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The Jesuits Are… Doctors @ Teachers @ Journalists @ Chaplains @ Authors @ Scientists @ Missionaries…

Br. James Small, SJ


S Fr. David Mastrangelo,

Fr. Don Doll, SJ

Fr. Peter Breslin, SJ


t is not unusual for a young man to ask himself, “What is it that God intends for me?” A Jesuit has the unique ability to surrender himself to God’s will and to answer his true calling, in prayerful discernment, within the Society of Jesus. For a Jesuit, a Vocation is his life’s work. More than any job, he may be in another country on mission, at a parish, in education, science, medicine, or even in the arts. The sky—or better yet the heavens—are the limit. If you believe that your call might be to The Greater Glory of God, we offer a program that can help you more fully explore your journey. If you’d like more information on how to join the Jesuits, please contact: Fr. James Prehn, SJ, Vocations Director 773-975-6363 |

A job is not necessarily a vocation, but it may help you find yours

Before they were Jesuits . . .

Charles Rodrigues, SJ

Kent Beausoleil, SJ

J. Timothy Hipskind, SJ

Michael Class, SJ

served as front work coordinator for Orbis’s DC-10 program, a state-of-theart flying ophthalmological hospital that helps save the sight of people, particularly those in third world countries

was trained in restaurant management by the Stouffer Corporation and worked as a supervisor and occasionally as a chef at a high-end restaurant in Highland Park, IL.

completed his masters thesis on energy-saving air conditioning, went on to work as an engineer in Hawaii, and then for a construction firm in Indianapolis, IN.

put himself through college by driving a cab for Chicago’s Checker Cab Company and then worked as assistant manager of the company’s garage for three years.


Profile for USA Midwest Province Jesuits

Partners Winter 2012  

Partners is a publication of the Chicago-Detroit Midwest Jesuits

Partners Winter 2012  

Partners is a publication of the Chicago-Detroit Midwest Jesuits