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EDITORLETTER To the people who make this all possible, I just want to say I really appreciate the support everyone has been showing for the Midwest Movement we are trying to get going around here. Well, let me not say everyone because some people do have a little bit of hate in their blood. But, they can’t stop this show so stay tuned. Lots of live events have been going on worth catching throughout the midwest. For those of you that missed out, you missed a good time our parties at Have A Nice Day Cafe and at Pac-Man’s album release party and the Midwest Connect DVD shooting in Indianapolis. Top Ten Tuesdays has been jumping in St. Louis (good job Adam and County), Vibin’ on Monday nights in Minnesota (good job Nicki and Maxxposure) and DJ Dimepiece’s birthday cruise in Cincinnati was definitely hot. Let’s be looking forward to the next Core DJs retreat in September and the Midwest DJ and Urban Music Conference in October. Shout out to my new intern Tyrone Davis and the new team of Leak Ladies (thanks Erica, DL, and Ryan). You can check them out at or join the I Love Leak Ladies group on facebook. I want to send some special love to my reader of the month. You can check him out below. I met this guy during the Indiana Black Expo. He is a homeless man that found one of my team members’ Leak shirts and was sitting downtown wearing it holding a sign and reading the mag! Next month’s mission: Give clothes to the homeless on purpose! Publisher Much Love, Le’Deana Brown (317) 454-2656

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Sonny Bamboo

By: Midwest Leak Staff

Sonny Bamboo is an interesting name. Where did you get your name? The name is an old gangsta nickname. My government name is Chris and I’ve been going by Lil’ Chris since I was a little dude. When I was 18 or 19 it got to the point where I needed to do something a little more catchy. When you’re a little dude, you get used to it, but I thought it was kind of generic to go by Lil’ Chris. Where are you from? I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia born and raised. I’m up here in Southern Indiana right now. I moved up here because my brother was up here and I’ve been here ever since. That’s a drastic change from Atlanta to Indiana. What made you make that move? I was born and raised in the south, so I wanted to be in a college atmosphere. I couldn’t be involved in the night life aspect of it down there anyway because I wasn’t old enough. I wanted to be in a college town. I didn’t want to be around all the cats I went to high school with. I wanted to start fresh. Most people leave the Midwest to go to the South to make it. You did the opposite. Why is that? On the one hand, Atlanta is where everything is popping off in hip-hop. But, the hip-hop that I do is not like the majority of what’s going on down there. I don’t do strip club rap. I don’t do rap where you can dance to the hook. I go at it more as a lyricist. I don’t fit in with the Atlanta rappers that there are right now. If that were the type of rap I did, it would be ridiculous for me not to be down there trying to push my product. What kind of hip-hop do you do? You won’t be making any “Crank that…” songs? What I do doesn’t fit into that category. I don’t make records to “Lean wit it, rock wit it.” I respect that though. People like to hear that in the club, and people like to dance. I’m a lyricist. I’m not just a rapper. The hook has got to be hot too, but at the same time, I don’t rap about popping bottles in the club. What do you rap about? I rap about real shit. Real pain and real love issues. I do a lot of mix tape material and battle rap. I also do important political type of stuff and braggadocios “I’m the best” type of battle rap also. What are some of your accomplishments in battling? Last fall I got to freestyle for Wrekk 1 in Indianapolis when MTV Fight Club was coming through the city. I spit for him for a minute and he had me come through for the battle. I ended up winning that joint. I’ve also won hip-hop congress back to back down here in Bloomington. I just won the first ever hip-hop battle of the bands for the state of Indiana. Midwest Leak • August 2008 • 6


The Over-Achievers by: Amber Brown

Leak: Tell our readers about the group, introduce us to each individual member. OA: I’m Joe Doyle aka J.O. and I’m Syn or the Joker. We have another member Abyss who’s sorry he could not be here right now, he’s in the studio. Leak: The name Over-Achievers, that’s really creative, where did that come from? OA: Basically it came from our life goals. Everything in life you have to overachieve and the name just kind of stuck with us. Leak: Introduce the Midwest to your sound, what makes you guys different? OA: The difference is everyone (member) has their own style. We’re not your average group from Detroit. We have three members and each member is different. But really you have to hear the album and then hear the difference between us and other Detroit rappers. Leak: Now I know that you guys recently got back together, tell us a little about that. OA: We had some rough times in the beginning but we all grew up and found a foundation that works for us. We’re all settled in and ready to do this. Leak: What are you working on right now? OA: We’re working on an album now, it’s called “A Change is Gon’ Come.” Our first single is “Get Ready.” The album features D.J. Explicit, Hendrix Brothers, Confidential Ice, a female d.j. and Fat Face from London Nice. So yeah we have a lot of heavy hitters on this album. Leak: Where do you get your inspiration from? Joker: We get our inspiration from real Hip-Hop artist, people that started this and love hip-hop. J.O. I get inspired from myself, from J.O. I love music and I am inspired from people who love music.

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COVERSTORY You call yourself G.B. the Flyboi. What makes you so fly that you deserve the title? I got the flyest raps, I got the flyest look, I got the flyest chicks, my mama’s fly, my daddy’s fly….I was born to be fly! Tell me about Fly Star. I’m the CEO; M.J. is my business partner; Tiggy, the hottest singer in the world, is down; and DJ Jay-O.

GB the Flyboi

What made you leave Dragged Up? I never was signed to Dragged Up. As far as the Clique, I was down with them. I thought we were one big family, but it just didn’t turn out like that. I was never on paper. DJ Black reached out to me. He told me he’s proud of what I’m doing. At first there was a little hostility there, but he said he’s proud and he sees my grind. Everything is straight. We’re making good music and we’re doing what we do. I appreciate every DJ who has ever played G.B. the Flyboi. Did you sign to Munki Boi? The internet was kinda going nuts about GB being a Munki Boi. That was brought to me by one of my homeboy, Young True, and I put it out there, but I’m not a Munki Boi. I’m Fly Star. So legally, you’ve never been signed to anyone? Never. What made you split from the group Hoosya Boyz? We’re still a group. We’re just focusing on my project. So what’s going on between you and your group member? I know a lot of things changed. Did that hurt y’all’s relationship? People think that me and Rencio ain’t tight just because you don’t see the Hoosya Boyz. We go by HBZ now. We switched the whole name, but it stands for the same thing. As far as Rencio, that’s my brother. HBZ until the end. I’m just doing my solo project right now and we’ll be back on it soon. So Hoosya Boyz is more than a group; it’s a brotherhood right? Like Bun B and Pimp C. We are tight. That’s my brother. So if anybody ever thought there was a problem with GB and Rencio, they’re crazy. So, you said you’ve got the hottest singer in the world. I heard that “Freak U” is being played in some other markets. Where can it be heard on the radio? We’re getting spins in Columbus, Ohio, Cleveland, here, and we’re about to put it out so we will be pushing it everywhere pretty soon. You’ve got a production company too right? I’m not just a rapper, I’m a producer, and I engineer my own music with the exception of Chris at the Music Garage. My production is called Fly Tunes, so when you hear that tag, know that it’s me.

Midwest Leak • August 2008 • 10

COVERSTORY Le’Deana: Tell me what made you first start DJing. Jay-O: I always loved music I started putting mix tapes out in high school just putting mp3s on cds and shit. Doin that kinda turned into DJing in clubs and getting the turn tables. Le’Deana: So it is possible to start out a computer DJ and upgrade your skills? Jay-O: Yes, its very possible. All you have to do is get you some turn tables and a mentor. Le’Deana: Do you consider yourself a turntablist? Do you know how to scratch and mix and all that? Jay-O: I wouldn’t call myself a turntabllist, but I can mix and scratch and do all that, you know. Le’Deana: Who was your mentor? Jay-O: When I first got to IU, an older DJ named DJ K-Tel. He taught me how to mix and I was at IU so I went to parties with him and doing radio with him. I just learned from him how to mix and actually DJ. Le’Deana: What’s your favorite mix tape ever? Jay- O: “Gangsta Muzik 3” with Nappyville and Ric Jilla and that “Fly America.” Le’Deana: And what influenced you to wanna put DJ Scream on there? Jay-O: Being real close wit him I got a big advantage with him being so big. We decided he should get down wit G.B. and we decided he could push us in other directions cuz we could have a national appeal. Everybody knows Scream and I’m on a come-up. I’ve done a few projects wit Jay-O and Scream it really helps to have a big ass name like that. Le’Deana: So DJ Scream has been known to break artist such as Shawty Lo… Jay-O: and Crime Mob. Le’Deana: So your trying follow him and go along that same path? Jay-O: Yea, that’s where I’m going with G.B. Le’Deana: DJs usually join a Dj coalition but may not really be affiliated directly with a label, but you’re directly affiliated with Flystar right? Jay-O: Right, because I’ve known G.B. for a few years now and I’ve seen him really progress. I came to be his friend and when you believe in someone then you can get down with them. That’s the biggest thing for me; finding an artist that you can believe in so every thing is real when you make a push for industry success. LeDeana: Are you a Dragged Up DJ? Jay-O: Yeah, I’m down with them. LeDeana: Ok, how did you go about that? Jay-O: Well, when I got with Hoodrich you know I got to know [DJ] Black better so we decided that we should get down too. Le’Deana: A lot of people probably want to know what got you tied up to all these big names. Like what did you do? What is your grind game like or what got you into the position that you’re in. Jay-O: I make hot mix tapes and I kill the clubs. I know good music. I know all kinds of music. Right now we’re using it in rap but just making these hot mix tapes has led me from one thing to another. Each mix tape has progressed and implemented different things different themes, strategies, themes mix-tape developments and that mainly got me to where I am in mix tapes.

DJ Jay-O

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Midwest Leak • August 2008 • 12

KISHASKORNER Dear Kisha, Kisha I got your e-mail from the website and you are beautiful. I am a thick girl seriously not fat but I wanted to get into modeling, do you have any suggestions? Thank you. -Jazmin Jazmin, Yes I do. First off, I always believe there is a place for you and anyone else in the modeling industry. If there was only one look, there would be no variety to this industry. Everyone likes something different, you just have to stand out and most of all go hard. It’s too many models for you to come out and half ass it. With that being said, the first thing I’d do is start working on getting a portfolio together. You are a product in this industry, you need your display. Start looking up photographers and sample their work. You get what you pay for. So if you looking for free shoots, you may get lucky and get good work and you may not. I say invest in yourself first. Once you have a solid portfolio to start with, get your face out there. Send your pictures out, put up a modeling profile etc. It will all fall into place, but you have to be patient. I hope this helped you mami. Thanks for writing in to me. -Kisha Have Kisha answer your quuestions about modeling, love, sex, fashion or anything else on your mind at:

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