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Happy Father’s Day! Midway Marina, Inc. · POB 308 · Fulton, MS 38843 · · 662 662--862 862--7306 June 2010



8 AM Flag Raising, pledging our allegiance and prayer 8:30 AM Followed by coffee and goodies in the lounge 9 AM Second Annual Fishing Tournament; Fish anywhere in the waterway on July 3 and win one of the coveted trophies. 4 PM Four prizes will be awarded. Judging will be impartial and will take place at the picnic area, 4 pm sharp. For ages 12 and under, one prize will be given for the longest fish and one prize for the heaviest fish. For 13 and over, a prize for the longest and a prize for the heaviest will be given. 5 PM Picnic,Pot Luck, 5 pm at the picnic area. Does anyone volunteer to clean the fish and cook them???? Cooker will be provided. More details on picnic to follow…. 9:30 PM All-American City Family Picnic in the Park at Ballard Park, Tupelo, July 3. The Tupelo Symphony Orchestra and Chorus will perform at 8:30 pm. Fireworks will be 9:30. Many activities will take place during the day that include prime entertainment for all ages, a variety of food vendors and great fun for all the kids (See fireworks from Midway at dark on Friday, June 2.)

Jon McLeod is included in the music lineup at 5 pm on June 4 at the upcoming Tupelo Elvis Festival. He is the big brother of our own Madison. He also worked at Midway and his older sister, Missi Chatham, worked at Midway from 1990-1992. We are so proud of you, Jon! To celebrate the day of Elvis’ homecoming to Tupelo in 1956, there will be a huge parade in downtown Tupelo Saturday morning at 10 am. The festival continues through Sunday, June 6. Call 888-273-7788 or visit

6/15 Sonny Johnson 6/16 Dylan Montgomery 6/17 Sheila Golden


6/20 Marcia Weingarten 6/21 Donnie Miner 6/21 Brandon Mason

can be loaned to you if you need them. Call the marina (662-8627306) and you can pick them up immediately at the office on the water.

THE SWIM SPA IS NOW OPEN Thank you again, Cherry, for keeping the hot tub and the swim spa clean and well-treated! Many of us look forward to taking a refreshing dip.


6/9 Kathy Roberts




LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH SOCIAL HOUR is getting a large following. Over 20 of us met at 4 pm Saturday. We enjoyed visiting, sampling each others snacks and spirited drinks. The next scheduled date will be Saturday (of course!) June 26. The more the merrier!

A BIG WELCOME DON’T FORGET To Daniel M. Schuh aboard Sophie’s Tay on B dock. We hope you enjoy your stay at Midway! Welcome also to Dale Keith whose boat is also on B Dock.

to ask your insurance co. to fax current copies of your boat insurance to us at 662-862-5409 . Midway DOES NOT wish to lose our insurance. We NEED your contract!

Fireworks on Friday in Fulton On July 2 the city of Fulton is sponsoring festivities with fireworks at ICC. You can view them from the docks at Midway or take a boat to the area near the college. Another option is to join the festivities on the campus where there will be lots of great entertainment, super food and Independence Day fun.

New! The Farmers Market is set to open Friday June 4 at noon at the Itawamba Community College pavilion, located on Main Street just past the ICC. It will open every Friday in June and will stay open until all produce and other goods are sold. Each seller is a member of the Itawamba Fruit and Vegetable Grower Association and they will have on display their membership form at the Market. Members are required to certify that their products have been locally produced.

For Civil War Buffs A living history and skirmish will be held at Brice’s Crossroads in Tupelo on Saturday at 2 pm, June 11 and 12. Soldiers will camp and fight a skirmish on the hallowed ground at Brice's Crossroads National Battlefield site. Camps will be open Friday night and Saturday and small re-enactment will portray the Battle of Brice's Crossroads. Visitors are welcome to visit the camps and talk to 'soldiers' Friday and Saturday. Parking close by. $5 charge The Tupelo Auto Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm and on Sunday, noon to 5 pm and closed Mondays. A Corvette Summer, June 5 through June 19 will celebrate the arrival of summer with America's true sports car. Come see Corvettes in the showroom in addition to the museum's regular collection of over 100 cars from the 1880s to the present. Admission is $7.50 for adults, $5 for children ages 5 to 12 and free for children ages 4 and under. Call 662-8424242 or go to .

Itawamba Community College Fitness Center Schedule Monday - Thursday 7 am to 6 pm. (summer hours), Friday 7 am to 4 pm, Saturday &Sunday closed, Holidays Closed Membership, Registered Students Free; Community Resident $15 per month; Senior Citizens Free; Director Beth Tuck, 662-862.8297; Fitness Center phone 662-862.8296

MIDWAY MARINE can take care of all your parts and service needs. Call them at 662-8627711. They are located on Highway 78, Peppertown Exit 101. NOTICE TO MARINERS

A shoal is restricting channel depths on the Tenn Tom Waterway between Mile 362.9 and Mile 363.2. It is requested that mariners favor the east side of the channel. For further information please contact Mr. Allan Brewer at 662-327-2142 Tenn Tom Waterway Project Management Office. Coffeville Lock and Dam will be closed from July 9 until August 2 for schedule maintenance. Heflein Lock and Dam will be closed from July 12 until July 26. THE WATERFRONT RESTAURANT located on the Midway property is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 4 pm and Sunday from 11 until 2 pm. Their menu has a large selection.


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CHILDREN’S LIFE JACKETS HAPPY BIRTHDAY! can be loaned to you if you need them. Call the ma- rina (662-862- 7306) and you can pick them up im...