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north america

Canada, Nova Scotia – Kaulbach Island

Canada, Nova Scotia – Islands in Indian Summer

USA, Connecticut – Davis Island

caribbean sea – central America PRIVATE ISLANDS


Grenada – White Island

Bahamas – Bottle Cay

British Virgin Islands – Green Cay and Sandy Spit

Vladi Private Islands has spent more than forty years traveling the world to visit, photograph and evaluate islands on all five continents. Because of their rarity, islands are the most attractive type of real estate and are incomparable to anything else on the real estate market. The most marketable islands comply with the following criteria: n Title Only unencumbered freehold title is acceptable n Medical Medical services must be within a 90 minute radius of the island n Fauna Can you live with indigenous animals on the chosen island (some have mosquitoes, sand-flies ...) n Flora Get familiar with trees and plants, pros and cons n Host Country Social environment, acceptance of foreign investment n Access Is the island accessible? Harbor, anchorage, landing ... n Infrastructure Water, sewage, electricity, telephone, internet n Building Permit Availability of permit, size of house, type of development n Climate Get familiar with the weather and climate conditions n Island Surroundings Neighborhood, amenities, services and also crime level

Technological advances such as solar and wind energy, prefabricated houses and desalination processes have ensured that the advantages of a mainland property over an island property have all but disappeared. Our services are not merely limited to finding you a suitable island but also include extensive and knowledgeable consultation on the bureaucratic formalities of an island purchase, detailed and informed assistance in developing your island, as well as constant attention to the various needs of our clients.

USA, New York State – Dark Island

Panama – Isla de Coco


Island Traveler  

A Selection of Spa, Robinson and Private Islands -worldwide-

Island Traveler  

A Selection of Spa, Robinson and Private Islands -worldwide-