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Mifos Capabilities Overview of Functionality within Mifos


Status & Key Details

Performance Tracking

Account Activity

Question Groups Account Details

Keep track of client activity, details, and loan performance.

Track many of the same details as a client, but at the group level.

Next Payment

Accoun t Status

Account History

Transactional Record

Manage and track all currently active loans.


Search and browsing capabilities


Client Loan

Returns results found among clients, groups and loans.

Change Loan Amount

Select Loan Purpose

Create multiple loan accounts with similar parameters in a center.

Automatically finds and displays all loans with “Pending Approval� state.

Select Multiple Loan Accounts

Approve multiple loans pending approval across your center.

Pre-populated with amounts currently due

Fields that are changed (missed payments, absences, etc) are highlighted in red

Rapidly enter collection sheet data for each center.

Double – entry log of transaction

GL Code associated with your transaction

A snapshot of transaction data that can be exported into your accounting system

How to make Mifos operate like your organization

Create Loan Products

Model your Office hierarchy Configure for your organization Define what data to collect

Fit Mifos to your operations

Fix errors after loan disbursal

Manage your custom reports Create your own Question Groups

Set Organizational Details

Track in Loan Cycle Counter

Waive interest on early repayment

Assign Question Groups

Dynamically configure new loan products in your portfolio

Define loan amounts

Configure variable installments

Specify interest rate (4 methodologies)

Track against cash flows and monitor repayment capacity

Flexible parameters to create various loan products

Define Payment Schedule Options

Set Grace Period

Define Fees

Select Source of Funds

Map to your GL

Rollout new loan products across branches with ease.

Define which loan products can be offered together

Select individual branches to apply to

Push out your loan schedules on a per branch basis for holidays and/or natural disasters

Change dates of upcoming installments

Change amounts of upcoming installments

Create editable loan schedules to configure customized repayment cycles (agricultural loans, etc.)

Validate loan against client capacity to repay

Monitor monthly cash flows

Calculate indebtedness ratio

Monitor cash flows and limit loan amount based on indebtedness ratio and repayment capacity.

Customize Labels to your organization

Populate drop downs with your data Create your own custom fields

Remove or make fields mandatory

Change field labels and data, indicate required fields, remove extraneous fields, etc.

Managing Information

Replaces Surveys & Additional Fields (automatic Migration)

Track data at any stage of your workflow

Define sections

Question Groups Dynamic data collection tool allows you to capture information at any record or stage of your workflow

Dates Single Choice Answers Numerical Values

Multiple Choice Answers

Free Text

Smart Select – Dynamically Populated Dropdown with nested categories

Six different question types including smart select

Embed at any stage of your workflow

PPI Scorecards for 33 countries

Full Support for PPI  Verify poverty levels of their customers & monitor progress over time.  Monitor the performance of organization by poverty level.  Develop new products to respond to clients at different levels of poverty.

Support for versioning

System Administration Flexible tools to help you smoothly run and manage Mifos

Activate or suspend scheduled batch jobs

Manually select & run individual batch jobs from the UI

Batch Jobs Management

Schedule shutdown and notify users so they can log off

Monitor which users are logged in across all your branches

Manage Shutdown of Mifos Allows for easy management and notification across all of your branches when bringing system down for maintenance

AAA Protocol

Who are you?



Granular control over roles and assigned tasks

User is limited to only viewing data within the Branch Office #1

Define Roles & allocate permissions

As a Loan Officer, the user can only view his or her clients

What have you been doing?

Data In and Data Out Mifos integrates nicely with other systems and platforms to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and the integrity of data going in and out of Mifos

Currently supports import of loan repayments and savings deposits via .xls

Precise validation to ensure accuracy and validity of imports

Clear error messages and exportable error logs

M-PESA Integration

Generate export of accounting data to import into Tally from Mifos UI

View history of past imports

Tally Accounting Integration (India) Mifos integrates well with Tally, the leading accounting package in India

View your data for accuracy before you export it

Generate export file Shows whether or not export has already been generated

Tally Accounting Integration (India) Easily generate your Tally XML import file from Mifos.

PDF Report shows daily summary of accounting data from each general ledger account

Manual Accounting Integration For other accounting systems you can manually generate a .csv export or input values from our summarized general ledger report.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Overview Mifos Business Intelligence Suite  Reporting Server - reports in HTML, PDF, CSV, XML  Data Integration - allows us to take in data from other applications (Tally, etc.)  Dashboards - see business health using charts and graphs, drill down into reports  Ad Hoc Queries - allows building queries on the fly when you don't need a full report  OLAP - full analytics that allows you to quickly see multiple views on your data, for instance PPI score by Loan Product, PAR by Loan Officer, etc.

Flexible parameters and ranges for each report

Ability to export to PDF, HMTL, or Excel

Catalog of available reports

Pentaho Enterprise-level business intelligence platform built into Mifos with data warehouse capabilities

Wide Collection of Standard Reports Management  MFI Progress Report  Branch Progress Report  Detailed Loans in Arrears  Loan Officer Performance  Detailed  Summary  Funds Movement Report  PPI Data Export

Operational:     

General Ledger Report Branch Cash Flow Confirmation Branch Expected Cash Flow Loan Classification by Product Collection Sheet  

India East Africa

 Transactions  

Due vs. Collected   

   

Detailed Summary By Branch By Loan Officer By Center

Loans to be Disbursed Loans Pending Approval Outstanding Balances Client Exit

Sample Standard Report Loan officer performance summary report

Sample Standard Report (2) PPI Data Dump (.csv)

Leverage Pentaho and Mifos’ detailed database to meet your own reporting needs.

 Any data Mifos collects  Clients, Groups or Loan details  Question Groups & PPI  Custom Fields  Payments and Transactions  What users have or have not done

 Limit by  Roles  Branches  Users  Dates

Advanced Reporting Capabilities Dashboards, ad hoc reporting, longitudinal analysis is now under development.

Mifos Functionality  

A visual overview of the features and functionality in Mifos 2.0, the latest version of Grameen Foundation's open source information managem...