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TO MAKE LIFE BETTER Our boaters have been volunteering at A WAY OUT. This is an after-school program for children grades 3 through 12 . All you have to do is show up at 603 S. Cummings St.


THE SWEET TEA FESTIVAL is set for Thurs.-Sat.,April 23, 24 and 25. Proceeds go to A WAY OUT. There will be carnival rides, a sweet tea contest, a car show and much more. See Shawn Holiday, call 662-255-5305 or go to city hall for entry forms. The festival will be located around the town square in Fulton.

Let’s all enjoy one of our famous hobo dinners this weekend, April 4th, at 5 pm at the bonfire pit. No cooking ahead! Bring cut up, ready to cook vegetables and/ or meat. The food will be cooked on the coals and, in case of rain, we will move to the porch and cook on a grill. The marina will supply aluminum foil, a beverage and utensils. Hope to see you there! Dress warmly!!!

A glowing report came into the office about a great time the dockers had on Saturday afternoon. They met at 4 pm and brought drinks and shared snacks. If you missed it this time, they plan to get together on the last Saturday of each month at the same time. Mark this on your calendar. ITAWAMBA COMMUNITY COLLEGE offers us a wealth of opportunities. They have a great baseball team again this year; in addition to the fitness center, the lighted tennis courts, the cafeteria and various events scheduled throughout the school year. To learn more, go to http//

The Homemaker Volunteer Club and the 4H Club both have volunteer programs through the Agriculture Extension Service. Call Marie Rogers at 662-862-3201 to volunteer. Do you have a special expertise? Relay for Life, a fundraiser event for the American Cancer Society, will be held April 24 at the ICC football field from 5:00 PM until 4:00 AM. There will be food vendors and entertainment. Our Madison is taking donations for the American Cancer Society. Lunching With Books discussing The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall will be held at the Fulton Library on April 17th. An excellent lunch is provided by the Fulton Civic Club for $2 per plate. Reservations are not necessary. Also, Lunch and Learn is held the first Tuesday of every month at noon. The next date will be April 7th. Call ahead to find out more info at 862-4926.

IN TUPELO A large variety of events take place at the Link Centre including stellar performances by the Tupelo Symphony Orchestra. To learn more about their offerings, go to http// The Tupelo Community Theatre presents CAROUSEL May 7, 8 and 9, 2009. To find out more, their web site is http//

Happy Birthday! • Melba Roeske 4/2 • Sherie Sisson 4/5 • Darlene Goodman 4/6 • Francis Wolfe 4/6 • Ron Fleming 4/11 • Charlie Garner 4/13 • Billie Fahrner 4/13 • Roger Lauten 4/29 • Judy Cooper 4/29



If you are a resident of Mississippi and you are 65 or older, you do not need to buy a fishing license if you have a MS driver’s license or MS ID.

is now on sale. For any of the Waterway Journal publications, call 800-366-9630 or go to http//


Please call us at 662-862-7306 and we will have it up and going in minutes. NEED YOUR BOAT CLEANED? Call the

office at the same number or contact Pat or Monica.


You go above and beyond the call of duty. All the extras you do are very much appreciated. A big thank you for all you do to make our marina a better place.

FOR SALE In the office on the water, you can buy

lines with eyes, also handheld Icon VHF radios, 30 amp female marine receptacles, marine charts including upper and lower Tenn-Tom, Tennessee River charts and the Cumberland Cruiseguide. The T-shirts, sweat shirts, mugs and canvas bags all sport the Midway logo. In the lounge, you can purchase soft drinks and an assortment of fresh goodies from the vending machines.

WATERFRONT RESTAURANT has their menu posted online at http// CALL MIDWAY MARINE at 662-862-7711 if you need service or parts. You can learn more about their services at http//

NEW BUSINESSES OPENING SOON Have you noticed the new KFC being built next to Wendy’s? Food Giant and Holiday Inn Express will be coming soon also. Anyone that has an RV or tent can stay at the Whitten Campground, also known as the Fulton Campground which is located next to Midway Marina and is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. Each site has electric and water hookups, an impact pad, grill, picnic table and a lantern post. There are laundry facilities available as well as showers, restrooms and a sanitary dump station. For more information and reservations you may call the Whitten Historical center at 662-862-5414 or the campground gatehouse at 662-862-7070. You can reserve a site at http//

Thank you very much for contributing your stories and poems about boating experiences. This newsletter has a large coverage. It’s amazing how many look forward to receiving it. They especially enjoy your stories. We will publish each story that you send.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE EXPERIENCE A North Eastern had just passed through so it was time to leave Lake Worth, FL for San Juan, Puerto Rico aboard our 47 ft Vagabond Ketch. Our crew included Judy and Roy, son Doug 16 and nephew Peter 15. You set a course through the Bahamas and out 650 miles to catch the trade winds. We had a great sail and in a few days made the turn catching the trade winds as predicted. Note, this was before GPS. We had radar, sextant, a single side radio and dead reckoning gear. It was about 2 am on a dark overcast night with some rain showers. Our nephew Peter was on watch. On his 15 minute check of the radar he observed two ships off our bow and woke us up as required. We has not seen any ships for days so thought we must be getting back in the shipping channels; however we watched their progress. One was off to port, the other was on an apparent collision course. The two ships were talking to each other in a language we did nor recognize. I got on channel 16 and asked what his intentions were. No reply. Since we were out 650 miles, I changed the heading 30 degrees to starboard. You guessed it. He changed course, too, and we were still on a collision course. At this point I started the engine and made another course change. We were making headway out of his way, when he came on the radio and in broken English gave a command that would have placed us on a collision course. I immediately gave a counter command, he grunted an OK. In a few minutes a rusty old tramp steamer with absolutely no markings, name or other identification passed by us less that 100 ft. away. Once by, he stopped dead in the water. We imagined the worst, went for our meager weapons and contacted a Florida station on our single side band. It was too late to get help, but we wanted someone to know if we disappeared it was not the BERMUDA triangle; just foul play. The tow ships were again talking to each other and laughing hardily. We now saw the second ship bearing down on us. There was a heavy rain squall off to our port. I had Doug take down the radar reflector and I turned off all the lights. As we turned into the rain squall, they came on channel 16 and jammed it with weird music. Both ships then made a course change toward the Grand Caicos Islands. We went from squall to squall, but did not feel safe until the next day when we took a sun shot to confirm our course to San Juan. Safe in port, Doug bought a shirt “I survived the Bermuda Triangle” while Peter, who was supposed to spend a year with us, flew home. We breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed our stay in the Caribbean. By Roy Cooper

April 2009  

The Homemaker Volunteer Club and the 4H Club both have volunteer programs through the Agriculture Exten- sion Service. Call Marie Rogers at...