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Midtown Member Alice Xiao on Fitness, Tattooing and Choosing a Creative Life

Also inside: Billy F Gibbons at Midtown Why Music Matters Summer Camps

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notes from michael

Keep Going! You’ve made a decision to lead an active lifestyle and we appreciate you’ve chosen Midtown for your play and exercise. I’m really impressed with many members’ dedicated fitness routines. I regularly see you entering or exiting the courts, or on levels two and three of the Club. I really enjoy our interest in one another and how we’re feeling, the supportive high-fives and motivating fist bumps, as well as our greetings as we navigate the variety of equipment options or hurry to meet tennis partners. I’m a dedicated exerciser. I’ve always exercised. I have memories of being one of the first to join a Nautilus gym in Rochester, NY in the 70’s when Nautilus equipment was state of the art. My movement routine happens in the mornings, generally before 7:00 am. My passion for play is tennis, and on days I don’t play, I’m riding a bike (the Assault is my favorite), lifting some light weights or stretching. When I was in college, I once scheduled and played a tennis match during my Russian final. Not my best move, nor appreciated by my father. I’m a big believer that whatever inspires you to move is good. I prefer to chase a yellow ball. All the steps on the court really add up! I don’t hit the snooze button and roll over in the morning because if I do I’m leaving my partner stranded on the court. We’re all different, and what motivates us to exercise, intrinsic or extrinsic, can be different too. You, too, may be accountable to a tennis partner or a friend expecting you for a partner workout, participating in a competitive event, pursuing My Zone “MEPs,” or enjoying the social interaction with friends.

Maybe you’re like me. I watch our Group Ex classes hosted in the Theater and think to myself, I can do that! Then I come back to my senses and embrace the reality that I have no rhythm. I love what Midtown’s Group Ex instructor, Linda Rosenthal, prescribes to the less than confident newcomers (like me) before attending group classes: Introduce yourself to the instructor before class and let them know you’re a newcomer. They are there to help you! Arrive to class early so you can be relaxed and get set up. Never feel bad about leaving a class early if your body says that’s enough. You can always stay longer next time. Sometimes it takes as many as three classes to get the hang of a particular workout. Don’t give up on it just because you weren’t perfect on day one. I would also like to add one suggestion to Linda’s list: attend Midtown’s virtual reality classes offered at a variety of times daily in both the Theater and RIDE studios to develop your moves and stamina. All Midtown coaches are passionate and avid exercisers. They’re all excellent teachers and inspiring motivators to help you achieve your fitness goals. Midtown’s fitness experts suggest the following tips to help you maintain healthy fitness routines beyond January and throughout the New Year: l Set a lofty goal and use an event like a local 5k or a

triathlon for motivation.

l Don’t be afraid to set a goal outside your comfort zone. l Make a financial commitment to the event and

sign up early.

—Ted Ramos l Memorialize your goals and share them with people that

will support you.

l Not every workout has to aggressive! Listen to your body. l Something is better than nothing.

—Jarred Stiles


l Don’t overdo it. Start small. l An exercise routine should be fun and empowering,

otherwise you won’t stay with it.

—Linda Rosenthal

l Be realistic. Think, “A little bit better” instead of

“Perfect or nothing.”

l Plan for things to go wrong; consider adjustments in

advance. Accept the “real-life” stuff.

l Avoid the “all or nothing.” It often gets us nothing. l Set a realistic workout schedule and stick with it.

—Ludo Labruyere

l Make incremental changes with your diet rather than an

extreme change.

l Keep a written exercise log; plan your workouts for the week.

—Jenny Maloney

l Create a routine. Pick an activity or class on day one, three,

five and so on. Put them on your calendar.

l Buy a few new gym outfits or shoes so you are excited to

use them.

l Focus on adding things rather than taking things away.

l Attend my classes!

l If you are trying to eat healthier, add in one serving of

—Amy Chasse

greens every day. This feels a lot better than saying, No more sweets for me.”

l Add more movement to your current routine. Stand and walk

around your office during a phone call or simply take the stairs. Choose to use the restroom on the floor above you rather than the one right next to your desk.

—Sean Maclennan l If your ultimate goal is lofty, break it into smaller, less

intimidating, segments.

l Pursue goals that are fun. If you dread them, they won’t

be achieved.

—Dan Michael l Don’t overdo—make adjustments to your routine. Don’t try

to change so much that you end up failing.

Additionally, the following suggestions will help you maintain your exercise routine. Pack your workout clothes for the next day before you go to bed. Blair McHaney, club industry colleague and avid exerciser, swears by this one. Exercise with a partner. You will be more apt to show up if you know someone is waiting for you. Incorporate play in your schedule; tennis, basketball, paddle, golf and water polo are fun Club activities and make you move. Lastly, many of our fitness experts emphasize starting small and adding to your exercise routine. Listen to your body and build in time for recovery. Better to occasionally take a day off than be required to miss a week or longer because you’ve overdone it.

l Eat whatever you want with moderation. Staying within

appropriate food portions is always helpful when thinking about nutrition and a healthier diet.

—Kellie Ayres

Michael Mahoney SVP and General Manager



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ITA championship coming to midtown




Friday, February 15—Sunday, February 17 Midtown and the University of Illinois are proud to host the 2019 ITA Division I Men’s National Team Indoor Championship presented by Oracle. Come out and watch some of the top collegiate tennis players in the country. Complimentary admission for Midtown members.


Alice Xiao:

Fighting to Live Creatively You’ve probably walked by Alice Xiao’s work; her photography is hanging in the Club. It’s also possible her work walked past you; her art is tattooed on bodies all around Chicago. Like most people who cross her path, Spirit wanted to learn more about her story, what brought her to Midtown, and where she draws inspiration.


“ Being someone who has been in a dark hole before, I knew I needed to do something to snap me out of it. I started working out and before I knew it, I immersed myself in it.�

Photograph by Corbin Cox


“ I chose to be a creative because it’s all I know. I’d be lost doing anything else.”


pirit: Where did you grow up?

Alice Xiao: I was born in Manhattan and was immediately shipped off to Shanghai, because my parents were starting their restaurant business and didn’t really have time to raise a baby. I grew up with my mom’s side of the family in Shanghai until I was about five or six, then I moved back to the States (Milwaukee, WI) and met my brother for the first time. My upbringing was a little odd compared to most kids I knew. I started working for my family’s business when I was seven and traveled back and forth between Asia and the States up until high school. Spirit: What was it like bouncing back and forth between two countries? AX: Moving back to the US was hard, mostly because I didn’t understand what American schools were like. I didn’t understand nap time. It was also culturally different to see kids being dropped off at school and hugged and kissed. My parents did not show emotion like that. It was hard to see my friends have such supportive parents who allowed them to dream. Spirit: What was it like meeting your brother for the first time? AX: I knew about my brother, but when we first met it was sorta like, “Oh. Hey.” I had to reconnect with my parents to really appreciate him when I got older. My parents were easier on him and didn’t have as high expectations. It is a cultural difference with Chinese families expecting women to take care of the family and be the breadwinner. Spirit: What do you do for a living? AX: I’m currently a full-time graphic designer at an advertising agency in downtown Chicago. I also do freelance illustration and photography. I grew up with a lot of expectations, which I did everything in my power to go against. I know my mom had my best interest at heart, but at the end of the day what she wanted wasn’t what I wanted. I knew I wanted to be creative as soon as I popped out of the womb. Drawing, photography and design come natural to me. I’ve met some of my best friends through art, and it’s given me opportunities beyond my wildest imagination. What kid at 15 can say that they went on tour with well-known 8

Photograph by Tracey Wong

bands? What kid at 18 can say their work is tattooed on someone? Even at 27, I never thought my work would be seen nationally, let alone globally. It’s insane that something I enjoy doing every day, something that’s second nature to me, would open up so many opportunities. I chose to be a creative because it’s all I know. I’d be lost doing anything else. Spirit: What was it like touring with musicians as a teenager? AX: I started by photographing my friends’ bands at local places. I was more excited than scared to be on the Vans Warped Tour, but I quickly learned that it’s not as glamorous as I thought. Not many showers and a lot of guys living in close quarters. The music scene also has a lot of drugs and alcohol. The people I was with all used, and I had toxic relationships that didn’t help me.

One terrible experience was not remembering most of my 26th birthday. I also had friends die from overdoses and drunk driving. I thought to myself, “If I were gone the people I care about would have to live with that.” So I got clean, went cold turkey and did it on my own. When I got sober, the anxiety I was hiding came back, “friendships” ended, and depression hit me harder than ever. Being someone who has been in a dark hole before, I knew I needed to do something to snap me out of it. I started working out and before I knew it, I immersed myself in it. Spirit: What brought you to Midtown? AX: I joined Midtown not because it’s a nice gym, and it is a really nice gym, but because when I took the tour I was greeted

by warm faces. There was diversity not only in the employees, but their members. There was creativity in the design of the facility and in the people. It was a place I wanted to be. I think in the back of my mind I knew I’d find people who inspire me and likeminded people who would keep me on track even if they don’t know my history. Spirit: What do you like to do at the Club? AX: You can find me in EverybodyFights or on The Field most days either dancing or goofing off. Other days, you’ll see me with my camera trying to capture different activities around the Club. Like that day the Avengers showed up. I had to get proof that it’s not just comic book nonsense!

“ I joined Midtown not because it’s a nice gym, and it is a really nice gym, but because when I took the tour I was greeted by warm faces. There was diversity not only in the employees, but their members. There was creativity in the design of the facility and in the people.” Spirit: Do you work with a trainer and/or a dietitian? AX: I’ve worked with a couple of trainers at Midtown and they are all amazing. Julian and Jason have definitely helped me with my boxing/fight skills. Julian is my corner man. He’s always so positive, and he’ll even dance in class. I call Jason’s classes “the Dungeon” because he really brings out that aggressive, guttural side of boxing. A huge thanks has to go out to Neal Wagner, aka “The Strongest Avenger,” for helping me make great strides in fitness as well as my mentality, diet and overall health. I feel better than I’ve ever felt. Spirit: What are some of the specific things you’ve changed about your diet? AX: I used to eat a ton of sugar, and after drinking you want something greasy like pizza. Now I do a lot of meal prep, and I’m much more conscious about what I put in my body. Neal taught me to replace my bun with lettuce leaves. I would not have thought of that without him!

Photograph by Neal Wagner


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“For this dog to learn to trust humans after the traumatizing first half of his life baffles me, but he loves me with all his little heart. I think if I could have a dog shelter and take every animal out of those horrible conditions I would.” Spirit: How has being fit helped you outside of working out? AX: I’m not sure how many people work in advertising but yo, these hours are long. It’s enough to drive some people mad. Having somewhere to go and de-stress is huge in this industry, and it definitely has helped me so much during the workday. I’m not as anxious. I am able to focus and I just feel better throughout the day knowing I worked out or will be at the gym later. Spirit: Are there any philanthropic endeavors you are passionate about? AX: I love helping out at animal shelters because being a mommy to a rescue pit who was used for dogfights has really shown me what love is. For this dog to learn to trust humans after the traumatizing first half of his life baffles me, but he loves me with all his little heart. I think if I could have a dog shelter and take every animal out of those horrible conditions I would.

AX: This isn’t my favorite question in the world. As a creative there really isn’t a specific person, place or thing that inspires me. Or maybe I just haven’t given this question enough thought. I’m inspired by old cartoons and the thought of men in suits painstakingly drawing frame after frame of something wiggling back and forth. I’m inspired by artists who somehow find a way to make a living creating worlds that don’t exist anywhere but in their minds. I’m inspired by musicians living out of vans for months on end, playing the same songs and somehow making them sound different every time. I’m inspired taking public transit and just looking at buildings, trees, houses and people from new perspectives every day. I’m inspired by athletes who put 100% of their mind, body and soul into such short careers. Truth is I see people, places and things every day that inspire me creatively, mentally and physically. It may sound cliché but there’s always something that sparks inspiration around us. I think sometimes we just need to put our phones down, look up and pay attention to the small nuances that exist in reality.

Spirit: Is there a particular person, place or thing that inspires you each day?

“ I’m inspired by old cartoons and the thought of men in suits painstakingly drawing frame after frame of something wiggling back and forth. I’m inspired by artists who somehow find a way to make a living creating worlds that don’t exist anywhere but in their minds. I’m inspired by musicians living out of vans for months on end, playing the same songs and somehow making them sound different every time.”

Photograph by JoJo Uhila


exercise your mind

Created exclusively by Midtown member Josh Reynolds, a syndicated weekly puzzle writer. Josh’s work has been published in USA Today and was included in Simon and Schuster’s latest crossword series.

Language of India Across 1. Form 1040 org. 4. Debates (with) 9. ___ salts (bath supply)

47. Coffee order 49. Bonny one 51. Choir attire 53. 15-across component

57. They often follow showers 14. Org. behind Human Genome Project 60. Response to an oversharer 15. Paddle around

62. Biology lab supply

16. “___ there yet?”

63. Rabin’s successor

17. Self study in Sanskrit

64. Life force in Sanskrit

19. Filled to excess

66. “No problemo”

20. Novelist Janowitz

67. Like wicker furniture

21. Number cruncher, for short

68. Quadrennial games org.

22. Diet doctor

69. Take out ___ (borrow)

23. Barnard grad, e.g.

70. 007 and others

25. Surgery tool

71. Austin-to-Dallas dir.

27. Legis. meeting 29. Part of an orchestra 33. Charged item 36. Power in Sanskrit 38. Gold medalist Lipinski 39. Toast choice 41. Driving need 42. Feasts 43. Overly smooth 44. Observance in Sanskrit 46. Baseball bat wood

10. Nature in Sanskrit

31. Some college tests, for short 50. Influence

11. “The X-Files” program, for short

32. Beauty pageant wear

52. Pocketbook part


33. “Victory is mine!”

54. From the top

1. Photo app, slangily

12. Actor Wilson

34. Columbus’s home

55. Pitcher Martinez

2. Hamilton, to Burr

13. Drugs, briefly 18. Beaver projects

35. Marlon Brando’s “I Remember Mama” role

56. Small amount

3. Noted performing whale 4. MIT, for one

22. Italian wine area

37. E or G, e.g.

5. Opt not to charge, perhaps

24. Egg container

40. Knowledge of life in Sanskrit

6. Take ___ (rest)

26. What bargain hunters look for

42. 100-meter, e.g.

7. Shade of blue 8. Caribbean, e.g. 9. Kind of egg

44. Catches

28. “The Simpsons” or “Futurama”

45. Day play

30. Beloved family member

48. Continues

57. Pet lovers’ org. 58. Make well 59. It flows through Florence 61. ___-pedi 64. Mac rivals 65. Magazine revenue source

Answers on page 34






and about Grace Lee stays cool hiking in the

Great Smoky Mountains s

Lakeview Smiles crew tackles Terrain Race.



u t o

(left) Graciela Vinaja, Victoria Infante, and Tilly Davis; (below) Evita & Josh Rusinak in


Bogota, Columbia s


Jim Reilly beaching it in

New Zealand Ava Sartin with Laver Cup player Diego Schwartman and former WTA player and ESPN commentator

when they practiced at Midtown s Billy Dalesandro and his mom visited the Motown Museum s and the Tigers in Detroit. s Mary Joe Fernandez


Amy Lawhorn Banquet Events Director 773.687.7568

Contact Amy to learn more.

Corporate Events and Celebrations at Midtown

A variety of unique spaces in the Club are available... LOGAN & LINCOLN This flexible, contemporary space is adaptable to various size groups. With beautiful Chicago skyline views from our 5th floor, Logan & Lincoln is the perfect setting for an intimate celebration or corporate gathering.

THE OUTFIELD Entertain your group on our spacious outdoor turf sundeck. This is the ideal location for sipping cocktails and mingling under the Chicago summer sky—the possibilities for the space are endless.

THE BOARDROOM Midtown’s Boardroom is multi-functional with well-appointed furnishings and built for private meetings.

THE THEATER A dynamic setting for a large celebration or interactive conference. We’ll set the stage for an incredible event with custom lighting trusses, a beautiful floor and city street views.

SIX Our rooftop is available to host small groups or exclusive buy-outs for large events. PRIVATE DINING ROOM AT CHROMIUM An intimate setting overlooking the pool for groups up to 20. 14

the penthouse at midtown O

ur fifth floor features one of the most unique spaces at Midtown—our Penthouse suite. It’s a 2,200 square foot, bi-level space perfect for a luxurious weekend or an intimate gathering of friends for a special celebration. The Penthouse has a King bedroom, multiple sitting areas, a 10-person dining table and its own private wrap-around balcony on the sixth floor with stunning city views. Please reach out to Amy Lawhorn for details on rentals or for a tour of the hotel floors of Midtown.



12 Week Session: June 10—August 30

mini camp midtown

This half-day camp is specially designed for our youngest campers and features a variety of themes and activities such as tennis and yoga. AGES 3-5 16



9 am–Noon

$260 per week / $58 per day


$286 per week / $64 per day

Kerry Kinsloe Tennis Admin 773.687.7366

Sarah Fader Youth Program Director 773.687.7358

12 Week Sessions: June 10—August 30

camp midtown

Midtown’s flagship camp is packed full of fun with weekly themes, crafts, games and activities including swimming or tennis each day. Lunch not included. AGES





9 am–4 pm

$455 per week / $102 per day

$501 per week / $112 per day


Noon–4 pm

$260 per week / $58 per day

$286 per week / $64 per day

velocity junior tennis & camp midtown combo

This full-day camp includes a morning of tennis with the Junior Tennis Camp, followed by an afternoon of swimming and more with Camp Midtown. Lunch not included. AGES




9 am–4 pm

$491 per week / $109 per day


$540 per week / $120 per day

velocity junior tennis camp

Midtown’s tennis camp helps junior players improve their on-court skills through a fun and dynamic curriculum developed by our world-class coaches. Lunch not included. AGES





9 am–Noon

$287 per week / $66 per day

$315 per week / $73 per day


9 am–3 pm

$462 per week / $102 per day

$508 per week / $113 per day

velocity high performance tennis camp

Competitive level players will take their game to the next level through a fun and challenging training program developed by our world-class coaches. Camp includes tactical and technical coaching, situational training, match play, match analysis, and a focus on athletic performance training. AGES





9 am–2 pm

$540 per week

$594 per week

pre/post camp care

All campers are invited to take advantage of pre and post camp care at Midtown’s Kidtown and Varsity Club. Pre-registration not required. AGES




7:45–9 am

$15 per day


3–6 pm

$25 per day

lunch add-on

Full-day campers can add lunch prepared fresh daily. Campers who do not come with a packed lunch will be charged the day fee for lunch. Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance of camp day. AGES



$10 per day 17

spa & salon

Bryan Freund Administrative Assistant 773.687.7312

Associate Under Cover My name is Bryan Freund. By day, I am your standard Business Office Associate. But by slightly later that same

day, I am a self-described investigative reporter specializing in health clubs (okay, maybe just one health club). I was recently tasked with finding out what makes The Spa at Midtown so exceptional. The following is the story of what happened next.

Monday: 1000 hours I stop by The Spa for some casual work conversation and let them know I want to make like Retta and “Treat Yo Self,” but in this case the “yo” was actually “me.” I was looking to do a service I had never done before. I’ve gotten several haircuts before at The Spa, so I knew it was top-notch. Each of the stylists are great at what they do. Take Erin, for instance, our resident barber. She always starts her service with a consultation in which she helps her client figure out the best look for his lifestyle. Erin looks to cut hair in a way that it grows out the way the client wants it, or has a “hair shelf-life” if you will. She also assists any poor soul who has received a bad haircut from another location (a Chop Shop as they call them in the biz). Finally, she is happy to give product and styling recommendations to help men not only look great, but become more knowledgeable about scalp and hair care. If it was time for my monthly haircut, I would have stopped in. But no, it was time to see something with fresh eyes. I gave the ladies at the desk my timeframe and they helped me build my service. Just like Erin, they consulted with me to see what I wanted to get accomplished. This seems to occur not only from The Spa, but from our Personal Training department as well. Each experience is customized to the client. For mine, we booked a Salt Stone Massage appointment and they recommended I also try out a body treatment. I am Irish so cannot inexplicably become tan in the wintertime, so I decided to go with the alternative: waxing. Hot wax? Paper strips? Inevitable pain? Bring. It. On.

Thursday: 0930 hours I check in 15 minutes early for my appointment so I can get the full experience. Fluffy robe. Comfy slippers. Hot tea and iced water. The works. I also made sure I stayed nice and hydrated for my service. It is a lot of focused work and it is better for all parties if my tissues are more like fresh Play-Doh rather than chewed-up gum. Ask any kid. They’ll tell you.

I am Irish so cannot inexplicably become tan in the wintertime, so I decided to go with the alternative: waxing. Hot wax? Paper strips? Inevitable pain? Bring. It. On.

My massage therapist, Nikki, was very welcoming and, though it was cold outside, the space was very cozy with the heated table mat and warm Ugg blanket. As I’m getting my massage, I feel like at points I could easily fall asleep. From what I have been told that is perfectly acceptable. I’m going to reiterate that for any parents who may have missed the point: You can drop your newborns in Kidtown and get a relaxing nap. You deserve it. I had never had hot stones used to massage my muscles but what a difference it makes! All the pain I had from throwing out my back at the trampoline park the previous week was fading away. Side note: I would totally go again if the Groupon was still available.


For spa information, contact Kelly Gasspari, Spa & Salon Director 773.687.7323

“As a man of “not so fragile” masculinity, I can admit to having had my back waxed before, so I knew what to expect. However, in the spirit Somehow an hour passed in the blink of an eye and it was time for service number two (Note to self: figure out how massage therapists alter the concept of time). As a man of “not so fragile” masculinity, I can admit to having had my back waxed before, so I knew what to expect. However, in the spirit of trying new things, it was time for the chest’s turn. I can truly say that I now know our estheticians are the bestheticians as showcased by Tiana. She knows what kind of pain is involved in waxing and so keeps you talking to get through it. My thoughts during the process: This will be interesting. Oof, hot wax. Ok, it’s not so bad. Wait, ripping it off hurts. Ouch! I bet that part will hurt even more… Yup, I was right. Wow, I have a lot of freckles. Wait, we’re done? I will not lie. My chest was pretty sore the rest of the day. A strange juxtaposition with my relaxed back. Given Tiana’s advice, I didn’t work out/sweat/steam for 24 hours so I wouldn’t break out. I did however use it as an excuse to play Spyro on my Playstation the rest of the day.

of trying new things, it was time for the chest’s turn.”

Friday: 1400 hours As I reflect on my previous day, I notice that I am still feeling great from my massage. I had over-extended my shoulder the week before, but that was not bothering me anymore. I also did not feel as sore from the waxing. Would I do it again? Maybe if I actually had abs. There are lots of little details that go into the space that makes it so beautiful. Each service is tailored to each client, and all are meant to feel welcomed. It can be intimidating to try something new or communicate what you really want, but the staff takes those feelings away. I can now see why The Spa is so outstanding. 19

the shop

Yoga Anyone? March is National Yoga Month and if you love using the Manduka mats in the Samadhi Studio you will love being able to continue your practice at home or on the go. The Shop offers all your yoga needs from Manduka that include mats, apparel, towels, straps, blocks and more to help you continue your practice at home or on the go. The Manduka Pro Series Yoga Mats go above and beyond to give you an unparalleled experience, joint protection, and versatility on any surface.


Bethany Scheiner Pro Shop Director 773.687.7328

Exceptional grip for slip-resistance, even with light perspiration Oeko-texÂŽ certified emissions-free manufacturing Proprietary dot-pattern bottom to resist sliding provides stability on hard or soft surfaces Closed-cell surface to keep out moisture (sweat) from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria. Lifetime guarantee against wear and tear. High quality material will not peel, flake or fade; longevity reduces consumption and landfill waste; grip improves with use.


all is wellness “I began our

cassandra casanova

gym hunt

Born and raised in Chicago, I grew up in Humboldt Park. My family and I continue to live in the area and our extended family is spread out around the Chicago area. I work as an accountant for a popular Chicago restaurant-based company and am the full-time mom of two handsome boys. I also am currently a Wellness Educator of essential oils and share my passion and knowledge with others on my instagram @love.leefit with a blog in the works. Continuously expanding on my knowledge to help others has led me to work on getting my Yoga, Reike and Aromatherapy certifications.


My husband, Jorge, and I began our gym hunt needing somewhere that would benefit each member of our family. Almost a year ago we took a tour with LeAnn and signed up on the spot. She listened to our needs and helped us make the right choices in terms of activities for us and our boys. Kidtown Summer Camp was a hit with my oldest, who still talks to his friends about his camp days. The staff working in Kidtown are the most friendly, caring and awesome individuals to entrust with your children. My boys are so excited to see some of their favorite staff members and friends, which is a relief to me as a mom. And I knew I had found my soul gym when there were eucalyptus towels available for after workouts!

somewhere that would benefit each member of our family.” My present, never-changing goal is to be the healthiest I can be. After having kids, I was specifically striving to lose the weight I had gained and ultimately get back to feeling great about myself. I had to make sure my glass was full before I could show up for my family or others. “One day at a time” and meal prepping have been the keys to reaching my goals but the journey is different for everyone. When we joined I had just had our second child nine months prior, and have since lost 30 pounds and feel great. My weight loss activities have been a combination of CrossFit, weightlifting, running and cycling. There have been so many positives that have come from my weight loss such as having my energy levels keep up with our busy lifestyle. Most rewarding though for my husband and me is to be able to set a foundation of fitness for our boys through leading by example. We are a very active family with wellness and fitness being key components for all of us. I do CrossFit two to three times a week, and my husband plays soccer and basketball weekly outside of our gym sessions at Midtown. When we are working out at the gym you can find one or both of us every Monday and Wednesday night on The Field for the 7 pm class with Tony. I also frequent the yoga classes on other days. In addition to the everyday, we continue to find time to volunteer in food pantries and withs animal care and control. Most recently we’ve been exploring more family opportunities to get our children involved in giving back. We believe it’s extremely valuable to teach them to volunteer their time whenever possible. Although health and wellness are the pillars of our lifestyle, we love the Chicago restaurant scene. Moderation coupled with a cheat meal once a week allows us to stay on track and focused but also give us something to look forward to. The worst part about living in Chicago is the traffic. Point A to point B could be five miles and sometimes can take an hour. Fortunately, I have Rachel Hollis’ RISE Together and Ange Peters’ HOL:FIT podcasts getting me through those car rides. A fun fact about me is that I almost became an architect, with three years of schooling under my belt.


Fall Fun Around the Club



LAKEVIEWSMILES bringing smiles inside...out

leading with grace grace h. lee How did you find yourself settling in Chicago? In the summer of 2004 I was young, spontaneous and adventurous. During a layover in Chicago I rented a car, drove into the city, found a tiny studio by the lake and decided to stay. I still feel lucky that I did it–I love Chicago and now consider it as home with my boys Noah, 10 and Jonah, 7. I love the diversity, the four seasons, and runners on chilly Saturday mornings. When and why did you become a Midtown member? It was in March of 2018, when I was looking for more consistency and balance between work, my boys, and taking care of myself. Midtown couldn’t be more perfect for a single mom who wants everything! It’s a happy place where I feel better about myself. It enables me to do things I never thought possible. Not long ago the thought of running around the block scared me. Now I work out 6 to 7 days a week and know to celebrate and cherish life with a glass of wine by the pool. Healthy body equals a healthy mind. What are your favorite activities at the Club? I love all Les Mills, especially BODYPUMP. I gained confidence and have since enjoyed Terrain/Spartan racing, more strenuous hikes, and I just signed up for boxing! My favorite equipment is the monkey bar, even though I’m afraid of heights and used to have very weak shoulders. In preparation for a terrain race I made myself try it, but didn’t make it all the way across–one day I’ll try again. I love challenging myself to overcome my fears. Tell us about your career path and why you chose it? Early on I discovered I had an interest in science, and dentistry happened to be a career to which I was able to apply my passions and strengths. I also love running and growing my own business. What is unique about Lakeview Smiles’ approach to dentistry? Our priority is a positive experience. We start by getting to know our clients and listening to their needs. We won’t meet our patient’s expectations unless we listen and make an effort to connect. When you walk into our office you’ll sense cheerfulness, hear laughter and soft conversation, and here and there a few hugs and tears. We truly enjoy our patients!

What motivated you to go beyond the business of dental care, and become dedicated to serving people in need? My mom. When I was in high school I took her to a dentist and discovered it was her very first time, and that she was going to lose all her teeth. She lived a life of sacrifice and believed dental care to be too expensive. Education is a crucial element of dental health, and as much as I enjoy fixing what is broken, consistent, basic care will minimize major dental work and increase tooth life expectancy. I’ve gone on mission trips to Mongolia and Nicaragua, and have also volunteered locally at Lawndale Christian Center, Goldies, and the Convery of Hope, Breakthrough Urban Ministries and Grip. I’ve grown particularly passionate about supporting and empowering single moms and became a host volunteer at Safe Families for Children. I have also taken steps to start my own foundation and non profit organization “MPower” that will support single moms as they work to achieving their dreams. How do you find time to exercise at Midtown during your busy schedule? It’s about making it a priority. From 7:30 am to 3:30 pm my priority is Lakeview Smiles and everyone who comes through the door. I set aside an hour each evening for myself and exercise, and then my boys are my priority until their bedtime. Weekends are easy as Midtown is our “happy place.” What is your favorite restaurant in the Chicago area? My boys and I love visiting Duck Duck Goat in the hope of one day meeting Stephany Izard, our favorite Iron Chef. We love learning about these chefs who inspire us–when we dream higher, care enough, and work hard, we can make dreams come true! What book are you reading right now? Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World by Scott Harrison and Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business by Danny Meyer—more people who inspire me not to give up on my dreams. How do you feel about the Midtown facility? I think Midtown sets the bar in terms of promoting a healthy lifestyle to Chicagoans. Jim Collins once stated that the biggest enemy of great is good. I can tell the leadership at Midtown doesn’t want to settle at being good and listens to their members to bring “good” up to “great.” This is the same mindset I hold in everything I do—as a mom, a business owner, a clinician, and a friend. 27

junior tennis highlights

2018 IHSA Girls State Finals Recap

Tennis has always been looked at as an individual sport, with all the pressure and glory riding on the shoulders of one competitor. The tide is changing as more and more team competitions are introduced to the worldwide audience. This year Chicago has seen two events that were all team driven: World Team Tennis in August and Laver Cup in September. Both events attracted large crowds and the team aspect added to the excitement. High School tennis is no different– playing for the team feels a lot different than playing for yourself. The support that players feel from teammates and coaches helps players to stay relaxed and confident during the most intense moments and brings out the best in their tennis. So many of our girls rose to the occasion and achieved fantastic individual and team results at the 2018 IHSA Girls State Finals. Please join me in congratulating Midtown juniors for their individual and team accomplishments!

Team Results < Latin School of Chicago – 2nd Place in A Team Division Midtown players (L to R, beginning with 2nd from left): Alyssa Batcheler, Shaya Puri, Lucy Mitchell, Annabel Edwards, and Elaine Sarazen

Walter Payton College Prep – tied for 4th Place in the A Team Division > Midtown players: Isabel Kapustka (top row, far left), Sophie Ishiwari (top row, 3rd), Reluca Giurgiu (top row, 4th) Andra Giurgiu (top row, 5th), and Nyah Brown (bottom row, middle)

< St. Ignatius College Prep – 8th Place in the AA Team Division Midtown players: Helena Cilella (top row, second from left) and Ivvy Hicks (bottom row, middle)


Vasiliy Guryanov Junior Competitive Director 773.687.7607

Individual Results < Isabel Kapustka and Sophie Ishiwari Walter Payton College Prep–1st place in A doubles

Ivvy Hicks and Helena Cilella > St. Ignatius College Prep–won 2 rounds in AA doubles

< Elaine Sarazen and Annabel Edwards Latin School of Chicago–2nd place in A doubles

Mia Thomann > Whitney Young Magnet HS–won 2 rounds in AA singles

< Belen Nevenhoven Auburn High School–4th place in AA singles

Alyssa Batcheler and Shaya Puri > Latin School of Chicago–won 2 rounds in A doubles

< Lucy Mitchell Latin School of Chicago–reached quarterfinals of the main draw in A singles

Emilia Wilke and Nyah Brown > Walter Payton College Prep–reached last round of state qualifying and won the city 2nd doubles championship 29


tennis achievements 1—Amelia Karr, Sportsmanship Award–Girls 14s 2—Isabelle Chong, Champion and Tess Trieu, Finalist–Girls 14s 3—Jaden Dai, Finalist and David Wang, Champion–Boys 12s 4—Alexander Dobrev, Champion and Nicholas Stepanek, Finalist–Boys 10s Green Dot Ball 5—Luca Sevim, Sportsmanship Award–Boys 10s Green Dot Ball 6—Rachel Secord, Sportsmanship Award–Girls 12s 7—Vadim Khavinson, Champion and Mike Miller, Finalist–Men’s NTRP 4.0 8—Kara Pescaru, Finalist and Victoria Lipinski, Champion–Girls 12s 9—Maxwell Zhao, Finalist and Luca Sevim, Champion–Boys 10s Green Dot Ball

2 3




6 7

8 9


Simple Salad

The exceptional quality of the Werp Farm Greens inspired me to create the simplest of salads. So flavorful and delicious, the spicy greens have a kick, the little gem is sweet, and the red oak has a nutty quality. There is nothing to hide behindâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;just pure, simple flavors. PETITE GREENS Mix equal parts good quality greens. We use lola rossa, little gem, and baby romaine. Mix in herbs of your choice in the quantity you like. We use dill, parsley, and chives. CHAMPAGNE VINEGAR 6 minced shallots 143 g (5 oz) salt 63 g (2.25 oz) sugar 240 g Champagne vinegar 369 g organic rice bran oil 150 g Dijon mustard Combine the first four ingredients and set aside to marinate for 15 minutes. Stir to dissolve all of the sugar and salt. While the shallots are marinating, slowly drizzle the oil into the mustard, whisking continuously. Emulsify half the oil into the mustard and slowly add the marinated shallot mix. Emulsify the rest of the oil in and adjust to desired thickness if needed. Yields one quart. Will keep up to a month in the fridge.


Amanda Barnes Executive Chef 773.687.7383

Fun Facts about the Chromium Menu... #eatlocal #healthy #seasonal # 70% of our menu is under 600 calories # 80% is under 800 calories # 80% of our menu is local # 90% has under 1000 mg of sodium # 95% is organic # 100% is non-GMO # 18 vegetarian options # 20 gluten-free options We rotate our menu seasonally and can prepare almost all of the items gluten free. Please see below for our vegetarian and gluten-free items!

All Day Menu 1. Bar Mix–Veg 2. Pickle Plate–GF and Veg 3. Avocado Hummus–Veg 4. Snapper Crudo–GF 5. Burrata–GF and Veg 6. Heirloom Tomatoes–Veg, can be GF without feta croutons and fried freekah 7. Cauliflower Caponata–GF w/o breadcrumbs and veg 8. Focaccia–Veg 9. Corn Panna Cotta–GF 10. Grilled Cucumbers–GF and Veg 11. Wedge Salad–Veg without bacon and GF 12. Half Chicken–GF without soy caramel sauce 13. Chopped Salad–GF and Veg without salami 14. Roasted Vegetables–GF and veg 15. Petite Greens–GF and Veg 16. Caesar Salad–GF

Werp Farms: Our supplier of fresh greens throughout the winter months...

17. Job’s Tears–GF and Vegan

Mike and Tina Werp, who operate the certified organic and chemical-free farm in Buckley, have found a way to provide what farm-to-table restaurants desire: year-round, fresh food and ingredients so they can keep up their commitments to local sourcing. While frigid winds howl, they tend and harvest micro greens—and much more custom-grown produce—in wood-heated commercial greenhouses. Their tender greens stay planted in the soil until orders arrive. The Werps then carefully hand-harvest each with scissors no more than one day before delivery. How’s that for bringing garden-crisp local produce to your table during the dead-cold of winter?

2. Eggs in Peperade–GF without ciabatta toast

18. Halibut–GF 19. Veggie Bowl–Veg

Breakfast/Brunch Menus 1. Yogurt Bowl–GF and Veg

3. Grain Bowl–Veg without egg 4. Tomato Toast–Veg 5. Baked Avocado–GF 6. Yeast Waffles–Veg 7. Fruit Salad–GF and Veg 8. Avocado Sweet Potato Hash–GF 9. Frittata–GF without breakfast potatoes


the art of tattooing...


Marking of the skin has been practiced across the globe since at least Neolithic times. The oldest discovery of tattooed human skin dates to between 3370 and 3100 BC. In the U.S. in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, tattooing was employed as a unique way to identify a sailor’s body should he be lost at sea or impressed by the British navy. Tattoo artists worked aboard ships using simple instruments and anything available as pigments—even gunpowder and urine. In 1891, New York tattooer Samuel O’Reilly patented the first electric tattoo machine, a modification of Thomas Edison’s electric pen. Over the past three decades tattoos have become mainstream in global and Western fashion, crossing social boundaries from “low” to “high” class. It is now common among both sexes, all economic classes, and age groups from the later teen years to middle age. The process of tattooing was held to be a purely expressive activity protected by the First Amendment by the Ninth Circuit in 2010. The popularity of tattoo culture has attracted fine artists to the industry. Advancements in tattoo pigments and better equipment used for tattooing has led to greater quality and creativity.


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new at midtown

about coach hummel...

Beginning this spring, Coach Robbie Hummel

will be providing individual and small group instruction at Midtown Athletic Club. The clinics will be for kids aged 10 to 18 who are looking to improve their basketball skills at the middle school and high school levels. The clinics will be similar to individual workouts done by high school, college, and professional-level basketball players based on your child’s current skill level. Joining Robbie will be coaches Paul Kleinmaier, Olithia “Coach O” Stevens, and Joseph Choe.

Robbie Hummel grew up in Valparaiso, Indiana and has been playing basketball since he was four years old. He played on the varsity team for three years at Valparaiso High School and as a senior was named First Team All State and a member of the Indiana All Star team. Robbie continued his basketball career at Purdue University, where he was named First Team All Big Ten in 2008, 2010, and 2012, as well as Third Team All Big Ten in 2009. He was also named a Second Team All American in 2010 and an Honorable Mention All American in 2012. After Perdue, Robbie was drafted 5th in the NBA draft to the Minnesota Timberwolves, playing two seasons. Aside from the two future Hall of Fame coaches Robbie played for in the NBA, he has worked with Tim Grover (trainer for Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade) and Ryan Thompson (trainer for Priority Sports Agency). He looks forward to sharing the knowledge he’s learned from the best in basketball with your child.




USTA National Boys 14s Tournament November 23-26, 2018 Congratulations to singles champion Evan Wen (right) photography by Steve Scap


midtown love from the rosen family...

“We like having a place to go that makes us more

The Rosen Family have been Midtown members since August of 2017. The Rosens currently reside in Lincoln Park, and although their children, Kaitlyn and Sophia, are born and bred Chicagoans, Meredith and her husband, Josh, are originally from the Baltimore area. Meredith and Josh are both management consultants who work with Fortune 500 companies to develop various business strategies.

active than we were before we joined. Between Yoga and all the activities upstairs it makes it easier to take care of ourselves. It’s also a great place for the girls to come visit the pool and move around and not just be at home. There are so many options for them to lead an active lifestyle.” —Meredith

When Midtown’s Matt Frye sat down with the family, they shared with him their appreciation for the community Midtown has built. Although they may not be exclusively tennis players, or highly experienced Yogis, they feel invited to try out different activities and not compromise on the quality of their experience. To them, Midtown is a place where people of all levels and experience can come together to try new things and stay active and healthy. Nine-year-old Kaitlyn describes the Rosen girls as “Janes of all trades.” Along with their athletic endeavors the girls are also rather artistic. When not spending time in the pool or on the tennis court, they attend classes at the Joffrey Ballet as well as taking piano lessons. They’ve enjoyed the Tennis, Pizza and a Movie events too. Six-year-old Sophia is quick to tell how much she loves swimming lessons and her instructor, Miss Danielle. Meredith describes Danielle as “absolutely fantastic,” and said she’s done wonders with the girls’ lessons over the past year. Sophia adds that after swimming lessons they usually eat fried chicken and waffles at Chromium. Meredith says she brings her

“I like to go swimming! I take swimming lessons with Miss Danielle. She’s pretty much the greatest teacher in the world. I want her to babysit us. She’s my buddy!” —Sophia 38

The Rosen family on the top of the Langjökull glacier in Iceland

family to eat at Chromium “all the time” because “the food here is just so good and you can tell that they put so much thought and care into the menu.” Along with the waffles, some of their favorite foods include the grain bowl and Chef Amanda’s potatoes, the crudo, the heirloom tomato salad, and whole branzino (Sophia is crazy about that one!). On top of enjoying the locally sourced food, Meredith appreciates the convenience of having a full service restaurant at the Club. When bouncing from piano lessons to ballet to swim class, they don’t always have time to head home for a meal. Sophia sums up the family’s appreciation for all that Midtown has to offer in one simple phrase: “It’s a fun place!”

from marc moran... Being in shape has always been important to Marc Moran because it allows him to be as physically adventurous as he is mentally. He joined Midtown last September when the new facilities opened. Never one to settle for norms, Marc realized getting out of shape as he got older wasn’t something he was willing to accept. Being a self-described competitive person means staying in shape physically comes down to what he can achieve mentally. He was in some of the best shape of his life a year before joining Midtown until he injured his knee. Getting back to the same fitness level and building strength to avoid other injuries became his main focus. He loves Midtown because “it is a beautiful state-of-the-art gym without any pretentiousness.” He sees it as inviting and welcoming, and describes it as having everything you could wish for in a gym under one roof.

“Being in shape is important to me as it allows me to be as physically adventurous as my mind is. I have always enjoyed being competitive, and staying in shape as I get older is me being competitive with myself of what I can mentally achieve.”

Marc is a photographer and director. He used photography as a creative form of expression in high school, never guessing it would end up as a career. He started out in the music industry as a recording engineer, but decided he wanted to create visually rather than musically. He began as a graphic designer and started taking photographs again out of necessity for his design work. He has traveled to a lot of cities for work, but always finds himself enjoying Chicago the most. Originally from the western suburbs of Chicago, Marc moved to the city in his early 20s to take advantage of the culture Chicago offers. He believes it’s the perfect city, because it balances everything you could ask for: amazing food, a beautiful waterfront, and a relaxed attitude.


On The Road With The

Billy F

Billy F Gibbons was led to the Hotel at Midtown by his tour manager, Midtown member, Ron Mesh, but it’s the hot sauce that will keep the ZZ Top legend coming back. From his signature waist-length beard to his dry wit, Billy F Gibbons is as recognizable on the gym floor as he is on stage. Stopping in Chicago as part of his “Big Bad Blues” tour, Billy talked to Midtown Rochester’s Glenn William, who found Billy to be an articulate and down-to-earth gentleman. They discussed his sense for aesthetics and design, the band’s 14-room reservation at The Hotel, and of course…food.



Big Bad Blues Tour

“ Our roadshow hit Chicago with the rare ‘day-off,’ enjoying the unexpected coupling of luxury lodging along with a world class workout facility all under one roof. A cool double-whammy.”

Glenn William: It’s an honor to meet you, Billy. Billy F Gibbons: It’s a genuine pleasure having enjoyed the opportunity to meet you and become a guest at Midtown Athletic Club and The Hotel at Midtown. It was a very fine experience! The band certainly looks back with fond recollections from our stay and we look forward to our return. GW: Have you ever stayed in a hotel inside of a gym? BFG: A first! With our recent album release of “The Big Bad Blues,” our roadshow hit Chicago with the rare “day off,” enjoying the unexpected coupling of luxury lodging along with a world class workout facility all under one roof. A cool double-whammy. GW: Did you take a tour of the Club? BFG: A self-guided tour, yes. I believe that the Midtown Athletic Club and The Hotel in the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago now stands as a new benchmark in luxury lodging connected with the highest level of professional personal fitness programs to be found around the country. Pure aesthetic! GW: There are three musicians in the band, but you guys booked 14 rooms at the hotel. Can you break that down for me? BFG: Three rooms for the principal band members, Matt Sorum, Austin Hanks and myself, one for the tour manager, eight for technicians and two rooms for the two bus drivers. GW: Any specific impressions about The Hotel? BFG: The elegance of the surroundings of the Club and Hotel had a clean sense of style that set the tone for a great stay. The check-in procedure went like clockwork. Speedy and efficient. Safe and secure. I loved the hardwood floors in the hotel room and the tile throughout the bathroom.

There had to be a great deal of thought put into the features, design and materials. The way the wood floor in the room butts up to the tile in the bathroom and transitions the two is brilliant. The room is crisp, simplistic yet warm. I loved the wall treatment design behind the bed that you’d swear is textured concrete. GW: I understand that you just purchased Brigitte Bardot’s former home in Las Vegas. BFG: Yes! It’s a period perfect “ranchette” in the neighborhood known as Rancho Circle. It sits comfortably between the former homes of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. It’s the last piece to fit the celebrity triumvirate: Hollywood, Palm Springs and, of course, now Las Vegas.

(above) Hotel room wood floor transitioning to the tile in the bathroom. Billy has an eye for detail.

GW: Is there a renovation in sight? BFG: As the house originally broke ground in 1957, a few convenient present-day innovations have taken the structure into the modern era while maintaining the feel of its historic past. It’s a Spanish hacienda with a dice table for neighbors. I’d like to put the Midtown hardwood floors down throughout the place and install your tile in the bathrooms. GW: I can put you in touch with our architect and designer, Dwayne MacEwen and he will send you samples of the materials you liked. 41

(left) America Salutes You and Wall Street Rocks Presents: Guitar Legends for Heroes, November 29, 2017, New York City. Photo by Debby Wong.

BFG: You’d do that for me? GW: Of course. GW: Ron Mesh, your tour manager, is a Midtown member at our club in Rochester, New York. How did you two meet? BFG: Ron stepped in to head up “The Big Bad Blues” roadshow as tour manager, bringing his Midtown membership as an immediate aim to the Chicago Hotel at Midtown. It’s THE destination: a first class experience for deluxe lodging as well as a relaxing place to unwind in the workout areas. Ron’s expertise out on the touring trail led us directly to the fine accommodations found at Midtown. GW: You seem to be quite good friends with Ron’s corgi. BFG: Named after Bo Diddley’s guitar slinging accomplice, “Lady Bo,” Ron’s feminine, foxy-like corgi accompanied us down the road and back again. She certainly holds up the tag of “man’s best friend!” Lady Bo, of course, found Midtown’s front desk to be a favorite spot with the occasional snack treat bestowed by an associate. GW: Your business card reads “Friend of Eric Clapton.” What’s the story there? BFG: I suspect most everyone relates to the exquisite effect of Eric’s mesmerizing guitar wizardry. I continue to enjoy a long standing friendship with Eric thanks to our mutual admiration of the sound of electric blues guitar. It starts with the “strum” then steps it up with that electrical “hum” that’ll getcha every time!


GW: Did you dine at Chromium? BFG: Most certainly! The Billy F Gibbons bandmates joined our entire road crew to take in the many treats from the full service menu, which started with the early morning visit to the fresh juice and coffee bar. The lunch hour found us sampling some great sandwich selections before returning to enjoy Chef Amanda Barnes’ suggestions for the evening get together. It’s party time for Midtown’s time-to-dine extravaganza. GW: You’re a spicy food guy. What’s your go-to meal? BFG: Well, speaking of spicy, Chef Amanda offers one of the most savory hot sauce additions ever, which complements the many items

available from the sumptuous menu. How about a serving of charred broccoli with apricot coriander vinaigrette and pepitas to side with the main course of a roasted half chicken with pickled jalapeño peppers? Now that’s just about as good as it gets. I would appreciate you sending me off on the road with a handful of your little squeeze bottles filled with that hot sauce and an ample supply to keep us in stock on the tour bus. GW: Consider it done. Speaking of that bus, what’s it like on there?

(above) Halloween: the only day of the year Billy F Gibbons can go out in public without anyone knowing who he is. Tour Manager and Midtown member Ron Mesh is dressed in the space suit. The Corgi dressed as an alligator is Ron’s dog, Lady Bo. (left) Band members walking out of Chicago’s Eleven Diner as they kick off the Big Band Blues Tour. Photo by Blain Clausen.

(above) The band travels on a bus custom designed by Taylor Swift. (left) Tour bus fridge…Kombucha, cold brew, coconut water, Midtown hot sauce. Most likely a different assortment of beverages than during the 1970s.


BFG: The bus goes where we go. The bonus of having every household convenience at hand is unexpected, yet the real upstart is a design feature introduced by none other than Taylor Swift. Miss Swift placed the luxury suite smack-dab in the center of the coach. Roomy and quiet, the road takes on a new definition of smooth. And it will return us to the delights of Chicago’s Midtown Hotel in grand style.

Two weeks later, Billy reached out to Glenn with a very specific request.

(above) Midtown Executive Chef, Amanda Barnes, preparing her now famous “hot sauce” to be sent overnight to Billy on the road.

BFG: We are now officially down to the last drop of your famous hot sauce. Mr. Ron Mesh suggested lofting a “perhaps” inquiry with Chef Amanda in Chicago to see if she would reveal her recipe in order to whip up a batch onboard the touring coaches. This would save her the trouble of packing and shipping. Then again, it may be a chef’s secret. Either way, we would be remiss if we didn’t cry out for more! We await your directive on the hot sauce front. GW: Billy, consider the sauce “on its way.”

(above) New acquaintances share business cards. Can’t beat these credentials… Opera box seats hanging over the stage. (right) The band: Billy, Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses drummer) and Austin Hanks with Glenn at the House of Blues, Chicago.


Our state-of-the-art wax-dipping device. (We call her Renée.)

Every bottle of Maker’s Mark® is hand-dipped in our signature red wax. It’s not fast, easy or cost-effective, but if we’re this particular about our bottles, imagine the care that goes into making our bourbon. Learn more at

WE MAKE OUR BOURBON CAREFULLY. PLEASE ENJOY IT THAT WAY. Maker’s Mark® Bourbon Whisky, 45% Alc./Vol. ©2018 Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc. Loretto, KY

Improve Your Golf Swing, Right From The Start Golf is a difficult game, but what if you could take strokes off your

round while reducing your risk of injury at the same time? One of the low-hanging fruits to improve your golf game starts with your posture at address, which can fall into one of three categories: Neutral spine (ideal), C-Posture or S-Posture. Here is an easy assessment to find out which posture you start out in:

Set up your phone so it can take a picture or video; assume a normal position as if you were swinging your 5-iron. Come back to the camera and assess! Here are some examples of what the different postures might look like > Okay, now that you have identified which posture you naturally set up into, here are a few tips to see if you can bring yourself closer to that neutral position at address. C-Posture If you have C-Posture, try these exercises: < Pec Corner Stretch Stand facing a corner. Place your forearms flat on the wall on each side of the corner with your elbows at shoulder height. Slowly lean forward, taking a small step if needed until you feel a gentle stretch in the front of your chest and shoulders. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat for 3-4 repetitions.



Wall Slide with Lift-Off > Begin in a standing upright position facing a wall. Rest both hands on the wall with your palms facing inward, then slide them up the wall. When your arms are straight, raise your hands a few inches from the wall. Bring your arms back down and repeat. Perform 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions. If you have S-Posture, try these exercises: < Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Begin in a half kneeling position with one knee bent in front of your body. Tighten your core and squeeze your glutes (which will tilt your pelvis backward). Gently push your hips forward. You should feel a stretch in the front of your hip. Make sure to keep your hips facing forward and back straight during the exercise. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds, and repeat 3-4 times per leg. Start Finish Glute Bridge > Begin lying on your back with your arms resting at your sides, your legs bent at the knees and your feet flat on the ground. Tighten your core muscles, squeeze your glutes and slowly lift your hips off the floor. Perform 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.



Hopefully these quick stretches and exercises help to get you into a better starting position. This can lead to better ball-striking, improved power and less injuries! If unusual aches and pains occur after golfing or any activity, schedule a Free Assessment at your nearest Athletico location. Athletico Physical Therapy provides the highest quality orthopedic rehabilitation services to communities, employers and athletes in over 450 locations throughout twelve states with more than 4500 employees. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter at @athletico. 47

meet our team... nneka ahmad

bethany scheiner

kidtown director

the shop director 773.687.7367 773.687.7328

Nneka Ahmad has been a Midtown associate for the past year and a half. Originally hired as a Kidtown Coordinator, she was recently promoted to Kidtown Director. She has been working in childcare since high school, and has always loved working with kids. Nneka is thrilled to have found this opportunity at Midtown and believes one of the greatest strengths she brings to the team is her smile. People always tell her she is the happiest person they know, and she does her best to spread joy every time she’s at the Club. Her new position will present new challenges, but with an amazing team and supervisor behind her, Nneka is excited to see what lies ahead.

Bethany Scheiner joined Midtown’s team in September of 2018 as Director of Retail. Bethany has always loved the creative display side of retail and the ever-changing products and environments that come with it. She has a BS in Merchandising, Apparel & Textiles from the University of Kentucky. The greatest strength she brings to Midtown is her ability to adapt to the changing needs of the members and the Club. Her favorite thing about her position is the people she meets and works with on a daily basis.

“People tell me all the time I’m the happiest person they know and I like to think I spread a little joy every time I’m at the club. Smiles are contagious!”

Nneka grew up in Oak Park, IL, and moved back to the city after studying interior design and architecture in college. She’s been here ever since because she loves living in Chicago. It offers everything she could want (besides cheap rent): great food, cultural diversity, and all four seasons—sometimes in the same day! Nneka is passionate about helping those in need. Even while working full-time and being in school, she makes it a point to be involved in a local nonprofit. Chicago Spirit Brigade is a performance-based 501(c)(3) organization that collects donations to help fund other, smaller nonprofits that aren’t able to promote themselves. When she’s not working, learning, dancing and helping others, Nneka also loves to travel. Over the past year she’s gone to Las Vegas, Mexico and Turks and Caicos. Next on the list is Brazil and England! Given how much Nneka loves meeting new people, performing, and traveling, it’s easy to think she’s fearless. And for the most part, she is. Until it comes to butterflies. She’s working on overcoming this unusual fear, and will keep us updated on her progress. Nneka is inspired everyday by her sister, Nia, who is also her best friend. She looks to her for advice whenever she’s in need.


Bethany grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, which she describes as “Horse Racing Country.” She moved to Chicago after graduating from college 25 years ago, so she would have a more diverse retail environment to develop her career in. She is married and has three school-aged children. They live in the East Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhood. Her favorite thing about living in Chicago is the opportunity to raise a family in a big city culture. When she’s not at Midtown, you’ll find Bethany exploring Chicago with her kids. They enjoy going to the Zoo, theater, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Movies in the Park, Wrigley Field, Outdoor Ice Skating, the lakefront bike path, along with the many other attractions the city has to offer. She and her family also like to explore “I have always cities outside Chicago. loved the creative They especially enjoyed a trip to London and Paris display side of two years ago. Bethany retail and the shared that taking her ever changing kids to Wimbledon and environment and other historical sites is product associated something they all talk with it.” about to this day. Bethany grew up participating in musical theater and still enjoys singing in small groups and at her church, where she also volunteers. When asked what the most influential event in her life has been, she shared that it was having each of her children.

sandy cvetkovic

sarah neale

platform tennis director

junior tennis director 773.235.2300 830.481.7035

Sandy Cvetkovic joined Midtown’s team in September of 2018 as Platform Tennis Director. Growing up, she played competitive junior tennis and has been playing platform tennis for the past five years. Sandy brings knowledge of the game, coaching ability, technical and organizational skills, and a degree in Business Administration to Midtown.

Sarah Victoria Neale joined Midtown’s team in December 2018 to oversee the Junior Program as Junior Director. Sarah has an associate of Science degree in Sports Science and is a Lawn Tennis Association Level 4 High Performance certified coach. Sarah started playing tennis when she was four years old. Although she never thought she’d follow a career in tennis—as a kid she wanted to be an astronaut or a professional pool player—she loved the game so much she started teaching at age 19. She continued to gain experience and education in the industry and managed two clubs, both of which grew under her direction. One of her many goals as Junior Director is to continue to introduce tennis to players who have never played before and help them find a love for the sport. She is passionate about providing an exceptional tennis experience for players, as well as helping players of all ages develop a sustainable lifestyle within the game. Her favorite thing about working for Midtown is the bustling environment and how welcoming everyone is.

Sandy is originally from Croatia. In 1991, she received a full tennis scholarship to study in the U.S. Moving here by herself was the single-most influential event in her life because she had to learn how to be an independent adult quickly. She moved to Chicago in 1996 and loves its Midwestern friendliness and the food. Sandy especially enjoys the warmth and long days of late summer, because “everything “Coming to the feels more alive.”

USA and staying here by myself required me to grow up fast. But I found the people so friendly here, and I’m lucky to be working with others and loving what I do.”

When she’s not at Midtown, Sandy enjoys eating, sleeping, listening to music, watching movies and socializing. She also loves travelling, especially in Europe. Her mother still lives in Croatia and her sister lives in Italy. Sandy loves the Mediterranean and describes the Adriatic Sea as the “most beautiful sea in the world.” When asked about her favorite guilty pleasure, Sandy is quick to say that she does her best not to feel guilty about her pleasures, adding, “I love gelato.” Asked what animal at the Lincoln Park Zoo best embodies her personality, she said it would be the tiger, because she relies on her inner strength and “fights like a tiger.” In her role as Platform Tennis Director, Sandy hopes to continue to grow the Platform Tennis Program, increase paddle league participation and add another paddle court. Her favorite thing about working at Midtown is the people.

Sarah grew up in Potton, a small village in Bedfordshire County in the United Kingdom. She moved to the United States in May of 2013 to learn more about developmental tennis through the use of compression balls, along with several other techniques. She and her wife are new to Chicago, but Sarah always wanted to live in a big city and is excited to get to know it better. When she’s not at Midtown, you’ll find Sarah finding new ways to be active. It’s also possible you won’t find her— Sarah loves traveling. Her “If I hadn’t chosen favorite adventure was island hopping around the Caribbean. tennis as a career, I would have She describes her “coolest experience ever” as getting loved to be an married in the Redwoods astronaut, or outside of San Francisco. a professional When thinking about a perfect pool player.” day, Sarah said it would be spent cruising on the Queen Mary with her family and friends. “You can get quality time with people when out on the ocean,” she explained. Sarah is inspired every day by her father. She grew up learning his work ethic and watching the mutual respect he held for everyone.


Why Music Matters: The Science Behind How Music Can Improve Your Workout by Ryan Staskel

That moment

when your shoes hit the treadmill, play is pressed and music from your “don’t be lazy!” playlist floods your ears, a perfect harmony is created. Science proves this isn’t just a romantic view of exercise, that playing music actually holds real merit of transforming a person into a higher performing athlete. The mythical “taking it to that next level” is real and your gym playlist can hold the key to entering what’s called a “flow state.” The proven impact of music on athletes dates back to 1911 when a study by Leonard Ayers showed that cyclists pedaled two miles per hour faster whenever a band played throughout their six-day race. Since having a live band follow us around isn’t really a practical option, most of us resort to a playlist from an iPhone. Now a good playlist will help you reach this aforementioned “flow state.” Psychologist Mihaly Csikzetmihalyi defines this as “the state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.” Music can act as a catalyst for the brain to release higher levels of dopamine—the neurochemical responsible for feeling pleasure—by nearly 10%, according to a study by Nature Neuroscience. This added rush of good feeling can help you shake off those minor aches and pains as well as keep exterior stressors at bay, making it easier to maintain your “flow state.” There are two ways in which we use music as a workout tool: asynchronously and synchronously. Asynchronously is when we use music as motivation, resulting in the added dopamine. The latter is when we use it to aid our internal clock and keep pace, which is where you’ve likely heard of BPM (beats per minute). Depending on your workout, it is recommended to keep the BPM between 115–160. However, sitting around and tapping your foot to find a song’s BPM, though possible, isn’t all that much fun. A good alternative comes from Midtown’s Jenny Maloney, who leads several cycle classes in RIDE. She uses her Myzone fitness tracker (available in the Shop) when creating a well-paced, motivating playlist.


The Myzone tracker uses MEPS (Myzone Effort Points) that are categorized by different zones that show the personal intensity of your effort. In Maloney’s case, she uses this as her guide when deciding what type of songs to use and how they should be sequenced. Next time you get ready to move, come prepared! Your music shouldn’t be something you are worrying about once you start. Stopping even to change songs can snap you out of that sought-after “flow state.” Maloney also recommends picking a theme, as it will help provide a framework for assembling songs that fit together. Use the warm-up to cool-down structure as a loose guide for the intensity of the songs. Finally, everyone has those go-to songs that provide you the illusion of herculean strength or Usain Bolt speed. Don’t burn those too early in your playlist. Instead save them for your final push to get you soaring through your workout finish line. Hopefully by the time the soothing 92 BPMs of Sade flow out of your headphones and you begin your cool down, you’ll find a good playlist can act as a Tony Robbins for your ears to help push, motivate and inspire you to perform at your very best.

Don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to compile your own playlist? Check out these recommended albums and songs that are guaranteed to keep you moving.

Ryan’s recommended albums The Avalanches – Since I Left You

Andy’s playlist (All songs listed as Artist – Song Name) Felmax – “Yeezy” Sango – “Respeita” RL Grime – “Era”

Jamie xx – In Colour

RL Grime – “Reims”

The Field – From Here We Go Sublime

GTA – “The Crowd”

Against All Logic – 2012 - 2017 J Dilla – Donuts Ryan Staskel, Billing Coordinator at Midtown, and avid music lover, has been a contributing writer for national publications such as Consequence of Sound, Time Magazine and Magnet.

GTA & Juyen Sebulba – “Hard House” G Jones – “In Your Head” G Jones – “Different Sound” Bro Safari & Boombox Cartel – “Flip” TNGHT – “Goooo” Andy Santarell is a Fitness Coach and Group Exercise instructor at Midtown. He is also a DJ and music producer/songwriter, and curates his playlists with songs he plays as a DJ to get people moving whether it’s at a show or in a class.


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y cleaner, so f t e n jo wa

CULLIGAN OF CHICAGO (312) 444-0761

remembering sue

Sue Shrader

“A beautiful, strong and

With more than 30 years of dedicated and loyal service, Sue was a mainstay at Midtown. She was a conscientious co-worker, who would always take the time to listen to people, help in any manner she could whether member or staff. Many members have expressed how meaningful and impactful their interactions with Sue were to them. She took pride in everything she did, including her role as keeper of the tennis balls. Not only did she diligently keep them in good condition in the teaching carts, she also caringly donated them to many local organizations such as schools, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and many others. Her biggest impact was her leadership of the “Matinee Tennis” program, where she worked her magic blending a variety of personalities and playing abilities seamlessly into a competitive yet social environment as only Sue could.

genuine lady.” – Aicha Sharif

Many people may not know that Sue was one of the original pro-am Pros in the Cystic Fibrosis “Rally for a Cure” Pro-Am (1990s) which raised over $3 million. Additionally, Sue and Joe Lyden started the Women’s introductory USTA 2.5 teams in Chicago, a program which more than quadrupled in a few years. This group of women is called “Grasshoppers” (see photo at right) and they had a great bond with Sue. Here are some of their memories of their time with her: “Sue came to our homes and our Grasshopper parties. She loved us. I hope she knew we loved her more. – Jill Buckley Sue was the one who recruited me to the team. I remember her calls after a match to see how it went and what to improve upon. I always appreciated her thoughtfulness and straightforward way. – Monica Hughson I can almost hear her calling me, “Hey, Kiddo...” I can appreciate her special direct and sometimes sarcastic style. She definitely earned my respect. I also admired her strength for fighting through her aches and pains, and showing up to coach our practices with enthusiasm. – Liliana Cortez

I still remember things she would say during practice that ring in my head. And yes, she would also ask point blank, “Why did you do that?” – Jane Hensel Brilliant tennis instructor.– Susan Sullivan She is still around us. I owe her more than I can say. – Gina Hutchings What a force…consistently pushing us to improve…to think ahead and “get that top spin.”– Jan James Oh, she really loved tennis, and really wanted us to “get it.” – Jamie Brady

Sue was a great teacher. Every time I let a ball bounce that I shouldn’t I hear her voice telling me to ‘“Take it out of the air.” – Carrie Kempler

I will always remember her deadpan look with a comment like “Why would you do that?” It was classic, just like her. – Dina DeLaurentis

Sue would take the time to call each of us after a match, ask how it went, and want to hear every detail. You just sensed how much she cared about us and loved the sport. – Julie Cameron-Lawin

Sue was responsible for my joining the Club and trying new classes. Every time I pull my left arm in, I hear her voice in my head saying, “You’re doing it again.” So much of Midtown is Sue to me and she will be greatly missed.– Jessica Vahey


events calendar february—may 2019 Events, dates and times are subject to change. For detailed information and to register, please visit Battle of the Sexes Sunday, February 3, 8:45–9:30 am Join us for a man vs. woman fun-filled battle class. Remember Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs? Channel that competition and gather up your same-gender battle buddies in this throwdown. Chinese New Year Celebration Tuesday, February 5, All Day in Kidtown Spring Programming Open House Friday, February 8 and Saturday, February 9 Enrollment for Spring programming will be open. Visit the open house on the first floor to meet instructors, ask questions, and learn more about our programming offers in tennis, youth, aquatics, personal training, Pilates and more.

USTA Tournament: Girls 12s Friday, February 8—Sunday, February 10 Daddy/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance Swim Saturday, February 9, 2:00–4:00 pm Join us in the indoor pool for a special day to swim with your son or daughter and play Valentine’s Day games in the pool. Each family will have a flower corsage to give to the lady of the pair. Dinner Date Night in Chromium Kidtown: Frozen Saturday, February 9, 6:30–9:30 pm Enjoy a lovely three course prix fixe meal in Chromium and a bottle of wine, that includes your visit to Kidtown’s Date Night, when they are celebrating all things freezing and watching Frozen. Parents drop off and enjoy an evening in the Club. Ski Trip Sunday, February 10 Let’s enjoy the outdoors together for member ski trip to Granite Peak, WI. This one-day trip includes busing to and from the slopes, your lift ticket, and breakfast. Stop by Viking Ski shop to rent a your skis in advance.


Candlelight Yoga Live Sunday, February 10, 6:00–7:30 pm Relax with 90-minutes of candlelit Vinyasa. Stacy Levey will guide you through a slow, mellow flow of a dynamic sequence accompanied with live acoustic beats and drumming with musician Jason Brammer. End your practice with meditation followed by a deep Savasana. Bikes and Brews Monday, February 11, 6:45 pm Join Midtown’s Tri-Club Coach Ted as he leads you through an endurance ride in our cycle studio, and stay after to learn more about Midtown’s triathlon training program while you sample some of Chicago’s finest local brews. PINK Theme Ride Wednesday, February 13, All Day in RIDE Leading up to the day of pink and red and hearts and teddy bears. Join us for an energetic theme day tributed to the ultimate strong female singer: PINK. Couples Massage Workshop Wednesday, February 13, 6:00–8:00 pm Learn special hands-on techniques from our talented massage therapists for couples to massage one another.

Thursday, February 14 Valentine’s Day will be heartfelt in Kidtown all day with kid-made valentines to share with loved ones. ITA Championships Friday, February 15—Monday, February 18 Midtown and the University of Illinois are proud to host the 2019 ITA Division Men’s National Team Indoor Championship presented by Oracle. Come out and watch the top collegiate tennis play in the country. Camp Midtown President’s Day Monday, February 18 If you have the day off school, join us a Midtown for half or full day camp full of active play.


Winter Skin Health and The Gut— Immunity Health Connection Wednesday, February 20, 6:00–7:00 pm Is your skin dry and cracking in the winter? Do you want to improve your immune system this winter? Your daily skin and diet routine could be hurting you instead of helping you. Learn what skin products to use during the winter months and do a mini facial with Midtown Spa esthetician, Jay Stoutenburg. Learn what foods and supplements can help with winter skin and immune and gut health with Registered Dietitian, Jenny Maloney. Makeup Factory Event Thursday, February 21, 2:00–7:00 pm Complimentary makeup application with celebrity makeup artist Lindsey Ebbin. USTA Tournament: Boys 16s Friday, February 22—Sunday, February 24 Academy Awards Theater Class Friday, February 22, 5:00–6:30 pm A casting call for all aspiring actors! Join us for theater games and new things to learn about performance. Ages 5-12.

Adult Tennis Mixer Saturday, February 23, 7:00–9:00 pm Come out for a tennis mixer 2.0 We’ve listened to your feedback and are ready to launch a new Mixer experience! Join in the round-robin mixed tennis doubles play, and you’ll have short bursts of time off the court for team challenges and a chance to have a beverage. Stick around afterwards as we head up to Chromium for some of the best late-night staples we offer. Date Night: Superhero Night! Saturday, February 23, 7:30–9:30 pm We will be watching Incredibles 2, followed by a cape making craft. Bring your super powers! Two Person Scramble: Golf Competition March 1—April 30 Harbor Town Golf Links, 9 holes You and your partner (guests welcome) will compete in this 9-hole scramble competition (during your sim time) where you each will hit your shots, choose the best one to play and repeat through the duration. Winners and runner-ups will receive prizes including a beautiful Ice Prints Glass Award and a free golf lesson from PGA Professional Pat Dorgan or Don Morris.


Adult Paddle Mixer Friday, March 1, 7:00–9:00 pm Social mixer of mixed Paddle play followed by appetizers and drinks. Kidtown: Dr. Seuss Day Saturday, March 2 The Cat in the Hat is taking over and the kids are creating their own creatures and rhymes! Tennis, Pizza and a Movie Saturday, March 2, 6:00–8:00 pm Junior players are invited to join us on the courts for a fun tennis gamebased class, followed by pizza and a movie. Levels 4-6. Ages 5-10. Junior Match Play Saturday, March 2, 7:00–9:00 pm Supervised round-robin match play for junior tennis players. Level 1, 2, 3, Open and Tournament. Ages 11-18. USTA Tournament: Mens 55+ Friday, March 8—Sunday, March 10 National Registered Dietitian Day Saturday, March 9, 9:00 am–-noon Meet our Registered Dietitian, Jenny Maloney, as you stop by her booth on the 2nd floor. Gain information about our nutrition program and enjoy food samples.

Training and Nutrition For Your Next Endurance Challenge Wednesday, March 13, 6:00–7:00 pm Are you getting ready to train for a triathlon, marathon, century ride, or other endurance competition? Learn how to train and how to avoid injury with Ted Ramos, fitness and triathlon coach. Learn how to fuel with the right foods and what supplements to consider with Jenny Maloney, Registered Dietitian. Be ready to learn some dynamic warm up moves and cool down stretching that you can incorporate into your own workouts. USTA Tournament: Boys 10s Friday, March 15—Sunday March 16 Dinner Date Night in Chromium Kidtown: World Sleep Day PJ Party Friday, March 15, 6:30–9:30 pm Enjoy a lovely three-course prix fixe meal in Chromium, which includes your visit to Kidtown’s Date Night, when they are staying open late for a PJ party. Parents drop off and enjoy an evening in the Club.


Candlelight Yoga Live Sunday, March 17, 6:00–7:30 pm Relax with 90-minutes of candlelit Vinyasa. Stacy Levey will guide you through a slow, mellow flow of a dynamic sequence accompanied with live acoustic beats and drumming with musician Jason Brammer. End your practice with meditation followed by a deep Savasana. Makeup Factory Showcase Thursday, March 21 Complimentary makeup applications with celebrity makeup artists Lindsey Ebbin and Keith Ward. USTA Tournament: Girls 14s Friday, March 22—Sunday, March 24 Cardio Tennis Games Friday, March 29, 7:00–9:00 pm We pair you with a partner as you compete in seven high-energy, fun cardio games. Adult Tennis Mixer Saturday, March 30, 7:00–9:00 pm Come out for a Adult Tennis Mixer 2.0. We’ve listened to your feedback and are ready to launch a new mixer experience! Join in the round-robin mixed tennis doubles play, and you’ll have short bursts of time off the court for team challenges and a chance to have a beverage. Stick around afterwards as we head up to Chromium for some of the best late-night staples we offer.

Tennis, Pizza and a Movie Saturday, April 7, 6:00–8:00 pm Junior players are invited to join us on the courts for a fun tennis gamebased class, followed by pizza and a movie. Levels 4-6. Ages 5-10. Junior Match Play Saturday, April 7, 7:00–9:00 pm Supervised round robin match play for junior tennis players. Level 1, 2, 3, Open and Tournament. Ages 11-18. Mindfulness and Meditation Wednesday, April 10, 6:00–7:00 pm Meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety while improving your total health. Learn how to get started with being more mindful and some techniques on how to meditate on your own. A Midtown yoga instructor will lead you through a meditation and yoga series to help with stress reduction and overall wellness. Brunch with the Bunny Friday, April 12, 11:00 am–1:00 pm Celebrate Spring at Midtown with a seasonal brunch, and the opportunity to take a picture with the Easter Bunny. Advance registration required.


Candlelight Yoga Live Sunday, April 14, 6:00–7:30 pm Relax with 90-minutes of candlelit Vinyasa. Stacy Levey will guide you through a slow, mellow flow of a dynamic sequence accompanied with live acoustic beats and drumming with musician Jason Brammer. End your practice with meditation followed by a deep Savasana. Easter Egg Splash and Hunt Friday, April 19, 2:00–4:00 pm Young swimmers are invited to a special indoor egg hunt as they search for eggs in the indoor pool area to win prizes! Parent participation is required, time slot by age group. Family Cardio Tennis Games Saturday, April 20, 6:00–8:00 pm We pair you with a partner as you compete in seven high-energy, fun cardio games. Dinner Date Night in Chromium Kidtown: Earth Day Saturday, April 20, 6:30–9:30 pm Enjoy a lovely three-course prix fixe meal in Chromium. This includes your visit to Kidtown’s Date Night, when they stay open late for a special celebration of our planet Earth. Parents drop off and enjoy an evening in the Club.

Easter Egg Surprise in the Spa Sunday, April 21 Choose an egg from our oversize Easter basket to win either a discount on a product or a complimentary service hiding inside. Cardio Tennis Games Friday, April 26, 7:00–9:00 pm We pair you with a partner as you compete in seven high-energy, fun cardio games with your family! This is geared towards adults 2.6+ and Juniors level 2 and 3. Adult Tennis Mixer Saturday, April 27, 7:00–9:00 pm Come out for Adult Tennis Mixer 2.0. We’ve listened to your feedback and re ready to launch a new mixer experience! Join in the round-robin mixed tennis doubles play, and you’ll have short bursts of time off the court for team challenges and a chance to have a beverage. Stick around afterwards as we head up to Chromium for some of the best late-night staples we offer.


Competition Holes Event in the Golf Sims May 1—June 30 This special event is a fun sequence of events and holes like the “Big Break” skills challenge. Compete by yourself or with a few friends (either guests or members during your sim time). Winner and runner up will receive prizes including a beautiful Ice Prints Glass Award and a free golf lesson from PGA Professional Pat Dorgan or Don Morris. Tennis, Pizza and a Movie Saturday, May 5, 6:00–8:00 pm Junior players are invited to join us on the courts for a fun tennis gamebased class, followed by pizza and a movie. Levels 4-6. Ages 5-10. Junior Match Play Saturday, May 5, 7:00–9:00 pm Supervised round-robin match play for junior tennis players. Level 1, 2, 3, Open and Tournament. Ages 11-18. Pre and Post Natal Nutrition and Fitness Wednesday, May 8, 6:00–7:00 pm Are you pregnant and not sure what exercises are safe? Did you just have a baby and want to get back in the gym without hurting yourself? Are you breastfeeding and want to learn what foods will help with lactation? All your pre and post natal answers are here. Learn what exercises and techniques are safe and efficient for during and after pregnancy as well as diet changes for pre and post natal with Jenny Maloney, Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach.

Mother’s Day in The Spa Sunday, May 12 Roses and rosé all day. For all of our moms celebrating Mother’s Day with us in the Spa, receive a complimentary white rose and a split of our rosé bubbly. Dinner Date Night in Chromium Kidtown: World Baking Day Friday, May 17, 6:30–9:30 pm Enjoy a lovely three-course prix fixe meal in Chromium, which includes your visit to Kidtown’s Date Night, when they are learning about sweet treats and baking science. Parents drop off and enjoy an evening in the Club. Family Cardio Tennis Games Saturday, May 18, 6:00–8:00 pm We pair you with a partner as you compete in seven high-energy, fun cardio games. Juniors vs. Adults Cardio Tennis Games Saturday, May 18, 7:00–9:00 pm We pair you with a partner as you compete in seven high-energy, fun cardio games with your family! This is geared towards adults 2.6+ and Juniors level 2 and 3. 60

Candlelight Yoga Live Sunday, May 19, 6:00–7:30 pm Relax with 90-minutes of candlelit Vinyasa. Stacy Levey will guide you through a slow, mellow flow of a dynamic sequence accompanied with live acoustic beats and drumming with musician Jason Brammer. End your practice with meditation followed by a deep Savasana. Spa Splurge Event Thursday, May 23, 4:00–8:00 pm Bring your friends and hang out in the Spa for a complimentary collagen eye masks and bubbly. Adult Tennis Mixer: Memorial Weekend Saturday, May 25, 7:00–9:00 pm Come out for Adult Tennis Mixer 2.0. We’ve listened to your feedback and ready to launch a new mixer experience! Join in the round-robin mixed tennis doubles play, and you’ll have short bursts of time off the court for team challenges and a chance to have a beverage. Stick around afterwards as we head up to Chromium for some of the best late-night staples we offer. 312.715.9200 661 west ohio street | chicago, il

You told us... we listened

Amy Chasse, Member Experience Director 773.687.7386


and took

We value members’ suggestions and opinions to ensure we are exceeding expectations. We view feedback as a

gift and encourage you to help us identify ways to continually improve. In order to achieve this goal, we maintain a database of member feedback and suggestions. We collect this information through conversations in the Club, your phone calls and emails. We also distribute surveys daily to members, and we review each closely. Then as a team, we discuss this information as we make decisions to create club etiquette.

What we’ve acted upon…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Recycle 1200 tennis balls each month Installed additional ellipticals and treadmills on the second floor Added another Olympic lifting platform and revamped the Field studio space on the third floor Constructed additional viewing of tennis for courts 9-12 Launched new group fitness programming, including Everybody Fights Fight Series classes

10 11 12 13 14

Expanded the Prenatal class offerings in the Pilates Studio Instituted option to register online for single drop-in classes in the Pilates Studio Launched additional programming options for youth, including youth martial arts as well as a Movers & Shakers class

15 16

Initiated specials in Chromium, including half-price cocktails Monday–Thursday nights from 3–6 pm Continue to recycle more than 24 cubic yards of waste each week (our waste management service separates recyclables from garbage) Launched volleyball programming Developed more specialized theme activities in Kidtown and Varsity Club Established a program to work with Cradles to Crayons to collect donated items that will go to children in need If you love your croissant toasted, we’ve added a toaster oven at the Chromium counter Placed more hair dryers in the Family Locker Room

Established monthly Date Night event with prix fixe menu in Chromium

Please keep an eye out in your email for a survey as we’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, you can send feedback to Amy Chasse at 62

A Hike to Starved Rock October 27, 2018


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Sugar: Are you eating too much? between the sugars your body needs and The average amount of sugar that the sugars it doesn’t. Don’t cut out fruit Americans consume is 30 teaspoons and milk sugar from your diet. These are (that’s 126 grams!) per day. natural sugars that your body needs. The As we know, too much sugar can cause new nutrition facts will now say “Added cavities and diabetes, but it is also the main Sugars” on the label so you know what is culprit of the obesity epidemic right now. actual sugar in the product. Watch your Sugar is empty calories with no nutritional drinks! Many “health drinks,” like vitamin value, which can lead to weight gain. water, kombucha tea, and fruit juices have On top of that, sugar can also contribute to added sugars you don’t need. It’s better to add the sugar yourself. cancer, heart disease, fatty liver, digestive issues, depression, For example, choose plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit and can even speed up the aging process. It’s hard to stop eating and sugar; this way you can control how much sugar is in the sugar once you start, because our bodies break it down quickly, product. This suggestion probably has you asking two questions. leaving us wanting more instead of feeling satisfied. Sugar is also First: What sugar should I use? There’s date sugar, maple syrup, addicting because, like many drugs, it releases dopamine into monk fruit sugar, cane sugar… Just remember, sugar is sugar so the brain. Sugar is not only found in cakes, cookies, and candy; use what you like and use it in moderation. Second: Should I use it’s in many of our everyday “healthy” foods. Yogurt, cereals, sugar substitutes? I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners or sugar crackers, oatmeal, smoothies, energy bars — it’s everywhere! alcohols like erythritol. It’s important to check your They can cause digestive ingredient labels and look for issues and because they’re code words that are really just SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON relatively new we don’t sugar: corn syrup, brown rice know what kind of long syrup, evaporated cane juice, term effects they may honey, agave nectar, maltodextrin, Original Label New Label have on your body. Even molasses, fruit juice concentrate, stevia, although safe, etc. You can eat these foods in may have some long term moderation, but keep in mind that effects that we don’t know the recommended intake of sugar about yet. Aim for whole for adults is about 6-9 teaspoons grains, beans, veggies, (25-35 grams) per day. dairy, and fruits to get When you are looking at nutrition your carbohydrates, and labels, it helps to know that eat these carbohydrates 1 teaspoon equals 4.2 grams with protein and fat to of sugar. When considering balance out your energy a packaged food like cereal or needs and feelings of an energy bar, try for 5 grams satiety. You can add real of sugar or less per serving. sugar to your foods It’s important when looking at when needed, just be the label to make a distinction mindful. 64

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You can become a Midtown marketing partner PLAY YOUR HEART OUT. through advertising in Midtown’s Spirit magazine. Here are a few reasons to join us... Find the beat. Create the melody. Fine-tune, re-listen and re-invent as you go. And when it’s time to play, put your whole heart into it with the most classic of instruments: Roger’s legendary new Pro Staff RF97.

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Spirit is Midtown Athletic Club’s quarterly activity and program magazine, reflecting the quality and upscale image of Midtown’s members. Spirit is THE magazine/program booklet that remains a staple in members’ homes and is referred to again and again over a 3-4 month period. Your ad stays alive in Spirit magazine!

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Spirit will be found not only around the Club and on the family coffee table, but also at places of business and other addresses within a similar demographic. Spirit full-page ad partners are provided additional in-club visibility and face-to-face opportunities to connect with members. We will discuss ways to customize these opportunities for your business.

Advertising space is limited. Contact us soon to discuss how you can benefit from our partnership! Contact:

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Spirit Magazine Spring 2019