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September 2012

B US I N ES S DATA June 2012

July 2012

11.8 9.1

8.2 8.3



10.8 11.1

8.5 8.7 6.8 6.1 6.3

Benton Co.


Linn Co.

Source: Oregon Employment Department Note: Data are seasonally adjusted.


July 2011 16% 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0

325 300 275 250 225 200 175 150 125

Units sold past year

Average sales prices

Average sales price

Aug. 2012

Aug. 2011

Aug. 2012

Aug. 2011

429 116 21 463

271,628 Benton County Linn County




Units sold past year

Units sold past year

454 121 20 530



156,887 235,294 198,545 291,394

149,608 236,664 146,726 268,395



Aug. 2012

Independence Jefferson Lebanon Philomath Sweet Home

69 43 293 79 135

Units sold past year

Aug. 2011

50 60 285 81 136

Average sales prices

Aug. 2012

149,663 166,498 142,504 230,900 131,234


Average sales price

Aug. 2011

221,111 203,193 135,211 248,114 114,165

Source: Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service

U O I N D E X O F EC O N O M I C I N D I CATO RS The numbers: The University of Oregon Index of Economic Indicators fell 0.7 percent in July to 90.9 (1997=100), continuing the decline noted in June. The good news: Not much in July, said the report’s author, Timothy Duy of the University of Oregon Department of Economics, although he did note that much of the weakness will be temporary. Residential building permits were up, from 824 to 852. The weight-distance tax, a measure of trucking activity, held steady. The bad news: All the other components in the index were weaker. They include initial unemployment claims, which rose, and employment service payrolls (typically temp-service firms), which were down.

trouble spots still linger, he said, notably a cooling global economy and uncertainty about U.S. fiscal policy in 2013. Another view: Duy’s other index, the Oregon Measure of Economic Activity, also fell in July, from minus 0.66 in June to minus 1.03. (In this index, a measure of zero matches the average growth rate from 1990 onward, so a reading under zero means the economy is growing at a below-average rate.) However, Duy said, the July numbers were influenced by a labor dispute that disrupted activity at the Port of Portland and so the decline should be temporary. To learn more: Check out the full report at this website: oefweb/

Index, 1997 = 100 92 91 90 89

tions throughout the credit union’s five-county field of membership. Among the destinations for The Boys & Girls Club of these computer donations were Corvallis has elected its 2012Home Life, Inc., CASA of Benton 13 board of directors and offiCounty, the Corvallis Environcers. Officers are board president Scott Jackson, president- mental Center, the Philomath Youth Activities Center, Benton elect Steve Redman, treasurer/secretary Steve Zander, fa- Hospice Service, The Arc of Benton County, Heartland Hucilities chair Barte Starker, finance chair Steve Zander, and mane Society and Strengthening Rural Families. advancement chair Dave OSU Federal is a memberHenslee. Directors are Kevin owned, not-for-profit communiBogatin, Zak Hansen, Rosco Huebner, Bre Kerkvliet, Carol ty credit union open to anyone who lives, works or attends Kronstad, Lacie LaRue, Jim school in Benton, Lincoln, Linn, Luebke, Bill Mercer, Karen Misfeldt, Spencer Newell, Bri- Marion or Polk counties. an Robertson, Ryan Sparks, CenturyLink Kate Sundstrom and Scott Travelstead. The Boys & Girls employees gather food Club provides after-school enEmployees of CenturyLink richment and academic programs for thousands of school- Inc. and the company’s local communities collected 106,275 age youth for nearly 300 days actual pounds of food and per year. $271,900 in the 2012 CentuFeed the Children BackSamaritan welcomes ryLink pack Buddies Food Drive, which Fallows to Corvallis took place in June in about 650 Samaritan Mental Health in company locations across the country. The contributions inCorvallis recluded a $1 million national docently welnation from the CenturyLink comed neuClark M. Williams Foundation. ropsychologist Locally, 11,132.13 pounds of Robert Fallows food were collected to benefit to its growing Linn Benton Food Share. team of mental

Boys & Girls Club elects officers

Source: Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service

Mid-Valley Residential Report

Albany N. Albany Brownsville Corvallis


Residential Average Sales Price by Area

Unemployment Rate


health professionals. Fallows Fallows 88 received a bachelor’s de87 gree in psychology from Arizona State University in Tempe, and a 86 master’s degree and doctoral Feb. ’12 March ’12 April ’12 May ’12 June ’12 July ’12 degree in clinical psychology from Argosy University in Phoenix. He completed an inNondefense nonaircraft capi- summers, Duy said, but he ternship at VA North Texas tal orders declined, as did con- noted that in neither case did Health Care System in Dallas the softness evolve into recessumer confidence. The interand a postdoctoral residency in sion. And he said that the inest rate spread narrowed. neuropsychology at South The upshot: The summer’s dex is 3.3 percent higher over Texas Veterans Health Care Systhe past six months, an indicadata show some of the same tem in San Antonio. As a neution of continued growth. But softness seen in the past two ropsychologist, Fallows works with individuals who experience neurological, medical and psychiatric difficulties. He has a special interest in the cognitive and psychological difficulties associated with dementia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke and tumors. Fallows is Continued from page A5 accepting new patients of all Nelson: I’ve gotten a great rearound the state, I’m going to be ning off) from the university, ages. For information about ception for the most part. There telling that story when we get to- start up here.” It’s going to take child and adolescent services, nurturing those relationships and are some people who really don’t call 541-768-4620, and for adult gether. believe in economic development services, call 541-768-5235. InBusiness: And you think you getting people to understand have the evidence in hand to con- that we’re serious. And then hav- as a positive thing, and they’ve spoken their mind. I beg to differ. OSU Federal donates ing the support of the council, vince those people to at least It’s what I do, and I’ve seen it the Economic Development take another look at Corvallis? 46 computers work so well to help communiNelson: Exactly. …. (But it’s go- Commission and ultimately the ties. A concentrated effort on ing to take more than just saying community to back it up. OSU Federal Credit Union InBusiness: How is the commu- economic development really to a company) “Hey, Company A, has distributed 46 computer stations over the past few nity reacting to you? What kind of helps communities’ livability, if we’ve changed, build here” or months to nonprofit organizayou do it right. reception are you getting? “Hey, Company B, you’re (spin-


community. … Here’s the thing that is going to change even the view of investment in Corvallis, and that’s that Corvallis is now serious about economic development. We have the commission, we have the strategy, we have the economic development staff. Investors who are even outside the community are going to take another look now and say “OK, they’re serious.” Let’s couple them with these ideas, this innovation that’s coming out of the university and all of a sudden, you have opportunities for startups and for expansion for the startups that already are out there. InBusiness: One of the issues with those investors … they might be people who might have the perception that it’s more difficult than it should be to do business in Corvallis. Regardless of whether that’s true, you still need to push back against that perception. Nelson: Definitely. Because I worked in the community or in the larger community working for Linn-Benton Community College for so many years, I saw the differences in perception – development perception, business perception, even shopping perception, Corvallis compared to Albany, Salem and surrounding areas. So it’s a big deal that the Corvallis leadership has taken these steps, and it’s not going unnoticed. Because I built a network of economic developers

Bank receives five-star rating Willamette Community Bank reports that it has received a “5-Star – Superior” rating from the bank rating agency Bauer Financial for the second quarter, ending June 30. It is the highest rating level awarded by Bauer Financial. Founded in 2003, Willamette Community Bank is headquartered in Albany and has a second office in Lebanon.

Sleep Center in Albany accredited Samaritan Sleep Center in Albany recently received program accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. To receive accreditation for a five-year period, a sleep center must meet or exceed all standards for professional health care as designated by the academy. These standards address core areas such as personnel, facility and equipment, policies and procedures, data acquisition, patient care, and quality assurance. The Samaritan Sleep Center is directed by Dr. Mark Reploeg, and is located at 950 29th Ave S.W. in Albany.

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