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A little background… Did you grow up in Rochester? I attended Brighton High School and then moved away for college and graduate school. I returned to Rochester in 1983, and live here with my husband Sherm Levey while all of our (six) children live elsewhere. I love living in a city that is physically beautiful, with mature trees and parks, where travel distances are short, and a sense of community is strong. This is a city that honors the arts with an especially high level of quality, whether music, fine art or theater. I have supported the arts community in particular, serving in various board capacities with Garth Fagan Dance, the Memorial Art Gallery, and the Albright Knox Art Gallery. Two years ago you had a debilitating accident. How did your experience with Midtown help you in your road to recovery? I had been working out at Midtown but only became truly focused following an accident in which my assistant’s dog, Harper (see picture above) unwittingly hit me from behind and I triple fractured my ankle. I had great support at Rochester Physical Therapy. Now I continue to work out with Midtown trainer Dave Statt twice a week, he puts up with my telling him what to do. I have also enjoyed the Pilates classes with Lisbeth. For me, the best thing about Midtown is its progressive mentality. And—great smoothies at the café!


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Spirit Magazine Winter 2017  

Spirit Magazine Winter 2017