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Counseling and Psychological Services

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Worries are a part of life. Although all of us are cognizant of this fact, it is usually easier said than done. Implementing a cool attitude during adversity is not as easy as it expected to be.

Worrying can become positive if it spurs into a positive action or response. But when it gets incessant and hampers your routine, it is important to get some intervention to bring yourself back into track. Worrying brings along with it many serious problems including sleepless nights, phobias, panic attacks, feeling of lightheadedness, lack of control and sometimes even depression.

Every individual, irrespective of age, gender, profession, wealth status or any factor worries. Therefore, it is hard to stop worrying but it is possible to handle it sensibly and not take it to the extremes of panic and other problems. However, some individuals do take it to levels beyond their help and this is when counseling and psychological services become pertinent.


Learning to deal with stress related problems is a great lesson that is often not natural. Stress relief centers have emerged as a need in a civilization that is inundated by stress. Stress may be a common debilitating component in routine life but the way in which it impairs your routine is unique and personal. Therefore, a program that enables individuals to handle stress well must be equally distinctive.

Stress can result in numerous bodily and mental disturbances that include fears, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and depression. Fears and phobias are common and are a part of every individual’s life but when such fears go on to inhibit you from attending to your routine, they can hamper several things.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a scientific approach that is widely considered as one of the most effective and successful forms of treatment for stress. The primary objective of this therapy is to determine and change unhealthy ways of thinking and behaving.


Counseling and psychological services have been in existence from time immemorial, perhaps as old as civilization; However in its very crude form, have also been proven good in millions of cases. Over the years, psychological services have evolved to a more sophisticated, tangible and practical form. As much as your mind has the ability to conjure up several positive images, thoughts and feelings; it can also demonstrate the other side of things.

Some, naturally or with some experience, learn the art of handling negativity and stress; But some others find it difficult and succumb to the pressures. This is when expert intervention can help turn things around. They require stronger intervention programs so as to pull them out from panic attacks, anxiety, emotional disorders, phobias and the more chronic depression. These problems are characteristics of modern lifestyle and what we make of it. Therefore, contemporary techniques need to be weaved in, in order to make them suitable for today.

The Counseling Therapy Counseling and psychological services are an intrinsic part of treating emotional and psychological disorders. Besides other elements in the treatment methodology, Counseling therapy has been identified as one of the more successful components determining efficacy of a treatment program. However, counseling therapy can be challenging and consume a lot of time. There are also chances for a host of uncomfortable emotions that emerge during the process since counseling addresses the most basic and deepest concerns in an individual’s life in order to make a change from where it arises rather than superficial treatment.

Myths Counseling and psychological services have been over the years associated with some myths and stigma by the society at large.

Here is a list of such unreal elements to Counseling therapy

Therapy is meant for crazy people On the contrary, counseling and psychological services are meant for people who understand that an expert helping hand can equip them with the right techniques to boost their confidence levels and make them more emotionally balanced.

Therapy is only for determining relationships Determining the nature, kind, intensity and elements of family or other relationships the individual may have is an important element in the approach but it isn’t the only deciding factor. This information in necessary because experts need to understand the complete picture to draw the right diagnosis based on which further treatment methodologies can be based if necessary. There have also been several reported cases of depression that have found success in counseling sessions itself.

Therapy cannot do more what I can do The feeling of being smart enough to solve your own problems is often the highest limiting factor to observing the real success of counseling therapy. All individuals

have their blind spots. Quantum or extent of intelligence has nothing to do with what you can or cannot do when you are during a low phase of life. And an experienced therapist has the knowledge to impart but he or she does not take decisions for you or create a life for you. That still is dependent upon what you can do.


Therapy shows no results at all Therapy is hard work. While you have a helping hand, you must do the work in order to observe results. So, result or no result is often dependent upon the skills of the therapist and your application of obtained knowledge for the betterment of your


counseling services

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individuals receiving them. It is important to approach the concept with an open mind to seek if it works or not.

How CBT helps?

Counseling has been an age old mantra that does yield its share of benefits but the sustainability of the service for a long period of time has always been questioned. What is necessary to modern individuals are sincere and effective self-help methods that help them bring about a change in their thoughts and perceptions. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) reigns supreme in these areas.

The CBT approach uses a systematic process to relieve negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors by bringing a change in thought patterns. The practices help individuals challenge existing thought patterns and substitute negative thoughts with more positive ones. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is based on the concrete connection between thoughts, emotions and behavior. The basic premise of the approach is that our reactions, responses and behaviors are often governed by our thoughts. When these thoughts are negative, our behavior also tends to be negative. Situations and external elements do not play a considerable role in our behavioral pattern.

The CBT approach is singularly more effective in handling stress disorders than many





combined. However, expertise is vital in delivering




effectively. The Cognitive behavior therapy approach has grown immensely and several stress relief centers in the country have incorporated the principles and have observed millions of positive cases. The science behind the approach is in close alignment with the needs of the human mind and therefore there is no wonder why the approach is the most sought after.

Life poses numerous challenges. They can be difficult to combat and transitions may be a lot more difficult to handle. Moving forward is a need and if you are struggling to even take that first step, there are experts who can help you. Psychologists, counselors, nutritionists and speakers specifically design tools that are derived from years of experience and expertise to minimize and/or eliminate anxiety and stress and help individuals to think and perform better.

Control your life with Counseling, Neither late nor Ignore  

Some naturally or with quite experience, learn to handle negativity and stress. But many cannot and succumb to the pressure. This is where c...

Control your life with Counseling, Neither late nor Ignore  

Some naturally or with quite experience, learn to handle negativity and stress. But many cannot and succumb to the pressure. This is where c...