Kanika Handa Rahul Kaushik NITIE, Mumbai shopping spree, especially in con 

India, the very embodiment of unity in diversity in the world, is the kaleidoscope of incredible cultures and spectacular festivals, traditions & rituals. Here, festivals are the occasions when there is massive drive among people to purchase gifts for friends and family. It is that time of the year when people loosen their purse strings, that too with the lesser restraint. Then, there are religious reasons because of which customer prefer buying in auspicious season. Even people prefer shopping during this period because of high cash flow and deal mindset. Also, there are payments of bonuses in many firms and government offices which fuels

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

sumer durables and FMCG segment. People are on buying spree and companies are aware of this and each one tries to exploit this season window to maximum by floating lucrative offers into the market. Companies do not stay behind and splurge on their marketing and advertising activities to send across the message. There are competitive pressures because of which companies go full throttle in giving away attractive deals to its customers. Although growing consumerism has brought forth consumer who likes to buy throughout the year but festive season is special. Festivities along its glitz and exuberance also bring many marketing lessons for the businesses.

NITIE , Mumbai 6



In the short season window, there is huge competitive pressure in the market. So the companies which succeed in sending across the right message at right time emerge as the winners. Message should resonate with the psyche of the prospective customers and build up anticipation for the forthcoming celebration.

Companies should walk an extra mile to make transaction, a pleasant experience for customers during festive seasons. Many quick improvements can be made by providing fast delivery, product customization, expanding opening hours over the festive season, offering flexible payment options such as credit, and including

Cadbury, for example has pioneered the concept of branding in celebratory season with Cadbury Celebrations ad. Their Diwali commercial “Is Diwali Aap Kise Khush Kar Rhe Hain?” has been iconic one and signifies the spirit and message of festival. Even Idea’s latest campaign says that festivals are good ideas irrespective of faith.

special offers. Also attracting new customers strengthens the business. For this new channels can be explored. Traditional companies whose major revenue comes from physical stores can look for expanding on internet. According to a research conducted by ASSOCHAM, e-Shopping during the festive season 2012, is likely to go up by 350% for a variety of products.

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 7



Companies have come long way in using marketing strategies. For any strategy to succeed, extensive planning goes a long way. Regardless of how festive season affects the business, planning beforehand is the key to maximize sales. Here are some of the planning considerations that may help companies in boosting their sales. Firstly, companies should ensure that they have adequate stock. During festive season, there is a strong surge in demand, which creates extra opportunities for sale. In order to effectively convert these opportunities to revenue, companies need to maintain adequate inventory of buffer stock.

Firms should carefully analyze their existing product range and see whether they sell just big ticket items or they have product suited for every budget. Firms can boost their sales by creating a new product category by bundling big ticket items with low cost products or accessories at the discounted rate. For example, a store selling smart phones might offer a cover or a bluetooth headset at discounted rate with every phone sold. Similarly, many courier companies launch new mailing services during festivals to effectively capture customer needs. For example, Indian post office came up with Rakhi special parcel service etc during Raksha Bandhan.

Secondly, companies should make an effort to hone customer service skills of their sales personnel. Sales team’s confidence needs to be boosted by offering refresher customer service training and announcing perks for good performance well in advance. Thirdly, in order to cope up better with increase influx of customers during the festive seasons, companies should gauge whether the existing resources are good enough to cover the festive season and if not then they should consider hiring temporary staff.

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 8

SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE WAY To ensure that the marketing campaign strikes the cord with the customer, using social media is an imperative. The contest, teasers, polls and discussion on social media platform helps in creating excitement and anticipation among the customers. For instance, this Diwali saw many innovative cam paigns on twitter driving their branding strat-

egy along. On Twitter, trends like #DiwaliLights #MyCrackerMoment ruled among the social media enthusiasts. Festival marketing should take place in a way that it retains the essence and the message of festivals, promotes cultural harmony and nurtures the shared bond without commercializing it .

REFERENCES 1. 2. 3.,ideas-next-big-idea-festivals-are-a-good-idea-irrespective-of-faith.aspx 4. 5. 6. 7.


Kanika Handa Rahul Kaushik PGDIM-NITIE,Mumbai

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 9

Cover Story

Festivals turn MNC Local

Akanksha Garg IIFT, Kolkata

Imagine walking alone in the mar  ketplace lit with all possible colors but feeling blue, missing home and cribbing on not getting the leave to

Whatever origin a festival may have , today in the globalized world where family size is shrinking like economy ,festive time signifies the occa-

be at home and gorge on delicacies. And there lies standing with arms open; your favourite donut stop but you just turn your face away from the usual favorite cinnamon ones, to come face to face with the Indianised Diwali special offering by them. The gulab jamuns, coconut,boondi ladoos spread over the innocent donuts lit your face like nothing else can do at that time. You gorge on them still missing home but a smile lingers on. You feel in sync with the festive spirit that’s floating in air all around you.

sion when you get to meet people ,be with family and relax before u enter into the maddening race again. It has to be convergence moment when all emotions meet and create the magic charm of festivity all around. The potion of that charm is created at the marketing head offices of numerous firms that wait with batting eyelashes for the festive season to arrive.

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

Emotions run high and even the most logical of the person gets trapped in the lucrative hot deals that every company is giving. Even the business gifting orders munch away the major supplies and may be this is the time in the whole year, when they are ready to compromise on their budget in lieu of impressing their clients and associates. Be it brick and mortar or the online retailers ,all lines up with better than the best limited offers with one eye on your pocket overflowing with the bonus money and another on zeal to buy.

NITIE , Mumbai 10

Shopping is often associated with the cravings and sometimes advised as great stress busters. At such emotional peak periods, going local seems to be one idea which companies are following ‘religiously’.

tial months since entry has gone experimental by introducing localized donuts adorned with boondi, coconut and gulab jamuns straight out of typical Diwali sweets palate. Even chocolates which were never mixed

Pepsico India’s popular snacks brand Kurkure has launched two new flavors Jhalmuri and Tokmishti Jhal specific to the Eastern India on the occasion of Durga Pujo. These flavors have been inspired from the local cuisines of the region and are limited edition product. They have combined it with a contest for voting the favorite chaat walas that would churn out all the more delicious chaat out of it and named it ‘Kurkure chaat khao Helicopter mein jaao’ program – experiencing Kolkata during Pujo in a tedha way! On the similar lines ,Dunkin donuts in its few ini-

with traditions have found their inevitable place in the Raksha Bandhan or Diwali gifting with advent of Celebration collection by Cadbury’s.

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

In India where cricket is treated as religion and star players are worshipped as gods, I can even term the blue world cup Pepsi as part of festive marketing to pay homage to our greatest religion that unites all and make us patriotic. This concept is not just restricted to Indian markets or any a new fad, the festive spirit has enveloped many brands from years.

NITIE , Mumbai 11

Big Sales start from the Boxing day or Christmas eve with discounts spread all over the street. Though it is not always the case when holiday/ festive marketing result into positive sales.

lar bear. This packaging change backfired in this case when some consumers complained that it looked confusingly similar to Diet Coke’s silver cans and consumption of such canned coke by diabetic patients led

Like Coca-cola that has frequently rung in the holidays with special can designs but in 2011 it has come up with snow white cans instead of red for regular coke in sync with the Christmas spirit and awareness pro gram for endangered species of po-

to its roll-back.

Marketing touches the heart of the customers and strikes best when heart is vulnerable and pocket is ready to spend even extra note to get drenched in festive colors.


Akansha Garg MBA(IB)-IIFT,Kolkata

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 12

Cover Story

Festive Marketing : Riding on expectations Festivals aren’t a joyous occasion CONSUMER only for the consumers but also for companies. No matter how bad sales have been, these events assure a spike in demand thereby improving cash flow temporarily.As the name suggests, festive marketing involves all marketing efforts undertaken by companies to maximise market share during the festive fever. THE ADVENT

Nikolaimark also known as St Nicolas market was known to be established 500 years ago and it became very famous during the 17th century as one of the first Christmas market of Austria. The less prominent markets were dated to be in existence from as early as 13th century. Shortly, travellers began to carry forward this idea to Vienna, France, Germany and other parts of Europe. Similar cultural event is titled the ‘Mela’ began in India where pockets of event assemble at one geography and offer products & entertainment, all themed on the festival, such as Mehndi during Diwali etc.

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

Keshav Sridhar IIM, Shillong PSYCHOLOGY

Festivals stand for celebration.The celebrations call for a spirit of togetherness and exchange / delivery of gifts and consumption as a group. This is a time where the marginal propensity to spend will increase. Also, products which match best with the concept of extended self and specific to the festival in the offing (auspicious) will tend to be picked off the shelves. Also, given its auspicious nature, heavier investments such as purchase of cars, motorbikes etc. take precedence on these days. What is to be understood is that people find it as the right time to get something new or replace old ones. To drive home the point, a SIAM report says that car sales have grown by 23% last month (October 2012), the highest in the last 22 months, with most of them wanting to take delivery on the eve of Diwali.

NITIE , Mumbai 13


Companies no longer wait for Dusshera or Diwali to unleash price cuts and promotions. Attractive schemes last all through the year. Festivals are moments when there is a pull effect for the companies, the push efforts are kept all throughout the year. Moreover, what was originally a family activity, shopping has now become more fragmented within families. The traditional visits to stores have subsided given the hectic lifestyle of people and varying tastes. E-Retailing is slowly emerging currently constitution 0.1% of total retail sales in India and is estimated to grow to around 8% by 2020 (TechnoPak estimates).

known as Cadbury India) launched the ‘iss baar jaakar milenge’ during the 2011 Diwali, a competition to encourage Target Group (in Mumbai) to visit their folks at Delhi. Winners were flown to Delhi in a chartered airline. The event was popularised through Facebook and Radio stations. Winners Maruti had recently launched its Alto 800 and offering discounts of up to Rs 30,000 on all variants of its Estillo. Even small time players cash in on such opportunities. Many jewellers come out with huge banners or really brief TVC to reach out to consumers and occupy the mind-share (See attached print ad of PC Jewellers for Dhanteras).


Festival specific promotions take the form of exchange offer, assured gifts and massive price cuts. Brands also go to the next level of either getting in newer products in their lines or accentuating the festive feelings through strong TVCs.During the Diwali of 2010, Coke got in the campaign of ‘Come home on Deepavali’ which reached out to the youth population to stick to their cultural roots. Mondelez (until now

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 14


While we know that the marketing mix given by the 4 Ps decide the basic strategy, it is to be understood that companies might tweak all Ps during a festival. Products might change (like Starbuck’s petal Gulab Donuts for Diwali), prices as well (Samsung consumer durables for Diwali), place might change depending on seasonality or demand spike (make-shift shops for selling crackers) and most importantly &certainly, promotion (endless examples).

Marketers also focus on another P, the packaging of every service / product to seemingly strike with the chord of the mass sentiment. This is the easiest way to reach out and draw consumer attention. After all, chocolates don’t become tastier and neither do cars get faster, one has to understand that emotions ride high and only that is to be exploited.


Keshav Sridhar PGDM -IIM Shillong

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 15

Cover Story

Festivals and Marketing Abhishek Kumar Purvi Chaudhary IIM, Lucknow

Introduction Festivals broadly diving fells into two cat-

egories, (i) related to cultural or religious Oxford dictionary defines festivals as sentiments like Diwali or Christmas and “a day or period of celebration, typi- (ii) celebration for promotion of causes and cally for religious reasons” or “an or- views a such as Cannas film festival or Toganized series of concerts, plays, or matina. films” and thus it imperative that festivals holds the attentions of compa- Festivals with religious or nies so well as they mark an increase cultural values in level of euphoria experienced by a According to behavioural physiologist, a typical customer. A happy customer crowd can alter the judgment criteria of a according to certain studies is willing person. More elaborately a person will tend to spend more. But the challenge still to go with a group judgement while ignorremains to make them buy the prod- ing their own. This lays a large onus on the uct among various product classes shoulder of marketers to direct communica(relevant to celebration) and from a tions which convey the messages regarding plethora of choice and thus the com- movement of their brands while deciding petition among the marketers. the campaign during festival periods.

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 16

Festivals also make some product relevant which otherwise find no buyers rest of the year. For instance clay containers for lighting are only in demand during Diwali only. This gives an array of profitable product for short term introduction along with main products or as free gift alongside the main product. New limited lines are also introduced to different one product during these seasons. Companies also try to introduce their produce as substitutes for the traditional item as was done by nestle with their chocolate coated dry fruits or electric lights for decorating homes. The packaging also undergoes minor changes to enhance the feel of association with the certain festival. Depending on the type of festival different products or services shows a surge in demand. Effect of media is also paramount in deciding the pattern and consumption behaviour of festivals. Take for example Christmas, probably the biggest and most profitable business in the world. Films and other media made it a custom for people to dress in Santa and other related costumes. A near home example will be private Holi gatherings made famous by Bollywood movies.

show an increase visibility from small companies through various means like Newspapers and Radios or by simply offering better margins to retailers and wholesalers. Big brands try to counter this by running various promotional offers during the seasons and also try to make their products synonymous to the celebration or a vital part of it. The main efforts are invested in breaking the extra clutter created due to efforts of capturing the biggest pie.

Taking of small products, festivals

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 17

Festival are usually occasion where people go out of home to do shopping for themselves and family but sometime the current infrastructure is not able to handle the same. Thus many people want to shop or gather information for the products from the confined of homes and offices. So the marketers need to strengthen their online presence but more importantly their inventory management and delivery system needs to be more efficient than usual as an extra happy customer will be extra unhappy if they don’t get desired product or service. Commercial festivals Many festivals are promotional in nature, like Cannes which is organized to promote certain view or few other are conducted just to increase tourism in a particular geographic area. Take for example the bull race and bull fighting festivals in Spain. They promote tourism as well as differentiate the country from the other in the area. Similarly many festivals are sprung from some historical or social event but now are

moulded to act as an economic prospect. Carnivals in countries like Brazil, Venice, Germany are famous examples. Carnivals are sprung from travelling shows and evolved to current shapes. Many more examples can be cited including thanksgiving and Valentine day. Some of these events are organized and some are relatively disorganized without a tangible or coherent purpose but they increase the demand of various product classes like food and beverages, cloths, hotel and allied services etc. The incoherent nature of these festival types present opportunities which can be tapped by using innovative ideas. Festivals are one of the vital elements of social structure which the human society maintains and thus they are never going to be out of fashion. Companies spend a major chunk of their marketing budgets to make the festive season sparkle for them too. All that is required is an impactful reach with lots of creativity and market is going to embrace you with open hands.


Abhishek Kumar Purvi Chaudhary IIM Lucknow

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 18

Ad Incision

Shangri-La Hotel

Advertisements are the best way to communicate to your customers. A good advertisement who not only help increase sales for the company but help building an image in the minds of the customer.

NEW SHANGRI-LA - IT’S IN OUR NATURE Youtube Location : http://tinyurl. com/625gfpd The Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts began in 1971 with their first deluxe hotel in Singapore. Today, with 72 hotels and resorts throughout Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East, and Europe, the Shangri-La group has a room inventory of over 30,000 and is Asia Pacific’s leading luxury hotel group. The given ad encapsulates the serenity and service for which Shangri-La hotels and resort are

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

Devesh Singh NITIE,Mumbai

renowned worldwide. The ad starts with a man trying to make his way in the difficultmountains and climatic conditions. He is shown making his way through thick snow covered terrainswith his stick, tired and directionless, pushing himself. Wild snow dogs are shown camouflaged with the surroundings, howling and following the character in his journey. He survives a night in the open in chilled killing winds, but not for long and loose strength to continue any further and thrashes on the snow bed unconscious. Soon the pack of wild dogs comesand lied around him giving him the warmth he needed.Thus, saving his life. Thus, saving his life.A perfect depiction of the company’s ideas “To Embrace Stronger as One’s own.Its in our nature”

NITIE , Mumbai 19

Since, Shangri-la are a luxury hotels they obviously have all the high end facilities but one thing their target customers won’t compromise on are the services they are being offered. Hence, rather than showcasing their world class facilities they kept the theme on service, embracing everyone with their services and kept the message very simple.

As hospitability industry is all about service you provide to your consumers, advertisement communicates this thought perfectly and hence defines what you want your product to be associated with.The product and brand areimprinted in the minds of the consumer,and introduced to the viewers such that itsub-consciously enters their minds without any jarring highlights on the product or brand

No use of words but still advertiser is able to grab the attention of the audience throughout the advertisement by strong and meaningful use of audio and catering to the human emotions and sentiments.The advertisement generates a sense of bonding.

This advertisement also does what the majority do not. It focuses on the emotions and sentiments. The sentiments, actions and emotions of the people arehighlighted and showcased throughout the advertisement in one form or another. Theproduct is kept discreetly tucked The advertising mantra, AIDA, is strict- away and does not overpower the comly adhered to. This is one of the reasons mercial. for its bonding with the viewers. By showing a suffering man, the advertise- The advertisement leaves people with ment draws the attention of theviewers. a warm feeling. This feeling also transWhen the character fails to walk any fers tothe product and brand. Thus, this further and ends up unconscious, it cre- advertisement can definitely be called ates sadness inthe minds of the viewers. anadvertising success. When the tagline is spouted, it builds, AUTHOR: in the viewers, adesire to know more. This desire often leads to actions. The commercial’s message is wound around the tagline of the company, makingthe product and brand as much a part of the advertisement as the rest of thecharacters and the concept.

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

Devesh Singh PGDIM-NITIE, Mumbai

NITIE , Mumbai 20

Features Article

Sustainability and Marketing Strategies

Sudarshan NITIE, Mumbai

“The future belongs to those who understand that doing more with less is compassionate, prosperous and enduring and thus more intelligent, even competitive” – Paul Hawken Sustainability is a major concern for marketers in the 21st century since marketing strategies and activities are inextricably linked to the future of the natural environment that sustains all life. The scope of sustainability is broad, and companies worldwide are being held responsible for issues such as reducing consumption of scarce resources, not harming the natural environment, ensuring sustainable supply chain management, reducing climate change/impact, sensing consumer concerns about sustainability, increasing global economic stability through sustainability, and proactively managing business processes to protect the natural environment. “Sustainability” is an ambiguous and politically charged term, yet it is defined in general as consumption that can continue indefinitely without the degradation of natural, physical, human, and intellectual capital . Sustainability is not “about” the inte-

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

gration of ecological, social and economic issues, nor is it “about” widespread consultation nor is it “about” improving quality of life. It’s about maintaining or sustaining something and hence in order to sustain something it may well be necessary to integrate ecological, social and economic issues. In present marketing world consumers are conscious about their shopping choice and prefer sustainable or green products that provide benefits to themselves, community as well as their lifestyle. According to a recent study mainstream consumers have shown an interest in environmentally friendly products and are suggesting the manufacturers and retailers follow suit with more of these products. The underlying question is “How can firms achieve competitive advantage by use of sustainable business practice as marketing strategy?” the answer is very simple i,e To the extent

NITIE , Mumbai 21

that sustainable practices are desired by consumers, firms can use them as bases for marketing strategy if they can adopt them differentially and defensibly. Firms are mainly left with 2 options ,one among them is investing in development of more energy efficient and environmental friendly products or donating money in an environmental NGO.

The fundamentals of segmentation, targeting and positioning don’t go out the window when sustainability walks through the door. Sustainability can be integrated to marketing strategies in a very simple way by simply following the basics of business. The very first rule is to refocus on the target audience because the target for sustainable product development should not be some other group of conscious or green consumer but the loyal customers of your product. They are the one who buy and associate themselves with your product. Nike has targeted its recycled and waterless dyed apparels to athletes and sports oriented people instead of targeting a different group and it has been a huge success.

HSBC is engaged in a multipronged environmental effort, including lobbying to regulators and government agencies, a green investing partnership with high profile NGOs, another partnership for conducting research into climate change, opportunities for employees to engage in research for these partnerships, retro fitting of branch offices, and developing and promoting green products, such as paperless checking, with some proceeds going to environment-related Adding to it the consumer should charities. (GreenBiz,2007) get value of their money instead of getting a greener and pricier product A recent survey of leading multina- than the core product. Thumb rule is tional corporations showed the most “its not about greener, it’s about betcommon efforts in sustainability ter”. targeted lower energy use, reduced solid waste generation, and reduced Sustainability is rarely a viable point air pollution (ClimateBiz, 2007). of difference. Even if it is it has to Because the market is vigilant in ex- be aligned with the need of customamining sustainability for example er and should be economical viable. PepsiCo, HCCB, Asian paints, Glen And as any good marketer knows, a mark etc. point of difference is only valuable

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 22

if customers value it. Practically, sustainability is just not the main purchase driver for consumers.

get outstanding results.” Thus, the brand strengthened its positioning while encouraging an environmentally friendly change in consumer Existing source of differentiation has behavior. to be the foundation upon which sustainability activity should be built. Toyota created a brand synonymous In a nutshell it can be said that Suswith dependability and durability. tainability marketing is about deThe success of the Toyota Prius hy- livering good value to customers brid car was certainly because of its and ensuring that the brand remains long-held attributes alongside inno- viable over time. Good intentions vation and eco-friendliness. One oth- are just the start, and authenticity er vital rule is that the aim shouldn’t and credibility are a given, but one be to improve brand’s reputation or shouldn’t forget the basics. Marketbuild consumer trust but to reinforce ers have the power to create a more what you stand for in the minds of sustainable economy through their target audience. Ariel laundry deter- influence on product development gent had always promised superior and purchasing decisions. It’s high cleansing capacity. Its Turn to 30° time to follow these well-honed tools campaign promised that even at low and fundamentals of marketing in to temperature, “With Ariel, you still the sustainability business.


Sudarshan PGDISEM-NITIE, Mumbai

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 23

Features Article

Cause Related Marketing New Tool for Marketers Apoorv Sharma Raju Bhuyan NITIE, Mumbai When you see veteran actor Anupam Kher in P&G Shiksha advertisement appealing you to buy a P&G product so that a poor village girl Vidya can go to a school, you might make up your mind to buy P&G products next time you visit the shelf. Shiksha, P&G India’s “cause marketing” initiative that has been running successfully for the last 8 years, has already helped 280,000 underprivileged children access their right to education. The program has built & supported over 140 schools across India and donated Rs. 22 Crores in the last 8 years. Under the scheme, every time a consumer buys a P&G product - Tide, Ariel, Pampers, Whisper, Olay, Vicks, Gillette Oral-B, Head & Shoulders, Pantene or Duracell - P&G donates a part of the sale proceeds to NGO partners who work for better education for the underprivileged children in India.When launched in 2003, Shiksha got a fabulous response from the consumers and sales of Shiksha labelled products reached 20 lakh units.


image whilst addressing social issues. Cause Related Marketing (CRM) can beCause marketing or Cause Related Mar- come an integral part of the corporate soketing (CRM) is a common marketing cial responsibility strategy of an organizastrategy involving corporate houses and tion. Non-Profit Organisations for mutual benefits. For corporates, it is a good way to The term Cause related marketing was attract consumers and create a good brand first used by American Express in its 1981

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 24

campaign on Statue of Liberty Restoration Project. They donated 1 cent for every transaction via an American Express card, and $1 for every new card purchased. The result was phenomenal: In just three

months, the Restoration Fund raised over $1.7 million. American Express Card usage rose 27% and new card applications rose by 45% compared to the previous year.

“Cause Related Marketing adds another dimension to the strength of a brand. It provides an emotional as well as a rational engagement of the consumer with the brand. It provides a tangible demonstration of the company’s corporate social responsibility, its values and its ethics.� (Sue Adkins, International expert on CRM, Business in the Community) CRM AS MARKETING TOOL:


The term Cause related marketing CRM is effectively cashing in on the consumer psychology relating to their social obligations and has become one of the prominent strategy for marketers. A long term approach of strategic CRM harnesses a better public image for the company, acts as a product differentiator in the competitive market and gives the brand a competitive advantage. CRM is a useful tool for marketers beyond its traditional mix of price and product, as when price and quality are perceived to be equal, customers choose products they consider socially

Nowadays, organisations are integrating CRM with their corporate social responsibility scheme to create a greater impact on the consumers. This strategy acts as a good recruitment tool as employees prefer to associate themselves with organizations having active participations in social causes.

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

Non-profit Organisations can benefit from brand partnerships not only through fund raising and other marketing resources that companies offer, but also through consumer donations

NITIE , Mumbai 25

as it creates awareness in the society ment was criticised for excessive camregarding the issue. UNICEF has part- paigning like Pink buckets and negative nered with P&G on Pampers’ “1 Pack = image of KFC as unhealthy food. 1 Vaccine” campaign, and has been able to raise funds for 300 million tetanus vaccines, which are helping to protect 100 million women and their babies from the disease around the world.

CONCLUSION: CRM FAILURES: However, sometimes CRM can get a backlash from the consumers. Microsoft Bing created a backlash when it posted a message on Twitter, offering to donate $1 to Japan’s relief efforts each time someone forwarded its message. The missive set off a firestorm of complaints from Twitter users, who accused Bing of using the tragedy as a marketing opportunity. While companies often want consumers to know of their efforts, only a daring few are launching ad campaigns to avoid any criticism of their intentions. Massive advertising may portray a brand as more of an attention hogging product and less of a social cause. KFC’s “Bucket for cure” campaign for breast cancer treat-

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

Cause related marketing when used judiciously , make it a win-win solution for all the stakeholders – the Company, Nonprofits, Consumers and the Society. It is going to prove to be a useful tool for marketers in the years to come, but only when used with caution.


Apoorv Sharma Raju Bhuyan PGDIM-NITIE, Mumbai

NITIE , Mumbai 26



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first Indian press ad in 1907

10. The great Indian steward from Bobby Kooka

6. Marketing through Bagpiper Soda and Seagram Music CDs 7. Company who pioneered marketing research for consumer behavior 9. Soap brand marketed as having 99.4 % Purity 10. Indian commission to curb misleading advertisement 11. Product/Market growth Matrix 12. More car per car 13. list of events that may occur when a consumer engages with an advertisement

MarkDarshak Feb 2013

NITIE , Mumbai 27

Marketing Interest Group (MIG) The Marketing Interest Group is a small step in the march towards enhancement of knowledge through peer learning. The idea is to bring the marketing wizards of tomorrow to a common platform and share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Various methodologies used include simulation games, case study discussions and presentations by both students and eminent marketing specialists. MIG solely believes in spreading knowledge and generating a spark which eventually becomes a chain of thought and helps in developing marketing acumen.

Sudarshan Choudhary Sonam Yuvika Pahuja Surbhi Jaiswal Hardik Chauhan Sandeep Nailwal

Raju Bhuyan Shikhar Singh Aditya Vaish Mradul Gupta Devesh Singh Sarvesh Sharma



MarkDarshak February 2013 issue published by Marketing Interest Goup,NITIE

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