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The Process

Zine Of The Final Judgment COMPILATION

Through the darkness of futures past The magician longs to see One chants out between two worlds Fire walk with me

It all started as a dream. A dream of writing placed in my heart while

living in the world of illusions. Dreams and illusions. You know this one. Our dreams are the reality that is fogged with illusions people refuse to acknowledge. My dream might is their biggest nightmare.

In the new age of enlightenment people tend to fall in the mass hypnosis more than ever. They see what the media present, like what other like, think how the government want them to think. They want no money to be spent on books, music, art. They want to consume and be consumed. Their consumerism is on its basic level, fulfilling their simple, socially accepted, needs. They are being consumed by what they consume. The receiver becomes the donor. The never changing cycle of stupidity recycling. The new generations fed by the old standards of non-living, non-thinking, non-seeing, breathing the corrupted quasi-ideas of their fathers.

People like me have never lived among others, have never seen the world as other see it. I have travelled through this Hell many call Earth for the past 31 years and saw it getting ruined and changing day by day. Is this a positive change? Is this the right direction the world is going to? Well, you already know the answer as you hold this compilation in your hands. A compilation of my thoughts printed on paper. Thoughts people like to laugh about or pretend they do not hear. Thoughts that are the biggest threat to this modern society and its vision of the future.

I want you to fall outside this circle. I want you to read critically, think creatively and see with closed eyes. I want you to live outside this so called reality. I want you to be the chosen, the damned and the few. I want you to leave your mind and set free towards the impending collapse of the human world. I want you to ride the rollercoaster of the apocalypse.

The initial idea for this zine was to present my views on anti-Christianity, the modern apocalyptic thought and the teachings of The Process Church of the Final Judgment. Throughout the whole issues you had a chance to read those and some ideas of the satanic principles, interviews with alike minds and enjoy the intriguing art.

The world as the Grey Forces want us to see is no longer here. It has all burned down, I saw it burnt today, all is left is flames and the human worms feed on its ashes. The poisonous ashes of its perverted minds.

I thought it would be a good idea to have all the issues printed in one place, released as a special edition, a kind of collectible. You are probably one of a very few people that decided to spend their money on this form of knowledge.

Join me in the futures past.

I hope you do enjoy this compilation. It is not a proper book but a good start. Maybe one day you will meet my ideas in some other form. Maybe music will accompany the words.

I want you to be the wolf among the sheep.

This compilation is the trigger to the End. You are the weapon.


The beginning. I believe I’ll return to an hatred life With nothing more as my liberty All these days have always been misery In this world everything gone wrong with me

The sole purpose of writing this fanzine is to promote dechristianization

of the modern world. The next pages are a reflection of my own beliefs towards Satan, Jesus and their followers. If you are not going to take these issues seriously please stop reading now.

If you believe that Satanism is about sexual molestation, child abuse, virgin kidnapping, drug abuse or animal sacrifices you are a stupid fuck and your Christian preachers did a very good job in your brainwashing. Please follow Jesus’ teachings and let someone kill you.

Support: Church Of Satan, The Process Church Of The Final Judgment, Length Of Time, Integrity, Charles Manson, Ali Agca.

To me, Length Of Time has always been the most important European band. How did you get into the hardcore scene?

When I think of Belgium only two names come to my mind: H8000

and Length Of Time. Back in the days when all the bands around sang about hardline these guys decided to focus on the approaching apocalypse and the great change. They covered such topics as the Devil, Charles Manson, fear. Approach to the new world is a classic metal core album. Michel Kirby, responsible for the music and the lyrics, answered some questions. It’s been quite a long time since we heard anything from Length Of Time. Antiworld was released in 2003 and last year you gave us the split with Santa Karla. Why did it take so long? It took so long because the band ceased all activities for 3 years, during that time we all have been busy with others projects. I heard that Ross is out in Brazil. Is there any chance you will do a full length or start touring again? We have almost all the songs for a full album ready but ROSS decided to go to Brazil so I will not bring out an album if we can’t play shows our promote this new album.

In the middle of 80’s I started my first band MENTAL DISTURBANCE which one was more into hardcore sounds. Also we were listening to a lot of metal but also to many U.S. and EUROPEAN hardcore bands as DRI, BAD BRAINS, NEGAZIONE, VERBAL ABUSE, ADOLESCENTS, SKEEZIKS,JUDGE, LUDICHRIST, CRO-MAGS,ATTITUDE ADJUSTEMENT,SPERMBIRDS, LARM…and many more…that was my first step into the hardcore scene but in that times shows were mixing a lot of metal and hardcore bands. What was it like to be a part of the mighty H8000? Great…a lot of very good bands with a lot of originality. Your music was never inspired by NYHC or alike but more by the metal bands. How come? Because metal is my roots, since I was 11 I was listening to IRON MAIDEM, HELLHAMMER, RAINBOW, JUDAS PRIEST….I also listen to the NYHC but it was never my goal to sound like them. They do it perfect. H8000 was famous for its vegan straight edge bands (Liar, Sektor, Deformity, Culture, etc). How did the others treat you? You know H8000 bands and people around the scene were really open minded, it may sound strange but it was like that and still now when I met some of them it’s still like that…and that’s the big difference with the USA.

From the very first demo your lyrics has been greatly inspired by three people: Charles Manson, Anton LaVey and Robert Degrimston. How did you get interest in them? When I started LENGTH OF TIME I felt it was high time to change the lyrics and I also was into neofolk/martial music and I thought that it would be good to bring these elements into my music.

People fall in this stupid thinking that The Process is about wearing black robes and Satanism about animal sacrifices. If someone asks you how do you talk about your beliefs? If someone wants to talk about it I am open but usually I never try to convince or start an endless discussion because if you have some interests for THE PROCESS you have to find by yourself and the points you have or not in common with THE PROCESS…and yes they were dressed in black cloaks with goat as symbols…powerful, beautiful… How do you find contemporary Satanism? Everybody has his own interpretation, some are very serious some ridiculous.

Who was your greatest inspiration

Have you read Love. Sex. Fear. Death? Any thoughts about it?

THE PROCESS and CHARLES MANSON. You used to distribute White Devil Records that promoted Charles Manson’s music.

Yes I did and I think it’s a good book, a lot of information and photos. Magazine/book RE-SEARCH did a great article about THE PROCESS in the 90’s as well…

Are you still active in helping him in any way?

I see more and more people getting interested in The Process beliefs. Sabbath Assembly has a record with The Process music. Do you think that a revival is possible?

I am still into it and collect some items (cd, magazines, vinyls, tshirt…) from friends… Were all the members of LoT following The Process beliefs? No…only me and Chris (drums). Was it easy to find some good sources about The Process Church Of The Final Judgment back then? You had to do some research but yes I found a lot of info…also friends from UK always keep me informed about magazine or books related to the PROCESS.

What did SABBATH ASSEMBLY is great even if I don’t know if original members from THE PROCESS agree with the project and the musical results of the songs???…JEX THOTH has a great voice but on tour they didn’t bring any information about THE POCESS or even the book Love, Sex, Fear and Death!!!! Many people have seen the video of the performance in Los Angeles with all the ritual and emblems and on tour there was nothing about that…just the music!!!...but great show anyway.

Do you think Robert Degrimston should come back? Looks like that after his expulsion from The Process, he decided to isolate from the past. Or maybe he is still active somehow? Only he knows the truth…I see him as a man who decided one day to leave the scene… Length Of Time/Santa Karla split has been released by Thirty Days Of Night Records from the UK. Why them? I have a Belgian friend playing in SANTA KARLA and he contacted me about an dea to do a split 7” and I accepted to do it. The inside cover has Sharon Tate picture. Any particular reason? (except the obvious one of her death being connected with Charles Manson by the mass media) She looks very sexy on this picture… Most black metal bands have nothing to do with LaVey’s teaching. What would you suggest to listen to? What music do you listen to everyday? Nothing to say…I am listening to a lot of 70’s bands…also appreciate recent albums of SHRINEBUILDER, BLOOD CEREMONY, WARDRUNNA… You run Electrocution Records in Brussels. Is this a shop only or a label as well? For the moment only a shop… Haven’t you thought about reissuing Length Of Time albums?

It would be great…but I have myself no time left to take this in charge. I am really curious. Where does the intro to How good the world could be again come from? Any occult documentary? It’s a mix of different parts of TV and cd documentary…it’s been a long time since I heard this intro!!! But this is how it’s done. Any last words? I am working on a new project???? Also thanks to all people following LOT all these years…the story is not finished…

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Process kompilacja