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Foreword Carole Langrick, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive As Chair of the Trust’s IM&T Steering Group I am delighted to welcome you to the IM&T’s Annual Report 2013/14 – a first for the department. This report will illustrate the key achievements and activities of IM&T Services and punctuate an extremely successful year for the department; through supporting patient services and assisting our organisation to meet their objectives throughout the Trust. Findings from the Ernst and Young report highlighted that end users of IM&T within the Trust were unaware of the scope of IM&T’s role and responsibilities. Therefore we were particularly keen to start producing annual reports in order to inform and educate the Trust and rectify this. We have designed this report with the reader in mind- we wanted to produce something that would not only communicate our services and achievements, but also to enlighten. This report is not solely to communicate the department’s strategy and objectives, but to also provide a starting point for the reader to engage with the department and gain an understanding of what we are doing, how we are doing it and who the key people are within IM&T.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust


MY IM&T Annual Report 2012/13  
MY IM&T Annual Report 2012/13