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Stress may be a tiny word but has tremendous ill potentials that it can cause to your mind and body. Stress is fast emerging as the top health problem paralyzing over millions of people across the world and across all ages. It is little wonder that the concept of a stress relief service center is rapidly gaining immense popularity in the last few decades. Modern lifestyle, stress and anxiety are primary contributors to this increase.

While some amount of stress is positive and is a contributor, too much or badly handled stress can deteriorate the quality of life. Stress energizes people, enhances performance and also improves efficiency.

Stress is often not a singular concept and stems into numerous other major and minor issues including



depression, anxiety, phobias and



disorders. Thus stress has many faces that the human mind is yet to conjure. Stress has become so common that it has become difficult to isolate its symptoms. But, it is important to identify signs in order to eliminate related troubles and issues.

The Different Shades of Stress

A professional stress relief center would engage in treatment methodologies to transform ill effects of stress and enable individuals to equip themselves to handle complexities of life better. Research has shown that while stress is common in both men and women; the latter are more vulnerable to the problem because of physical and environmental triggers. Stress can occur in all ages of people but the reasons contributing to the same are often varied. Stress show up as many by products that include exhaustion, anger, guilt and other impossible emotions.

Stress inducing factors are numerous. They include


Job related


Emotional and

People related factors

But learning to defuse stress through challenges and troubles is what an individual must learn to do and what stress relief treatment centers aim to achieve. The treatment programs should focus on long term results and enable individuals to tackle issues by themselves before the problem engulfs them.

Symptoms of Stress which turns into Anxiety

A professional and experienced stress relief center made a list of stress associated symptoms. It includes but not restricted to


Accelerated heart rate


Panic attacks

Stomach problems

Respiratory troubles

A claustrophobic feeling or choking sensation

Irrational fears of - death - breathlessness - heart attack - embarrassment - performance failure - or even losing your mind

It has also been studied that individuals who are

Emotionally sensitive

Highly analytical

Low in confidence

Easily irritable


are likely to be susceptible to stress quite easily. While it is easy to fall prey to different problems associated with stress, coming out of it is very important.

Emotionally Sensitive

Emotional health is often shaped by your experiences,




Childhood experiences and genetic and biological factors play an important role in determining mental health. But the good news is that poor emotional health can be restored as much as physical fitness can be through right intervention techniques by experts at the right time.

Bad moods and blues are common in routine lives but the significance of an efficient and successful pain and stress center is inevitable. Over 60 million Americans are today victims of stress related disorders that include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias and OCDs. These troubles require the intervention of authorized experts to provide relief from related troubles that can often be debilitating physically and emotionally unlike bad moods. The feelings of depression can represent a distinct change in an individual’s usual disposition and last for several days or weeks or even months and thus impair regular functioning.

Self Injury can be a result of Stress

A pain and stress center observes several kinds of cases of stress and depression on a daily basis. Stress and the more extreme depression can cause emotional strains and problems in an individual. But in some cases, it has been seen that stress also creates feelings of self harm in some. Such individuals consider harming self as a way of coping with problems. It serves as a fix to the problem momentarily or temporarily. But when the painful or tragic feelings return, the need to hurt yourself will come back again. As painful as it can sound, this condition can put you in despair, make you helpless and ruin your relationships. Early diagnosis can save you a lot of trouble and boost your confidence levels.

A reputed pain and stress center listed down the following signs and symptoms of selfinjury in order to ensure possibility of identification in the early stages itself.

Extreme acts of self harm that include cutting or scratching skin so as to make it bleed, burning, hitting or banging against wall, swallowing poisonous substances etc.

Less obvious ways can also be categorized under ways of hurting self and can include •

intentionally putting yourself in danger

drunken driving

unsafe sex

consumption of drugs in excess and

intentionally preventing wounds from being treated.

If your friend or close family member is resorting to such acts, you will know when you can see

Unexplained wounds on the body at visible places.

Blood stains on clothing, linen or tissues near the individual or where he or she stays.

If the person often carries sharp objects such as knives, needles, glasses shards or razors with him or her.

When the person covers up quite obviously and much to the suspicion. For e.g. insisting to wear long sleeved shirts when the sun is blazing hot or refusing to step into swimming clothes when he or she has accepted to go out swimming.

Preferring long periods of isolation and getting frustrated and flaring angry when you or someone else walks into their privacy.

Constant bouts of irritability.

A stress relief service center can make a diagnosis only when there is adequate evidence to prove the fact that the individual has been causing harm to self.

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Identify the Stress within You  

It has been studied that individuals who are emotionally sensitive, highly analytic, low in confidence, easily irritable, nervous..etc are s...

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