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The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

Looking back at 2016 Midstream College and its community had a sine-curve year. There were wonderful ups at the College: Our matric results (detail follows later in this magazine) and numerous achievements on different sport fields and in numerous cultural halls. We had our first very successful SpringFest where the High and Primary Schools took hands with the community. But 2016 certainly also had its low points with a number of Midstreamers passing away. At the College, we lost one of our directors, Chris Smith and also the energetic and friendly Mampotla Machaba that was in Grade 8 and passed away after being hospitalised since early November. Our hearts go out to all of you who have experienced loss during 2016. With the other head of Janus looking ahead to the year, we are excited to be entering the tenth-year Midstream College.With less than 200 learners and 18 teachers the High School started in 2007 and now ten years later we have a grade 8 group of 215 learners which includes Midstream Ridge Primary learners for the first time. We have also now passed the 900-pupli count mark this year with 905 pupils enrolled and to be educated at the College by 67 teachers.

growth and well-being of the bigger Midstream Estate community over the last ten years. All Midstream residents are invited to attend a sport event, cultural activity and/or during our second SpringFest in 2017. The school has come full circle, with this year being the first year where Grade 1’s that were enrolled when the Primary School opened its doors, will be in grade 12 this year. Many of our ex-learners have already graduated and are making a difference in our beloved country. My wish for each and every one of you this year is to focus on the important things in life – the people around you! Ignore the little foxes trying to steal your joy and take nothing for granted. The College would like to challenge the bigger community – Carpe Diem! Seize every opportunity coming your way to make our College, estate and country a better place. Dr. Carel Kriek Principal Midstream College

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instein definitely knew what he was talking about when he discovered relativity. Time definitely flies – it is hard to believe that January has already come and gone. January was named after the two-headed Greek god Janus who was able to look back into the old year and forth into the new year simultaneously.

Issue no: 44 Front page: A photo of Midstream College celebrating their 10th birthday in 2017

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At Midstream College, we pride ourselves as having been an integral part in the

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Mt Peak Burger The Midstream Magazine - February 2017

Foxy Lady Wrap 3

Minimally invasive robotic prostate surgery performed by Midstream surgeon

Robotic surgery is dramatically improving the treatment of prostate cancer in South Africa, reducing side effects and lowering levels of incontinence and impotence significantly compared to conventional open surgery. Almost 1 700 robotic prostatectomies have been performed in SA in the last two-and-a-half years and robotic surgery is now also being applied to kidney and bladder procedures.

Patient benefits from robotic surgery:

The sophisticated robotic surgical system expands

and certified robotic surgeon.

• Excellent cancer control • Improved functional outcomes • Less blood loss and fewer transfusions • Shortened hospital stay • Less pain • Lower risk of infection and complications • Fast recovery and return to normal activities Midstream urologist, Dr Neels Nothnagel, based at Mediclinic Midstream Hospital is a leading urologist

the surgeon’s capabilities and offers state-of-theart, minimally invasive major surgery with improved outcomes. This advanced technology is being used to treat

For more info on the robotic surgical system, contact Dr Neels Nothnagel:

early prostate cancer and some kidney and bladder cancer. In the next decade, robotic-assisted surgery

012 652-9461

will be introduced into most other surgical disciplines,

fundamentally changing surgical practice.


The Midstream Magazine - August 2016


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The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


Your investment is sound in Midstream Total sales topped R1,5 billion in 2016


hen investing in property, two of the aspects that deserves attention are whether one will be able to obtain financing and secondly whether one will be able to realise the investment and sell it again. An analysis of the Deeds Office’s records for 2016 proved on both accounts that Midstream has a vibrant property investment market with new bonds to the value of R930 million awarded in the year and the total value of property transactions registered at the Deeds Office exceeding R1,5 billion.

To complete the investigation the team at Midstream Magazine obtained the complete set of records from the Deeds Office for all transactions registered in the year 2016. The records confirmed that - in total - 721 property transactions were registered during the year at a total value of R1 512 000 000. Some interesting information from the Deeds Office’s records: •

354 houses valued at R1 156 million and 367 stands (some with building packages) valued at R355 million were registered in the name of the new owners during the year with a fairly even distribution during the year: Registration month

No of houses



R 65 854 000

No of stands 13

Sum of PURCHASE PRICE R 11 180 000



R 98 988 000


R 67 725 000



R 86 122 160


R 28 255 000



R 96 805 000


R 55 300 000



R 93 605 000


R 24 444 361



R 109 275 000


R 29 250 000



R 112 316 000


R 10 510 000



R 115 189 100


R 24 660 640



R 93 740 000


R 21 850 000



R 114 415 000


R 17 590 000



R 76 655 000


R 42 370 000



R 93 709 000


R 22 105 000

Grand Total 6



R 1 156 673 260


R 355 240 001

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

Even though the largest number of sales took place in Midstream Ridge, the latest development area, an even spread of houses and stands were sold across all the estates within Midstream. At Retire@Midstream 17 houses at the full title section and 15 sectional title units in X46/X47 as well as 5 units at X55 were registered at the Deeds Office.


Number of purchases registered


69 (4,4% of 1571)


26 (6.4% of 409)


92 (5,5% of 1684)

Midstream Hill

420 (51% of 825)


37 (6,1% of 526)

Note: % and total number of stands per estate indicated in brackets. The higher percentage in Midstream Hill and Midstream Ridge due to the new development areas where a large number of new houses were completed. Estate

The highest price recorded over the year was at R7,5m with 45 sales recorded above R4,5m. The lowest price recorded for a house was R1,95m. The highest purchase price registered for an individual stand was in Midstream Ridge at R1,49m whilst another buyer bought three adjacent stands to be consolidated to a single stand at a combined value of R4,35m. A total of 365 bonds to the combined value of R931 million was registered against the purchases made during the year with RMB/Firstrand leading the banks in the number of bonds registered.

77 (18% of 435)

Midstream Ridge




R 3,70m

R 6,60m


R 3,14m

R 5,20m


R 3,26m

R 7,50m

Midstream Hill

R 3,11m

R 5,43m

Midstream Ridge

R 1,79m

R 5,50m

Note: Average value at Midstream Ridge influenced by building package sales


Number of bonds registered against purchases 88 100








9 365

The average registration rate at more than 3 per working day during 2016, as confirmed from the Deeds Office’s records, confirms the vibrancy of the Midstream property market. This was validated by the support from the banks with R931m of new bonds registered. The solid investment potential exemplified by the 2016 data above, along with the excellent results from the schools and the many amenities confirm that Midstream is the place to be – from young to old. Information obtained from the Home Owners Associations shows that 302 new houses were completed during 2016. And with another 227 under construction during December 2016 and more than 200 house plans approved but construction still due to commence, it seems as though 2017 will be another bumper year for property in Midstream.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

On the Red Chair... Meet

Arya Naiker

Head Girl at Midstream College

How do you feel about taking the role of Head Girl? I feel greatly honoured. A lot of responsibility has been placed in my path and I hope I do my school proud by achieving the goals I have planned. I feel very privileged to be given an opportunity as amazing as this and hope to make every second count. What is your strongest subject, cultural item and / or favourite sport? Strongest Academic subject: Science Culture: Dance Favourite sport: Softball Where do you plan on being in ten years’ time? To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought. But hopefully in ten years’ time I’d like to see myself living life to its fullest, having used every opportunity thrown my way. I’d also like to see myself happily successful and enjoying whatever occupation I decide to follow. What is your favourite quote and why? “Life’s tough, get a helmet” – Boy Meets World It’s one of my favourite quotes, as I feel it accurately describes life and how one cannot dwell on the bad times, but instead move forward and make it work for them. Can you get by without your cell phone? Yes What are you looking most forward to in 2017? I am looking forward to see a change in Midstream College. I hope that as the prefect group of 2017 we are able to accomplish all our set goals for 2017. If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? Hulk – even though he has this difficult situation (turning into this gigantic green monster) he tries to make the best of everything he’s faced with. The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? I don’t think I have accomplished it as yet. What is the most valuable lesson your parents / teachers have taught you? This is a tough one. But I’d have to say it would be the following: “Treat people the way you want to be treated. And if you still end up being treated badly, just smile and help them grow.” If money could buy you anything, what would it be? Happiness!


Die rooi stoel... Ontmoet

Minderd Spoelstra

Hoofseun by Midstream College

Hoe voel jy oor jou rol as Hoofseun? Ek sien dit as ‘n groot eer, maar ook ‘n groot verantwoordelikheid om ‘n skool te lei en besluite te neem wat die leerders kan beïnvloed. Ek sien dit as ‘n groot geleentheid waaruit ek baie kan leer. Wat is jou sterkste akademiese vak, kultuur item en / of gunsteling sportsoort? Akademiese vak: Wetenskap Kultuur: Revue Gunsteling sport: Rugby Waar sien jy jouself oor 10 jaar? Ek dink dit is ‘n moeilike vraag om vir enige Graad 11 of 12 leerder te vra op die oomblik. Hopelik oor 10 jaar het ek al die geleenthede gebruik wat na my kant toe gekom het en is gelukkig met wat ek bereik het. Wat is jou gunsteling gesegde en hoekom? “Don’t let your ears hear what your eyes didn’t see” – Anonymous Almal se opinies verskil en jy kan nie besluite neem oor enigiets wat jy nie self gesien of ondervind het nie. Kan jy oor die weg kom sonder jou selfoon? Nee

foute maak, maar hy kry dit nogsteeds reg om aan die einde almal by mekaar te bring.

Waarna sien jy die meeste uit in 2017? Ek sien uit om te sien hoe groot impak ons as ‘n matriek groep kan maak en die prestasies wat ons kan behaal as die leiers van die skool. 2017 is Midstream se 10de jaar en ook die jaar wat sal uitstaan bo die res.

Wat is jou grootste hoogtepunt tot dusver? Tot op datum sal my hoogste prestasie wees om as ‘n hoofleier verkies te word.

As jy ‘n superheld kon wees, wie sou dit wees en hoekom? Ironman – Hy is seker die superhero wat die meeste 10

Wat is die mees waardevolle les wat jou ouers / onderwysers jou geleer het? Jy kan nie meer van jouself verwag as jy jou beste gedoen het nie.

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

On the Red Chair... Meet

Cayleen Turner

Head Girl at Midstream College Primary School

How do you feel about taking the role of Head Girl? Being Head Girl is a really big responsibility but it was an honour to be given that role and hopefully I fulfilled my role. What is your strongest subject, cultural item and / or favourite sport? For me my strongest subject would definitely be History and my favourite sport is anything that requires movement. Where do you plan on being in ten years time? Ten years time is a long way from now. I have goals I want to achieve and places I want to go but for now I will simply live day by day because you never know what’s going to happen in the future. What is your favourite quote and why? My favourite quote is, “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” This quote is by Christian D. Larson and I say it to myself all the time. It reminds me that I am stronger than any obstacle that comes in my way and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Can you get by without your cell phone? To be honest I really could not go long periods of time without my phone. It is such a technology crazy century and all important information no longer gets sent The Midstream Magazine - February 2017

by mail but rather by text message. How else are you supposed to remember your friends’ birthdays? What are you most looking forward to in 2017? What I look forward to in 2017 would definitely be High School and all the fun and challenges that go along with it- it will be a year full of surprises! If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? If I could be any superhero I would definitely be the Flash. I love my athletics and he reminds me of an amazing sports star. He also saves the world by doing what he loves. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? My biggest accomplishment was being Head Girl and becoming Victrix Ludorum for my amazing school. I am truly blessed. What is the most valuable lesson your parents / teachers have taught you? The biggest lesson my parents have ever taught me is to always be the better person and do unto others as you want them to do unto you. If money could buy you anything, what would it be? Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy ice cream and that is sort of the same thing. 11

Die rooi stoel... Ontmoet

Donovan Schölly

Hoofseun by Midstream College Laerskool

Hoe voel jy oor jou rol as Hoofseun? Dit was ‘n groot eer en voorreg Wat is jou sterkste akademiese vak en gunsteling sportsoort? Aardrykskunde en Geskiedenis Rugby en Krieket Waar sien jy jouself oor 10 jaar? Definitief klaar gestudeer, oppad na ‘n avontuur toe Wat is jou gunsteling gesegde en hoekom? “Sport has the power to change the world, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” - NELSON MANDELA Ek voel baie sterk oor hierdie gesegde omdat ek self sport baie geniet. Bogenoemde is ‘n feit: vat byvoorbeeld die 1995 wêreldbeker rugby oorwinning hier in Suid-Afrika wat miljoene mense saamgetrek het . Kan jy oor die weg kom sonder jou selfoon? Maklik 12

Waarna sien jy die meeste uit in 2017? Ontgroening en my eerste paar tokse As jy ‘n superheld kon wees, wie sou dit wees en hoekom? ANTMAN – ‘n Superhero wat verklein in grootte, maar vergroot in krag. Dit sal my superhero wees, want dink net hoe lekker sal dit wees om so groot impak op die wêreld te hê. Wat is jou grootste hoogtepunt tot dusver? Om deel te wees van die Rooikat Rugbyspan en om as hoofseun verkies te word. Wat is die mees waardevolle les wat jou ouers / onderwysers jou geleer het? “Nothing worthwhile comes easy”. Niks wat die moeite werd is, gaan vanself kom nie, dit verg harde werk en deursettingsvermoë. As geld enige iets in jou droomwêreld kon koop, wat sou dit wees? Wêreldreise te onderneem en Sevens Rugby te speel in al die lande regoor die wêreld

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

Die rooi stoel... Ontmoet

Cara Venter

Hoofdogter by Midstream Ridge Laerskool

Hoe voel jy oor jou rol as Hoofdogter? Ek voel dit is ‘n voorreg om hoofdogter te wees, maar dis ook ‘n verantwoordelikheid. Dit het my geleer om ‘n bietjie uit my gemaksone uit te kom en om my beste te gee in alles. Ook om altyd bewus te wees van die impak wat ek het op ander mense. Wat is jou sterkste akademiese vak, kultuur item en / of gunsteling sportsoort? My sterkste vakke is wiskunde en wetenskap. Ek speel klavier en ek geniet atletiek, veral hekkies, gimnastiek en hokkie. Waar sien jy jouself oor 10 jaar? Ek wil graag ‘n wildsveearts word, so oor tien jaar sal ek hopelik amper klaar wees met universiteit en in die veld wees tussen die wilde diere. Wat is jou gunsteling gesegde en hoekom? Ek is mal oor Winston Churchill se gesegde: “We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glow worm.” Ons is almal sondaars, maar God het elkeen van ons spesiaal en uniek gemaak, vir ‘n spesifieke doel. Kan jy oor die weg kom sonder jou selfoon? ‘n Selfoon is handig as dit kom by kommunikasie

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017

met my maats, maar as ek in die natuur is vergeet ek heeltemal van my foon. Waarna sien jy die meeste uit in 2017? Ek sien baie uit na die verandering. Ek’s opgewonde om hoërskool toe te gaan en iets anders te doen as wat ek al vir sewe jaar doen. Maar ek dink ek sien meeste uit na die vakansies wat voorlê in 2017, want as ‘n familie beplan ons opwindende dinge. As jy ‘n superheld kon wees, wie sou jy wees en hoekom? Ek ken nie eintlik superhelde nie, maar ek sou wou kon vlieg, om weg te kom as ek ingehok voel en na ‘n mooi plek te vlug. Wat is jou grootste hoogtepunt tot dusver? Om in 2016 deel te neem aan SA se vlak 7 gimnastiek en om te kwalifiseer vir die SA Federasie Span was my hoogtepunt. Wat is die mees waardevolle les wat jou ouers / onderwysers jou geleer het? Om nie te veel te bekommer oor wat mense van jou sê en dink nie, en om in alles dankbaar te wees, want anders sal jy nooit vreugde hê nie.



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

Die rooi stoel...


Henk Venter

Hoofseun by Midstream Ridge Laerskool

Hoe voel jy oor jou rol as Hoofseun? Dit is ‘n groot verantwoordelikheid.

Waarna sien jy die meeste uit in 2017? Ek sien die meeste uit na die hoërskool.

Wat is jou sterkste akademiese vak, kultuur item en / of gunsteling sportsoort? Ek kry altyd die beste punte in aardrykskunde en geskiedenis, maar wetenskap is my gunsteling vak. Ek speel saksofoon en my gunsteling sportsoorte is veldhokkie en onderwaterhokkie.

As jy ‘n superheld kon wees, wie sou jy wees en hoekom? ‘n Superheld wat alles kan regmaak en ‘n oplossing vir almal se probleme het. Ek hou daarvan dat dinge vlot verloop.

Waar sien jy jouself oor 10 jaar? Hopelik het ek ‘n graad in Ingenieurswese en my eie besigheid. Wat is jou gunsteling gesegde en hoekom? “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything”. Party mense is bang om foute te maak en daarom doen hulle niks waardevols nie. Kan jy oor die weg kom sonder jou selfoon? In die vakansies sal ek maklik sonder my selfoon kan klaarkom want dan het ek volop avontuur, maar nie in die kwartaal nie. Ek is alewig op soek na vlieghengel goed op die internet of lees op oor enige onderwerp wat my interesseer.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017

Wat is jou grootste hoogtepunt tot dusver? Ek is deel van die o/15 Gauteng onderwaterhokkiespan en dit was lekker toe ons hierdie jaar die eerste plek by die nasionale kampioenskap in die vinswem kompetisie behaal het. Om as hoofseun gekies te word was ook vir my ‘n hoogtepunt. Wat is die mees waardevolle les wat jou ouers / onderwysers jou geleer het? Om te dink voor jy doen. Om nooit skaam te wees om vrae te vra nie. As geld enige iets in jou droomwêreld kon koop, wat sou dit wees? Om alle gereedskap en ‘gadgets’ te kan bekostig wat ek nodig het vir al my baie projekte, belangstellings en ondernemings.



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017




anneer iemand te sterwe kom is daar ’n magdom dinge wat eweskielik hanteer moet word. Jy dink dalk nie nou daaraan nie, maar bo en behalwe die reëlings vir ’n begrafnis, hetsy dit ’n teraardebestelling is of ’n verassing, is daar ’n hele lys dinge wat daarna afgehandel moet word. Daar is ’n paar voor die hand liggende vrae wat gevra word:

Wat nou gedoen met die bankrekening? Hoe maak ons met die selfoonrekening of ’n winkelrekening? Hierdie is maar net ‘n paar van die dinge waaraan daar gedink word, omdat dit alledaags gebruik word. Maar wat van die volgende aspekte – is jy ingelig hieroor en weet jou naasbestaandes wat gedoen moet word? Munisipale rekeninge Motorvoertuigsertifikate Vuurwapenlisensies Gesertifiseerde afskrifte van erfgename se identiteitsdokumente • Besonderhede van mediese fonds • Afskrif van TV-lisensie • Borgverpligtine • • • •

Hierdie sake is belangrik, want ’n testament omskryf nie noodwendig al hierdie sake nie. Gepraat van ’n testament – is jou testament opgestel, op datum en onderteken? Waarom is al hierdie dinge belangrik? Want dit help jou en jou familie. In ’n tyd van seer waartydens ’n gesin of individu die trauma wat die afsterwe van ’n geliefde meebring moet verwerk, wil jy nie nog gekonfronteer word met sake waaroor jy nie ingelig is nie.

Sonja Smith Begrafnisgroep verskaf ’n gratis lys van dokumente op die webblad wat jy kan aflaai om so ’n lêer saam te stel. Hierdie lys van 43 dokumente wat jy kan gebruik sluit in van jou begrafniswense, testament tot telefoonnommers en handelslisensies. Nie alles mag noodwendig op jou van toepassing wees nie, maar wanneer hierdie lêer in plek is, maak dit die proses om onder andere alles wat benodig word om ’n boedel af te handel of om reëlings vir ’n begrafnis te tref, net soveel makliker vir die wat daarmee werk. ’n Laaste stukkie advies: Is jou huwelikstatus korrek? Getroud, ongetroud, geskei, weduwee, wewenaar. Hoekom is dit belangrik? Meer hieroor in die volgende uitgawe. Stuur ’n sms met die letter M gevolg deur jou Identiteitsnommer na die Departement Binnelandse Sake se SMS nommer 32551 om dit na te gaan. Maak ook seker dat jy beskik oor die gedrukte weergawe van jou huweliksertifikaat wat jy by die Departement Binnelandse Sake aanvra. Vir enige verdere navrae of om hulp te ontvang in verband met Lewenslêers (ook beskikbaar in Engels) kontak asb die Sonja Smith Begrafnisgroep se tak in Midstream.

Is daar enige iets wat jy kan doen? Beslis. Sonja Smith Begrafnisgroep beveel aan dat jy ’n Lewenslêer saamstel om nie net jouself nie, maar ook jou naasbestaandes te help vir wanneer dit die dag nodig is. The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017


arols by andlelight


o het die jaar 2016 baie vinnig tot ‘n einde gekom en met die jaarlikse “ Carols by Candlelight”, het die Midstream gemeenskap die jaar op ‘n hoë noot afgesluit.

2016 se tema, was “His King size bed”. Ons is die aand deur verskeie groepe van die Midstream jeug vermaak met jolige danspassies en lekker musiek en natuurlik die hoofrede vir die samekoms: die boodskap van ons Skepper se geboorte. Dankie aan al die kinders en organiseerders vir die harde werk en ure se oefen om seker te maak dat die aand onvergeetlik was. Thank you to all the local churches for your input and organization in putting together yet another fun evening for all to enjoy. Thank you to all the personnel at Midstream Ridge Primary School for the preparation and setting up of the hall. Lastly, a huge thank you to all our residents for the support on the evening. We hope to see you all at this year’s events. Have a safe and loving 2017. Alhoewel hierdie jaar ‘n effe skraler opkoms gelewer het, is ons seker die plaaslike kerke en Retire@Midstream sal die gelde kan aanwend vir liefde, uit liefde… Doxa Deo: ± R 4 000-00 KerkSonderMure: ± R 2 000-00 Methodist: ± R 2 000-00 FamilieKerk: ± R 2 000-00 Retire@Midstream: ± R 2 300-00

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017


R@M Bowls Club is an open club and therefore anyone is welcome to apply for membership. In the past year we started an initiative to introduce the club and the game to the wider Midstream community by: •

Hosting a number of corporate days as well as a “buddy” day. These events were hugely successful and again showed that bowls is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Starting an evening game at our indoor facilities. This has become increasingly popular as it is not dependent on the weather and suits people with busy schedules.

In the wake of the success of the past year we plan to create even more opportunities this year for the community to participate and enjoy the game, including: 1. Free training All you need to do is to make an appointment with Danie du Preez (details below) 2. “Buddy” days • • •

Teams are put together consisting of players and buddies. This is a really enjoyable event and quite a number of buddies joined our club after last year’s buddy day. Bowls are made available to buddies.

3. Introduction days to school children We plan to contact the schools directly to arrange special days for the children. The Midstream Magazine - February 2017

4. Corporate days • Companies are invited to use our facilities for team building purposes. • This is an excellent and enjoyable way for colleagues to meet, compete and enjoy team building in a completely different way. • The services include a support team of club members providing basic coaching and support to the teams. • Food and drinks are offered as part of the service. • Rates are very reasonable. 5. Club matches, Open days and League matches For the more competitive players, we offer: • Club matches where members or teams could challenge each other. • Open days where teams from other clubs are invited to participate. • League competitions: for the past few years our teams competed in the reserve league and both our women and men teams stand a good chance to end up at the top of the log in the current season. We look forward to receiving your call: Gerhard van der Westhuizen – President – 083 564 2477 Ken Penderis – Vice President – 079 499 5426 Deon Geyser – Secretary – 082 888 6880 Eddy Niezen – Treasurer – 083 455 2760 Danie du Preez – Training - 081 259 9244 25

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DANKBAAR, DANKBAAR, DANKBAAR Alhoewel dit vir baie mense nog nie ‘n werklikheid is nie, het 2016 gekom en gegaan, maar Midstream Voories het nie getaan, dit staan - sterker as ooit. Oral was almal koorsagtig besig om die laaste klaar te kry vir ‘n wegbreek, maar eintlik om te kan sê: “Dis gedoen! “ Ons het nie net verlede jaar gedoen nie, nee, ons het sonder terughou ons plek gevestig, ‘n ongelooflike verskil gemaak waar ons gekom het en duidelike, nuwe spore getrap. Ek het nog nie voorheen met soveel mense te doen gekry wat nou weet “Hier is Ons” nie. Die volgende het vir my uitgestaan: •

• •


Elke span het ‘n nuwe spoor of spore getrap, iets gedoen wat nog nooit gedoen is nie. Ons het ons gate uit geniet. Waar kommando’s in hul

gemeenskappe betrokke is met gemeenskapsprojekte, is daar ongekende groei en sukses. Hierdie kon net vermag word deur die bydrae van elke Jeuglid, Staatmaker, Offisier, Heemraad en Voortrekkervriend. Daarvoor my opregte dank. Met die nasionale tema vir 2017, “Voortrekkers KAN”, sê Midstream: Ons hou Hier aan, want ons KAN. • • • •

Ons is Hier, meer as ooit Ons gaan nie nou terugsit nie Ons gaan nie nou verdwyn nie Om te KAN, sal ons Aanhou, Uithou en Koershou

Dit was en bly ‘n besonderse voorreg. Eric

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

The Black-Shoulder Kite (Die Blouvalk)

Elanus axillaris

Foto’s: FCD van Wyk

The Black-shouldered kite can frequently be seen in Midstream perched on a street light. It is a small raptor (bird of prey) and can be found in India, South East Asia, South West Europe and across sub-Saharan Africa, from Mauritania to Eritrea south to southern Africa. They are sedentary, but nomadic, following food sources. They prefer open grasslands with scattered trees, cultivated land and are even seen in urban areas on the edge of towns on wasteland. They have adapted well to staying in urban areas and can often be seen sitting on structures like telephone poles and power pylons. They actually benefit from urbanisation and farming practises as grain harvesting and storage facilities provide suitable conditions for larger numbers of mice, although secondary poisoning may occur from chemicals used to get rid of rodents. This graceful bird measures 35-38 cm with a wingspan of 80-95 cm, and weighs 291g on average. The females are usually larger than the males as the adult is small and graceful, mostly pale grey with a white head and underparts with black shoulders and red eyes. The nostrils, legs and feet are yellow and they have squared tails and streamline aerodynamic bodies. Their primary call is a clear whistle, uttered in flight and while hovering. They are predators of rodents but sometimes also small reptiles and small birds when available. They will often hunt by hovering in the air, then drop to the ground to grab their prey. They also hunt from perches, flying from one position to another before diving to the ground and they sometimes eat

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017

while still flying. These birds hunt singly or in pairs, though if food is plentiful, they will stay in small groups. Their influence on mouse populations is sometimes significant as adults take two or three mice a day if they can. The Black-shouldered kite is monogamous and territorial and the female selects the male based on the quality of his territory. Their breeding period peaks between August and January, when they roost communally. They have aerial courtship displays like high circling flights and ritualised feeding in mid-air. The cup-shaped nest, consisting of a flimsy platform of sticks and lined with dry grass, is built by both parents. It is usually placed high in a tree canopy or in man-made structures like utility poles. The female lays 3 to 6 eggs and incubates them for 30 to 33 days while the male does all the hunting, providing food for the female and chicks. The chicks are fully fledged within five weeks of hatching and are able to hunt within a week of leaving the nest. The chicks start to fly at 33 to 37 days old and will become fully independent 42 to 70 days later. The parents will vigorously defend the nest, attacking intruders including humans.



is a modern, one-stop facility that provides in all your family’s health requirements. Our passionate team of professionals combine patient-centred values with the latest technology and knowledge.

Monday to Friday 07:30-18:00 Saturday 08:30-13:00 Sundays and public holidays: closed

MIDSTREAM MEDICAL CENTRE welcomes two new providers: Bergh, van Heerden and Cilliers Physiotheraphists is now open at The Midstream Medical Centre. Established this year after the success of Bergh and Van Heerden Physiotherapists at Unitas and Mediclinic Midstream Hospitals. As of 1 October 2016 we strive to be your first choice physiotherapy practice in Midstream and surrounding areas. Our dynamic team of physiotherapists: Cathleen Bradley, Rudolph Krause and Henriëtte Rossouw will continue to deliver a service at Midstream Medical Centre and will be joined by Neil Cilliers. Treatment of the following conditions: Respiratory, Orthopaedic, Neurological condition, Sport injuries and rehabilitation.

Contact: 012 940 9477 or 082 819 0594 Mon - Fri: 08:00 to 18:00

Sat: 08:30 to 13:00

Sun: Emergencies Only

Dr Scholtz & Partners Inc. Radiologists opened their x-ray department in the Midstream Medical Centre on the 5th of September 2016. All general diagnostic radiography is done at this department and a maximum of 30 - 45 minutes waiting period is required for the completion of the examination as well as receiving the radiology report. Reports will also be sent directly from the department at Midstream to the referral doctor. Services: • General x-rays only • For emergencies and after-hours, Midstream Mediclinic is situated 1.2 km’s away from Midstream Medical Centre. They can be contacted on 012 652 9340.

Radiographer: Marelize - 012 942 1170 Mon - Fri: 08:30 to 16:30

MIDSTREAM MEDICAL CENTRE has a Centre for Diabetes. Make use of our specialised personnel and facilities for assistance and care for all your diabetes needs! MIDSTREAM MEDICAL CENTRE is conveniently situated in the medical wing of the Midstream Retirement Centre, 1 Madelein Street, Midstream Contact us for more information at: 012 940 9509 or mail us at:

Visit Midstream Medical Centre for all your GP needs! 24/7 PARAMEDIC SERVICE

Emergency no: 072 728 3620

MMC now claiming directly from selected medical aids! Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

C h i l d r e n T h e ra p y C e n t r e

in Midstream

Remedial programs are designed to close the gap between what a student knows and what he's expected to know. They often target reading or math skills. In many cases, students are removed from their regular classroom and taught in another setting Source:

Speech and language therapy provides treatment, support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing. Source:

Occupational therapy (OT) treatment focuses on helping people with a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives. OT can help kids with various needs improve their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Educational psychologists apply theories of human development to understand individual learning styles and inform the instructional process. Psychologists working in this subfield examine how people learn in a variety of settings to identify approaches and strategies to make learning more effective. Source:

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



2016… my eerste jaar as ‘n Voortrekker. Hmmm, eintlik my eerste jaar as ‘n offisier.

Hierdie jaar het ons almal speel-speel slim geword en die Voortrekkerlewe met baie entoesiasme aangepak.

omgewings. Die verkeerslig, wat van lekkergoed aanmekaar gesit was, was veral ‘n hoogtepunt.

Ons het hierdie jaar afgeskop met n “boom”. Letterlik. ‘n Kommando vuurpylkompetisie by die Purple Cow Restaurant. Dit was ook die eerste aand wat ek van my spanlede ontmoet het - in die donker. My grootste vrees was dat ek van hulle gaan “verloor”.

Eers het ons meer geleer oor ons span, ons kommando, die Voortrekker belofte en ‘n paar tradisionele liedjies. Daarna het die geskiedenis van ons land, die Voortrekkers en ons volk gevolg. Ons het geleer van lappoppe en het ons eie dolosse en waens gemaak om mee te speel.

Ons het ook ‘n paar lekker temas, onder andere dierekennis (in die vorm van ‘n “safari”), plantekennis (plant dit tuis blomme projek) en ruimtekennis, aangepak.

In die tweede kwartaal het ons geleer waar ons in die samelewing inpas. Van vriendskap, respek, hulp in die huis en veiligheid in verskillende

Indien jy sou belangstel om ook deel te word van Midstream Voortrekkers stuur ‘n epos na akladm.midstream.

Die groot vrees was darem gou verby en by ons eerste byeenkoms kon ek my spanlede se name leer ken. Ons is die Uile span, wat bestaan uit agt dogtertjies en drie seuntjies.

Ek is seker dat 2017 selfs meer avontuur vir die Uile sal inhou!!


‘n inwoner van Midstream, het hierdie besonderse foto ingestuur: Isabel,

”Saterdagaand, 7 Januarie om ongeveer 19:00 het ons in Old Kent naby die skool afgekom op hierdie brulpadda wat in die pad gesit het. Ons het by die sirkel omgedraai, sodat ek die foto kon neem en die padda na die sypaadjie aangehits. Ek het die foto op die Midstream Estate Residents etc Facebook-blad geplaas, waar lede die padda identifiseer het as pyxicephalus adspersus (African Bull Frog). Dit was die eerste keer wat ek hierdie padda teëgekom het, en wou dit graag met die lesers deel. Met ‘n bietjie navorsing is die brulpadda ‘n potensiële bedreigde spesie (Red Data listed as Near Threatened).


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

DIE SEEPERDJIES SE KLEURVOLLE VOORTREKKERSPORE 2016 was verseker ‘n jaar van baie opwinding, pret, plesier en kamp vir die Graad 6 drawwertjies. As ons terugkyk en die voetspore volg kan elke Seeperdjie erken dat dit ‘n pretvolle jaar was, waar ons baie geleer het.  Buiten die Voortrekker Graadwielwerk, het ons ook ons kennis verbreed op verskeie gebiede.  Ons Kokkedooraand was ‘n hoogtepunt waar ons in spanne verdeel is. Elke span het ‘n resep ontvang om te beproef.  Daardie aand het ons gebak vanuit die boonste rakke opgelewer - appeltert, mini souttertjies asook sjokolade muffins gevul met Rolo sjokolade.  Vroeër hierdie jaar het ons saamgespan en geleer hoe om ‘n  “macaroni en kaas“ dis te maak vir ons families.  Dit was beslis ‘n wenner.  Ons het ook die voordele van elke vrug bespreek en geleer hoe om ‘n lekker vrugteslaai aan mekaar te slaan.  Daar was beslis meer geproe as kos gemaak.   Saam het ons spankamp gehou, Swartvlei besoek en die jaar afgesluit waar ons kleurvolle voetspore gaan trap met tekkies wat ons self gemaak het.  Moedersdag het ons gegeurde badsout gemaak en om die Voortrekkerwerk beter te verstaan, het ons die Voortrekker Kode uitgebeeld met versierde kaartjies.  Groot makietie is gehou om almal se verjaarsdae te vier in November.   Nou-ja, 2016 is verby en 2017 lê voor ons.  Dié jaar gaan ons fokus om Voorslag te doen om ons gereed te kry vir die Verkennerlewe. 

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017

SEEPERDJIES SE JAPTRAP SKONS RESEP Bestandele   500g Bruismeel 100g Gerasperde Kaas 250ml Melk of karringmelk 125 ml Mayonnaise Knippie sout   Metode   Verhit oond tot 180 Grade. Meng alles goed saam en skep lepels vol in ‘n gesmeerde muffin pannetjie. Bak vir 15 – 20 minute tot goudbruin. Sit voor met gerasperde kaas en konfyt.


All the Best Properties!! 012 940 9090 012 940 9595 012 655 0478

To all our clients,colleagues, family and friends, Here’s to a Prosperous New Year!! All the best Agents!! Office open 7 days a week!!


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017



Christine Capendale is ‘n welbekende “foodie” en ‘n inwoner van Midstream. Sy het BSc Huishoudkunde en Dieetkunde aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch geswot. Sy fokus tans op korporatiewe spyseniering, troukoeke en spesialiteitsgebak. Groepe geniet veral die kookklasse wat sy in Midstream aanbied. Met haar spontane persoonlikheid en pittige sêgoed, is dit ‘n moet vir enigeen wat hou van kuier en lekker kos maak (en eet!). Selfs die mees onhandige “kok”, sal haar disse met min moeite kan voorsit. Christine is plaaslik betrokke by TV kosproduksies soos Koekedoor en besoek gereeld die buiteland, waar sy ‘n hele klompie kliënte het wat haar weer en weer terugnooi.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



500g maalvleis 1 fyn gekapte ui 1 eier 2,5 ml fyn kaneel, 2,5 ml fyn komyn, 5 ml paprika, 5 ml sout en vars gemaalde swart peper 30 ml Worcestershire sous 50 ml broodkrummels – geweek in 50 ml water 30 ml gekapte platblaar pietersielie en 50 ml gekapte vars koljander Meng alle bestandele saam en maak sowat 20 klein frikkadelle, Braai in olyfolie in pan tot gaar en goudbruin

KOMKOMMER EN KOLJANDER SOUSIE 250 ml vars gerasperde geskilde komkommer 7,5 ml sout 250 ml crème fraiche OF Griekse yoghurt 1 knoffelhuisie, fyngekap of gepers 10 ml fyngekapte koljander blare Varsgemaalde swartpeper na smaak METODE Meng die komkommer met die sout. Laat dit staan vir 1 uur en plaas dit dan in 'n sif om te dreineer. Spoel die komkommer met koue water om die meeste sout af te was, druk baie goed om al die water uit te pers. Meng die gepersde komkommer met die res van die bestandele en bedien saam met die frikkadelle. OM TE BEDIEN Smeer pita broodjies met olyfolie en bak in oond tot goudbruin (sowat 10 minute op 180°C). Bedien die geroosterde pita broodjies saam met die frikkadelle, komkommer sousie, ontpitte swart olywe en dun gesnyde rooi ui vir n heerlike ligte somer ete.


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017


500 ml room 125 ml strooisuiker 75 ml suurlemoensap 5 ml fyn gerasperde suurlemoenskil 1 gelatine vel – geweek vir so 3 minute in koue water METODE Plaas die room en strooisuiker in ‘n kastrol. Verhit dit stadig oor matige hitte totdat dit prut. Roer dit gereeld sodat die suiker nie vasbrand nie. Laat dit prut tot die room reduseer (verdik) het - sowat 6 minute. Gebruik 'n groot kastrol om te keer dat mengsel oorkook. Voeg nou die suurlemoensap en suurlemoenskil by en laat dit nog 2 minute prut. Verwyder van hitte en koel mengsel effe af, voeg die gelatine vel by – roer goed om te meng. Gooi die mengsel deur ‘n sif en giet die mengsel in ‘n beker met ‘n tuit. Vul jou koppies of klein opdienbakkies met die suurlemoen room-mengsel. Laat dit heeltemal afkoel. Plaas dit in die yskas vir ten minstens 3 uur lank om te stol. Versier met geklopte yoghurt en mascarpone en vars grenadella pulp. GEKLOPTE YOGHURT EN MASCARPONE Klits 150 g mascarpone, 150 ml Griekse yoghurt, 40 ml strooisuiker en 30 ml grenadella pulp tot styfgeklop. Skep bo-op die suurlemoen potjies. Skep ekstra grenadella pulp bo-oor en bedien.

Kontak Christine by 082 920 0329 The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


The new year started and many of us find ourselves with a little extra insulation after eating non stop through the holiday season. Luckily, it’s a great time for fresh starts and new goals to get healthy. Whether you’re a seasoned gym veteran or just beginning your fitness journey, the secret of getting ahead is getting started! We know it’s sometimes difficult to make changes in your lives, especially with busy work and family schedules, but we truly hope you can find some inspiration to make your health a priority this year. Yes, going to gym on a cold winter’s morning or a rainy day is not as easy as sleeping in your nice, cosy bed, but you’ll be glad you did once you start seeing the results. We spend so much time and energy focussed on professional and financial goals that we tend to overlook the importance of our own physical well-being, which then causes more health related problems and stress. We would like to invite all of you to our new facility at Midstream Ridge Sport Centre for a free trial session to experience our brand new state of the art equipment and meet our Personal Trainers. These are all competitive athletes and may just be the extra motivation you need to keep you motivated and reach your goals. We would like to leave you with one last thought from motivational speaker Jim Rohn , “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Have a happy and healthy new year! Team World of Wellness Contact details for more info, membership options and pricing: Marco Leandre Landline Web

083 629 9350 079 885 2452 012 942 1153

Like us on Facebook! 38

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

GENUINE PILATES @ INSIDE OUT PILATES STUDIO One of the best things about Pilates (pronunciation: pi-lah-teez) is that it works very well for a wide range of people. The foundation of Pilates is the concept of core stability, however, it's a whole body workout that aims to improve strength and flexibility while protecting key areas like the lower back.

The emphasis of a good Pilates session is quality of movement. It requires patience, attention to detail and, with consistent practice, results are sure to follow. The kind of results and benefits one can expect from an accurate and well-designed Pilates programme include: A body with balanced strength and flexibility Improved sports performance Prevention of injuries Restoration of postural alignment Creation of a stronger, more flexible spine

• • • • •

There are varying levels of quality and skill in the world of Pilates, so be kind to your body and choose to practice Pilates with a well experienced instructor who specialises in the true Pilates method. In a nutshell, Pilates will lengthen and strengthen your body from Inside Out.

Info as per November 2016

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Plumbing Painting

Pools & Ponds Wood Care

Waterproofing Geysers Wood 2 Aluminium Conversions


MAINTENANCE Electrical Irrigation Garage Doors

Call Us On : 081 325 7029 / 081 367 0097 E-mail :


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

Midstream College Baby House Midstream College Babahuis

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017


Graduation at

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


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Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

Midstream Ridge Baby house It's our Birthday

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017





The Pre-Primary schools in the estate celebrated their birthday last month. Midstream Ridge turned 3, Midlands turned 8 and Midstream turned 11. May you have many more good years.

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017


22/02/2017 Midlands Pre-Primary 29/03/2017 Midstream College Pre-Primary

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


Prospective Parents morning @9h00



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Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017


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S M A R T VILLAGE Powered by MTN

Smart Village is now powered by MTN


Smart Village now completed powered bya MTN n late 2016,isMTN strategic transaction to acquire Smart Village, which is great news for our new and existing customers. MTN is changing their In late to 2016, a strategic acquire Smart Village, which great fibre the MTN homecompleted (FTTH) strategy andtransaction in Smart to Village they found exactly theisright news for our new and existing customers. MTN is changing their Þbre to Village the home partner. In terms of infrastructure and geographic coverage, Smart is a(FTTH) perstrategy and in Smart Village they found exactly the right partner. In terms of infrastructure fect fit with MTN. and geographic coverage, Smart Village is a perfect Þt with MTN. Smart Village specialises in bringing lightning-fast, highly reliable fibre broadband to theVillage home. specialises With the addition of MTN’s experience in building world-class fibreto the Smart in bringing lightning-fast, highly reliable Þbre broadband networks, will translate intoexperience improvedinproducts services fornetworks, more andthis more home. With this the addition of MTN’s building and world-class Þbre will South Africans, whether at work or at home. translate into improved products and services for more and more South Africans, whether at work or at home. Buying Smart Village has given MTN’s ambitious plans for fibre broadband to the home aSmart further boost. that we’re poweredplans by MTN, Smart Village customers Buying Village hasNow given MTNÕs ambitious for Þbre broadband to the home a will enjoy an even better fibre broadband experience. further boost. Now that weÕre powered by MTN, Smart Village customers will enjoy an even better Þbre broadband experience.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



During the first few days of December 2016, Midstream College Primary School learners from Grade 4 to 7, had the opportunity to shake off those exam-blues by enjoying some fun-filled days at their respective grade camps. These camps are an annual highlight during the fourth term, where all learners get the opportunity to get down and dirty with their friends before they have to say goodbye for the December holidays. Last year, the Grade 4 learners went to Sediba Kwele, the Grade 5 learners to Konka and the Grade 6 learners to Hartbeeshoek. The boys and girls in the Grade 7 group split up, allowing each group to have their own very special final primary school camp. The boys went to Hakuna Matata, while the girls were entertained at Zwartkloof camp site. So‌when things start getting really busy during the school year – there is always light at the end of the tunnel - in the form of another unforgettable camp in 2017!


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

PUTTING ON THEIR “BIG KID SHOES” No new school year could ever be complete without brand new little Grade 1 learners, in their shiny black shoes, blazers a size too big and missing front teeth!

enjoy many fun-filled activities. At last they don’t just have to listen to school stories told by older siblings – they can now experience it for themselves!

At Midstream College Primary School, this picture is also accompanied by big smiles all around, as our little ones get to know their new teachers, friends and

With three classes each in the Afrikaans and English phases, we are sure to see much more of our Grade one learners in the next 7 years!


Midstream College Primêre Skool is bevoorreg om twee entoesiastiese nuwe personeellede in 2017 te verwelkom! Herman van Aswegen sal die graad 4- en 5-leerders touwys maak in Wiskunde. Hy het in Port Shepstone grootgeword, maar bevind homself al vir die afgelope 7 jaar in die Jakarandastad, waar hy aan die Universiteit van Pretoria (UP) studeer het. Hy is tans besig met sy derde honneursgraad in Sportbestuur, maar gaan rondom Augustus ‘n tydjie afknyp om met sy jeugliefde te trou. Herman sien uit na die Midstream-uitdagings wat voorlê en hoop om as opvoeder mense te laat groei. Conrad Steyn, ‘n Pretorianer wat in 2012 sy studies aan die Noordwes Universiteit (NWU) voltooi het, sal sy plek hier by ons in die Wetenskap- en Tegnologie Departement volstaan. Conrad is al twee jaar getroud en alhoewel hy verdere studies in die vooruitsig het, gaan hy eers so van Maartmaand se kant af bietjie leer doek omruil, wanneer hul babadogtertjie haar opwagting maak!

MIDSTREAM MASTERCHEF 2016 During the last week of school, the 2016 leaders of Midstream College Primary School had some yummy-fun participating in the annual Masterchef cook-off. The Grade 7 boys tried out their “braai-skills”, to produce the perfect hamburger patty, while the girls focused on lavender cheesecake for dessert and some delectable Hawaiian mocktails. Learners were presented with mystery boxes filled with ingredients to create their themed dishes. Themes included: Hawaiian, Mexican and French. The food turned out spectacularly and the judges were also impressed by the very professional presentations of the dishes!

Die Midstream-gemeenskap verwelkom hierdie talentvolle twee jong onderwysers, wat nog baie leerdertjies se lewens gaan aanraak!

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


2016/11/15 Mailed

AIR-CONDITIONING the most cost-effective way to control the temperature




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9 000 BTU - 32 000 BTU NON-INVERTER


R4 850

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Tydskrif - Februarie 2017 Lite Midstream

HUL STERRE SKYN SKITTERBLINK! Ons het met die top akademiese presteerders van graad 4 tot 6 gesels, en ‘n paar interessante feite uitgevind!

Tertius Dekker - Gr 5

Cara Renette Ponting - Gr 4

Cara-Renette Ponting, klein-botteltjie-groot-gif, wat die 2016 toppresteerder in graad 4 was, is baie gelukkig met haar eie geselskap en wil eendag op ‘n plaas bly. Haar gunsteling vakansie-plan is ook om alleen by ‘n dam te kuier! As mens na die grootte van Cara-Renette se tas kyk, is dit geen wonder dat sy alle leerders se tasse ligter sal maak, as sy vir een dag skoolhoof kan speel nie!

Tertius Dekker, 2016 toppresteerder in graad 5, se kop staan ingenieurswese toe en sy gunstelingvak is Wetenskap. Tuis is hy die tafeltennis kampioen, maar hy weet hy is in groot moeilikheid as sy ma hom TERTIUS JOHANNES DEKKER noem! Annika van der Walt, die graad 6-toppresteerder van 2016, wil graag eendag ‘n Biokinetikus word – dalk omdat die ergste ding wat haar al ooit oorgekom het, ‘n gebreekte enkel was! Sy sal haar grootste geheim vir haar ma vertel en glo in die woorde: “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!” Hou gerus hierdie uitsonderlike, toegewyde leerders dop – hulle gaan sekerlik nog al hul drome bewaarheid!

Annika vd Walt - Gr 6

Tydens die pas-afgelope 2016 Prestige Prysuitdelingsgeleentheid by Midstream College Primêre Skool, het talle Midstream-sterretjies se harde werk deur die akademiese jaar, vrugte afgewerp.

‘n Trotse oomblik vir Pieter Lourens en Momentum! ‘n Groot eer het Midstream College Primêre Skool-onderwyser, Pieter Lourens te beurt geval toe die Momentum Vriendskapsbaadjie in 2016 aan hom toegeken is. Hierdie uitsonderlike en gesogte baadjie word toegeken aan persone wat liefde en passie vir die spel van krieket, sowel as die gees waarin die spel gespeel behoort te word, versinnebeeld. Pieter, as gewilde en toegewyde krieketafrigter en –organiseerder, is vir hierdie baadjie genomineer deur mnr. Hannes van der Berg van Momentum – ook ‘n trotse Midstreamouer. Die “vader” van die Momentum

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017

Vriendskapsbaadjie is mnr. Danie van den Bergh, hoof van Handelsmerk en Bemarking by Momentum. Deur hierdie toekenning bedank Momentum Pieter vir sy bevordering van krieket onder ons kinders, asook die wyse waarop hy dit doen. Dit vereis van Pieter om die waardestelsel agter die baadjie, uit te leef – iets wat elkeen wat vir Pieter ken, reeds in hom kan raaksien! Bekende persone wat al met die Momentum Vriendskapsbaadjie vereer is, sluit in Kevin Pietersen, AB de Villiers, Francois Pienaar, Jacques Kallis en vele ander buite die sportwêreld.


William meets his hero

William Reyneke member of O'Brien Golf Academy had the privilege at the BMW SA Open, Glendower Golf Club to meet his hero Rory Mcllroy, second best professional golfer in the world.


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017


Paul Claassen Bobbejaanstert - Midstream farm

Sonia Brilus - Midstream Ridge

Christmas morning scene at Midstream Danny van der Westhuizen Willie Pretorius - Old Kent park The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


SELFVERSEKERDE GRAAD 1 ‘s Weg is die dae waar graad eentjies blinkoog en sku vasgeklem aan Mamma se hand by die skool arriveer. 2017 bring ’n spiksplinternuwe stel graad eentjies by Midstream Ridge Primêre Skool – dié wat reeds gevestig en rustig op die skoolgronde baljaar asof hulle jare lank hier skoolgaan. Me. Mariëtte Els, graad 1-graadhoof en onderwyseres van graad 1 A1, hou al vir 21 jaar vir graad 1-leerders skool. “Dit is die eerste keer dat ek ’n graad 1-groep het wat op dag twee reeds buite wil speel.” Graad 1-leerders neem gewoonlik ’n paar dae om hulfself eers in hulle nuwe tuistes te vestig en dán eers sal hulle dit na buite waag. Nie hierdie selfstandige graad eentjies nie – die tydjie voor

skool word as ’n derde pouse gesien en die leerders kan nie wag om op die speelgrond te kom nie. Kayla Jansen van Rensburg (gr. 1 A3) sê soggens kort en kragtig totsiens, omdat sus, Katelyn, kort-kort vir haar met ’n pakkie koekies kom kuier. Tydens sy ontmoeting met sy nuwe juffrou, vertel Albertus Jacobus de Jongh (gr. 1 A1) dat sy gunsteling kos sy pa se soesji is, wat “met roosmaryn en knoffel gekrui is”. Miskien word die selfstandigheid wat die 2017-graad eens vertoon aan baie liefde elders toegeskryf. Miskien is graad R die nuwe graad 1. Net die tyd sal leer.



Being a grade 7 learner in Midstream Ridge Primary is a privilege like no other. As the seniors of the school, the grade 7 group is granted a few benefits and privileges for the year. In assembly, they are the only learners allowed on the stairs at the back of the hall. On three separate occasions, during the course of the year, one can become a leader. Several events are hosted during the year, which include Entrepreneurs Day, Spur Shadow evenings, a special church service as well as the grade 7 Farewell. The first prestigious event of 2017 took place on 25 January - the grade 7 Monitor Inauguration. The second group of grade 7 learners in Midstream Ridge, all 92 of them, took to the stage in a purple glow of flowers and lights. Mr. Harmse explained to the group that they need to apply his personal train of thought on leadership – To lead is to serve. And with God as you guide, you will never fail in your mission. As the year ages into other terms where leaders will be chosen, it is important to remember the monitor pledge: • I accept the responsibility to lead others. • I aim to act in a goal-orientated manner. • I would like to perform the duties I’m given in my year as Monitor faithfully and diligently. • I aim to always keep Midstream Ridge Primary’s name held high because I am proud of my school. • I shall endeavour to remain loyal and fulfil my duties with excellence. • I realise that I am an example to other learners and as such my behaviour must be impeccable at all times. • I promise to cooperate with my principal and other teachers at school to the best of my ability. • I promise to treat my fellow monitors and co-learners with respect and empathy. • I will follow the “Fifteen Golden Rules for a Monitor”. • Above all, I will endeavour to be led by God’s love. Good luck to 2017’s grade 7 group. May you benefit from all the privileges of the year.


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017


The echo of “We’ve got the spirit, yes we do. We’ve got the spirit, how about you?!” can be heard around the corner of every building in Midstream. The singing is occasionally interrupted with bouts of shouting as the crowd supports its athletes. It is exciting, energetic and contagious. It is Friday, 20 January, and it is Interhouse time. Interhouse day dawned with beautiful blue skies and the promise of scorching temperatures. Midstream Ridge Primary took to the field in its brand new Interhouse shirts, which were made to the colours of each house. The Grasuile hunted in their maroon shirts, while the Kingfishers paraded in teal and the Plovers shined in white. Just as the heat became too hot to handle, lightning and rain stopped all events, postponing the Interhouse till

Monday, 23 January. The interruption did however seem to help the Kingfishers, because they walked away with the trophy for the second year in a row. Congratulations Kingfishers. May there be a hat trick in your future!

NEW YORK BEAUTY NOU IN RIDGE Die personeel van Midstream Ridge Primêre Skool poog om daagliks hul beste te gee wanneer dit by die onderrig van leerders kom. Daarom is daar deur die loop van die jaar geskeduleerde tye waartydens personeel kan herlaai en terapeuties hul emosionele tenks kan vol maak. Dit is tydens een van hierdie geleenthede in 2016 wat die Ridge New York Beauty geskep is.

Die Ridge New York Beauty kunswerk bestaan uit 63 kleiner panele wat individuele skeppings verteenwoordig, maar saam ’n unieke eenheid in die skool se kleure vorm. Die idee agter die skildery is vanaf ’n kwilt-patroon, genaamd The New York Beauty verkry. Vierkante met identiese patrone is aan elke personeellid gegee. Elkeen het egter sy eie stempel en emosie daarop uitgebeeld. Die resultaat is ’n pragtige aandenking wat ’n permanente rusplek teen die skoolmure geërf het. Midstream Ridge Primêre Skool is voorwaar besig om ’n onskatbare kunswerk te word – van binne en buite.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

RIDGE’S NERVE IMPULSE Meet Grant Reston, Midstream’s specialized nerve impulse. Better known as network administrator of Midstream Ridge and Midstream College Primary School. Since he entered the world of the Midstream College group in August 2013, Grant has made an impression that labels him irreplaceable. Who is Grant and why is MRP unable to transmit electrical impulses without him?

Grant is a 27 year old bachelor, who develops corporate websites for fun. His company, Mixed Apples, is a music entertainment blog that is used for the exposure of artists, musicians and athletes – “people who need it most”. Grant seems to juggle quite a few neurons at a time, but he has never been seen with a frown or the slightest sign of irritation. Grant completed a three year IT engineering diploma in one year. It is no wonder that he is the centre of the school’s IT support. Anything that cannot be solved by the computer department, goes through Grant’s trained hands. His abilities expands toward the IPSC Club in Pretoria East where he is a competitive shooter of a variety of pistols. Perhaps therein lies his secret; a collector of all things enjoyable. Thus the reason for his inevitable patience and smiles. Grant, you are Midstream Ridge’s nerve impulse. Without you, there will be no domino effect and we will be left in the dark.

RIDGE’S VEINS Midstream Ridge Primary School can rest assured each night, for 365 days a year, knowing that there are veins in the school that keep it all together. Without these small vessels, blood would not be carried onto the next grade annually. And what would the purpose of this body be then? There is one vein in particular who takes the lead. The vein of all veins… Meet Nathan Green, also known as the facilities manager of Midstream Ridge’s beautiful home. Having had his own successful gardening service company, it is said that Mr. Green’s surname contributed to his appointment. At the time, MRP majestically appeared in the sunset, its one shortcoming abundantly clear – there was no sports fields, no grass, and no playground. Hence, “Groenvingers” to the rescue!

The immaculate reputations that Nathan seems to uphold, always include ready and presentable gardens, a good rapport with his staff as well as many late nights and long weekends. Amongst all of his many duties, Nathan raises two young children and manages to (occasionally) see his wife in broad daylight. Nathan, you are an irreplaceable link in the Midstream Ridge life support. Without you, there will be no vessels to carry our life source and we would cease to exist.

Nathan is a jack of all trades and a master of many. Not only does he maintain and manage the bookings of the Ridge Sport Centre, but also plays sound engineer and light engineer at all school functions. This includes events hosting celebrities with the likes of Bobby van Jaarsveld, Refentse, Nataniël and Elvis Blue. He is the go-between for the Midstream Ridge Estate security, the school’s transport and all the ground staff.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


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MIDSTREAM Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

A boost for living conditions of Midstream residents Where the individual Home Owner Association’s (HOA’s) - Coordinate and share HOA activities that may have aim is to protect and manage living conditions of the a cost saving or improved service delivery effect to residents within its own boundaries, it has always been reresidents within the HOA areas alised that a lot more can be achieved by taking hands with - Establish a formal communication forum between the the surrounding HOAs. On 25 January this year the role Midstream HOA’s with the relevant responsibilities and players in Midstream formally established liabilities defined the Greater Midstream Forum (GMF) that “Alone we are strong, will in future act as a collective forum to The issues of the day were highlighted by but together we are further enhance living conditions of all the the three task groups established to tackle residents in the Greater Midstream. the most important issues that will require stronger” joint attention, being: The role players that signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) include the following: 1. Environmental Task Team that will focus on the polluMidstream Estate HOA, the Midfield HOA, the Midlands tion experienced in Midstream. HOA, Midstream Hill HOA, Midstream Ridge HOA, Retire@ 2. Security Task Team that will attend to the current joint Midstream HOA, as well as Bondev Developments, Bondsecurity operations in the Greater Midstream common ev Midrand and Midstream Electrical Supplies. areas and to plan for future improvements. 3. A task team to advise on procedures to be followed The main objective of the forum as penned down in the by the HOA’s and residents on the newly introduced MOU is to promote, advance and protect the interests of Residential Community Ombud service. individual members and to regulate cooperation between the Midstream forum members. In line with the motto that “Alone we are strong, but together we are stronger”, the role players in Midstream have forThe direct benefit to the residents will be to: mally agreed to work together on a number of aspects and identified key focus areas for immediate attention. Updates from the GMF-Forum will be provided in future publications - Enhance security of the Midstream Magazine. - Increase property values by managing the “streetscape” along the access routes leading to the estates

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


ATHLETICS TRAINING CAMP / TOUR 2016 The annual athletics tour took place in Durban from 2 to 11 December 2016. More than 60 Midstream athletes trained at Glenwood High School – where we resided – each morning before breakfast, and at the Kingspark Athletics Stadium (tartan track) each afternoon. There was enough time to go to the beach or Ushaka Marine World during the day, and to catch a movie or just enjoy the shopping opportunities on offer at Gateway shopping centre in the evenings. What can be more fun than to be on holiday with your friends and train hard for the upcoming season! Midstream College welcomes the following new staff members: Messrs Mario Olivier (Gym Manager),  Albert van Zyl (Computer Applications Technology), Christiaan van der Merwe (Accounting and Business studies), Mss Jean Varges (Mathematic and Life Orientation), Saras Rugbar (Mathematics), Melanie Wepner ( Physical Sciences), Charlotte Bosman (English) and Zandeli Meyer (Afrikaans and Creative Arts).

Agter van links: Mario Olivier, Christiaan van der Merwe, Albert van Zyl Voor van links: Melanie Wepner, Jean Varges, Charlotte Bosman, Saras Rugbar, Zandeli Meyer.


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

I AM A MIDSTREAM BRICK “I’m a Midstream Brick” is a sound that had been echoing from the auditorium for the past week as 214 grade 8 learners recited their Grade 8 Song. The orientation programme enabled the grade 8s to make new friends, learn the heartbeat of the school and to meet our own Emperors – the grade 12 council members!  A busy programme started with games and the swimming gala, followed by a sleepover the first Friday and of course, the grade 8 concert to show just how talented our new grade 8 learners are! 

KZN Swimming Tour 2017 The training was tough, and strangely enough, we prefer it that way because the improvement in our performance is measurable and suffering shared seems to bring the group together. By unanimous consensus we all agreed that this training camp was one not to be missed and was so much more than one might have expected.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

1 ste span Krieket vs Old Boys 20 17 Die jaarlikse “Old Boys” krieketwedstryd is op Saterdag, 14 Januarie by die Midstream Oval gespeel. Dit is die vierde jaar wat die wedstryd plaasvind en is verseker ‘n tradisie wat nog lank gaan voorleef. Die “Old Boys”, onder leiding van Ruan van der Westhuizen en Walner Hill, het gekies om eerste te kolf. Hulle teken ‘n baie skaflike 267 lopies vir die verlies van 8 paaltjies aan in hul toegelate 40 boulbeurte. Die “Old Boys” het die toestande goed gebruik en slaag daarin om die eerste span te beperk tot 211 lopies, almal uit. Brendan Swart troon uit as die eerstespan se beste kolwer met ‘n uitstekende 69 lopies. Stefan Kruger was die “Old Boys” se beste bouler met syfers van 2 paaltjies vir 35 lopies. Alhoewel die eerste span nie die totaal kon bereik nie, was Midstream die wenner op die dag met hierdie wonderlike tradisie wat kon voorleef. Die eerste span is ook onoorwonne in die Woerrieweek met oorwinnings oor Nelspruit, Kemptonpark, Rustenburg, Marais Viljoen en Pietersburg. Die span speel vanjaar in die Pretoria B-liga nadat hul laasjaar die seisoen in die C-liga onoorwonne afgesluit het.

Bly op hoogte deur FACEBOOK Besoek gerus Midstream College se Facebook bladsy en bly op datum met die nuutste gebeure en prestasies. Volg: Midstream College The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


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Sheer Driving Pleasure

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017




n Friday, 23 December at approximately 09:10, the Midstream HOA office received a phone call about smoke emanating from a home on Old Kent Drive.

the house safely without anyone being injured. The scene was immediately cordoned off, the fire hoses were connected to the nearest fire hydrant and the extinguishing operation commenced.

When HOA personnel and security arrived at the scene, heavy smoke covered the house and the street. Neighbours managed to assist the residents in saving a few furniture items.

The Ekurhuleni Fire Brigade arrived thirty minutes later and it took the team about an hour from arrival at the scene to extinguish the severe fire and eliminate all threats to the public and surrounds.

Estate Manager, Fred Williams, was in charge and security took control of the scene. The family evacuated

It was a magnificent team effort – with neighbours assisting and supporting the family throughout the incident, security managers from the other estates helping at the scene and Midstream paramedics, ER24 and Orange Fox Medical Rescue who treated the family for shock. After the fire was extinguished, the Midstream HOA assisted the family with a 24/7 Midstream security officer to secure the premises in order to allow the residents to recover after the tragedy and allow them to move their valuables to a place of safety. According to the insurance assessor, the swift action taken by the Midstream HOA definitely played a paramount role in saving the structure of the house. It was determined that the fire was caused by an electrical fault which originated from inside the roof of the house. A huge thank you to the Midstream HOA, neighbours and everyone who assisted. We truly are a caring community.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017


Guard of the Month

Johannes Tepanyekga Midstream Ridge HOA

Johannes Tepanyekga is a security guard at Midstream Ridge. He is a very loyal and reliable part of the team who recently apprehended two companies trying to smuggle employees without IDs or passports into the estate. Well done, Johannes for being vigilant and keeping our residents safe.


Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



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Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

The Midstream Magazine - February 2017



e are well into 2017, and the months just seem to speed up. My prayer is that as you journey through this year you will find the peace that passes all understanding and joy will knock at your door every day.

A woman who was reasonably happily married worked very hard to please her husband. He was not an easy man to please but she loved him and she was happy to do the work. In order to make sure that she didn’t forget any of the things he had asked her to do, she wrote herself a list. Each day she would check her list and make sure that she had done all that she could to keep him happy. After many years of marriage her husband died, and some time later the woman found love with another man. For a number of years she considered herself fortunate to have enjoyed two happy and good marriages. Then one day, as she was looking for something, she found one of the lists she had written up for her first husband. As she read all the things that she had worked hard to remember, she realised she needed no lists for her new husband. She realised that she was doing everything for him that she had written on the list – only now, she didn’t have to think about it or work to remember it. These acts of love flowed from her heart. In Mark’s Gospel Jesus was confronted by religious leaders and experts in religious law. His disciples did

Sunrise: 7:30 - 8:30 Family: 9:15 - 10:30 Evening: 18:00 Youth Children Church: 9:15 Youth Gatherings: Friday 18:30 - 20:30 012 940 9301 (+27) 076 019 8078

not wash their hands before eating. While it was not written in the law that they should, it was a well-accepted ritual of purity that was required of faithful Jews. Not long after Jesus, these spoken traditions were written down and formalised. So, for them, it was no small thing that Jesus and his followers should seem to be ignoring a tradition that was held in high regard. Yet Jesus, in his response, turned this question of tradition into a question of the heart. Isaiah 29:13: And the Lord said, “Because this people draw near with their mouth and honour me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me, and their fear of me is a commandment taught by men.” English Standard Version (ESV) Sometimes we work so hard at doing the right thing. We can also become legalistic about it and we lose the joy of doing things. Sometimes even our religion becomes legalistic and we find that we are “doing” the right thing, but we are not “living” the right things. We find ourselves acting on automatic pilot when it comes to saying grace, our quiet time, our prayer life and our participation in the life of the Church. This, dear friends, can lead to a place where we lose our passion, we lose the love that we have and the enthusiasm just seems to dwindle. Love needs to be the driving force in our lives. Without love, we are nothing. God loves us extravagantly and completely, and when we begin to live our lives driven by love for God, love for ourselves and love for our fellow man, then the expectations and the rules that we want just seem to put themselves in place. Let me encourage you to kindle the flame that burns inside of you. This flame ignites the passion and the love that is within each of us. Beloved, let us love one another, because love is of God and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. I pray that you have enough in 2017. Enough love, joy and peace to fill every space of your life this year. God bless and keep you in the palm of His mighty hand. With my love,

Jen 74

Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

MIDSTREAM Midstream Estate, Midrand ● Fax: 012 687 1313 ● Tel: 012 687 1550 Trading Hours: Mon to Sun and P/H 07h30 - 20h00

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Die Midstream Tydskrif - Februarie 2017

Midstream Magazine - Feb 2017  

Midstream Magazine 1st issue for 2017 February 2017

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