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Official Newsletter of Midwood Highschool Key Club District 9

2839 Be dford Av enue , Brookl yn, NY 11210

Volume 1 Issue 2

“I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school, and community; to serve my nation and combat all forces, which tend to undermine these institutions.”

From Your President, Anum Afzaal


Hello my fellow key clubbers! If you aren't already acquainted with me let me reintroduce


President’s Note………..……...1 Divisional…………….….……….2

myself; I am Anum Afzaal, Midwood HS junior, and your president. As I reflect on

Can Drive……………………….3

this past month, I realize that even though some events were successful and most needs and

Polar Plunge……………………2

requirements were made, there is still room for major improvements.


If you recall, in November was a very successful month with the Can Drive.

The officers and I have already expressed our disappointment regarding the lack of

Jingle Bell Walk………………...4

attendance at LTG. Tiffany Kwong's Divisional during the November 19 meeting, I would just

Book Drive………………………4

like to reemphasize the importance of attendance. During roll call at each divisional, I must

Toy Drive………………………...4

shout out the amount of members that came to divisional from our club. Having a club roster

Holiday Party…………………...5

of more than 120, LTG. Tiffany Kwong and myself would expect at least 50 members, so any


number below that is pathetic. We should take pride in the great key club that we all have worked

Africa Project…………………..5

so hard to produce, and show the great amount effort that we all have given, none of which can


be done unless we have a massive attendance at divisionals.

Advocacy Letters………….…5

Brooklyn Tech. Key Club always has a higher attendance than us at divisional. Even when


we hosted the divisional, Brooklyn Tech. brought around 100 members while we had only about

Board Contacts……………….6

50. That is unacceptable. I would like at least 50 members to attend the next divisional. If it is


held at Brooklyn Tech HS, then I would like at least 75. I have no "vendetta" against Brooklyn Tech. Key Club, I just want our club's attendance to be number one for once. But all the members made up for the divisional disappointment with their great turn out for


the can drive for City Harvest! Every time I saw a flyer promoting the can drive, I couldn't help

“Once you realize how good you

but be proud of all the key clubbers! Not only does this show that you guys listened to us at the

really are, you never settle for

meetings, but you also want to help even it the smallest of ways. On behalf of all the officers

playing less than your best.”

and myself, I would like to thank each and everyone who donated a can, made a flyer, attended

-Reggie Jackson


the "boxing" on November 25 . You are all awesome!

“Nothing is more embarrassing as watching someone do something

Thank you for making Midwood HS Key Club, your club, something we all can be proud of,

that you said couldn’t be done.”

President Anum Afzaal

-Sam Ewing

DIVISIONAL It was great to see all those who attending the District







Telecommunications on November 17! Divisional is a time where our school and other schools in our district such as Fort Hamilton, Telecommunication, Dewey, Lincoln, and Brooklyn Tech come together to share what we’ve individually accomplished and talk about future events.


tell, instead, there is no telling here.


the meeting is mostly about jobs of officers and things

more members, other schools will be able to see Wow!

that weren’t “interesting,” members also received valuable

Midwood has so many Key Clubbers.

information. Members at these meetings are able to see

had 16 members. Our official list is over 100. This is

how differently official positions of Key Club are able to

definitely HUMILIATING!

communicate and work together to get things done. Other than sharing accomplishments and discussing

Divisional only

At the next divisional, we officers all hope that more members are able to show up.

If you have any excuse as

about future events, divisional is also similar to “show

to why you will not be able to make it, it has to be

and tell,” the time every kid had to show off their

appropriate such as practice.


has priorities but please understand we do TOO!

Well at divisional it’s similar to show and





The NYC Polar Plunge will be our district project for December. The purpose of the plunge is to show support and raise money for the Special Olympics. In order to participate in the plunge each club has to raise a minimum of $100. The Polar Plunge is everyone’s chance to be one of thousand chilled souls all over the country showing support for the Special Olympics and raising money for the cause at the same time. In the year 2007, Special Olympics New York was able to raise over $225,000 with almost 1000 people taking the plunge in different parts of the New York state areas. For over 30 years, Special Olympics New York has provided shining moments to those people with mental retardation.

Because of them, 40,000 of those

disadvantaged people are able to compete year-round in 23 different Olympic-style sports.

The Special Olympics has allowed people with developmental disabilities to

turn into triumphs on the playing field and victories throughout their everyday lives. At our meeting on November 19, we had canisters and asked everyone to put in a dollar or some loose change. Because of teamwork, we were able to collect $40 dollars from donations from that meeting and donated $100 to Special Olympics New York. Great Job Everyone!

We understand everyone






Key Club’s strives to give service to our school and community, but it does not only stop here.

Our main goal is to help change the lives of others;

for these coming weeks, we were able to end hunger for some homeless people.

By hosting the City Harvest Can Drive, we were able to donate

more than 400 pounds of canned food. The purpose of City Harvest is to end hunger in communities throughout New York City by distributing food. The group first started in the early 1980s when a group of people saw that restaurants were discarding good food while there was a large number of New Yorkers who were suffering from hunger. Volunteers then took the good food and distributed to those who needed it the most.

This led to the creation of City Harvest in 1982.

Our Can Drive was a huge success, not only did members of Key Club brought in cans, but also everyone in the school contributed to the drive. We collected over 500 canned foods, cereal boxes, pasta, baby food, and juice. The day before we left for Thanksgiving break, a few Key Club members greatly volunteered their time into organizing these foods into 14 boxes so City Harvest can pick them up on Monday, November 30th. The packing of cans wasn’t mandatory for everyone to come but some members willingly volunteer their time when they could have been hanging out with their friends. During period 9, special thanks for everyone who help carry the cans from the 1st floor to room 245. (Hope Anthony Slutskaya’11 didn’t fall too hard dragging the bins into the room.) Without taking too much time, we were able to sort out the cans foods from the dry foods and pack them into boxes. Kevin Lu’11 did an outstanding job with recording down all the names of the members who brought in their cans so everyone can receive credits for doing so.

Amy Guan’11 also did an outstanding job with sorting

the cans by their type of food and can size. During period 10, a sudden flush of members came in and the boxing of cans was done faster. Thank you all who came to help box the cans and help aid hunger for the homeless! The Can Drive truly is an example of “Together, we can make a difference!” Note: No discontent CAN be expressed towards the editor about the pictures included on this page!

N ov em be r w a s a n s uc ce s s, L e t y o u r su c c e s s be a n m o t iv a t io n to do b e t te r t hi n g s!

B E R L I N, G E R M A N Y There is still space on the foreign exchange trip to Berlin, Germany. If you really want to go but your parents won’t let you go, talk to Mr. White and he’ll be able to convince your parents to let you go. trip you will be experience Berlin in a German’s house and have your own personal tour guide.

On the

The cost is

$900 which is much cheaper compared to a typical European trip you would take with your family.




This walk is also known as the Walk for the Arthritis Foundation. December 6 at 9:00AM. th

It will be held on Sunday,

Unlike the Breast Cancer Walk, no fundraising is necessary for necessary

for this walk.

The walk will take about 1 hour to complete if you walk and 1/2 a hour if you are going

to job or run.

This walk is not just a walk; it is similar to a race so come early to receive your race


Although this is a race, you are still allowed to walk.

This event is a division wide event; we

are just volunteering to walk for the people who have arthritis. The walk will be held at Prospect Park (not the same place as the Breast Cancer Walk). It is at Bartel Pritchard Circle located at 15th Street. meeting place looks like.

The picture on the left is how the location of the

You can take the B68 to Prospect Park, and the bus stops right there.



In other parts of the world, the children are not as lucky as we are to receive free education.


next week Key Club will be hosting a book drive. You can bring in used books (in good/new condition), textbooks, or even those picture books from when you were little.

We will also be having a toy drive to

collect toys for the less fortunate children to receive this Christmas. condition or you can buy gifts for the children. children not anything expensive.

The toys should be; in new/good

Keep in mind, the gift is something thoughtful for those

Similar to the can drive, on December 18, we will be packing the books

into boxes so they can be shipped off to Zimbabwe. help get the boxes to Aviator please tell us!

If anyone’s parents are willing to let us use their van to

N ov em be r w a s a n s uc ce s s, L e t y o u r su c c e s s be a n m o t iv a t io n to do b e t te r t hi n g s!



This is Key Club’s annual Christmas Party!

The holiday party is one of our many district

projects meaning other schools such as Brooklyn Tech, Fort Hamilton, John Dewey, Lincoln, and Telecommunications will also be there with us.

The holiday party will be held at Fort Hamilton

Highschool located on 8301 Shore Road at 10AM on Saturday December 12. by taking the R, B63, B70, or B16.

You can get there

At the holiday party, we will be wrapping Christmas gifts for

soldiers, after that we will be having a mini party with food served.

More information will be given

at meetings with exact details about the party.



The africa project is when we take all our boxes of books, toys, and school supplies that has been donated and load them on to trucks so they can be shipped to Zimbabwe. friends in other schools on that day.

This is another district project so you’ll be to hangout with your

We will be loading the boxes at Flyod Bennett Field which is also known as Aviator. If

someone is driving you or you would like to search up directions about how to get there, the address is 50 Aviation Road. The event will be Saturday December 19 from 9AM to 2PM.

Pizza and soda will be served.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for

the africa project if you can’t lift heavy objects, you can do inventory things like taping boxes.

CONVENTION Key Club convention will be held at the Old Kutcher’s Country Club on the weekend of April 16 from Friday to Sunday.

New York District Key Club has booked down the whole place so we won’t have anyone else interrupting us.

We will be departing Brooklyn on Friday afternoon to upstate and coming back on Sunday afternoon. trip is $225.

The cost for the

That may sound like a lot of money but with further fundraising we will definitely be able to lower the cost.

Everyone should go on the trip to show people out of New York City that BROOKLY IS THE BEST! be having parties and some fun events such as a talent show.

For the three days, we will

Unlike school trips, we do not have to be at a certain

place all the time, Mr. White won’t be after us all the time!

FLIERS/POSTERS We officers, were ecstatic when we saw there were posters about Key Club meetings and the Can Drive everywhere.

For this month we also want more fliers.

drive, and toy drive. kids in Africa.

The topics are Key Club meeting on December 10th & 17th, book

Please mention on the book drive and toy drive fliers that the books and toys will be given to the

The fliers can be made from computer or hand drawn and should be simple but also eye catching.


time you make a poster: make about 10 copies to post around the school and show one of the officers and we’ll give you credit for doing so.



Advocacy letters are the easiest way to earn credits in the shortest time. people who wrote advocacy letters so this month more of you should write one. our troops in Afganistan.

Last month, there were very few This month, advocacy letters go to

The letter shouldn’t be anything complex instead something simple expressing your

appreciation for what they are doing for us.

After you send a letter, email us what you wrote and in the subject

write advocacy letter along with your name to receive credit.

By now, the dates of these events are probably making you confused about what is when.

This calendar will help you!

WxvxÅuxÜ ECCL Monday












Meeting 10&11 pd

Jingle Bell Walk

Room 245

for Arthritis





Meeting 10&11 pd

Fort Hamilton

Cans and Toys

Room 245

Holiday Party




Start Bringing in







Meeting 10&11 pd

End of Book Drive,

Africa Project at

Room 245

Boxing in Room












Merry Christmas!







KNOW If you haven’t already know, Midwood Key Club ’09 is the Club’s facebook group. JOIN IT! Key Club International Website.

Go sign up for the subscriptions list to receive more information about Key Club. Information about future events and other things are posted on here. Check it regularly if you are not able to attend meetings. This is the website where you can write a advocacy letter to our troops for. this email is checked on a regular basis. If you have anything to tell us such as something you did for the club that you want to receive credit for or any questions. Email us!

BOARD Mr. John White, Advisor Anum Afzaal, President Sonia Barakat, Vice-President Natalie Zolotareva, Secretary Fiona Ho,Treasurer Susan Zheng, Editor Jia Yao Liu,Webmaster Official KEY CLUB Email:

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Midwood Key Club 1109  

Midwood Hs Key Club monthly newsletter November 2009