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Midway Marina, Inc. · P. O. Box 308, Fulton, MS 38843 · · 662-862-7306 · June 1, 2009



On Saturday, July 4, 1 pm please join us on the marina porch for barbecue and all the trimmings. You may bring one or two of your favorite covered dishes. The marina is furnishing the barbecue.

Congratulations to Bill and Donnie Miner! They caught the biggest and longest fish in the 13 and over category. Pictured are Evan Conner and Sean Williams who won the trophies for the 12 and under categories. Almost every person in the marina enjoyed the wonderful food and festivities on May 23. This is only the first year for the Fishing Tournament. You have plenty of time to hone up on your fishing before next year! Thank you, Gerald and Pat, for cooking the fish, hush puppies and onion rings. The best!

Flag Raising, 8 am July 4 For you early risers, please join us at the flag pole. We will say the Pledge of Allegiance and have a prayer. There will be coffee and pastries, some homemade, in the lounge following.

Fireworks on Friday, July 3 The City of Fulton is sponsoring festivities with fireworks at ICC. They can be viewed from the water. You can take a boat for viewing. Be sure to have your boat registration up to date; your port , starboard and anchor lights working and take lifejackets. At the campus, there will be lots of great entertainment, super food and Independence Day fun, also. Happy Birthday! • Susie McCauley 6/5 • Kathy Roberts 6/9 • Sonny Johnson 6/15 • Dylan Montgomery 6/16 • Sheila Golden 6/17 • Marcia Weingarten 6/20 • Donnie Miner 6/21 • Ed Harris 6/22 • Ben Treloar 6/30

Children's’ Life Jackets can be loaned to you if you need them. Call the marina (662-862-7306) and you can pick them up immediately at the office on the water.

Elvis Presley Festival in Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival will be held June 5, 6 and 7. On the day of Elvis' homecoming to Tupelo in 1956, there was a parade through downtown Tupelo with high school bands and organizations from all over Tupelo marching alongside city politicians and dignitaries to celebrate the return of Tupelo's most famous native son. Each year the homecoming parade is re-enacted. It will be held on Saturday, June 6 at 10:00 a.m. There will be a free shuttle to Elvis’ Birthplace & Museum, June 6th only, 11am-4pm. For more info go to

Pond Swimming A great place to swim is in the pond. The fish will not bother you, the water is cool and plenty deep enough to swim without touching bottom. The dock and the platform both have ladders.

THE WATERFRONT RESTAURANT located on the Midway property is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 4 pm and Sunday from 11 until 2 pm. Their menu has a large selection. Of course, fried catfish is their specialty.

MIDWAY MARINE can take care of all your parts and service. Call them at 662-862-7711. Check out their huge inventory at Highway 78, exit 101.

WELCOME TO OUR NEW DOCKERS! New slipholders are Barbara and David Meyer on C dock and Gerald Lesley on B dock.

NEED SOME HELP WASHING YOUR BOAT? Call the marina number (662-8627306). You will be pleased with great work and good prices. All-American City Family Picnic in the Park at Ballard Park, Tupelo, July 4. The Tupelo Symphony Orchestra and Chorus will perform at 8:30 pm. Firewords will be 9:30. Many activities will take place during the day that include prime entertainment for all ages, a variety of food vendors and great fun for all the kids.

Last Saturday of the month (and every month) Saturday, June, 27th at 4:00 we will meet at the marina porch. Bring whatever you would like to drink and a snack to share with everyone. We have been doing it for the last two month and it has been fun to get together and share stories. Brice's Crossroads National Battlefield Reenactments, Friday through Sunday, June 12-14. Call 662-365-3969 for more information or access their web site at or Robert “Griff” Griffiths (1944-2009) You may send cards to Beverly at 924 Lake Drive, Fulton MS, 38843.

A BAHAMA EXPERIENCE: We were cruising the Bahamas with our son Bob and his family in their boat “Turtle Track”; Judy and I were in our English- built 37 ft Fisher ketch “Seabird” when we decided to explore the deserted Conception Island. The pending weather was uncertain with a potential for a front moving in later that evening. Of the two anchorages, we selected the trickier one in a cove accessible after passing though a couple of coral reefs. If the front was severe we would be on the right side in the lee of the island. After anchoring the wind started picking up. There was another boat in the anchorage called “Wart Hog” with a dinghy called “Little Pork Chop”. They were a great help later in this experience. The waves and crystal clear water were so enticing we all went for a fun swim. Back on board we heard on the radio that boats in the anchorage on the other side of the island were in trouble. Two power boats were able to move out, but an older wooden ketch was taking on water and sunk. There was no way anybody could get to them because of the weather and the island terrain. We heard the next day the crew was safe but the boat broke up. We managed to get to sleep until about three am when Judy cried out in pain. I got on the single sideband and called the US Coast Guard. To my surprise I got a weak response from the station n Mayport, Florida. I gave them all the information and they agreed to send help. At this time Wart Hog came up on the radio offering to act as a transfer station as his signal was much better than ours. The Coast Guard called us every 30 minutes to check and make sure we still needed them. With a spot light and the radio I contacted Bob on his boat and he came over to help. The sky was lightening when we first saw the Coast Guard chopper. We were able to get Judy from the salon to the pilot house. She said “I don’t hurt”. (You know like going to the dentist, it does not hurt anymore.) Bob said “you’re going anyway”. We were told to leave the cove and get to open water. They gave us a course and speed. Next they dropped a weighted line in the water to discharge any static electricity, then they lowered a line to our tiny fore deck. The coreman came down the line to the deck missing the rigging. He was obviously shook. He checked Judy and got the basket lowered. With much difficulty we got Judy on deck and in the basket. She laid there in pain game for anything. On the way up the basket hit the rigging and she went for a wild ride. Once on board the chopper they gave her two shots of morphine and took off for somewhere. We and at least eight other stations came up on the radio and no one could reach the Coast Guard chopper to find out where they were taking her. We got Bob back to his boat and then we both headed to George Town. Judy was taken to George Town so they could refuel the chopper and then to Nassau and the hospital. They didn’t know what hospital as one was for the poor where you brought your own linen and help; the other was a regular hospital. Because Judy was always passing out, we only gave her the insurance card and my brothers telephone number. Since it was Palm Sunday they couldn’t reach the insurance company so they called my brother and asked him if he would authorize 10,000 dollars on a credit card. He did and they operated on her within minutes. They removed a ruptured gallbladder and some gangrene-infected tissue. They used the latest technology and she was released in three days. Bob helped me bring the Seabird to Nassau and then flew back to George Town. In a few days we left and sailed non-stop to Lake Worth, Florida. We thanked our blessings that every thing turned out ok. by Roy Cooper

June 2009  

MIDWAY MARINE can take care of all your parts and ser- vice. Call them at 662-862-7711. Check out their huge inventory at Highway 78, exit 1...

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