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Technology as a Language Learning Tool What is my view on the use of Technology as a learning tool? Well, first I have to admit that I am a Digital immigrate to technology…….and the thought to use technology as a learning tool just scared the day lights out of me! However as I allowed myself to be more familiar with the use of technology, the sky was the limit! I realized the enormous advantage that technology can have for both the language teacher and student. There are so many reasons why this works…….gathering information and interacting becomes so much easier. Technology may enhance the lessons of language teachers, providing access to experts in the field of education and exposing learners to the real contexts of the subject. The role of technology in language learning, gives the student opportunities to learn by themselves, adds value and spark to the teachers lessons and many other benefits. The teacher is now, no longer the lecturer, (seen as the only source of information)b but allows the student to learn and do research for them self, with the appropriate guidance by the teacher. The integration of technology tools, are both in and outside of the class more meaning full for the student. We must never forget or even think that the role of the teacher is not needed, it still remains a significant part of teaching. Technology has become part of all our lives and we should use it to our benefit. I think Technology as a learning tool has become a great source of help and has made teaching, learning and life so much more fun and easier!!!!!

What is your view of technology as a learning tool  

Teaching English using technology...... ESL Teacher is a foreign country