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HOPE IN ACTION Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association • Summer 2017 • Volume 36 • Number 3


Executive Committee Milton Lovell, Chair Rev. Dorothy Wells, Vice Chair Ken Jones, Secretary & Legal Counsel Michelle Fulmer, Treasurer Aarti Bowman Mark Finestone Yvonne Madlock Amy Poag Rabbi Katie Bauman Dr. Stephen Cook Lucia Crenshaw Edward Dobbs Gregory M. Duckett Brett Grinder Sara Hall Paula Jacobson Margaret McLean Norma J. Oliver Judy Royal Sehrish Siddiqui Chris Suhoza Dr. Bianca Sweeten Emily Woodside Dr. Walker Wright Scott Young

Dear friends, As many of you know, MIFA began as a volunteer-driven advocacy agency in 1968 following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the 1970s, we began providing direct services for the community and became a multifaceted safety-net organization. While advocacy is an important part of MIFA’s legacy, in recent years we have not been as tactical about our advocacy work. Consequently, our current strategic plan includes advocacy initiatives as a means of using our voices as committed and informed champions of our cause. We believe service and advocacy reinforce each other and are necessary for achieving our mission. Our key advocacy issues are senior hunger, preventing family homelessness, and interfaith relations. Our focus on senior hunger has accelerated because of the immediate need for awareness of the proposed federal budget’s potential impact on MIFA, especially our Meals on Wheels and Senior Companion programs. We are diligently watching as the budget process unfolds over the summer. We receive federal funding through the Older Americans Act administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; this support for MIFA Meals on Wheels may be at risk. But the reality is, with or without potential budget cuts, federal funding for Meals on Wheels fails to keep pace with demographic shifts and escalating need. We are also monitoring funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service, which supports MIFA’s Senior Companion program.

President & CEO Sally Jones Heinz

So, stay tuned. We’ll share more information about our key issues, like we’re doing in this edition of Hope in Action with the No Hungry Senior update.

Hope in Action Staff James Seacat, Editor jseacat@mifa.org (901) 529- 4544

Finally, thanks to everyone who contacted members of Congress urging them to protect and strengthen funding for Meals on Wheels and who shared their personal testaments to MIFA’s work on social media. We appreciate your joining us as we reinvigorate of our advocacy efforts.

Terri Jones, Designer Photography by: Steve Roberts Lee Travis

Sally Jones Heinz, PRESIDENT & CEO

COVER: Volunteer Cathy VanLeit serves

MIFA by contributing her professional leadership coaching skills and talents. 2

Summer 2017

mifa.org • (901) 527-0208

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

Volunteer shares special skills Cathy VanLeit believes that every person is uniquely gifted and possesses the ability to change and transform their future. That philosophy has served her well in a variety of impressive career roles such as HR Business Partner, Master Change Manager, and Leadership Development Coach among others. Cathy worked for nearly 23 years at Medtronic, has a Masters in executive leadership, and several HR certifications including one in ethical leadership. She now has her own company, VanLeit Consulting, LLC.

Through a series of meetings and experiential workshops, Cathy’s work with MIFA senior staff has focused on leadership self-awareness and potential areas of growth, communication through coaching, and employee performance management. As a Certified Professional Coach, Cathy introduced the value of leadership development coaching and provides individual coaching to members of MIFA’s leadership team. To ensure a culture of performance and accountability, a goal area in MIFA’s current three-year strategic plan, Cathy, in her most recent project, has identified critical skills and expectations for nine key areas of leadership competencies to develop the next generation of staff leadership.

She was a member of MIFA’s board of directors from 2009 to 2015 and she continues her commitment to the organzation today by generously sharing her professional expertise, knowledge, and talent in a volunteer capacity. Skill-based volunteering, like Cathy’s MIFA engagement, has become one of the most sought-after ways to give back to nonprofit organizations. It leverages specialized skills of individuals to strengthen the infrastruture of nonprofits, helping them sustain capacity and achieve their missions. The organization benefits from in-kind expertise and the volunteer contributes to a cause they believe in—many times providing a creative change from their daily work.

Cathy says, “It is such a pleasure to partner with the MIFA team as we generate strategies and leverage strengths to accelerate individual and organizational growth. Each time I visit MIFA’s office, I’m overwhelmed by the longevity of employee tenure and the heartfelt commitment of everyone involved in serving the community.”

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Summer 2017


Founders Day honors interfaith legacy and faithful supporters


Summer 2017

mifa.org • (901) 527-0208

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.


AutoZone Pathfinder Award Sister Betty Fracchia E.J. Goldsmith Volunteer of the Year Award Fullview Missionary Baptist Church Faith in Action Award Prabhakar and Rohini Parikh James Marchant Wood, Jr. MIFA Meals on Wheels Award Amy Poag The Annabelle Whittemore Award BENEFACTORS’ CIRCLE INDUCTEES

We welcome these new members, whose lifetime giving has had a tremendous impact on MIFA’s continued success. First Tennessee Mimsy and Frank Jones Estate of Nita D. Mills Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church Speer Charitable Trust Estate of Marilyn M. Wilson Nearly 300 MIFA friends gathered on May 4 in the McCallum Ballroom at Rhodes College for our Founders Day celebration called Interfaith Experience: Knowing Our Neighbors, Renewing Ourselves. The keynote speaker was Rabbi Michael E. Dangizer of Cincinnati, son of Rabbi Harry Danziger, former MIFA board chair.

Sponsors of the event included Brown Missionary Baptist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Memphis, Tennessee, Memphis Islamic Center, Rhodes College, St. Peter Catholic Church, and Temple Israel. t OPPOSITE TOP ROW FROM LEFT: Rabbi Michael E. Danziger; Rabbi Harry Danziger and son Michael; Rev. Dorothy Wells; Prabhakar Parikh and Linda Marks. BOTTOM ROW: Sally Jones Heinz, Mimsy and Frank Jones, Milton Lovell; Amy Poag, Andrea Echols, Rohini and Prabhakar Parikh, Maria Leggett, Sister Betty Fracchia, Wilma and Rev. Walter Peggs. p ABOVE TOP ROW: Rabbi Michael E. Danziger; Russell Wigginton and Sally Heinz; Charlie Nelson and Milton Lovell. BOTTOM ROW FROM LEFT:  Young adults who presented compelling testimonials about their personal interfaith journeys were Amy Kathawala, Margie Peeler, Celie Shankman, Irem Khan, and Luke Waters. OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Summer 2017


No Hungry Senior program offers nutrition and much more Headlines alert us to the impact of the aging of America. The “silver tsunami” or “age wave” is already here as over 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the age of 65 every single day. One quarter of today’s 65-year-olds will live past the age of 90 and will experience many of their daily chores turning into insurmountable challenges. These seniors already represent the fastest growing population segment in the U.S. In Shelby County, there are over 113,000 seniors according to the last census conducted in 2015—a number that has grown 18.3% since 2010. Of those local seniors, nearly 30% live alone and are therefore at greater risk for depression, malnutrition, and hunger. A study by the Plough Foundation found that nearly 3,700 Shelby County seniors are food-insecure, the state of being without reliable access to sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. A waiting list for local senior services—mostly Meals on Wheels— managed by the Aging Commission of the Mid-South is estimated at over 2,000 individuals and is growing. In order to meet the growing need among frail, isolated, and foodinsecure senior Memphians, MIFA established No Hungry Senior in 2015, a collaboration funded by The Plough Foundation that includes Aging Commission of the Mid-South, Baptist Memorial Healthcare, Catholic Charities of West Tennessee, CoactionNet, Memphis Jewish Federation, Methodist Healthcare, Mid-South Food Bank, and the University of Memphis School of Public Health.


Summer 2017

Dr. Debra Bartelli, Research Associate Professor, Division of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Environmental Health at University of Memphis, leads the monitoring and evaluation of ongoing No Hungry Senior client assessments. Generally, the 1,476 clients receiving meals through No Hungry Senior reflect the larger population served by our Meals on Wheels program. Our No Hungry Senior client evaluations show: 63% are female, 76% are African American, the average age is 75, 48% receive a monthly income of less than $1,000, 45% live alone, and 41% report being lonely. Clients report high rates of diabetes (45%), high blood pressure (82%), ER visits (63%), hospitalizations (53%), and about 75% rate their health as fair or poor. There were significant findings when reassessed after one year of receiving MIFA meals. As result of the program, clients reported:

90 % eat healthier foods. 84 % achieved or maintained healthy weight. 87 % feel better. 83 % feel less hungry throughout the day. Loneliness scores improved for 52% of the clients, and the number who reported only eating one meal a day decreased from 72% at the initial assessment to 18%.

mifa.org • (901) 527-0208

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

When surveying our regular meals on wheels client base, MIFA data backs up national findings from research conducted by Meals on Wheels America.

89 % of MIFA clients believe the program helps improve their health compared to 83% nationally. 95 % of MIFA clients believe the program allows them to continue living at home compared to 92% nationally. According to Dr. Bartelli, “Considering the age and frailty of the No Hungry Senior clients, the fact that health factors did not worsen over time should be viewed as a positive finding.” The statistics reaffirm that Memphis-area seniors benefit from the nutritional and social support our program offers. And, by next spring, we expect to enroll and serve at least 1,600 new clients through the No Hungry Senior collaborative.

✓ Improvement in self-rated health

✓ Improvement in feelings of loneliness

Improvement in eating healthier

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

✓ Reductions in worrying about being able to remain at home

Summer 2017


MIFA supporters celebrate endowment success

MIFA supporters, leaders, and friends recently gathered at the home of Deborah and Bob Craddock to celebrate the successful completion of the Campaign to Endow Independence. This critical financial safety net will ensure the continuation of MIFA’s high-impact programs and leadership for years to come. We are grateful to those who gave so generously to support the MIFA Independence Fund.


Summer 2017

mifa.org • (901) 527-0208

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

t LEFT CLOCKWISE: Billie Anne Williams, Yvonne & Lawrence Madlock, and Lucia Crenshaw; Kojo McLennon,

Patricia McGee, Molitor Ford, Brad Heinz, Cecil McGee; Kim Gaskill and Margaret Craddock.

p ABOVE CLOCKWISE: Campaign committee – Milton Lovell, Sally Heinz, Deborah Craddock, Russ Williams,

Julie Raines (co-chair), Edward Dobbs (co-chair), and Amy Poag; Ray Pohlman, Bob Craddock, Arthur Fulmer and Pat Muscari; Cindy Dobbs and Janie Hopkins.

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Summer 2017



MIFA gratefully acknowledges the following annual gifts of cash or stock received October 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017. Your annual gifts help MIFA meet the current needs of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis with high-impact services that sustain and support them. For a complete listing of recent gifts, please visit mifa.org/contributions.

Individuals $100,000+ Anonymous

$25,000 - $50,000 Crews Family Foundation Snow & Henry Morgan The Mustang Fund $10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous Mrs. Rose M. Johnston Dr. Kristen & Mr. Doug Duncan Mary Lee Copp & Peter Formanek Mr. & Mrs. George T. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Kosten Sylvia G. Marks Mrs. Mary W. Minor Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Morton Mr. Zach Randolph Erin & Ray Schultz Phyllis & David Scruggs Anne & John Stokes Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Thornton III $7,500 - $9,999 Mr. & Mrs. Marion S. Boyd, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Engelberg Mr. & Mrs. Jerry F. Gay Pam & Fred Montesi Jean Norfleet


Summer 2017

$5,000 - $7,499 Anonymous Phyllis & Paul Berz Carmen & Matthew Bond Dr. & Mrs. Felix L. Caldwell The Canale Foundation, Inc. Karen C. & Preston H. Dorsett Mr. & Mrs. G. Douglas Edwards Fred R. Feder Sondra & Bill Fondren Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Gerber Mrs. Sara Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Alexander P. Jekels Jeanne & Frank Jemison Mr. & Mrs. John D. Lichterman Mr. & Mrs. Milton L. Lovell Theresa M. Mauer Mr. & Mrs. John B. Maxwell, Jr. Menke Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jackson W. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Patrick H. O’Leary Linda W. Rhea Schilling Enterprises Fund Mrs. David G. Williams, Sr. $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous Michael & Bette Ferguson Arndt Norma & Olin Atkins

Gwen & Chris Beard The Reverend & Mrs. Reynolds S. Cheney II Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Coleman Barbara A. Denley Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Duckett Camilla & Mark Evans and children Gerre W. Gourley Marilyn L. Haas Family Foundation Dr. & Mrs. W. R. Hanna, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Howell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Judson A. Lindsey Liz & Arsen Manugian Mrs. Shirley P. Moore Mr. William Payson Mrs. Anne D. Roane Mr. & Mrs. Thad S. Rodda, Jr. Ms. Randa Rosenblum Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Schadt Andrew B. Scoggin Bruce R. & Jane Scharding Smedley Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Svoboda Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Tuggle, Jr. Mrs. Lucy W. Turnbull Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Walker Mr. & Mrs. Brandon M. Wellford Mr. & Mrs. Dabney S. Wellford Herb & the Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells Mydelle Wilson

mifa.org • (901) 527-0208

$1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Ben C. Adams, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. Walter Allen Carol & Bert Barnett Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barnhart Laura & John Barrett Dr. William & Annette Bickers Dottie & Jack Blake Dr. Peggy J. Bodine Mr. & Mrs. Walker Bolton Aarti & Mark Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Hallam Boyd, Jr. Mrs. B. Snowden Boyle, Jr. Deborah & Sam Brackstone Mr. & Mrs. Craig Brashear Mr. & Mrs. James Breazeale Dr. Maury Bronstein Mr. & Mrs. Joel W. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Norman Brown, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Bryce Gail & Steve Buckman Mr. & Mrs. Berkeley C. Burbank Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Burleigh, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Howard Byers, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Byrd Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Callihan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Carpenter

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

Mr. & Mrs. C. Thomas Cates Mr. & Mrs. John C. Catmur Dr. & Mrs. Richard Cheek Suzi & Mike Cody Congressman Stephen I. Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Coleman Margaret & Bill Craddock Lucia & Hal Crenshaw Mr. Michael F. Curtis Laurie & Doug Daniel Mrs. James H. Daughdrill, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Randall A. Davis Kay & Scott Dawson Barbara Jo Dean Jane & John Dulin Mr. & Mrs. James A. Edelman Ms. Nancy D. Ellis Babs & Jef Feibelman Mark & Cindy Finestone Dr. & Mrs. James Christian Fleming Margo & Mark Fogelman Ms. Loraine R. Fowler Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Francis Margaret & Hugh Fraser Kendall & Brown Gill Lucia & Jim Gilliland Mr. & Mrs. W. Jerry Gillis Aimee G. Ginsburg E. J. Goldsmith, Jr. Fund Donna & Bob Goodman Martha & Jerrold Graber Brenda & Fred Grinder Mr. & Mrs. Everett P. Hailey Mrs. Henry Haizlip, Jr. Ms. Nancy Hart Miss Woody Harwood

The Reverend Robin & Mr. Daniel B. Hatzenbuehler Kathy Hayek Dr. & Mrs. Haywood H. Henderson, Jr. Mr. Roy W. Hendrix, Jr. Page Price Henrion Mrs. J. H. Hicks Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Hodges Dr. Teresa Holimon Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Huddleston Mr. Daniel Huerta Susan & Frank Inman, Jr. Dr. Barbara Kay Jackson & Dr. Thomas B. Shelton Ms. Paula S. Jacobson Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Jones, Jr. Mr. John M. Jones Vivian & Ken Jones Lynn Jaseph Jones Lou Pate Jones Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Jones Mr. & Mrs. L. Donald Jordan, Jr. Bruce Kahn Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Katz Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Kerr Mr. John N. Klettner The Klyce Family Ann & Roger Knox Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Landau Susanne & Bruce Landau Kathy & Scott P. Ledbetter Nell R. Levy Diane & Tom Long Ms. Margaret Maiden Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Makowsky Betty & John Malmo Ms. June B. Mann

Reverend & Mrs. Samuel P. Marshall III Mr. & Mrs. Will E. May Mr. & Mrs. Ward Mayer Ms. Jenks Etter McCrory Mr. & Mrs. Michael McDonnell Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. McEniry Ms. Stefanie R. McGee Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. McStay Mr. & Mrs. Breen Bland Mr. Bill Metz Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Morris III Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Morris Mr. & Mrs. D. Stephen Morrow Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Prabhakar Parikh Mr. & Mrs. Scott P. Plunkett Barbara & Allie Prescott Ms. Anita Ramanathan Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Reinhardt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Ricketts Dr. & Mrs. S. G. Robbins, Jr. Meryl Rosen Judy Royal Mr. & Mrs. Colin James Ruthven Ms. Robin Salant & Mr. Erik Jambor Drs. Suzanne Satterfield* & John Pickens Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Schaffler Mr. & Mrs. Jack Scharff, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Schwartz Mr. Michael Schwartz Dr. J. Allen Scoggin Dr. Janet Elaine Scott Self Foundation Drs. Melissa & Timothy H. Self Mrs. Harry B. Sharp, Jr. Ms. Nancy Sue Shaw

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Mrs. Estelle K. Sheahan Carol & Glenn Sigman Beth Simpson Ms. Kathleene A. Sims Vicki & RD Singh Katherine & Ham Smythe III Karrene P. Snell Lisa & Bayard Snowden Caprice & Art Snyder Drs. Judith Soberman & Leonard Lothstein Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Stokes Mr. & Mrs. Jack Straton Gretchen & Brian Stroud and Matthew Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Zack Taylor Deborah Dunklin Tipton Peter Tosches Sybil & Donald Tucker Agnes Ann Turley Mr. Julius C. Turner Warren Family Charitable Fund Mr. Jonathan I. Wax Blanche & Bobby Webb Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Wernet Dr. Benton M. Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Warfield Williams Linda Willis Mrs. Barbara H. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Gary Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Spence Wilson Mr. & Mrs. James D. Witherington, Jr. Mr. Thomas R. Wood Mr. Sheffield M. Worboys Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wurtzburger Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Yukon

Summer 2017


Thank You 2017 No-Go Gala hosts Katherine and Stephen Bush Kristen and Doug Duncan Travis Green Cara Greenstein Sheril Greenstein Nicole Kincy-Wright and Duiet Wright

Britton and John Laughlin Michelle and John McKissack Baylor and Howard Stovall Christine and Carroll Todd Desiree Lyles Wallace Emily and Reverend Walker Wright Emily and Geoff Wyonzek

Thanks also to the No-Go Gala no-shows, who stayed home and donated their expenses for a fancy party to MIFA, and to Tom Martin for the note card collection designs.

$750 - $999 Anonymous Drs. Heather & Ravi D. Chauhan Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Goldstein Lee & Bob Harper Britton & John Laughlin Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Madlock Dr. & Mrs. Frank Ognibene Emily R. Woodside & William D. Falvey, M.D. $500 - $749 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Lorin B. Allen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dan S. Antonelli Jane Antrobus Ms. Donna L. Banta Ms. Lou Henslee & Mr. Roy E. Bell Ms. Becky Boone The Rev. & Mrs. James R. Boyd


Summer 2017

Mr. J. Richard Briscoe Mr. & Mrs. H. Monte Brown Mr. & Mrs. William R. Bruce Mr. & Mrs. Marc Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Cannon Ms. Leslie Chang Mrs. Patty Shaw & Dr. Ed Chaum Mr. Thomas Coln Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Corzine Bob & Deborah Craddock Mr. & Mrs. William R. Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Tom Crohan Mr. Mark R. Crosby Meg & Scott Crosby Mr. & Mrs. David C. Dando Jeanne & Rabbi Harry K. Danziger Mrs. C. O. Daugherty Mr. David M. Elliott Mrs. Gayle D. Evans

Kim & John Gaskill Mr. & Mrs. William P. Green Megan & Brett Grinder Ellen & Skip Hayes Sally & Brad Heinz Ms. Anastasia Herin Ms. Carolyn Hicks Carolyn L. Jennings Mr. & Mrs. Calvin N. Jones Ms. Trina Jones Mr. James F. Keegan Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Keeler Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Keeney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. King Mr. & Mrs. Matt Kinnear Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Kopald, Jr. Mrs. Suzanne S. Lazarov Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Lee, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Lemmi

mifa.org • (901) 527-0208

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Long Dana & Robert Longfield Dr. Richard Magid Louise & Jeff Mann Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. McCrary Mr. & Mrs. James W. McLaughlin Mr. Chris McLean Mr. & Mrs. William A. McWaters Mrs. Tina B. McWhorter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Miller Pat Moody Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Mosley Mr. David Nanney B. G. Oates Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Max B. Ostner, Jr. Mr. Eddie Phillips Carol W. Prentiss Julie & Jim Raines Mr. & Mrs. Will Raines Mr. & Mrs. James C. Randle Mr. & Mrs. Keshav Rao Mr. & Mrs. Neil Ringel Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Samaha Mr. Louis Sampson Rev. C. V. Scarborough Mr. Mark W. Schneider Dr. & Mrs. D. D. Sidhu Dr. & Mrs. Barry Siegel Mr. James F. Springfield Ms. Irma Merrill Stratton Dr. & Mrs. Owen B. Tabor Mr. & Mrs. Claude Talford Mr. & Mrs. Shep D. Tate Mr. & Mrs. David R. Tichenor Mr. & Mrs. William E. Troutt Ms. Elaine Tuomanen Ms. Frankie E. Wade

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

Anni & Bill Walker Nancy S. Walker Ms. Patricia J J. Walker Dr. Jewell C. Ward & Mr. Jim Brooks Mr. Henry Wetter III Libby E. Whitten Mr. & Mrs. Berkley Wolff $250 - $499 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Abernathy Mr. Reuben Ackerman Drs. Louise & Ray Allen Ms. Ginger Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Morgan D. Arant, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William F. Bailey Brin & Dale Baucum Joy & Leo Bearman Mr. & Mrs. Nick Belisomo Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Bell, Jr. Ms. Linda A. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. James L. Boren, Jr. Ms. Doris P. Bossert Barbara Branch Nancy & Louis Brenner Dr. Clyde Brown Ms. Janice Carney Mr. & Mrs. Preston C. Carpenter Jr. Mrs. Cecilia B. Clanton Ms. Ann B. Clements & Judge J. Robert Carter, Jr. Ms. LaRose Coffey Mr. & Mrs. Jim N. Collier Dr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Cook Ms. Paula Crocker Ms. Debra E. Crummie Ms. Beverly Cruthirds & The Honorable William H. D. Fones, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Raj Dave

Mrs. Adrienne D. Davis Mr. Robert P. Dempsey Jr. Beverly & Henry Doggrell Mr. & Mrs. John M. Dollar Ms. Leslie G. Dunavant Mr. & Mrs. D. Michael Edelmuth Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Fields III Mr. & Mrs. David C. Forell Mr. & Mrs. C. Bradford Foster III Jerry Francisco Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Gassaway, Jr. Ms. Amy B. Greer Mr. & Mrs. William G. Griesbeck Mr. Kenneth A. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Hankins Mr. Larry J. Hardy Ms. Barbara A. Harper Dr. Dennis A. Higdon Mr. & Mrs. Darryl W. Higgins Betsy & Jason Hood Julia & Gordon Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Israel Mr. & Mrs. Sam Jones Mr. Len Judaken Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Kerwin Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd C. Kirkland, Jr. Ms. Elinor Roberts Kotchen Mr. & Mrs. James A. Leduc Mr. David Lee Mr. & Mrs. William L. Levy Ms. Jane M. Lovelace Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Luscomb Caroline MacQueen Suzy & B. Lee Mallory Ms. Nika Martin Ms. Vivian A. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Cecil J. McGee

Dr. & Mrs. Jesse E. McGee Mr. Chad McKinney Drs. Shamim & Mohammed Moinuddin Cindy & Scott Moore Mr. & Mrs. Sam B. Morgan Mary Lou Myers Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Oates Jan & Jim Orick Ms. Charlotte Parks Ms. Carole Pinstein Mr. & Mrs. Joshua D. Poag Dr. & Mrs. William R. Priester III Ms. Linda A. Red Mr. & Mrs. Gregory B. Richards Mr. & Mrs. Murray Riss Barney Rolfes, Jr. Sherry & Alan Samuels Dr. & Mrs. Eugene E. Sargent Molly & Marshall Sashkin Mr. & Mrs. R. Clinton Saxton Mr. & Mrs. John Senlein Fran & Phil Shannon Ruthann & Hank Shelton Judy & Ron Shinault Ms. Karen J. Silverstein Ms. Madeline R. Simonetti Mr. Wayne Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Ben G. Sissman Judge & Mrs. Donn Southern Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. Stroud Mr. & Mrs. Rob P. Sumner Mrs. Mary E. Taylor Ms. Julie Terry Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Terry Mr. Norfleet B. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Pat Travis Mr. Justin B. Usery

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Mrs. Peggy Walker Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Wallace Mr. Eddie Ward Mr. James A. Wax, Jr. Mrs. Juanita White Dr. Michael D. Wilons Mr. & Mrs. William R. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Hank Word Mr. & Mrs. John H. Wright Walker D. Wright Mr. & Mrs. David Young Mr. & Mrs. Greg Ziskind

Corporations, General Foundations, & Other Organizations $350,000+ Plough Foundation

$100,000 - $150,000 Anonymous MLGW Plus-1 $50,000 - $75,000 AutoZone The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee FedEx Services Global Citizenship $25,000 - $49,999 nexAir $20,000 - $24,999 Speer Charitable Trust $10,000 - $19,999 IBEW-Jonnie Dawson Charitable Foundation, Inc. Thomas W. Briggs Foundation, Inc. $5,000 - $9,999 Bank of America BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation

Summer 2017


MGM Resorts Foundation Regions Bank The Salmon Foundation State Systems, Inc. $2,500 - $4,999 American Snuff Company, LLC Combined Federal Campaign of the Mid-South The Hohenberg Foundation, Inc. Memphis Restaurant Association Thomas & Betts Corporation $1,000 - $2,499 Bass, Berry & Sims, PLC Evans | Petree Gaskill Strategies H. W. Durham Foundation Heritage Woman’s Club Jim Keras Nissan Kendra Scott The Knapp Foundation, Inc. Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau Newberry Tanks & Equipment, LLC Peder Lund Gallery Priority Insurance Agency, Inc. Silver Tree Residential, LLC Southeastern Asset Management, Inc. Standard Electric Company, Inc. The Voehringer Law Firm, PC WellCare Health Plans, Inc. $500 - $999 A Better Source American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Comcast Foundation King Frederick Consistory, #38 Gardo Design Group, LLC Memphis BBQ Pit Pty Ltd NADA


Summer 2017

Pinnacle Perpetual Services Reginald Wurzburg Foundation Republic Services Top Notch Security, Inc. Travel Leaders United Way of the Mid-South Wells Fargo Advisors $250 - $499 Allenberg Rosen Family Foundation Inc. Benevity DePouw Engineering, LLC Graber Partners Hilby Family Foundation Insurance Brokers & Services Co. Kelsey Zehring Children’s Foundation Kroger Delta Division

Congregations & Faith Communities

$10,000+ Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church $7,500 - $9,999 Germantown Presbyterian Church $5,000 - $7,499 Fullview Missionary Baptist Church St. George’s Episcopal Church Third Church of Christ, Scientist $2,500 - $4,999 Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Trinity Baptist Church Balmoral Presbyterian Church $1,000 - $2,499 Central Church Church of the Holy Apostles First Baptist Church Gospel Temple Missionary Baptist Church Idlewild Presbyterian Church

Kingsway Christian Church Pakistan Association of Memphis Second Presbyterian Church St. John Orthodox Church St. Luke Lutheran Church White Stone Missionary Baptist Church $500 - $999 Christ United Methodist Church, Seekers Sunday School class Collierville United Methodist Church, New Beginnings Sunday School class Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Germantown Decatur Trinity Christian Church First Unitarian Church of Memphis Lord of Life Lutheran Church United Methodist Church, Memphis Conference $250 - $499 Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Central Christian Church, Christian Women’s Fellowship Evergreen Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Women First Assembly of God Germantown United Methodist Church Greater White Stone Missionary Baptist Church Oakville Missionary Baptist Church Scenic Hills United Methodist Church $249 and under Avery Chapel CME Church Buntyn Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Women Calvary Episcopal Church Cherokee Baptist Church Ellendale United Methodist Church, United Methodist Women

mifa.org • (901) 527-0208

Embury United Methodist Church, Pilgrim Sunday School class Evangelist Missionary Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Women Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Morning Sun Cumberland Presbyterian Church New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church Presbytery of the Mid-South Second Baptist Church Wesleyan Hills United Methodist Church

Tributes IN HONOR OF:

Lisa Abitz Deborah & Sam Brackstone Pauline Acree Charlene & Bruce Person Sylvia & Bill Adams Theresa Mauer Julia Wellford Allen Katherine Allen Ellie Appling Thelma Wilsford Beth Baker Patricia Baker Patricia Baker Andrew Baker Monique Baldridge & family The MIFA family Betty & Joe Barnett Pat Moody

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Cape Connie Ashley Dr. & Mrs. Richard Cape


AutoZone was recently awarded MIFA’s Pathfinder Award in recognition of the company’s decades-long relationship with MIFA. AutoZone contributed to The MIFA Independence Fund, an endowment to sustain high-impact programs and leadership. They are the new presenting sponsor of MIFA’s Emergency Services program, which assists individuals who have experienced a temporary crisis with rent, mortgage payments, utilities, and food. In addition to financial support, AutoZone’s exceptional partnership includes ongoing volunteer engagement and board leadership.

Lacey Chaum Edward Chaum The Rev. Reynolds S. Cheney Lucy Turnbull Pat & Buck Clark Beverly Hutkins Rauch

Susan & Roger Bransford Catherine Hutchison

Krystal & Samuel Baucum Brin & Dale Baucum

Anne & Milton Brown George Brown

Ken Billings Donna & Thomas Huddleston

Ireys, Nathan & Braxton Bryan Brin & Dale Baucum

Carole & Jeff Blankenship Catherine Hutchison

Dr. & Mrs. John Buchignani Susan & Kent Wunderlich

Allen Boone Mel & Bud Richey

Dan Butler Greg Voehringer

Scott Boone Alison Flint

Ann & Felix Caldwell Linda & Claude Paddock

Huddy & Bayard Boyle Elinor Roberts Kotchen

Billie Cannon The Spakes

Deborah & Sam Brackstone Dan & Bonnie Lattimore

The Canon Family Catherine Hutchison

James Delgadillo Susan & John Peterson Edward Dobbs Kim & John Gaskill Cheryl & Dave Eddins Amy Cuttie

Suzi Cody Jane Cody

Joseph Edwards Verlinda Henning Debra Smith

Katie & Keith Cole Julie Terry

Mary & Robert Ellis Frances & Frank Cianciolo

Commercial Appeal Home Delivery Personnel Asan G. Tejwani

Cherry Falls Katie Harris

Rev. Cheryl Cornish Gail Murray & Joe Hawes Brin & Dale Baucum Mary & Glenn Ferguson

Janet Delaney Kristen Delaney

Deborah & Bob Craddock Cindy & Edward Dobbs The MIFA family Julie & Jim Raines Margaret & Bill Craddock Corinne & Bob Adrian Beverly Cruthirds & William Fones Catherine Hutchison LeRoy Dahler Frances & Jim Randle Dr. Raj Dave Minaxi & Narendra Shah Hermine Davidson Ros Kimmelman Janet Kisber Shirley Manis Camille Deaderick & Cherry Falls Margaret Falls-Corbitt

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Ann Gallina Holly Rogers Margarita Gallo Michelle Kaufman Hazel Gentry Cynthia Gentry Germantown Police Department Asan G. Tejwani Browning & Benjamin Gill Kendall & Brown Gill Aimee Ginsburg S. Lani Kahn Drody Larry Ginsburg Minna & Alan Glenn Norfleet B. Thompson Bobbie & Herman Goldberger Jan & Howard Horn Drs. Dipti & Subba R. Gollamudi Visanji & Jaya Gala Gerre W. Gourley Mr. & Mrs. John R. Stewart

Summer 2017


Jesse, David, and Rowan Graber Margaret Newton

Betsy Hood Jason Hood

Milton L. Lovell Mary L. Lovell

Hattie McNeary Julie Dixon

Ellery & William Gratz Margaret Newton

Gene Horner Golden & Steve Bearman

Dr. Bonita Lyons Ginger & Don Jordan

Bebe & Bill McWaters Suzanne & Jerry Snipes

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Griesbeck Mr. & Mrs. Don Pritchard

Hospice & Nursing Home Volunteers Asan G. Tejwani

Evelyn & Larry MacDonald Ben Cornelius

Martha & Dennis Medford Emma Tritt

Linda & Mark Hamilton Catherine Hutchison

Dr. Emmanuel Iloh Dr. Raj Dave

Arnetta Macklin Ruthann & Hank Shelton

Memphis Firefighters Association Asan G. Tejwani

Diane Hampton Thomas B. Shelton

The Mervyn Israel Family Doris, Sefton & Chuck Lucas

Jerome Makowsky Janet Kisber

Memphis Sanitation Workers Asan G. Tejwani

Iris & Ronald Harkavy Jerome B. Makowsky

Ms. Allyson Janelli, City of Germantown Asan G. Tejwani

Leanne & Bill Marcy Ben Cornelius

Nathan & Jenny Harmeier and Family The Andersons

Helen Jaseph Anita & Vinson Cobb

Julie Markham Paula Markham

Memphis & Shelby County Humane Society Asan G. Tejwani

Dorothy Hartzog Hazel H. Canon Sally Jones Heinz Betty & Joe Barnett Trish & Will Hayley

Mary Katherine Graham & Charles Jones Natalie & Jimmy Jalenak

Alex Mathis Greg Voehringer

Lynn Jones Vivian, Ken, Carolyn & Marshall Jones

Betty & Steele Mattingly Tommy Corzine

Bryan Jordan The MIFA family

Stacy McCall The MIFA family

Faith Kaye & Barbara Ogles Charlotte Sanders

Chris McLean Darryl Arbor Cindy Black Pam Curry Larry Fogarty Linda Haynes Charles Lane Dave Rosenbaum Sue Waugh

Donor Privacy Policy

MIFA places the highest priority on protecting the privacy of our donors and volunteers and holds all information in strict confidence. Donor/volunteer information is never traded, sold, or rented. If at any time you wish to be removed from any of our communications lists or if you have other questions or concerns, simply contact the Advancement office by phone at (901) 529-4502.


Summer 2017

Cathy & Charlie Keeny Catherine Hutchison Sally Kesselman Susanne & Bruce Landau Mr. & Mrs. Russ Kruchten Elise & Chuck Williams Dr. Sudhir Kumar Himani & Raj Dave Myrna & Dr. Joe Levy The Simkins Carroll & O. Lewis Ben Cornelius Maggie & Milton Lovell Cathy Perkins

Gretchen Wollert McLennon The MIFA family Margaret & Alec McLean Margaret & Bill Craddock Margaret & Hugh Fraser Betty & Mark McMahon Mary & Glenn Ferguson

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MIFA Staff Betty & Joe Barnett Judith A. Cross Gerre W. Gourley Lillie King Sarah Terry Julius West MIFA Meals on Wheels Recipients Connie Mills MIFA Meals on Wheels Volunteers Norma Fisher Kitty Price Asan G. Tejwani MIFA Volunteers Marty & Bobby Svoboda Elizabeth & Eric Montesi Nikki Montesi Rev. Steve Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Jones, Jr. Cindy Cates Moore Lisa & David Martin Elaine & Tom Cates

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

Dr. & Mrs. William Morehead Catherine & Robert Morehead Jane Hart & Bayard Morgan Elinor Roberts Kotchen Snow & Henry Morgan Yvonne Fournier Elinor Roberts Kotchen Rose L. Morrison Lynn & Dr. Robert Kline Jean Norfleet Christine H. Garrett Mr. & Mrs. John Laughlin Norfleet Thompson

Julie & Jim Raines Kim & John Gaskill Lovie Raines Ric Nuber YMCA Staff Asan G. Tejwani Randa Rosenblum Janet Kisber The MIFA family Diane Rudner Jerome Makowsky Sree Saibaba Renuka Reddy

John O’Connell Madeline Patterson

Rudi Scheidt Ros Kimmelman Shirley Manis

Pastor Bartholomew Orr The Family of Ida Mae Nelson

Erin & Ray Schultz Diane Pope

Dr. Kamlesh Parekh Himani & Raj Dave

Dr. Timothy Self Stephanie Phelps

Kusumben Parikh Chandranayan Baxi

Nino & Charles Shipp Kay & Hayden Lait

Dr. Pravin Patel Himani & Raj Dave

Douglas Skipworth Greg Voehringer

Stephanie & Mike Patton Catherine Hutchison

Linda Ellen Sklar Lee McGarity

Malissa Peacock Connie Ashley

Amelia Smith Carlos Royston

Latasha Peeples Angela Cormier

Trish & Richard Spore Charlotte Parks

Mr. & Mrs. John Pike Greg Voehringer

Ed Stanton III Deborah & Sam Brackstone

Jill Plummer Thomas Plummer

Laurie Stanton Wanda Chancellor

Mary Alice Quinn Hal Fogelman

T. L. & Rod Starns Leslie & Jonathan Epstein

Buzz Steinberg Delores & Roland Oser

Rev. Sonia Walker Gail Murray & Joe Hawes

Matthew Stroud Shawn Anderson Terry Bossert Amy Brown Jessica & Marcus Scott KC & Jeff Warren

Jo Walt Missie & Jim McDonnell

Mary Summerall Phadria Edmund

Ava Weiss Dr. & Mrs. Todd Tobias

Patrick Surratt Greg Voehringer Arlene Symon Rohini & Prabhakar Parikh David & Elizabeth Tate Nicki & Judy Belisomo S. Shepherd Tate Sandy & Shep Tate Andy & Joanie Taylor Meg & Charles Gerber Louise & Ray Terry Margaret Skapek The Rev. Fr. Simon Thomas Family Despina & Jim Karas Sarah Calder Trotz Rosemary Johnson Sybil & Donald Tucker Lynn J. Jones USA Armed Services Asan G. Tejwani Jennilyn Utkov Gary R. Cook Helen & George Voehringer Greg Voehringer Peg & Dan Wahl Catherine Hutchison

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Pat & Jerry Webb Elaine & David Krueger Ann & Mike Weiss Jerome Makowsky

Helen Weiss Elaine Tanoos Bob White Bobbie Wonderly McLaughlin Willie & Quinton White Rebecca Argall Debbie & Larry Whitlock Nicki & Judy Belisomo Joy & Larry Wilk Janet Kisber Jerome Makowsky D. & B. Wilson Donna Wilson Betty Woodard Virginia Pilcher

IN MEMORY OF: Elliot Abel Shirley Manis

Gary Albertine, Sr. Terry A. Dan All of my deceased family members Lillie Mae King Gloria Archer Lee McGarity

Summer 2017


Betty & Bob Armstrong Ireys & Nathan Bryan “Aunt Margie” Janet Kisber June Mann Averyt Farrah Jones Lessie Ayers The MIFA family Elizabeth Martin Barker Milton Lovell The Rev. Dr. Lloyd Barker Janie Barker, Martha Jane Turley & Rayner Turley Bob Baskin Mid-South Dermatology Clinic Joye T. Bell The MIFA family Jacqueline “Jackie” Bernatsky Janet Kisber Robert (Bob) Bernstein Margaret Craddock The MIFA family Spicer Rudstrom PLLC Lillie McNeil Blair The MIFA family Ginevra “Gee Gee” Bland Joyce Summitt Billie Roach Bobbitt Mary Lou Adams Beverly Fourmy Carrick Chickasaw Country Club Evans | Petree Carolyn Galloway Carolyn & Jack Ivy Beth & John Lemm Michael Lemm


Summer 2017

The MIFA family Janet Misner Deborah Moore Susan & Dan Oppenheimer B. G. Oates & Stephen Poole Thomas B. Preston Stella C. Salmon Mildred Schwartz Louise & Jerry Sklar Cindy Stewart

Dewey Burchfield Delores & Roland Oser

Meriam Cooper Janet Kisber

Billy Byrd Tia & Pat Byrd

James Craven Ginger & Don Jordan

Alyce & Phil Cannon Deborah & Sam Brackstone

Mary Crosby Lee McGarity

Frances Ozelle Cobb Marsha & Jimmy Cobb Mike Dew

Marilyn Curle Theresa Mauer

Phyllis Henry Brannon The MIFA family

Frances & Walter Cobb Ann & Jerry Cheatham and family Larry Greene Ronnie Greene Tommy Greene Linda Overton Beverly & Dan Parham and family

William J. Britton III Lyn & Ted Bailey

Madeline Boston Coe Pam & Fred Montesi and family

Mary C. Bronstein Doris Bodan Donna & Bob Goodman Ros Kimmelman Janet Kisber The MIFA family

Kay Allenberg Cohen Doris Bodan Aimee Ginsburg Lynn & Dr. Robert Kline The Rosens

Smith Bowling Daniel Bowling David Edward Boyd The MIFA family

Betty Brooks Mary Dowling Catherine S. Brotherton Sheila Cohen Esther Lubin Andi & Michael Uiberall Patricia Brown Janis & John Lichterman Don Bruch John & Billy Lichterman and family Dr. Robert Buchalter Linda & David Usdan

Miriam Cohn Janet Kisber Sidney A. Cohn Hollie & Greg Ziskind Jack Colley Dana & Rick Totty Noel Conley Pam & Fred Montesi and family David Cook Trina Jones Earl Wilson Cooper The MIFA family

mifa.org • (901) 527-0208

Nancy Cutler Karen & Murray Riss Dr. C. O. Daugherty, Vincent C. Daugherty, Cleopatra R. Daugherty & Mr. & Mrs. O. Z. Williams Mrs. C. O. Daugherty Champa Dave Asan G. Tejwani Earl Waymon DeHart Wade DeHart Robert P. Dempsey, Sr. Robert P. Dempsey, Jr. Helen Denman Cheryl Barton Marshall A. Depka Lisa & Leonard Cohen The MIFA family Mary Dean Dill Maggie & Milton Lovell Elaine Pounds Dooley Terry Dan Sally W. Dorman James Dorman Pat Doty Laura Schwartz Chris, Lou, Art, & Tommy Douglass John Lichterman

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

Ben Downen B. G. Oates & Stephen Poole Carmen Doyle Dianne King Myra & Fred Dreifus Nancy & Louis Brenner Peggy Drinkard Judith & Bruce Campbell Marcia Dropkin Lyn & Gordon Yukon Allen Dunstan Burleigh Consulting Group EZR Management Sister of Barbara Earhart Suzanne McDonald Roger Easson Deborah & Sam Brackstone Roland Edmonson Lucia Clinkscales Ina Eiseman Doris Bodan Helen Ferguson Donna & Bob Goodman Nadine, Paul, Marc & Scott King Delores & Roland Oser Nathan, Denise & Daniel Simkin Coach Carlos Etheredge Janis & John Lichterman James M. Evans Gayle Evans Gladys Fields Cindy & Jody Pendergrast Glen Finch Phyllis Finch William G. Finch Phyllis Finch

Sarah “Teter” Finn Donna & Bob Goodman Shirley Manis Jack Wylie Foster Camille Bennett Elise & Robert Crockett Carol & Will Leatherman Karie & Shea Leatherman Mr. & Mrs. William E. Loveless II Ramon Marus The MIFA family William Purcell Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Wood John Herbert Fox, Sr. The Cookes Cindy & Jody Pendergrast Angela Weems Carol Francisco Jerry Francisco Steven Friedman Doris Bodan Donna & Bob Goodman Phillip Joseph Gagliano, Sr. Janis & John Lichterman Cindy & Jody Pendergrast David S. Gambrell Ella G. Thompson Roland Gerhardt Doris Bodan Judy Royal Eva & Walter Gerlach Erin & Ray Schultz Milla Gieselmann Terry Dan

Dot Gilbertson Nancy & Tom Bell Gay Daughdrill Boyd Lila Beth Burke Margaret & Bill Craddock Dr. & Mrs. Michael Crowell Emily Woodside & Bill Falvey, M.D. Gayle & Henry Flautt Leigh Fraser Margaret & Hall Gardner Kim & John Gaskill Jessie Gilbertson Judi Harrick Sally & Brad Heinz Cecelia Johnson-Powell Jessica Jones Jo Kee Anne Knight David Lee Maggie & Milton Lovell Linda Marks Kay McCauley Margaret & Alec McLean Linda & Major McNeil Susan Mills Cindy & Scott Moore Cynthia Moseley Catherine Nathan Patricia Primrose John Pritchard, Jr. Karen & Murray Riss Jean Schmidt Jim Seacat Ronnie Kay Smith Caprice Snyder Anna Whalley Ellen Whitten Mary Beth Wiggins

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Cecil A. Godman, Jr. Pam & Fred Montesi Elvis Goldsmith Nadine, Paul, Marc & Scott King The Menkes, Melinda, Katherine, & Elizabeth Jumet Our Grandparents Deborah & Sam Brackstone Guy Graves Adrienne Graves Edward Greaney, Sr. Dorothy Greaney Mac Greene Janis & John Lichterman Kattie Gregory Laurin Gregory Ronald C. Haas Curt Ward & Jeffrey Ward Betty Harbison Pam & Fred Montesi Steve Helveston John Lichterman Lillie Bell Higgins Nikia Johnson Lowell G. “Bud” Horner Margaret & Bill Craddock Sara M. Holmes Vivian & Ken Jones Lynn Jones Josephine Hunter Steve Kisber Bessie Jackson Victoria Holladay Derek N. Jackson Greg Voehringer

Summer 2017


Elizabeth & Lewis Jayroe Charlene & Jim Allen Elsye & Bill Johnson Michael Schiff Dorothy & Jameson Jones Anne & Milton Brown Sally & Brad Heinz Christa & Calvin Jones Jessica Jones John M. Jones Sharon & Sam Jones Frank M. Jones Martha S. Jones Marshall Phillip Jones Lynn J. Jones Jeanne Scully Jordan Pam & Fred Montesi Mary Gordon Keegan Marcelle Evans Pam & Fred Montesi Daney Kepple Jacquelyn Nerren Linda Romander

Mark Lapides Mary Lapides Shela & Jason Shela Paul Lazarov Doris Bodan Harold Brooks Janet Kisber Nora Rothschild Laurie Stark & Judy Stark Max Lennon The MIFA family Evy Halle Levy Carol & Bert Barnett Marge & Bill Levy Aimee Ginsburg & Allan Wolf Jeanette Lewis Robin & Jeffrey Wallace

Clem Klank John Lichterman Rebecca Klyce Kelsey Zehring Children’s Foundation Sid Kraker The MIFA family Pam & Fred Montesi

Barbara Magdovitz Doris Bodan Lynn & Dr. Robert Kline Charles F. Maire, Sr. Karen Ellis Thelma Marquette The MIFA family Lucille Marx Judy & Richard Laitman Lawson Dunn Maury, Sr. Pam & Fred Montesi Clyde Thomas May, Sr. Shirley Manis & Stacey Cohen Peggy McBride The MIFA Family Jim McCormick Will D. Magruder Gail Everhart McCracken Belinda E. Rubens

Ezekiel Miles The MIFA family

Herbert Lipman Freddi & Joel Felt Joanie Avery Lipsey Janis & John Lichterman Willie Mae Love Carolyn Love Huff Evelyn Love Jones

Clim Madlock Rhynette Hurd

The mother of Lynn & David Meyer Carol & Bert Barnett

Gordon Linkon Ros Kimmelman

Jane Woodall Kittrell Natalie & Jimmy Jalenak

Mary Jane McIneme-Miller Marilyn & Richard Reinhardt Terry Melvin Janis & John Lichterman Buck Micheel Terry Dan

Milton L. Lovell, Sr. Maggie & Milton Lovell Barbara Lowry E. L. Talbot, Jr. E. L. Talbot, Sr.

Betty Krupicka Milton L. Lovell

Summer 2017

Jacqueline Kuykendall Barbara Dillon

Sylvia D. Lieberman Ken Barnett

Jonas Kisber, Jr. Janet Kisber


Lisa Kurts Janie Barker, Martha Jane Turley & Rayner Turley

Blanche Miller Carmen & Ron Anderson Carol & Stan Craig Mary Cunningham Mary Lou Cushing Sheila Hood Cecilia & Sam Marshall The MIFA family Mr. & Mrs. Lee D. Miller, Jr. Linda & Lee Miller III Donovan Mills The MIFA family Vive W. Montgomery Olivia J. Montgomery Vive, Charles & Warren Montgomery Eugenia M. Williamson Mummy The Sangoi family Eddie Murphy The MIFA family Gary Myers Knickerbocker Plaza, LLC Dr. John Nash Mary & Charles Cape The Cookes Mary Ann Nelson John Lichterman Dr. Larry B. Newman Beverly F. Carrick Jeanne Smith Robert Newsom Margaret Craddock Barbara Newsom Rita Rutherford Troy S. Norwood Gerre W. Gourley

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OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

Thanks to these sponsors for supporting the Lip Sync Plus contest benefitting the Plus-1 utility assistance program: Allegiant Air, Launchpad 6, Memphis Help a Family in Crisis Keep the Lights On. Convention and Visitors Bureau, Memphis Comedy Festival, Regional One Health, Top Notch Security, Tennessee Valley Authority, WMC Action News 5


To support Plus-1, visit www.donate.mifa.org/plus-1. Herbert Notowich Doris Bodan Donna & Bob Goodman Natalie & Jimmy Jalenak Janet Kisber Shirley Manis The MIFA family Kittie Davis Nowlin Dot & John Brannen Trudy & Boyd Rhodes Emily Woodside Dick Orr Rebecca Hobson Charlotte O’Shaughnessy Pam, Fred, Nikki, Eric & Elizabeth Montesi Cleophes Owens, Jr. Eric Montesi Mary Pailet Terri, Paul & Celia Ray Burson Linda S. Parker Sonja M. Thorsen Sarah Jane Spiotta Peppel Lynn & Dr. Robert P. Kline Johnnie M. Peters Angela Hayes

Janice Day Pettis Joyia Miller Bartie & Oscar Plunket, Jr. Jane Plunket Carolyn Miller Poore Janis & John Lichterman Chandrika C. Purohit Himani & Raj Dave Clifton R. Qualls Martha Qualls Prof. Lee Gibbs Queener Joanne & Stephen Malin Robert Raiford The MIFA family Clarence R.J. “Ray” Ransom Ken Jones Sarah Jane Froelich Reidhead Cindy & Jody Pendergrast Ernestine Culpepper Roberson Mia & Bill Condon Mary Wilbourn Robinson Nell R. Levy Virginia Ann Robinson John Lichterman Suzanne & Jerry Snipes

Madeline T. Rodriguez The Lichterman Family

Mark Sinclair John Lichterman

Mike Rose The MIFA family

Joan Spector Lynn & David Meyer Marilyn & Richard Reinhardt Peggy Seessel

Dr. David Rowe Ricki & Barry Fife Suzy Satterfield The MIFA family Marilyn & Richard Reinhardt Mannie Scheinberg Marilyn & Richard Reinhardt Joseph Scheuner Jean & Buddy Ballin Carol Schneider Trudi Evensky Ginny Wilcox Robert James Schroeder Beverly F. Carrick B.J. Seal Natalie & Jimmy Jalenak Janet Kisber Lynn & Dr. Robert Kline Dr. Charles J. Shannon, Jr. Marie P. Shannon Harry “Skip” Sharp Glenda Sharp Aileen Lewis Sharpe Janet Kisber Nora Rothschild Mike Sheahan Lyn & Ted Bailey Linda & David Tichenor Bill Simmons Donna Green Terry Simmons John, Jimmy & Billy Lichterman and family

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Wilton “Dee Dee” Steinberg Margie & Harold Steinberg Harriet & Tom Stern Susan & Jim Edelman Elissa Fine Randy Meeks Father & Aunt of Michael W. Stetson Barbara Branch Lucille Catherine Stock Deana Stock Laverne Struminger Bruce Kahn Janet Kisber Margaret B. Swearengen Maggie & Milton Lovell James Swinney Sharon & Allan Fishman Syrian victims of genocide Asan G. Tejwani Curtis Thompson Jennifer & Vernice Thompson Marie Fulmer Thompson Judith & Bruce Campbell Doilley Thornton Ann & Jerry Cheatham and family Linda Overton Beverly & Dan Parham and family Billy Todd Mary & Charles Cape

Summer 2017


Daniel Tomaszczuk Susan Crumby

Lucy Rives Williford The MIFA family

Mr. Boots Boyd Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Linda Gatlin Pam & Fred Montesi

Nancy Tooke Pam & Fred Montesi and family

Arthur J. Wolff Doris Bodan Donna & Bob Goodman Marianne & Berkley Wolff

Mrs. Norma Britt Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Judy Gauthier Pam & Fred Montesi

Henry Wolpert Carol & Gene Katz

Mrs. Deborah Budge Pam & Fred Montesi

Lax Ghodasara Sarla Dharsandia

Mr. Steve Burkett Pam & Fred Montesi

Mr. Rick Grant Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Paula Buttross Pam & Fred Montesi

Ms. Dee Grisanti Pam & Fred Montesi

Ann K. Caldwell Pamela Gossett

Mrs. Anne Gusmus Pam & Fred Montesi

Mary Cape Dr. & Mrs. Richard Cape

Dr. Jacinto Hernandez Pam & Fred Montesi

Bhartiben Chauhan Rohini & Prabhakar Parikh

Mr. Marcus Hodges Pam & Fred Montesi

Dinesh Chauhan Sarla Dharsandia

Mrs. Mary Ann Hodges Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Cecelia Clanton Pam & Fred Montesi

Linda House Lynn J. Jones

Pat Davidson Missie McDonnell

Ms. Paula S. Jacobson Milton Lovell

Cheri DelBrocco Deborah & Sam Brackstone

Mrs. Peggy Jalenak Pam & Fred Montesi

Greg Duckett Milton Lovell

Cecelia Johnson-Powell Milton Lovell

Ms. Didi Dwyer Pam & Fred Montesi

Ken Jones Milton Lovell

Mark Finestone Milton Lovell

Susan & Will Jones David Lusk & Carissa Hussong

Vanessa Frazier Milton Lovell

Jerry Klein Judy Royal

Ms. Ilene Friener Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Nancy Klepper Pam & Fred Montesi

Elinor & Norfleet R. Turner Curtis Ringold Suzette Wadsworth Carol & Bert Barnett

Dwayne Wray Mary Dowling

Nancy Wakeman Margaret Craddock The MIFA family Catherine Guthrie Walker Edna G. Guthrie Floy Walker Margaret Richhart Stan Walker Pam, Fred, Nikki, Eric & Elizabeth Montesi Gene Walter Janet Kisber

Helen & Rabbi James A. Wax Jonathan Wax Hugh Edward Webb The MIFA family


Lisa Abitz Deborah & Sam Brackstone

Mr. Damon Arney Pam & Fred Montesi Mr. Rick Avery Pam & Fred Montesi Mr. Steve Berkman Pam & Fred Montesi

Pam Weirich Michelle D. Flake

Joyce Bishop Milton Lovell

Kelly Whitaker John Lichterman David Williams Mr. & Mrs. L. Donald Jordan, Jr. Billie Anne Williams Precious Williams Mark Schneider

Summer 2017

Sara Zangwill Barbara & Leonard Richman Judy Royal

Anne Adler Carol & Bert Barnett

Lenora Ward Buddy Hardison


Gwendolyn Wright Lucia Clinkscales

Mrs. Carmen Bond Pam & Fred Montesi Mr. Matthew Bond Pam & Fred Montesi Ms. Aarti Bowman Milton Lovell

Mrs. Janette Krauch Pam & Fred Montesi

mifa.org • (901) 527-0208

OUR VISION:  Uniting the community through service.

Judy Laitman Aimee Ginsburg & Allan Wolf

Miss Nikki Montesi Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Elma Schnapp Pam & Fred Montesi

Jeremy Wallace Dr. Myron & Barbara Lord Watkins

Mrs. Louise Leighton Pam & Fred Montesi

Dr. Sydney Montesi Pam & Fred Montesi

Sig Schwartz Janet Kisber

The Reverend Dorothy S. Wells Milton Lovell

Bobye List Peggy Seessel

Mr. Terry Montesi Pam & Fred Montesi

Mr. Don Scott Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Ellen Wells Pam & Fred Montesi

Arnetta Macklin Milton Lovell

Mrs. Beth Moore Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Elizabeth Scott Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Anne Wesberry Pam & Fred Montesi

Evelyn Makowsky Trudi Evensky

Cindy Cates Moore Milton Lovell

Louise Sklar Peggy & L. R. Jalenak, Jr.

Ms. Shirley Whiteside Pam & Fred Montesi

Linda Marks Milton Lovell

Nadiya Morrison Aarti Bowman

Amelia Smith Meryl Rosen

Sharon Wolfson Deborah & Sam Brackstone

Mrs. Sue Matthews Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Marci R. Mosley Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Jan Stein Pam & Fred Montesi

Carl Zwerner Janet Kisber

Mr. Lawson Maury Pam & Fred Montesi

Jean Norfleet Missie & Jim McDonnell The MIFA family

John Stokes The MIFA family


Dorothy Lane McClure Milton Lovell Mrs. Vicki McCullough Pam & Fred Montesi Cecil McGee Milton Lovell Mrs. Sharrel McGrew Pam & Fred Montesi Mr. Matthew McGuire Pam & Fred Montesi Kojo McLennon Milton Lovell Mrs. Rose Mitchell Pam & Fred Montesi Mrs. Gwen Montague Pam & Fred Montesi Mrs. Blanche Montesi Pam & Fred Montesi Mrs. Elizabeth Montesi Pam & Fred Montesi

Mrs. Sarah Norton Pam & Fred Montesi Ms. Meg O’Shaughnessy Pam & Fred Montesi Ms. Kathy Patrick Pam & Fred Montesi Mrs. Susan Plough Pam & Fred Montesi Mrs. Leigh Ann Poole Pam & Fred Montesi Dr. Bhaskar Rao Poorna & Dr. Amar Gajjar Mrs. Christina Roberts Pam & Fred Montesi Mrs. Sharon Roney Pam & Fred Montesi Ms. Adriana Schillace Pam & Fred Montesi

Chris Suhoza Milton Lovell

Mary Katherine Graham & Charles Jones Natalie & Jimmy Jalenak

Mrs. Barbara Sullivan Pam & Fred Montesi

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Grant Pam & Fred Montesi and family

Vijaybhai Surpuriya Chandranayan Baxi Himani & Raj Dave Rohini & Prabhakar Parikh Meera & Bhrugu Shah

Cynthia Ham & Jeff Sanford Natalie & Jimmy Jalenak Neelam & Mukesh Jain Himani & Raj Dave

Sarah Terry Kenan Padgett

The marriage of Dr. & Mrs. Robert Kline’s granddaughter Janet Kisber

John Rayner Turley Your Mom & Grandmother

Rameshbhai & Purnimaben Purohit Himani & Raj Dave

Dr. David Usdan Judy Royal

Sandy & Webster Riggs Carol Ann Mallory

Ms. Morgan Card Walker Pam & Fred Montesi Miss Rose Leeton Walker Pam & Fred Montesi

OUR MISSION:  Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-­impact programs.

Summer 2017


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