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For people with a mental illness, their families and friends

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INSIDE Features

Open Mind Fiesta A community education event

For people with mental illness

Well Ways Snapshot A new education program

Op shops A growing success story





The Ho n. Robe rt Know Preside les AO, nt, MI Fellows hip Vic toria

From the President

News bites

The national survey, ‘Australians talk mental illness’ informs

that John Lesser, President

our continued advocacy campaign. Catherine Bleasdale’s

of the Mental Health Review

letter to the editor in this edition of the newsletter highlights

Board, has agreed to speak at

the frustration that many of you experience when appropriate,

this forum. The Mental Health

affordable housing and support is unavailable.

Review Board is a statutory

I encourage you to actively participate in our campaign to let

review tribunal that conducts

your local federal political representative take this issue up.

hearings to determine whether

responsibility for funding mental health programs. In particular the Commonwealth Government can, through its agreement

supporters about how the season is progressing for the club. Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria is delighted that

patient. I encourage you to attend the AGM and Forum, as it is an opportunity for us to meet and hear from John about this

the group continues to support us at this and other events. Over 200 people gathered at the Lexus Centre to hear from Mick Malthouse, Gavin Brown and Brad Scott and MC Brian Taylor. The group also generously participated in a raffle and

On the national front our advocacy through both MIFA and the

auction which raised $1120 for our work. Our thanks to the

and their families. It is important that we do not get caught up

Mental Health Council of Australia continues. In particular

Collingwood Football Club and in particular the ‘Women in

in the political Commonwealth and State blame shifting game.

we continue to make representations about having in place

Black’ group, whose work in raising funds and awareness for

The Commonwealth can make better provisions for housing,

appropriate employment strategies, to assist people with

mental illness is greatly appreciated.

employment, education, social security and research.

mental illness gain a job. We also continue to advocate for funding for family education and support and I’m pleased to tell you that the department of Health and Ageing has extended it’s

the actions that you can take in your local area. This kit

funding until December this year. Obviously we will continue

will include a description of the issues, some background

to lobby for better funding. We have spoken with Senator Chris

information and the contact details of your representative.

Ellison about the introduction of the new Access Card and the

The current unsatisfactory situation will take time to change,

specific modifications that we believe should be in place for

and it will also take many people expressing their discontent

people with mental illnesses.

and proposing solutions.


where members of the coaching panel gathered to talk to

support and improve services for people with mental illnesses

MIFA will be mailing you an advocacy kit which outlines

If you are involved in a group like the ‘Women in Black’ and would like to raise funds for our work, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Stephanie Puls on 03 8486 4257 or email


Finally, the Board is about to receive a consultants report on

Congratulations to the winner of our 16th Mental Illness

Thank you also to all of our members and supporters who

Fellowship Victoria raffle, Angie Hollis from Portland. She was

sold tickets. We look forward to this support continuing in the

absolutely thrilled with the car. In her own words on the day we

future. The next raffle is on 6 December 2007, so tickets will

handed her the keys, “I can’t believe this is happening!”

be on sale soon.

I encourage you to take Catherine Bleasdale’s lead by

the operation of the Board over the past 12 months.

becoming vocal about these issues and make them political

The outcome will be advised to members in due course.

by raising them with your representative. Also, we also are

Thank you for your continued support, I look forward to seeing

only too pleased to receive letters from readers who wish

Then off she drove in a brand new Toyota Aurion valued at

you at the AGM.

$37,218. It just goes to show it’s worth buying those tickets!

to express opinions on these and any other issues. We respect the privacy of all correspondents who wish to remain


group ‘Women in Black’ hosted their annual ‘Coaches Night’

important issue.

with the states, improve funding in a range of programs to

ood coa ch Mic k Malth o

In June, the Collingwood Football Club women’s coterie

it is necessary for a person to be treated as an involuntary

Both Commonwealth and State Governments have

MC Bri an Taylo r and C ollingw

Collingwood Football Club continues to support MI Fellowship

Yours sincerely We’d also like to note that Raffle 16 was the last raffle run

anonymous but would appreciate the inclusion of contact

h rtland wit lis from Po ol H ie n ng A Aurio new Toyota her brand

by Jo Luciani as Fundraising Coordinator at MI Fellowship.

details for our information only.

Jo built the raffle from humble beginnings to a major source

The Annual General Meeting will be held at Fairfield Place

of income. We’re delighted that her last raffle was one of the most successful to date. Thank you Jo for all your hard work

on Friday 19 October at 5.30pm. We had advertised that Commissioner Christine Nixon will be the keynote speaker.

The Hon. Robert Knowles AO,

Unfortunately she has had to attend a business meeting

President, MI Fellowship Victoria

and good luck in your new endeavours!

overseas at this time and is therefore no longer able to join

Dates for your diary in 2007

us that evening. She is still prepared to meet with us, and we will arrange this meeting for a future time. We are delighted


Mental Health Week

7-14 October

Open Mind Fiesta

Sunday 14 October

Carers Week

15-21 October

News Bites


People and their stories – Zoe Humphreys


Open Mind Fiesta


From the Chief Executive


Letters to the editor


Op shops - a growing success story


AGM, Awards and Annual Lecture

Friday 19 October

Mental illness education


Well Ways Snapshot


Volunteer thank you party

Wednesday 5 December

Trivia and auction in Hume


Board nominations


AGM, Awards and Forum


MI Resource Centre


Spring car raffle draw

Thursday 6 December

Please find out more about all activities by calling 03 8486 4200 or visit




Open Mind Fiesta

Volunte e

rs assis t with fu ndraisin

g activit ie

A community education event

s at Op en Min d Fiesta



MI challenge – In my own words by Jacinta Chapman

MI Fellowship’s annual Open Mind Fiesta is just around the

Jacinta Chapman participated in Mental Illness Fellowship

corner and preparations are in full swing. As the event itself

The Challenge was mentally and physically challenging but

Victoria’s MI Challenge program, a unique fundraising

continues to grow, so too does our determination to increase

I wouldn’t change a moment of my experience for anything

activity that gives people the opportunity to raise money and

its capacity to raise awareness about mental illness. This year,

– I now know that there is nothing in this world that I can’t

complete their own unique challenge. This is Jacinta’s story.

achieve if I just believe in myself. It’s helped me grieve and

our messages to the crowd will be based on four priorities

I decided to take up the MI Challenge after losing ‘my boys’,

identified by members:

my cousin Danny William and my best friend Danny Thomas,

1. Housing

given my family and friends a real reason to talk about the boys.

to suicide. They share a name and a special place in my

There are no words which can explain the feeling of

heart. The Challenge was my way of honouring them

accomplishment and achievement I have and I would

and raising awareness for the great work that the

encourage anyone thinking of taking part to do it – it will

MI Fellowship does.

change your life!

These messages will be communicated through t-shirts and

The Challenge gave me an opportunity to make people open

badges, which will be worn by almost 500 people on the day,

Thanks again to everyone who supported me; I couldn’t have

up and share their experiences with mental illness.

done it without you.

After raising $5,000 to take part, I set off for China in May

To find out more about MI Challenges call Chris Harrison on

this year to walk the Great Wall and climb Mt Huashan.

0423 780 716, or attend our next information session:

Cold showers, hard beds and tired feet are all part and

Where: MI Fellowship, 276 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield

2. Employment 3. Relationships 4. Stigma

as well as distributed to patrons attending the event. Open Mind Fiesta is only the success it is with your help. We are in need of approximately 300 volunteers to assist us for a shift (2-3 hours) on the day, Sunday 14 October, at Station Street in Fairfield. Tasks range from handing out balloons to cooking barbeques to supervising barricades. Please consider

Letter to the editor

volunteering at this important event on our calendar.

Dear editor,

To register your interest, phone Maryanne Ewing

This is in reply to Anon. (member) who felt unable to give

on 03 8486 4220 or email

a name to the letter published in MI Voice Winter edition

parcel of taking part in a Challenge – there were some points where I thought to myself, ‘I don’t think I can go any further,’ but I made it.

When: Tuesday 25 September at 6pm the day on longest r u o r ares fo Jinshanling” up prep to “The gro Wall Simatai

extolling the virtues of the magazine and not wanting to

Preston Rotary .

Board member Ela ine Price

Ongoing supporters MI Fellowship was thrilled to be presented with a cheque for $6000 from Preston Rotary in July. The money will be used for the development of Double Trouble material and the eventual

read about some of the sadly true stories about many other mentally ill people. I have always understood that MIF is about improving the lot of all mentally ill people and helping their carers. Whilst MIF is causing positive things to happen for the mentally ill there is singularly little being done to give them safe and affordable housing which does not have too many strings attached, laying down what a person has to do to get into the accommodation, where they can live feeling secure

open mind


and get some support when needed for an indefinite time

Station Street Fairfield

cheque and thank the group for their generous ongoing support

Not only will this help the individual concerned but also lift

of our work. “It was great to meet the group and be able to

the stress on carers of those who have suffered from chronic

Sunday 14 October 11am-5pm

thank them for the donation. They’re not just concerned with

mental illness, by the knowledge that their family member is

raising money though, they are keen to learn more about

at least warm, dry and safe and permanent.

mental illness and contribute to educating the public about it

Can we not sometimes be acknowledged in the magazine

too, which is another wonderful way to contribute.”

for the long and unrelenting pressure put on us by asking

Also, MI Fellowship board and Preston Rotary member, Elaine

what can be /is being done by the organisation which at its

Price, was recently honoured with a ‘Paul Harris Fellowship

conception was set up to help the carers of the mentally ill?

Award’. This award is the highest recognition awarded

Yours sincerely

national roll out of this program. General Manager of Research and Development, Laura Collister went along to collect the

by Rotary. It is awarded to those who make outstanding contributions to their community by exemplifying Rotary’s motto - “service above self”. Congratulations to Elaine on this

FAMILY FUN DAY Free entertainment, live bands, fashion, food, crafts, children’s activities, rides, wrestling, information and lots more MAJOR SPONSOR


1 in 5 will be affected by mental illness. 5 in 5 can help enquiries 03 8486 4200

marvellous achievement which specifically recognizes her

Ed’s note: refer to Rob Knowles’ column on page two regarding

contribution to mental health.

this letter and the issues contained within it.

“On the Wall (S imatai to Jinsh room m anling) ate Mel with m Hoskin y gs”

is and ae Morr with Sh with u d e o lk ik e a b Gu ho w nling to r friend Xio w “Jinsha e Wall” farme th se f e o in p h e st my C me every

Catherine Bleasdale. Member


w w w. m i f e l l o w s h i p . o r g





Items rea dy to be auctioned

Mental illness education

Trivia and auction in Hume

“Well Ways has been so helpful - meeting with others in similar circumstances, sharing fears, ideas, solutions, learning how to find new ways to help in our situation, discussing thoughts and concerns in a safe, secure, supportive and friendly environments. Thank you.” Kevin

On 23 May MI Fellowship’s Hume region held their 3rd annual “The facilitators’ knowledge of the program, and in particular their own personal experiences, was both enlightening and courageous.” Drew

trivia and auction night at the Hotel Australia in Shepparton. The event attracted people from far and wide with tables consisting of a mix of people from local services, businesses, MI Fellowship supporters, staff and members of the general

“It really helped me to be a far better carer. My son has improved significantly over the past few weeks and I have been able to cope much better.” Kate

community. The evening was a huge success with a record“I have learned that I am not alone.” Claire

breaking $3335.70 raised. This money will be put back into our local programs for purchases such as bikes, board games, social outings and Christmas lunch. The evening was hosted by local larrikins the MC Hammers, and the auctioneering was undertaken with the great skill and talent of Shepparton real estate agent Ed Flanagan of Flanagan & Reed Real Estate. A great night was had by all. In the midst of a drought, regional Victorians are under pressure at the moment, so we are


Searle C Grant help of M e th h it e bids w accepts th Flanagan

especially grateful to the businesses and “This program is a must! You will be taught to understand the illness and what seems impossible when you start, becomes manageable by the end.” Andrea


Well Ways

Double Trouble

The Well Ways Program is designed to increase the capacity of

The Double Trouble Program aims to increase the capacity of

families, carers and friends to care effectively for themselves,

families and friends of people with dual diagnosis (where a

other family members and their relative living with mental

mental illness and substance use coexist) to care effectively

illness. The program provides a broad and sensitive perspective

for themselves, the person with the dual diagnosis and other

to the many issues facing families as they manage the impact

family members.

of mental illness on their lives. The Well Ways program consists of eight 3hr group sessions over eight consecutive weeks plus four follow-up sessions two-monthly. To find out more about Well Ways or where and when it’s

The Double Trouble program consists of six three-hour weekly group education sessions

individuals who supported the event.


AGM, Awards and Forum

To find out more about Double Trouble or where and when it’s

Please join us for our annual Awards presentation and

available throughout Victoria, contact Lorraine Johnstone on

Forum, held in conjunction with our AGM. Unfortunately

03 8486 4200 or email

Commissioner Christine Nixon is now unable to attend as

available throughout Victoria, contact Julie Mehegan on

keynote speaker. But we are delighted that John Lesser,

03 8486 4200 or email

President of the Mental Health Review Board, has agreed to speak at this forum. The Mental Health Review Board is

John Lesser – brief biography For many years, John combined lecturing at a TAFE College (1979-1989) with part-time general legal practice (1980-1997). From 1985-2000, John was a part-time member of a number of Victorian and Commonwealth tribunals, including the Mental Health Review Board (1993-2000).


Funding Options:

a statutory review tribunal that conducts hearings to determine whether it is necessary for a person to be

In June 2006, John was awarded a 2006 Churchill

Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria Members: $70.00

If you require information about financial support options for fees

treated as an involuntary patient.

Fellowship, which provided financial support for a study tour

Non-Members: $95.00

and transport please contact the case manager at the Community

Note: Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria ordinary membership costs $22.00 per year and $11.00 per annum for extra members

Mental Health Service for Carer Crisis Brokerage Funding.

John will present on the different ways in which Mental Health

Alternatively your local Carer Respite Centre may be able to assist:

Acts in the UK, Europe and Canada are handling mental

in the same household ($16.50 for concession membership and

Carer Links North on 03 9495 2555 or 03 9495 2524

$5.50 for additional concession household memberships). To

Carer Links West on 03 9396 9549

become a member, contact Ben Pocknee on 03 8486 4249

Note: People who are receiving external funding are required to make a personal contribution of $22.00 ($11.00 conc) which will cover administration and membership.

or email

illness, with a particular focus on consumer participation in care planning and the role of families and carers.

to observe and evaluate mental health tribunals, courts and systems in the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada between April and July 2007. Where: MI Fellowship, 276 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield When:

Friday 19 October at 5.30pm


03 8486 4200



People and their stories

Zoe Hum phreys shares h er exper iences

Many of you will have been following the national housing

“I was diagnosed with anxiety about two years ago and had a

Fellowship of Australia we have also been preparing for

depressive episode about five months ago. I’ve been going to

the Federal election and have surveyed people with mental

youth group for about six months.

illnesses their families and friends nationally. We were

debate and the call on the Federal Government to address affordability. As you know, in collaboration with Mental Illness

delighted that 2100 people across the country found time to

My anxiety came on after having a bad reaction to cold and flu

make their views known through the Australians Talk Mental

tablets. Severe anxiety and panic attacks continued after that

Illness survey, including 370 Victorians providing responses.

for many months. I did not go out or socialise. I was put on anti-

Housing was identified as the number one issue of concern

anxiety medication quite quickly which helped me and I saw a psychologist for some time and did improve quite a bit. However I continued to stay in and not go out or socialise much. But I did manage to stay well enough to finish my nursing degree last year… just about! I was accepted into Austin Mental Health as a mental health graduate nurse and things seemed to be going well. I moved house just before Christmas and it seemed that my anxiety was creeping back slowly. I could not believe that I was experiencing this again. It came in small doses, then a few weeks before I was due to start my new job as a nurse my anxiety became a lot worse. I had opened up to my psychologist about the abuse I had experienced as a teenager. For some reason I had decided to bring it up now and face it. I hoped that telling people would bring


me relief but found that it only increased my anxiety. I ended up telling my parents. It was a really hard time for me. And it was hard for them too. There was so much about my past that they didn’t know. They backed off a bit from pushing me into starting my new job when they realised how much I was dealing with. I became very depressed at this stage and my parents wanted to admit me to hospital. I could not start my new job and could not be left alone at all. As a nurse, I could not believe what I was experiencing - I was not used to being on this side. I hated to admit the thoughts that were running through my head. I didn’t want anyone to know or feel sorry for me. After some terrible trials with medications and some major side effects, I was put on a new drug that was working. It took me about two months to believe I was ok and able to move on. During the early stages of taking this new medication my mum told me about a youth group and convinced me to go along one day. I was dreading it and extremely panicky. Up until then I had not been left alone. I had been driven everywhere, people had taken time off work to be with me and I had not seen other people for a long time. I was terrified on that first day I went. I looked terrible


Elizabeth Cr owther Chief Execut ive

From the Chief Executive

The following reflection was written by Zoe Humphreys, a participant of Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria’s youth group in the eastern region.


for Australians responding to the survey. Yvonne a Victorian because I had neglected my appearance for ages and was in no

mother represented many of these responses saying ‘trying to

mood to sit still for two hours and have people judge me.

find appropriate accommodation is as stressful and traumatising

I remember looking around and thinking that everyone was so

as the illness itself. Our house is full of tension and we feel we

bubbly and attractive. Each person talked about their Christmas period and how the holiday was. It was all positive. But I had

are imprisoned in our own house. I am 69 and not well and we feel that we are hitting brick walls’.

People need a range of skills, personal and social supports to maintain their capacity to live in the community. A house is not enough. People who develop psychiatric disabilities, need structured support to developed their independence, self managing and organizational skill to maintain their home.

nothing positive in me. I was barely surviving day by day. I wanted

The Commonwealth Government negotiates agreements

Without these specialized interventions homelessness and

to vomit and run. Then it was my turn to talk. I could not say I

with each state and territory for five year periods, and this

marginal housing and Yvonne’s situation are a reality.

had a good holiday because it was such a terrible time for me. I broke down and opened up with the things I could not keep in any longer. I cried most of the time during that first visit to youth group. But everyone was so understanding. They just listened and didn’t judge me. And even though I was embarrassed I could tell

arrangement is due to be negotiated in June 2008. Yvonne’s situation representing many hundreds of stories must be considered in these discussions. The Department of Families, Communities and Indigenous Affairs are conducting an enquiry ‘Looking to the Future of Public Housing’. Submissions for which are due on the 28th September 2007.

they had been there too!

We will make a submission to this enquiry and encourage

It was a struggle to convince myself to get to each session but it

you to do so. You can locate the papers on the web at

got easier each time. I had found people who understood me and and search for increasing social

could relate to my symptoms and past. I started to feel inspired

housing supply.

and valued. It felt like my medication was working more and I felt

As you will see in the President’s report and elsewhere in this

a lot more confidence within me. I began to go out here and there

newsletter we are finalising our advocacy strategies for the

and looked forward to youth group each week.

federal election. Your assistance will help make a difference.

When I look back now to think about what I’ve gotten out of youth group and in simple words… my life! I made new friends and I learnt that being on medication was ok and felt comfortable talking to these new friends about it. I got confidence in myself through sharing with others who knew

You will be receiving a letter during September with more information on what you can do. Headlines in the Herald Sun newspaper saying ‘Housing

affordable and safe accommodation. This housing crisis and

there who are like me and have come so far. I was inspired by

Australia, diverting attention from housing for people with a

their success.

mental illness, which has been in dire need of funding and

I can now look at myself and say I have a mental Illness but it’s ok

improvement for many, many years. In reviewing where people

that there is a process in getting better and I had to take steps to get better. For me it’s many, many baby steps, but it feels amazing to be taking them.”

be for the Commonwealth Government to allocate specific housing funds for people with mental illnesses. I encourage Yvonne and all of our members to join our mental health housing advocacy campaign.

. Elizabeth Crowther Chief Executive

Congratulations SEW-Eurodrive

that people with mental illnesses face in finding stable, media attention surrounding it focuses attention on middle

it wasn’t the end of the world. I learned through the youth group

people with mental illnesses and their families. A start would

crisis puts ownership out of reach’ underlines the difficulties

where I was coming from and I learnt that there are people out

and manageable. So I wasn’t able to take up my nursing job but

One size does not fit all. We need different solutions to support

lived over the last five years we have seen a disturbing but consistent trend of people moving out of their own housing back into the family house. We will look at this more closely over the coming year.

MI Fellowship would like to congratulate Rob and Adel Merola and the team at SEW-Eurodrive on 25 years of operations in Australia. This year we also celebrate the 10th year of our partnership with them and look forward to their annual golf day and auction night later in the year. Congratulations and thank you SEW-Eurodrive!



Op shops a growing success story



Board nominations

MI Resource Centre

The following Board members are up for election or re-election at the Annual General Meeting in October. The number of vacancies exceeds the number of candidates, therefore voting is not necessary.

Seeking reviewers

Mr Paul Montgomery Paul has a proven track record in an ability to initiate and


manage change, with particular strengths in setting vision, We would like to thank our fantastic and energetic volunteer teams in our two op shops in Northcote and Kew. We have a

business planning, coaching, team building, human resource


development, taking a national and global perspective and

core team of approximately 60 volunteers who have helped over the past three years to revitalize them. They remain

bottom line responsibility. These skills were demonstrated


as managing partner of a multi-million dollar professional

diligent and keep their sense of humour, even when greeted at the front door with piles and piles of new stock to be sorted! This growth over three years is revealed in our profit figures.

services organisation renowned for the quality of commercial





advice, innovative style and client focus. Paul holds a




Bachelor of Arts and Law.

Australians talk mental illness


An information and advocacy hub, MI Resource Centre aims to provide information, resources, education and action for people with a mental illness, their family and friends, MI Fellowship members, participants and the wider community. We are currently redeveloping the Resource Centre – we will still be offering both loans and sales, however it will no longer be a ‘library’, as such. The items will be limited in number, targeted and recommended by MI Fellowship. The items will be available for sale (including a discount for members) and for loan to members. MI Resource Centre is seeking volunteers to review these materials who will be part of ensuring that they meet criteria such as that they reflect our values, and that they include a

Professor Christos Pantelis

range of perspectives and cultural understandings.

Christos is currently the Head of the Cognitive

We are seeking reviewers who are literate, available via

Neuropsychiatry Research and Academic Unit (CNRAU) in

email, have time to read or view items, have an ability to

the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne.

analyse works according to who the target audience would

He was formerly Clinical Director of the Adult Mental

be. And they will have knowledge of and be able to interpret

A forum based on our federal election advocacy campaign

Health Rehabilitation Unit and Director of the inpatient

the MI Fellowship vision and values and as such be able

rehabilitation program at Royal Park Hospital. Christos

to be sensitive about any possible risks of organisational

Over 2000 people from the Mental Illness Fellowship

brings an international reputation in schizophrenia research,


particularly in the neuropsychology of the disorder. He is

Time commitment depends on how fast you consume

community throughout Australia responded to our survey earlier in the year. The survey told us loudly and clearly the top five issues for people affected by mental illness and some great ideas on how



to bring about change. 1. Housing 2. Employment 3. Family and consumer education 4. Mental health research 5. Social security

Well Ways snapshot Making a difference

to serve, on various school, industry and community bodies

Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria has a strong track record in the provision of family education. Recent evaluation results of our ‘flagship’ program, Well Ways, involving over 300 family

What are the political parties saying about mental illness?


involved in the development of the fundraising area of Mental

and effective frameworks related to mental illness.

strength, and responding to requests for a shorter program,

Come along to our forum to find out more and make your

After completing a Well Ways program, Nathan became Illness Fellowship Victoria. He has served, and continues

members has produced very pleasing results. Building on this

people affected by mental illness?

Mr Nathan Shafir

This concise program introduces families to current, modern

What does this mean for the election?

And how can we lobby the politicians to improve things for

a qualified medical practitioner.

Mental Illness Fellowship Australia is currently funded to do a second pilot of Well Ways Snapshot - a shorter program which is developed for people who wish or are only able to devote a more limited time to learning about this issue.

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Grad. Dip. Commercial Data Processing and is an FCPA.

Ms Leslie Miles

Park Bench© Observations of Daily life

developed mental illness. Having lived with her illness since the 1980s, Leslie joined Bromham Place (a MI Fellowship

Where: MI Fellowship, 276 Heidelberg Road, Fairfield

her recovery. Leslie has been and remains an active

questionaire and a short phone interview after the program.

member and volunteer within this program.

Sue Farnan on 03 8486 4213 or

03 8486 4227 or email

which she taught for three years but ceased these when she

centre-based day service) in 1993, to which she attributes

If there are particular issues or questions you would

To become a reviewer, please contact Matilda Langley on

has a Bachelor of Arts specializing in drawing and ceramics,

asked to contribute to the evaluation which will comprise a

For further information to contact:

items as you like.

Leslie trained as an enrolled nurse in the 1980s. She also

Participants in the pilot are invited free of charge, and will be

Please reserve your place by calling 03 8486 4200.

fill in a short review form. You can read as many, or few

in Melbourne in the area of development and fundraising.

When: Tuesday 18 September, 6.30-8.30pm (MELWAYS P30 J12)

resources. We ask that you read or view the item/s and then

like discussed please contact Matilda Langley on or 03 8486 4200 $5 donation on entry will be gratefully accepted, all donations are tax deductible.

Created by Peter Barker ‘Park Bench’ is a cartoon series, looking at life and social issues, provided by Peter Barker, who has lived with schizophrenia for over twenty years.




Membership Members make our voice more powerful and credible when we advocate for change for people affected by mental illness. Please renew for the 2007/08 year and consider asking your family and friends to join too!

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Board of Directors

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Concession $16.50

Volunteer $11.00

Person in same household – Ordinary $11.00 I would like to make a donation of: $

Concession $5.50 to the work of Mental Illness Fellowship

Questions about donations? Please contact us on 03 8486 4200 or via Please tick here if:

I authorise a single deduction from my credit card: Bankcard


Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria or

Credit card Number:

Expiry Date: __ __ / __ __ Name on card:

You do not wish to receive further information about


If you are under 18

I would like some more information about: Volunteering – Your donation of time and talent.


Pledging a monthly contribution – Giving families a chance. Or

I enclose my cheque/money order of $

(marked Not Negotiable and payable to Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria)

And a future.

Bequests – Remember the Mental Illness Fellowship in your will.

Mi Voice Spring 2007  

Mi Voice Spring 2007

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