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Knowledge Management Service

KMS also works very closely with IT to ensure the infrastructure for extracting, manipulating, analysing and delivering information is robust. KMS receives and manages information from six different systems: PAS, Symphony (A&E), Radiology, Pathology, Theatres and SLAM. From September 2013, this list will also include the new PAS (CaMIS). KMS now has at its disposal a number of SQL Servers which are being used to replace some of the more complex and routine data manipulation tasks.

“IT is an essential part of good clinical care and the MY IM&T team have been extremely supportive in providing the clinical teams with a range of systems to support their work” Dr Richard Jenkins, Medical Director

In 2012/13 KMS dealt with over 850 adhoc information requests, an increase of a third on previous years. Half of these requests were deemed critical or high in terms of urgency.

“Good healthcare requires us being able to access information quickly and in a way that allows us to do the best for the patient. We also have an obligation to patients to handle that information as safely and confidentially as they quite rightly expect. Good Information Governance is a fundamental component of healthcare. A key aim of IM&T Strategy is that everyone understands and applies the seven Caldicott Principles. The role of the Caldicott Guardian is to advise the Trust and individuals to ensure patient’s interests are protected” Dr Ian Wilson, Deputy Medical Director and Caldicott Guardian



MY IM&T Annual Report 2012/13  
MY IM&T Annual Report 2012/13