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iServices and Registration Authority

iServices and Registration Authority Lesley Barrett The role of Identity Services is to help manage the identity of our staff in Information Technology. This includes helping staff gain access to the networks & e-mail when they arrive at the Trust, maintaining their access while they work for the trust and revoking access when they leave. Additionally the Trust’s Registration Authority Team ensures that employees providing healthcare services to the Trust have timely access to the spine and compliant applications.

“Working with the Problem and Change Management groups in the IT Services team to identify and correct issues has significantly improved staff ability to access the National Learning Management System to complete Mandatory and Statutory Training elearning. Improved Wi-Fi connectivity in the Trust has enabled mobile training solutions, providing more options for staff with limited access to the right technology in their work area to complete their online learning.” Annie Duckenfield, Workforce Development Practitioner - elearning

Main functions of the iServices Team: Identity Management: Working closely with Human Resources and the new Electronic Staff Record (ESR), the team Create, Maintain and Delete user accounts depending on their circumstances. Shared Drive and Application Access Provisioning: Trust staff can request access to applications and shared drives using the self service portal. You can also manage access if you administer applications or shared drives. Password Self Service: Forgotten your Windows password? By answering a set of Security Questions, a user can reset their Windows password quickly and easily. Single Sign On: With the introduction of Single Sign On (SSO), users that have logged on to windows can automatically be logged into a variety of applications. SmartCards: Smartcards enable users to authenticate once, and then have access to all the National Programs they require access to. The session will be valid until they remove their SmartCard and the session is ended.



MY IM&T Annual Report 2012/13  
MY IM&T Annual Report 2012/13