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Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Everyone who has watched the sun setting will attest that once the sun touches the horison, it seems as if the process speeds up and one can almost see the sun disappear. Then once the brilliant bowl has disappeared, a kaleidoscope of the most beautiful colours develops and linger for a while longer. The same happens every year in our lives when one realises the end of the year is nearing, then you run out of days – and then hours – in getting the last bits done before the year ends. We trust that while you are watching the sun set on this year, that the afterglow of the holiday season will bring a beautiful mixture of enjoyment, rest and peace. May you and your family return rejuvenated and ready for the next sunrise in 2018. The year 2017 has been a year of ups and downs, a year of progress, yet a year with worrying signs in the economy, the national and international political scene and closer to home security incidents that are getting much too close for comfort. But so, it has been tough before and by sticking it out and working together we trust that the year 2018 will be one where a new look may be taken on a number of fronts. We wish our residents a safe journey on their holiday trips and may the sun shine brightly in 2018. God bless!

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017

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And so, the sun starts setting on the year 2017

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The Midstream Magazine - August 2016


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The Midstream Magazine - December 2017

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Midstream community

over the past 10 years Developing stepby-step

This year celebrated the 10th anniversary of the High School at Midstream College. It is also the first year that 45 learners who started school at Midstream College will, after a 12-year school “career�, write their matric exams. Looking back, 10 years to the year 2007 bring a number of interesting statistics to the fore and show how Midstream and the community have grown year-on-year.

Midstream College High School Whilst the Primary School opened its doors in the year 2006, Dr. Carel Kriek, accompanied by 17 teachers, opened the doors of the High School in the following year, 2007, with 191 learners enrolled in the school. Ten years later, the number of teaching staff has increased to 67 and more than 900 learners are now attending classes at the High School. This year, 168 learners will write matric at Midstream College High School and build their careers step-by-step from the base they received locally. 6

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Infrastructure & number of houses completed Even though the extension of Brakfontein Road leading to Midstream was tarred in the middle of 2003, it took a number of years before the next access road, Midstream Drive, was opened to traffic in March 2012. The period between 2012 and 2016 saw a number of road projects completed providing a stable base for the tremendous 5-year growth-period between 2012 and 2017 experienced in Midstream. The base created by the infrastructure allowed the number of houses connected to electricity in Midstream to grow from 1270 in October 2007 to 3052 in October 2012 and to the 5121 in October 2017. Thus, 1 270 houses connected to electricity in the first four years, 1 782 additional houses in the next five years and 2 069 more in the past five years – on average a house per calendar day over the past 10 years!

Facilities added in the past 5 years Whilst the sustained increase in the number of households over the past ten years is quite staggering, it is far more amazing to realise that the first 1 500 families stayed in Midstream when there was no shopping centre or filling station within five kilometers from Midstream. A quick drive to buy milk, bread or cigarettes was a 40-minute journey or required careful planning past a shop to or from home. In addition to the shopping centre opening in May 2009, the following also happened over the past few years: •

Doxa Deo was the first church to open their doors early in 2008, followed a year later by “Midstream Familiekerk” and Midstream Methodist Church. The Midstream Met– hodist congregation originally established themselves elsewhere in 2005 with only 12 members. Kerk-SonderMure started in a tent close to the Midlands entrance and moved into their permanent structure in 2011.

The medical fraternity established themselves in 2009 when the doctor’s practice and a pharmacy opened in the new shopping centre. In May 2011 the practice was relocated to the Retire@Midstream centre and the Cure Day Clinics day hospital opened. In July 2015 the Medi– clinic Midstream hospital, with 178 beds, opened their doors, providing a superb service to Midstream and the greater region. The Midstream Hill Medical Park has also since opened to supplement and augment the medical

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017


facilities in the area. Many facilities aimed at family life have also been added over the years with a gymnasium, 9-hole bent-grassgreen golf facility, a number of dance studios, a local bicycle shop, the 5km Parkrun, plus more than 40 kilometers of cycle tracks and pathways to keep the Midstream community fit and healthy.

The economy over the past ten years In the past 10 years we experienced electricity black-outs during the years 2008 to 2010, South Africa won the Rugby World Cup, hosted the Soccer World Cup, the world saw a dramatic economic collapse in 2008 and England decided to leave the European Union. Closer to home the numbers that made an impact on the wallets of consumers were: Petrol prices:






R 6.88

R 7.01















2007 Intrest Rate: 14% CPI: 7.23%

2012 Intrest Rate: 8.5% CPI: 5.73%

2017 Intrest Rate: 10.25% CPI: 5.42%

Price increase in cost of electricity (with recognition for the adjacent graph to S Moolman from And so, together with the learners at Midstream College, we look back over the past 10 years in Midstream and rea– lise that through thick and thin the Midstream community has grown in numbers and stature. Looking back, one is reminded of the favourite closing phrase of Dr. Carel Kriek, the College’s headmaster – “Soli Deo Gloria”. 8

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017


Non-veg Zika - painting pictures in our Photo Bomb lives over the past 10 years Hashtag Bailout We communicate with words and use them to paint pictures in our lives. Often new words and phrases are created that reflect what a larger community experienced and communicated about. For 2017, the Collins dictionary chose “fake news” as the most generally used term and plan to include it in their future dictionaries. The phrase stem from the frequent use thereof by the president of the USA. Another interesting term highlighted by Collins was “echo chamber”, a noun describing an environment, especially on a social media site, in which any statement of opinion is likely to be greeted with approval, because it will only be read or heard by people who hold similar views. Looking back over the years, it is of interest to see that the word “vuvuzela” became an international household word in 2010 after the Soccer World Cup. Below are a few more words from over the years, reflecting what happened in the world. 2017 Fake News Narrative Echo chamber Woke 2016 Meme Brexit Zika 2015 Microaggression Climate Changing Refugee

2014 The Heart ♥ Emoji (for love) Photo Bomb Vape 2013 Drones Hashtag Bitcoin 2012 The Cloud Deficit Fracking

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017

2011 Occupy Non-veg Burqini 2010 Vuvuzela Simplexity 2009 Twitter Obamacare 2008 Credit crunch Bailout



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

VOORSLAG TOETSKAMP Geskryf deur Cameron Cloete en Riaan Semmelink (Gr 7 Penkoppe)

Die Voorslag Toetskamp is ‘n kamp waar Offisiere al jou laerskool Voortrekker kennis toets. Ons Midstream Graad 7 PD’s het baie hard gewerk om hierdie spanningsvolle kamp te oorleef.

Die kombuis het heerlike kos voorsien en ons almal het dit geniet. Die weerstoestande was gerieflik en ons het op die warm dae geswem. Ons het baie vryetyd gehad waar ons kon doen wat ons wou.

Ons het verwag dat die kamp moeilik gaan wees en die Offisiere streng sou wees. By die kamp het almal gou agtergekom dat ons verwagtinge verkeerd was. Die Kampleier was streng, maar verder was die Offisiere heel vriendelik. Daar was 400 Graad 7’s wat die kamp bygewoon het en ons het baie nuwe vriende gemaak.

Ons PD loopbaan (laerskool) het saam met die kamp geëindig. Ons wil graag dankie sê aan al die Offisiere wat ons gehelp het en Midstream Voortrekkers wat ons die geleentheid gegee het om op die kamp te gaan. Hou koers!

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017

Indien jy belangstel om deel te word van Midstream Voortrekkers stuur ‘n epos na akladm.




Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Midstream Voortrekkers

Verkenners maak ‘n

Draai op Wilgedraai

Geskryf deur Donald van der Westhuizen Gr10 Verkenner

Op die 30ste September en 1ste Oktober 2017 het Voortrekker Verkenners van reg oor die land bymekaar gekom om vir ‘n week saam te kamp. Vir van die Verkenners was daar nie eers rus geleentheid nie - hulle het sommer al vroeg Saterdag, die eerste dag van vakansie, opgestaan om betyds by die De Bank Voortrekkerkampterein uit te kom. Dit is juis geleenthede soos hierdie waar Verkenners mekaar leer ken en waar nuwe vriende gemaak word - elk met sy eie belangstellings en talente wat hul met mekaar kan deel, maar ook om nuwes aan te leer. En die Seilers (Graad 10’s) is ‘n goeie voorbeeld hiervan. Elke dag het die Seilers die helfte van die dag op die water probeer seil, hul het dit wel later reggekry; die ander helfte van die dag het hul teorie geleer wat hulle kon toepas. Die kampleiers het die kamp haarfyn beplan en dit was besonders goed georganiseerd. Soggens was daar

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017

bewuswording en die dae was gevul met heerlike kos, kursustye, asook ‘n bietjie vryetyd om te kuier met ander Verkenners. Elke aand was daar iets anders gereël vir die aandprogram - kerkdiens, speletjiesaand, ‘quiz night’, ‘karaoke’, en ‘n sokkie die laaste aand. Al het Seilers omgetiep, hengelaars min visse gevang, roeiers se arms gekramp en selfbehouders nie gedink hulle gaan dit maak nie, dink ek waarlik nie een Verkenner of Offisier kan sê hul het dit nie geniet of iets nuuts bygeleer nie. Dit was waarlik ‘n lekker kamp, so kom volgende jaar en sien vir jouself. Wilgedraai Waterwerkkamp, die kamp waar jy jouself mag wees. Indien jy belangstel om deel te word van Midstream Voortrekkers stuur ‘n epos na akladm.midstream.


The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017


The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

UPCOMING EVENTS Register and bring your barcode. Join us every Saturday for a free 5km timed run/walk.

NO dogs, NO bicycles midstream parkrun

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

kerksondermure midstream Eredienstye: 08:00, 10:00 en Glow@17:30 • Kinderbediening: 08:00 en 10:00 Tienerbediening: 16:30 Belydenisklas, Glow@17:30, 18:30 Kleingroepe

Feestyd Eredienstye 3 Desember 2017 tot 7 Januarie 2018 09:00 - Hippolaan en Midstream 18:30 - slegs Hippolaan* * Geen aanddiens 24 Desember 2017

Kersdag - Maandag 25 Desember 2017 08:00 en 10:00 (Geen aanddiens) Hippolaan en Midstream Oujaarsaand - Sondag 31 Desember 2017 09:00 en 19:00 - Hippolaan en Midstream Normale eredienstye vanaf 14 Januarie 2018 Kinder- & tienerdienste skop af op 28 Januarie 2018

23 Februarie 16:00 - 21:00

Kindervermaak, abseiling, teetuin, pannekoek, vetkoek en maalvleis, kerrie en rys, boereworsrolle, prego rolle, slush puppie, roomys, lekkergoedtafel, poeding, popcorn, hot chocolate, stalletjies en nog meer... Dagboek die datum, bring jou familie en vriende en kom kuier saam!

Vir enige navrae kontak: kerksondermure NG Gemeente 012 940 9480/81 of e-pos navrae na •

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Guard of the Month

Stanford Shabalala Midstream Ridge HOA

At Midstream Ridge, we subscribe to Aristotle’s notion that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We also however realise that we are interdependent on one a nother and need to strive for continued personal growth to improve the team’s performance. One of our initiatives to achieve this is regular training and testing our security officers. This is done through monthly physical evaluations and testing on security procedures. Assistant Supervisor Stanford Shabalala who is stationed at Ridgeway Gate, has led from the front with consistent top marks averaging 92% achieved thus far. For his consistent achievement, Stanford was the recipient of the Midstream Ridge Owl trophy this month.

Judah Ndlovu, a Gr 5 pupil at Midstream College Primary, was selected to represent South Africa in the GAJMA 2017 international world numeracy championship, that took place in Bangkok, Thailand The competition took place on the 1st October. Judah achieved 3rd place overall.

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017


Fire Are we ready to cope with it? A fire in a residential unit at the Retire@Midstream retirement village, where the resident tragically succumbed to her injuries, raised the question on the way in which the Midstream HOAs have thus far dealt with the devastating effect of a fire. We received the following information from the HOAs. The fire at Retire@Midstream was the first one in the 5-year existence of the retirement village. The resident made the first alarm herself, but apparently could not leave the unit in time. The guards and the 24/7 paramedic service were on the scene in less than 3 minutes. At that stage the fire and very dense smoke in the single bedroom unit made it impossible to enter the unit to search for any occupant. Whilst the guards and the paramedic continued their efforts to dose the fire with fire extinguishers, the fire brigade was informed and more volunteers, also from other estates, started arriving within minutes to assist. All residents from the adjacent units were in the meantime evacuated to the main building, where they were supported and taken care of until they could return to their own units, or be provided with alternative accommodation for the rest of the night. Despite the fire fighting team’s very professional response and concerted efforts, the fire spread so rapidly that it was not possible to stop it, although it was contained to only one unit. The fire-walled construction of the units greatly assisted in this regard. Due to the fatality a forensic investigation by the relevant autho– rities is underway with the result still outstanding. Midstream Estate reported the following fire related events: • In March 2016 a candle in a bathroom of a house caused an acrylic bath to take light. The fire was quickly dosed. • In December 2016 a short circuit in the roof caused a fire in another house with the estate guards again stepping in and ensuring that everyone was eva– cuated, valuables removed and the fire contained. • In the winter of 2017 a leaking gas bottle close to a gas heater ignited the curtains in a resident’s living room. Alarm was made to the estate’s guards who 24

responded and were able to contain the fire to the room. Midlands reported that a fire started in a house in 2015 when a resident forgot to switch a hair dryer off during an interruption of power supply to the estate. When the electricity came back on, the hair dryer caused a fire in the drawer in which it had been placed. A patrolling guard spotted the smoke and made alarm. Through the quick action of the HOA-teams the fire was quickly dosed. The report from the Centurion station commander read as follows: "To the personnel that assisted with the extinguishment on the house fire today at the abovementioned address, I would like to say: “Thank you for the assistance and your quick response.” It was due to your initial fire attack and response time that prevented this incident from evolving into a full-on house fire as we had to respond all the way from Mooiplaas Squatter camp where we had another incident. Thanks to you, the owners have much less damage and still a roof over their heads tonight. Again, from the Centurion Fire team, thanks and keep up the good work. Regards, Hennie J. Morton Company Commander: CENTURION"

Midfield reported three separate fire incidents, namely one in 2012 when a cigarette set a couch alight, one in 2015 when a house was struck by lightning and one in 2017 seemingly due to an electrical problem with a dishwasher. In all the instan– ces alarm was made to the gate house from where the quick response with available equipment and the back-up of the fire brigade, ensured that all residents could be evacuated safely and damage contained as far as possible.

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Midstream Hill also reported an incident where a leaking gas bottle from a gas heater caused a fire. The domestic worker alerted the estate office from where the estate manager responded with an extinguisher and dosed the fire. The HOAs all confirmed that the guards receive fire fighting training and are capable to make an initial assessment and use the fire fighting equipment available in every guard room and on site. In all instances immediate contact is made with the fire brigade and the 24/7 paramedic for possible life support, as well as MES to assist in disconnecting the electrical supply to the affected buildings. Ekurhuleni ward councillor for ward 1 of which Midstream is a part, Deriek Thompson, reported that plans are underway for the construction of a new fire station at Olifantsfontein, which should lead to quicker response times. The project valued at more than R25 million is due to commence early in 2018.

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017

From the information received from the HOAs, it is obvious that it is best to deal with a fire as quickly as possible after the alarm has been received, and that suitably trained personnel with the correct fire fighting equipment from the HOA are prepared to assist residents whenever necessary. We applaud the guards, the paramedics and estate-teams who have shown that they are well trained, and prepared and willing to go the extra mile to serve the community. A number of residents have submitted proposals after the recent incident, including the possible establishment of separate fire station per estate, the provisioning of specialized fire fighting vehicles and other equipment, as well as the revision of relevant procedures etc. Residents are invited to contact their estate manager and share their knowledge-base, for consideration and discussion at the regular HOA estate managers meetings.


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Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Community info at the click of a button


Midstream Estates

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017 27


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

The Spotted eagle -owl (Die Gevlekte ooruil) Bubo africanus Foto deur: FCD van Wyk The spotted eagle-owl is the most common large owl and can be found widely across South Africa. It has big yellow eyes, ear tufts, patches on his chest and fine straps on his belly and his tail. They are the smallest of the species of between 43 and 47cm in height and weigh between 480 - 850g. The male is slightly larger than the female. This owl is found in many different habitats, from savannah to forest edges, and even in built-up areas where they love to sit on telephone poles and lamp posts. If water is available, they will often bathe and drink water, but they are able to survive in areas where water is not readily available. Their call is the well-known “hoe-hooee” by the males, and the “hoe-hoe-hooee” by the females. The owls sleep during the day in trees, sheltered

sites on cliff ledges or rock crevices. This helps to protect them from predators like eagles, who would catch larger birds. The Spotted Eagle-Owls hunt from dusk into the night for insects, rodents, reptiles, birds and even small mammals. Owls find their prey by hearing or sight. They are slow, graceful fliers and their flight is silent as their feathers are soft and fluffy. The droppings of the indigestible parts of prey can be found in their nests and sleeping places and would betray their presence. Breeding starts in July continuing into February. The nest can be a shallow scrape on the ground sheltered by a bush, grass or rocks, or in a hollow tree. The spotted eagle-owl usually lays two to three eggs in one clutch, laid at one to four-day intervals. The female will do incubation alone, which may last for about 32 days, during which time the male brings food to the nest. The chicks become fully independent at about four months old. This beautiful bird may reach 10 or more years of age!

The Midstream Magazine - October 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Like the mythological phoenix rising from the ashes, Midstream Ridge was born from humble farmlands in 2013 and has developed into an estate one can be proud to be a part of. In 2013 Bondev commenced with the construction of the Midstream Ridge Primary and Pre-primary Schools and immediately followed it up with the development of the first stands in Midstream Ridge. Since early 2014 more than 500 families can already call Midstream Ridge home, with the number expected to top more than 650 families by mid-year 2018! Not only have many homes been provided, but an entire community has been created with facilities second to none. Midstream Ridge is a sanctuary where body, mind, and spirit can be rejuvenated, whether it be by hammering out pent-up energy or frustrations on the “Practice on Art” exercise-route and its equipment, or in one of the Sport Centre venues, swimming in the Pavilion Park pool, or enjoying a relaxed walk along one of the many trails on offer, or just spending some family time in one of the 18 wonderful parks already completed. The consolidation and future growth of Midstream Ridge are expected to continue in the coming years, with additional extensions due to be launched and the creation of the much-anticipated habitat reserve area which will see the introduction of Blesbuck and Springbuck. This will take place as soon as the construction of services, and with that the open trenches that can potentially cause harm to the animals, are complete. Midstream Ridge – an exceptional place to call home!

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017


Soccer in Midstream taking great strides

Great strides for soccer players in Midstream was recently made when the Club Football @ Midstream club was established during an open day on 31 October 2017, with more than 200 keen players attending. The initiative was led by local resident, Rob Dobson, who took hands with Bondev in making the dream come true. We received the following report from Rob: Club Football @ Midstream is a Football Club that specialises in top-quality football coaching and skills training. We are a Coerver Partner Club with The Worlds #1 Soccer Skills Teaching Method, CoerverÂŽ Coaching. We as Club Football @ Midstream have gone to great lengths and planning to make sure we bring top quality football coaching and awesome loads of fun to the Midstream community. Great opportunities exist within the club and its Coerver partnership for those wanting to take their football seriously and work hard to achieve their goals. Initial Offering Initially (as we acknowledge the needs may change at any point and the offering is also largely determined by the usage that the existing field can tolerate), other offerings will be added as new facilities are approved by Bondev, that will be built by the Club.


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

All items below are for boys and girls from the age of 4 to 16. •

Club Football (CF@M - Club Football @Midstream teams to be entered into the local SAFA FAP leagues) Club Training on Tuesdays & Thursday (This will change to an hour and a half sessions in future when we hope to have lighting on the field): Ages 4-10 from 16h00-17h00 & Ages 11-16 from 17h00-18h00 Saturday Matches (Competitive Club & Non-competitive) (SAFA Age Groups): Under 06 (players born 2012 & 2011); Under 9 = players born 2010 & 2009; Under 11 = players born 2008 & 2007; Under 13 = players born 2006 & 2005; Under 15 = players born 2004 & 2003; Under 17 = players born 2002 & 2001

Extra Skills Training (We are a Coerver Partner Club with The Worlds #1 Soccer Skills Teaching Method - Coerver® Coaching) Extra Skills Training on Wednesdays (This will change to an hour and half sessions in future): Ages 4-10 from 16h00-17h00 & Ages 11-16 from 17h00-18h0

Future Items (Still to come once club is well established and more facilities constructed) Training Camps & Clinics, 5-a-side leagues & other fun. Adhoc holiday and public holiday schedule. There will also be options for ages above 16 and veterans.

For more information, contact Rob Dobson at or: or Facebook:

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017


ProvisionProvision is made in law forforthe wages payable is made in law the minimum minimum wages payable to domestic workers, and although it merely stipulates the bare minimum it to domestic workers, and although it merely does not denote a morally sound payment for servicesstipulates rendered. These wages differentiate between domestic workers performing services the bare more minimum it does notand denote a morally sound than 27 hours per week, those working less hours, with the rate for workersemploying performing lessahours being higher. Thesetwice rates will someone domestic worker a week at payment apply for services rendered. up to 30 November 2017 These and as yetwages there is differentiate no indication that it isR200 subject per to change. minimum wages can be summarized day The would pay a monthly salary of as R1733.20. between follows: domestic workers performing services more than 27 hours per week, and those working less hours, with Another question that is regularly posed is what value the rate for workers less (major hoursmetropolitan being higher. Minimum wagesperforming for domestic workers areas) can be added for a sleep-in domestic worker. Employers These rates willmore apply to 30 hours/ November 201727and as hourswhose Working thanup 27 ordinary week Working ordinary per weekdomestics or less live on the property may deduct 10% of yet there is no indication that it is subject to change. The their salary for accommodation, providing the accommominimumHourly wages as Rate follows: Ratecan (R )be summarized 12.42 Hourly (R ) 14.54 dation complies with the minimum standards laid down in Weekly Rate (R ) 559.09 Weekly Rate (R ) 392.59 legislation. Monthly Rate (R )


Monthly Rate (R )


Minimum wages for domestic workers (major metropolitan areas)

According to the legislation, domestic workers should

It is expected that South Africa’s national of Labour). So for example, Domestic workers should work more not work worksomeone no more than 45 hours a week, andno should Working more than 27 ordi27 ordinary hoursa domestic more minimum wage, which is set Working to take effect employing worker than twice anine week hours than 15ahours overtime, no day aifweek they work and a five-day week, in May 2018, will push the new paymore a monthly salary more than a three hours on any one day. than eight hours day if they work for more than nary hours/ week perminimum week or less at R200 per day wouldor for workers including domestic workers, to of R1733.20. five days a week.They should also receive double pay on Hourly Rate (R ) 12.42 Hourly Rate (R ) 14.54 R3,500 a month (or R20 an hour). Sundays or public holidays. question thatDomestic is regularly posed is Weekly Rate (R ) 559.09 Weekly Rate (R ) Another 392.59 workers should work no more than 15 hours a But if the minimum wage fails to offer a what value can be added for a overtime, sleep-in do- and YAMBU strives than to enable employers al- on any one week no more three hours Monthly Rate (R ) 2422.54 Monthly Rate (R ) 1701.06 reasonable benchmark for earnings, what mestic worker. Employers whose domestics their domestic workers day. They should lowing also for receive double pay to onsusSundays or is considered to be reasonable? In all live on the property may deductholidays. 10% of tain a basic lifestyle. As a result, a unique public It is expected that South Africa’s national minimum wage, fairness, each household will have its own their salary for accommodation, providing product was created catering for death which is set take in May 2018, will push the new needstobased oneffect the number of residents the accommodation complies with the min-tobenefits, disability, accident and evenfor their doYAMBU strives enable employers, allow minimumoccupying for workers including workers, to laid down in legislation. a household. These needsdomestic can imum standards at a mere premium mestic workers tomaternity sustainbenefits a basic lifestyle. Asrate a result, a R3,500 avary month (or R20 antohour). from basic services the inclusion of of R149.00 per month. In addition, we alsobenefits, unique product was created catering for death cooking, childcare and caring for the sick According to the legislation, domestic templates allowing employers to at a mere disability, accidentoffer and even in maternity benefits But if theor minimum wage fails offer a reasonable elderly. In the market the to recommended workersbenchshould work no more thanrate 45 of R149.00 heed the laws regarding the In employment premium per month. addition, we also mark for rate earnings, what is considered to be hours reasonable? per day varies between R180 and R250. a week, and should not work more These documents offer templates inof Domestic allowingWorkers. employers to heed the laws In all fairness, each household will have itsthan own To calculate this as a monthly rate, multiply nineneeds hours a day regarding if they work a fivewill assist in clarifying hours of work, the employment of Domestic Workers. These based onthe the number of residents occupying a household. number of days worked per week by the day week, or more than eight hours a day overtime, and sickhours leave, UIF documents willif assist inannual clarifying of and work, overThese needs can from services to daily rate andvary then by 4.333 basic (the average theythe workinclufor more than five days a week. time, annual and more. sick leave, UIF and more. sion of cooking, childcare and caring for the sick or eldermonth length as used by the Department

ly. In the market, the recommended rate per day varies For more information, you are welcome to visit us on the moreand information, welcome tothis visit as us on web at between For R180 R250. you To are calculate a the monthly web at rate, multiply the number of days worked per week by the daily rate and then by 4.333 (the average month length WHAT DOES YAMBU as used by the Department of Labour). So for example,



For Only

149 Per Month



New Adventure Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd (Registration Number 2000/023619/07) t/a Yambu is a registered financial services provider (FSP 34750) & underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company (Registration Number 1992/001639/06) & Constantia Life & Health Assurance Company Limited (Registration Number 1952/001635/06). T’s & C’s apply.

New Adventure Insurance Brokers (PTY) Ltd (Registration Number 2000/023619/07) t/a Yambu is a registeded financial services provider (FSP 34750) & underwritten by Constantia Life & Health Assurance Company Limited (Registration Number 1952/001635/06). T's & C's apply

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017


A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless!


author unknown

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017


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Midstream College Baby House Midstream College Babahuis

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Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

OUPA The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Midstream Ridge Baby House GRADEPLEGTIGHEID

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Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017


The Midstream Magazine - December 2017




Probleemoplossing is sy kos! As daardie vergete Rubik’s Cube wat in jou laai rondlê jou al grys hare gegee het, of as jy al ‘n vurk in jou blokkie gedruk het sodat als uitmekaar spat en dit die enigste manier is waarop jy die regte kleure weer bymekaar kan uitkry – dan is daar hoop vir jou! Dit sal natuurlik help as jy iemand soos Eben de Wit aan jou kant het, om geduldig vir jou te verduidelik dat dit alles eintlik net patrone en die stapsgewyse volg van ‘n plan is! Eben is ‘n graad 6-leerder by Midstream College Primêre Skool wat homself so twee jaar gelede, met behulp van ‘n ouer broer en YouTube geleer het hoe om die geheimenisse van die Rubik’s Cube te ontrafel. Blykbaar het elke grootte en tipe blokkie, ‘n ander algoritme waarvolgens dit opgelos moet word – en dan natuurlik so vinnig as moontlik! Eben het reeds aan twee landswye kompetisies, in Sandton, deelgeneem. Hierdie kompetisies word gereёl in samewerking met die WCA (World Cubes Association) en alle rekords wat tydens die kompetisies opgestel word, word internasionaal erken. In September 2017 het Eben aan een van híérdie kompetisies deelgeneem en tweede plek in al die afdelings waarin hy deelgeneem het, behaal. Tans het Eben 17 blokkies – elkeen anders as die vorige – wat hy aanlyn op ‘n webwerf

genaamd, koop. Hy gebruik sy eie spaar- en verjaarsdaggeld om daarvoor te betaal. Die 21-jarige wêreldrekordhouer Feliks Zemdegs, amptelik die vinnigste “cuber” ter wêreld, is Eben se held en die persoon wat Eben die graagste eendag wil ontmoet. Praat van ‘n stokperdjie wat daardie breinselle aan die gang hou – “cube” voort, Eben!

Jerry, jou oulike ding! Daar is ‘n snaakse geel mannetjie wat nou en dan gesigwys in die graad 3-klas van juffrou Rianda Pelser. Sy naam is Jerry en besoekers kry hom nie gereeld te siene nie – hy kuier elke week by ‘n ander klasmaatjie. Jerry is ‘n geel minion en sy klasmaatjies is almal so lief vir hom – hul kan nie wag vir ‘n beurt om hom huis toe te neem nie! In daardie week wil Jerry als saam met sy maatjie doen – eet, slaap, sportoefeninge bywoon, selfs vir Oupa en Ouma gaan kuier. Juffrou Rianda sê Jerry is mal daaroor om op uitstappies te gaan! Dis egter nie net speletjies nie – elke maatjie doen dagboekinskrywings en neem foto’s van sy / haar pretweek saam met Jerry. So raak hul speel-speel lief vir skryf, leer om dagboekinskrywings te doen en leer om vir ietsie anders te sorg. Teen die einde van die jaar is Jerry se boek ‘n pragstuk vol foto’s en spesiale herinneringe in elke maatjie se handskrif. Ons hoop ou Jerry gaan nog baie opwindende ervarings saam met sy graad 3-maatjies beleef – ons sal verseker in sy boek daarvan moet lees!


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Midstream College Primary School is very proud of our 2017 head-lea– ders. These leaders were chosen by their peers and have displayed exceptional leadership qualities. Leaders are chosen based on their participation in sport and cultural activities at school. They also need to maintain a pleasing academic record. Characte– ristics such as self-discipline, a positive attitude towards life in general and respect for teachers, parents and classmates, are all needed to be a true leader – one who can lead by example!

Lead the way!

Congratulations to these Grade 7 leaders and good luck. High school looms in the not-too-distant future! May you always display the qualities that placed you into these positions, so that you may influence and improve the lives of others around you.

The World Knowledge Olimpiad is a general knowledge competition for primary school learners – Grade 6 and 7 – in South Africa. The aim of the competition is to test and improve the general knowledge of learners, as well as encourage them to read newspapers and watch the news. So…if you were wondering about – you need look no further. Nicolaas Verhoef and Willem Kleynhans, two particularly knowledgeable Grade 7 boys at Midstream College Primary School, have all the answers. During the 2017 World Know– ledge Olympiad, these boys were placed 2nd and 6th respectively in the primary school section – in the whole of South Africa!


We all know the famous quote “knowledge is power”. In that case, Midstream has two exceptionally powerful young men in our midst – well done!

Riding off into the sunset… The 2017 Midstream College Primary School Equestrian team is comprised of 7 riders – the youngest being 3 little Grade 1 girls – Ellah Coetze, Morgan Parmenter-Bridger and Kayla Stofberg. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating these little, miniature riders – they have lion hearts beating inside of them and are in complete control of the powerful animal upon which they ride. Our 4 senior riders, ranging from grade 5 to 7, mean business and all received their Jo’burg Metro Colours for their efforts this year! They are Demi Jacobs, Kendra van Wyk, Karla Brand and Tyla Parmenter-Bridger. Tyla was then selected for the Gauteng Provincial Team, to compete at the Nationals in both the Prix Caprilli and Working Riding Class sections, where she was placed 10th out of 39 riders – what a fabulous achievement! At Midstream College, we are very proud of our “girlpower” team – go girls!

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Langasems doen dit WEER, én reik ‘n hand na die gemeenskap uit! Na afloop van ‘n ongelooflik suksesvolle landloopseisoen, het Midstream College Primêre Skool se atlete uitstekend gevaar tydens die jaarlikse nasionale landloopbyeenkoms (AGN). Uitstaande individuele uitslae is: Ernst Gouws (o.13) behaal ‘n 8ste plek; Veronique Rossouw (o.13) behaal ‘n 24ste plek; Roux Heyns (o.12) behaal ‘n 10de plek; Xavier van der Leek en Hendré Schoeman (beide o.11) behaal onderskeidelik 27ste en 38ste plekke; Brigitte Beukes en Lente Groenewald (o.10) behaal onderskeidelik 3de en 51ste plekke; Odelia Kleynhans en Mienke van den Berg (o.9) behaal onderskeidelik 2de en 35ste plekke; Rupert Groenewald en Nicholas Beukes (o.8) behaal onderskeidelik 3de en 37ste plekke en Anri Pretorius (o.8) behaal ‘n 48ste plek. Hierdie entoesiastiese atlete moes onlangs hul afrigters, mnre. Boeta van Emmenis en Dirk Smith, groet, maar is steeds in baie goeie hande in die sorg van me. Saarmari van der Vyver en mnr. Gerhard Sauer. Midstream College Primêre Skool se landloop-gemeenskap het egter ook hierdie jaar gewys dat hul harte van goud het, deur by ‘n voedingskema betrokke te raak om die landloop-atlete van Modiba Gold Athletics Club van broodnodige eet- en drinkgoed voor en ná ‘n wedloop te voorsien. Daar is tydens byeenkomste gesien

dat honger jong atlete flouval en die Midstreamspan het ingespring om te help. Sowat 65 minderbevoorregte atlete het tydens elke landloopbyeenkoms kos ontvang. 15 van hierdie atlete verower Gauteng-Noord kleure, terwyl 2 goue- en 2 silwermedaljes tydens die SA’s verower is. Volgens me. Marinda Beukes, een van die ouers betrokke by hierdie projek, wil hulle graag op die volgende maniere nog meer betrokke raak: • •

• •

Deur aan te hou met kosverskaffing tydens atletiek- en landloopbyeenkomste; Deur nuwe spandrag vir die hele klub te borg – hul dra tans 20 verslete hempies wat tussen 65 atlete gedeel word; Deur tekkies te voorsien; Deur ons Midstream-atlete bewus te maak van ander se nood en aan verdere uitreikaksies by die atletiekklub deel te neem.

DIE EINDE VAN ‘N ONVERGEETLIKE ERA! Midstream College Primêre Skool groet aan die einde van 2017 ‘n baie spesiale persoon, naamlik mev. René Lötz. Alhoewel hierdie nie ‘n totsiens is wat ons graag wil sê nie, gun ons vir juffrou René ‘n heerlike, rustige aftrede na 12 merkwaardige jare waarin sy baie diep spore in talle graad 1-hartjies getrap het. En dan noem ons nie eers die talle onderwyseresse en assistente wat onder haar leiding, Midstream College se grondslagfase werklik een van wêreldklas-gehalte gemaak het nie. Juffrou René laat “haar” grondslagfase nou met trots in die uiters bekwame hande van mev. Janine Tattersall. Mev. René Lötz se twaalf jaar by Midstream College, was egter net die kersie op die koek van ‘n lang en vrugbare tydperk in die onderwys wat in 1976 in Stilfontein, ‘n myndorpie naby Potchefstroom, afgeskop het. Hierna het sy onder andere onderwysposte in Katima Mulilo, sowel as Elarduspark en Rietfontein-Noord beklee, voor haar paadjie Midstream se kant toe gedraai het. Kort nadat sy en haar man vir hul ‘n huis in Midstream laat bou het, het mnr. Vernon Harmse, destydse skoolhoof, haar genader om die grondslagfase by Midstream College op die been te bring. Juffrou René onthou hierdie jare as van haar bestes in die onderwys, veral ook as gevolg van die volgehoue ondersteuning van mnr. Harmse, die direkteure en later ook me. Hester Hill as nuwe skoolhoof. Juffrou René sê sy sal altyd ‘n ekstra spesiale plekkie in haar hart vir haar eerste graad 1-klassie van 2006 hê. Hierdie leerders skryf nou eindeksamen, maar het onlangs vir juffrou René by haar klas kom bederf deur ‘n spesiale boompie vir haar te plant en weer na ‘n paar graad 1-storietjies te kom luister. The Midstream Magazine - December 2017


READERS’ PHOTOS Michelle Stoltz

Corne Kleynhans

Corne Kruger 54

Corne Kruger Die Midstream Tydskrif - December 2017

Ian Rademeyer

Ian Rademeyer

Spring - Cornelia Wessels

Yolande von Benecke

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Anthea Cillié Anthea Cillié

Johan Erasmus

Hennie Cronjé


Die Midstream Tydskrif - December 2017

Johan Erasmus Johan Erasmus

e Raubenheimer

Hennie CronjeĚ

Kotie Buitendag

Kotie Buitendag

Toitjie CillieĚ The Midstream Magazine - December 2017


AFRIKANERS IS PLESIERIG By Midstream Ridge Laerskool leer ons onder andere Aardrykskunde, Geskiedenis, Wiskunde, LO en Kuns in die Afrikaanse klas. In Afrikaans is daar al somme gemaak, weerpatrone geanaliseer, burpee-kompetisies gehou en sketse op plakkate gemaak. Die omvattende spektrum van Afrikaans maak dat leerders nie net taal- en leesvaardighede leer nie, maar ook aspekte wat in ander vakke gevind kan word. Op hierdie manier word leerders op alle vlakke gestimuleer en kan hulle aan die einde van die dag huis toe gaan met kennis wat op ’n prettige manier aangeleer is. Merike Kriel en Nina Marais (graad 4) se voorbereide mondeling het die Droomoog Diepgrawer-dialoog tot nuwe hoogtes geneem. Realistiese rekwisiete en dramatiese bewegings het vir nog ’n vermaaklike (en leersame) Afrikaanse periode gesorg. Niemand sal tydens die eksamen vergeet hoe Droomoog die bye se angels ontwyk het nie!

DIE GEVREESDE GRAAD 4-VLUG Vrees gryp menige ouer en graad 3-leerder vas oor die sogenaamde vreeslike graad 4-jaar. Midstream Ridge Laerskool poog om die oorgang van graad 3 na graad 4 so vlot moontlik te laat verloop deur verskeie voorbereidingsgeleenthede aan leerders en ouers te bied. Die graad 3-leerders kry aan die einde van die derde kwartaal die geleentheid om ’n graad 4-klas by te woon. Die klasse sluit Afrikaans, Engels, Wiskunde, Wetenskap, Geskiedenis en Aardrykskunde in. Die klasomgewing, sowel as die onderwysers van die Intersenfase word op hierdie manier leer ken. Hierdie jaar het leerders met glimlagte die klas verlaat. Peet

Krüger (gr. 3 A1) beweer dat hy nie wil “wag tot volgende jaar nie”! Die tweede geleentheid het op Saterdag, 21 Oktober 2017, in die vorm van ’n oorbruggingskursus plaasgevind. Die graad 4-ouers van 2018 het wenke en praktiese raad rondom die verwagtinge van die graad 4-jaar ontvang. Ouers het weggestap met die boodskap dat die skool, ouers en leerders in ’n vennootskap is om die graad 4-jaar suksesvol af te handel. Ons leerders se vlerke is op die spel en niemand wil ’n graad 4-leerder van Midstream Ridge Laerskool van sy suksesvolle vlug weerhou nie.


The leadership program at Midstream Ridge has taught me many things. Some days it was hard to do what is


expected of me, but I learned something of myself during this time. It will remain one of the highlights of my primary school days – especially the days leading up to the assembly in which the head leaders were appointed. I did not know that the teachers and Mr. Harmse had no say in the head leaders’ election. We were all given an opportunity to choose them for ourselves. The results were the best kept secret in Ridge history! Parents were invited in a 007 “I shall not reveal” way in order to protect this secret. However, all Mom’s efforts were wasted. I knew I was a head leader even though she tried to hide the evi– dence. She was standing in the kit– chen when I woke up. Dressed to kill. If I hadn’t been suspicious of the Barbie doll greeting me with a proud smile, the

French toast waiting for me at the table certainly gave it away. I looked the part on stage, but inside my organs melted away with pride. Dad had to restrain Mom from jumping up as my name was announced. I could see that all the hardships, fights and teeth-clenching moments of the past thirteen years did not compare to this moment, where we thank God for putting us where and when we should be. Kasandra van der Merwe (head girl), Nicol Du Venage (head boy), Tshedza Tharage (deputy head girl) and Ndzalama Manyike (deputy head boy) are perfect examples of this. The day I became a head leader was the day I realised I wanted more. More from life and more from myself. I’m going to work hard to be the person I want to be.

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

MIDSTREAM RIDGE (NIE) AAN DIE BRAND The Fireman group het Midstream Ridge Laerskool se grondslagfase op 24 Oktober besoek om ’n paar vure te blus. Dit is egter nie die spreekwoordelike vure nie en ook nie brande wat by die skool weens ’n ongeluk ontstaan het nie. Hierdie brande is deur The Fireman group se ervare en gekwalifiseerde brandweermanne gestig en geblus ter bewusmaking van die gevare van vuur, asook die hantering daarvan sou enige leerder in ’n gevaarlike situasie beland. Leerders het op ’n baie interaktiewe manier geleer oor die brandweer en die ambulanse wat gereeld in Midstream se strate te sien is. Die gevare in en om die huis is bespreek en daar is aan leerders geleer hoe om te reageer indien ’n ongeluk sou gebeur. Oom Etienne het ook vir leerders gewys hoe brandweermanne aantrek, wat hulle doen om betyds by die vure te kom en hoe brande geblus word. Padveiligheid is onder meer ook bespreek – geen grondslagfase-leerder sal ooit sonder sy veiligheidsgordel gevang word nie! Groot, kleurvolle prente, regte brandblussers en selfs ’n demonstrasie waar ’n pot aan die brand gesteek is, het die praatjie vergesel. Midstream Ridge is nou gerat vir die toekoms – ons is aan die brand!

MOTHER-AND-DAUGHTER-RARITY @ MIDSTREAM RIDGE Cake and more cake with the added touch of balloons and of course plenty of fun and games was the order of the afternoon on Friday, 3 November, at Midstream Ridge’s Mother and Daughter Tea. Excited girls and their moms enjoyed a fun filled afternoon in keeping with the theme of “Life is a party”. Apart from the stunning cake table with mouth-watering cakes on display, the hostesses had delicious snacks and treats to tempt their guests. The girls had fun posing at the photo booth while Mom was able to do a bit of retail therapy. There were also amazing lucky draw prizes which had been donated by our stall holders. We were entertained by our very own 'Suzelle' who showed us how to decorate a table (with “the content of your house”) when your husband gives you short notice of the invited guests on their way for dinner. With another successful Mother and Daughter Tea at Midstream Ridge, Christmas shopping was made a little easier. And the special rarity of mother-and-daughtertime can never be taken for granted.

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - December 2017

THE RAKKER CHRONICLES Beste skoolkoerant in die Noordelike kontrei

Midstream Ridge het vanjaar vir die eerste keer ’n pragtige, gedrukte koerant uitgegee, naamlik The Rakker Chronicles. Die koerant is tydens ’n spesiale seremonie op 31 Julie aan ons skoolhoof, mnr. Harmse, oorhandig. Die koerant het ’n allemintige 20 vol– kleur bladsye beslaan wat die hartklop van ons skool perfek saamgevat het. Nuusberigte oor Rakker se eerste verjaarsdag, ons skool se nuwe sportsentrum en babafoto’s van die onderwysers het groot aftrek onder die leerders geniet. Die leerders het nuuskierig en opgewonde deur die koerant geblaai en die foto’s bewonder. Vanjaar het Midstream Ridge Laerskool se redaksie groot planne met die eerste koerant gehad en het vir die eerste keer aan Media24 se Wecan24 Nasionale Skoolkoerantkompetisie deelgeneem, waar The Rakker Chronicles as Beeld se wenkoerant vir die noordelike streek (dit sluit provinsies soos Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo en Noord-Wes in) aangewys is. Nasio-

naal het Midstream Ridge se gedrukte koerant vierde plek behaal, terwyl die digitale koerant ’n skitterende tweede plek behaal het. Beeld het die wenners in ’n spesiale skoolbylaag bekend gemaak, wat op 10 Oktober 2017 gepubliseer is, waar Midstream Ridge Laerskool as wenners van die laerskoolafdeling gepronk het. Die beoordelaars se kommentaar was onder andere dat die koerant baie goed saamgestel is, pure leesplesier verskaf, baie goeie inhoud en taalgebruik bevat en dat dit ’n vreugde is om deur te blaai. Midstream Ridge se redaksie is ook op twee spoggeleenthede, wat deur Media 24 en Beeld aangebied is, vir hiérdie puik prestasies vereer. Lede van die redaksie, naamlik Miné van den Bergh, Rochellé le Roux en mnr. Jacques Bredenkamp het die voorreg

gehad om Barnard Beukman, Beeld se redakteur, tydens hiérdie spoggeleent– heid te ontmoet. Die skool is met ’n pragtige sertifikaat, ’n kontantprys en natuurlik die titel as Beeld se beste laerskoolkoerant beloon. Midstream Ridge is baie trots op hul raakvatter-redaksie en hul spog-koerant. Volgende jaar gaan die redaksie poog om nóg hoër hoogtes te bereik. Hou ons gerus dop!

ALICE BESOEK SPUR BINNEKORT Die Spur Spanskaak-kompetisie is ’n kompetisie waar skole aan ’n gewone, alledaagse skaakwedstryd deelneem. Tog is daar niks ordinêr aan die groot skaakstukke en skaakbord tussen die twee spanne wat by die wedstryd betrokke is nie! "Dit is meer soos ’n toneel wat in Alice in Wonderland behoort" beweer ’n entoesiastiese toeskouer. Elke span bestaan uit ’n minimum van vyf, en ’n maksimum van ses, spelers wat aan ’n wedstryd mag deelneem. Beide spanne kry dan tien minute om te speel, waartydens die spelers ’n digitale horlosie op ’n rekenaar moet druk wanneer ’n skuif op die skaakbord gemaak word. Die aandag en konsentrasie wat by spanskaak betrokke is, is baie anders as gewone skaak. Boonop mag spelers nie met mekaar kommunikeer nie. Spelers is aktief by mekaar se besluite betrokke – sodra ’n speler deur een van die ander spanne se stukke bedreig word, is dit die volgende speler se beurt om die span uit die moeilikheid te kry. Elkeen van die wedstryde het by ’n Spur plaasgevind, waar ondersteuners en familie van die smullekker Spur-spyskaart gebruik gemaak het. Spelers is telkens met ’n ete bederf wat deur Spur geborg is. Die skole wat aan die Spur Spanskaak-kompetisie deelgeneem het was onder andere: Swartkop Laerskool, Crawford College, Wierdapark Laerskool, Laerskool Raslouw, Irene Christian Laerskool en Midstream Ridge Laerskool. Midstream Ridge se o/13 en o/9-span het aan die kompetisie deelgeneem en goeie sportsmanskap getoon. Die o/9-span het uiteindelik die Spur Spanskaak-kompetisie gewen en elke speler het ’n R400 ete-bewys van Spur as belonging ontvang. Baie geluk aan al ons spanne - Alice sal Spur beslis in die nabye toekoms kom besoek.

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017


THE TRUTH IS THAT TEAM WORK IS AT THE HEART OF GREAT ACHIEVEMENT. – JOHN C. MAXWELL The 6th, 7th and 8th of October 2017 will be remembered for exactly these profound words spoken by John C. Maxwell. It took a tremendous team effort, from a diverse group of people, to make the first nationally advertised Midstream Home Show a resounding success. Developers, builders, estate agents, home owners association staff, security guards, interior designers, the various schools, the golf club, the fun run organisers and most importantly - Bondev Developments - invested a large amount of time, planning and finances into the various marketing initiatives. These initiatives included television, radio, internet, bill boards, and printed media. The residents joined the excitement and, in true team player spirit, supported all the activities and show houses. The Home Show weekend attracted visitors from many different areas, and about 50% of the visitors had never been to Midstream prior to the Home Show weekend. For the residents that could not attend we will fill you in on some of the details. Two exquisite homes were on show in Midstream Estate - one which is on offer for R12,5 million - and together they had 55 visitor groups. Midstream Ridge is well-established, but still offers ample opportunities and it boasted 22 show houses of varying styles, sizes and price ranges. The total number of visitors to these show houses tallied up to 604 visitor groups. Midstream Meadows, our newest residential development, had a staggering number of visitors – 811 groups just over the weekend. 69 visitor groups took the opportunity to visit Retire@Midstream and viewed the two bedrooms units on show in Extension 55. Interested parties also took a guided tour through the new, and almost complete, Specialised Care Facility currently under construction opposite the church. The luxury Estate apartments - Ascend To Midstream - was open to the public and residents of Midstream for the first time since its inception. 364 visitor groups took the opportunity to view the development which inclu– ded the show units, penthouses and communal use areas such as the multi-media theatre, WIFI and hot desk hub, and finally the spectacular roof top terrace with its infinity pool and master chef kitchen. Much fun was had there throughout the weekend - the pizza oven was stoked, and more than 325 scrumptious pizzas emerged over the course of the three days. The visitors were all impressed by the roof top terrace, but what really enthralled them was the quality of the finishes and the stunning views of each unit. The golfers, who took part in the golf events on Friday and Saturday morning, were treated to a glimpse of the lifestyle offered at Ascend To Midstream. They met in the lobby and from there they were on the golf course in just a few steps. Once they had finished playing, they were treated to a few well-deserved refreshments on the roof top terrace where they could relax and enjoy the view. 62

Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Family is the true focus of Midstream Estate and there was fun to be had for all. The children enjoyed the gocart races, and the more energetic families took part in the fun run through the Estate. The bowlers enjoyed the day with an informal bowling competition where fun and socialising were the ultimate winners. The hop-on-hop-off shuttle conveniently and safely took visitors to different areas of the Estate where they had an opportunity to view the homes on show and get a better understanding of the greater Midstream Estates. The proof is always in the pudding and the success of the home show weekend can be measured in the number of sales done either on the show day or at a later stage, as a result of the Home Show. Property sales in the region of R60 million were achieved because of the compound effort of every person involved in the Home Show. Midstream Estates now know beyond a doubt that we are a formidable team and that success for one means success for all. Bondev Developments sincerely thanks every team member for their role in making our first Home Show a great success. Maureen van Zyl (Bondev Sales Team:

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Sir Edmund Hillary said “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” During the September holiday twenty nine daring learners, staff and parents from Midstream College set out to conquer “themselves” as they trekked to Mt Everest Base camp in Nepal. The 10 day trek included entering the Sagarmatha National park, the Tenzing Norgay memorial museum, Tengboche Monestry, a cold swim in a glacial fed river and of course incredible views of Mt Everest and its surrounding giant peaks. On day seven the entire team of 29 made it to Everest Base camp at a height of 5 364m. This trip was truly an incredible experience and the words of Tenzing Norgay  “to travel, to experience and learn: that is to live” certainly ring true.  


Climb the mountain to get the view Excitement, growth and self-realisation never happen inside one’s comfort zone. To place our grade 10 learners in an unfamiliar environment, away from the comforts of home, and amongst group members, a little hungry, a little cold and tired, helps each one to get to know themselves a little better, and to focus on the things which have eternal value . They left for an epic journey to Haenertsburg in the beautiful Magoebaskloof area. They had to be self-reliant, make their own food and carry everything they needed in a backpack. Nine days filled with fun and various activities, such as cycling, hiking, paddling, zip lining and abseiling, left them as stronger individuals, changed for the better, and hungry for mom’s cooking.


Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

Heritage Day

Midstream College celebrated Heritage Day with an African theme. The learners were encouraged to dress according to their own heritage or a heritage from our continent, Africa. Everyone embraced the many different cultures of our country and continent. All the different heritages that were celebrated that day only proved how diversity leads to the most beautiful picture!

Excellentia Toekennings Midstream College het op die afgelope prestige prysuitdelingsaand eer aan leerders, gebring vir hul fantastiese prestasies. Tydens hierdie geleentheid is verskeie Excellentia-trofeë aan die top presteerders oorhandig.  Die volgende leerders het Excellentia-trofeë ontvang: Van L na R: • Junior Sportseun – Travis Koekemoer • Ambassadeurstrofee – Minderd Spoelstra • Junior Sport dogter/girl – Chanelle Kruger and CayleenTurner • Junior Kultuurseun – Christian Timmerman • Senior Kultuurseun – Christo van der Bank • Alsydigheidstrofee – Christo van der Bank • Junior Kultuurdogter – Aurelie Msiza • Dux Leerder GR 12 – Dewald Pieterse • Senior Sportseun – Heinrich Botha • Midstreamer van die Jaar – Heinrich Botha • Senior Sportdogter – Shanley Koekemoer Afwesig: • Senior Kultuurdogter – Tiané de Bod

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MATRIC FAREWELL Midstream College Matric farewell is always an event to look forward to. All the ladies were beautifully dressed with handsome men at their sides. The matrics are definitely young adults we are proud of. They danced till just before midnight and greeted politely.

EUROPA 2017 – WAT ‘N BELEWENIS! Sewentig leerders in twee groepe het Europa verken. Die een groep het hul reis in Barcelona begin en in Parys geëindig met die ander groep wat in die teenoorgestelde rigting getoer het.  Die twee groepe het flietend in Nice tyd saam spandeer en daarna verder gereis.  Pragstede soos Barcelona, Marseilles, Monaco, Nice en Parys het Midstream College se harte gesteel.  Die geskiedenis, kultuur en atmosfeer van hierdie stede het ons leerders vir altyd verryk.

BELGIESE UITRUIL 2017 Tydens die afgelope Septembervakansie het nege en twintig leerders van Midstream College na Europa gereis vir die tweede deel van die Vlaamse Uitruilprogram. ONVERGEETLIK en ONBESKRYFLIK is die enigste manier waarop die leerders die tweede deel van die Vlaamse Uitruilprogram met Sint Fransiscus en Sint Pieters-Instituut in Gent, kan beskryf. Skoolgaan, fietsry, uitstappies en museumbesoeke het die leerders besig gehou en vir slaap was daar min tyd! Daar is selfs tyd ingeruim vir ‘n televisieonderhoud met ‘n Belgiese nuuskanaal. Die gasvryheid van die Vlaamse leerders en die gasgesinne was onvergeetlik – om nie eens van hul sjokolade en wafels te praat nie! Die uitruil was beslis ‘n hoogtepunt in elke leerder se skoolloopbaan. Wat ‘n heerlike ervaring om taal- en kultuurbande te kon bou! 66

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Swimming inter-house Midstream College seniors having their traditional bash at the yearly inter-house swimming gala.

Revue Midstream College kan hierdie jaar spog met twee revue-groepe wat aan die Tshwane jeugkunstefees en verskeie kompetisies deelgeneem het.   Die Xpressions Revue groep het in beide die Suid-Afrikaanse kampioenskappe en die Kaleidoscope kompetisies deurgedring na die finale rondes.  Die Revolution revue groep het aan die Suid-Afrikaanse kampioenskappe en die Kaleidoscope kompetisies deelgeneem en by beide kompetisies ‘n derde plek verower.  In die landswye kykNet-revuekompetisie het hul derde geëindig. 

Bly op hoogte deur Besoek gerus Midstream College se Facebook bladsy en bly op datum met die nuutste gebeure en prestasies. Volg: Midstream College

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



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End of Year arrangements Building contract & garden/pool services


Access expires - 31 December 2017 All garden and pool service concessions terminate automatically on 31 December each year. The HOA will communicate with all existing concession holders in good standing with arrangements to submit applications for 2018.


Last working day 2017: Friday, 15 December 2017 Re-Register: From Tuesday, 2 January 2018 Start working 2018: Monday, 8 January 2018


Live-in domestic and gardener registrations expire on 31 December 2017 Registration documents will be send to residents during December 2017 - complete and send back with an ID copy for re-registration for 2018 The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



The past couple of months have been quite a busy and eventful time at Midstream Hill. With the year drawing to a close, building contractors are starting to wind up their activities for 2017, residents are looking forward to their Christmas holiday, and HOA staff are making all the necessary preparations to ensure that the Estate is safe and secure during the month of December. A concerning incident recently took place just outside the Estate and have necessitated a few additional security measures. These measures include the improvement of street lighting at the traffic circle in Midstream Hill Boulevard, the installation of added security signage, and a more vigilant approach towards the management of the boom gates leading to the main security gate. Notwithstanding these, our residents are urged to be mindful of their surroundings, especially when outside of the Estate boundaries at night. Although the Estate offers a safe sanctuary, the public areas in our immediate vicinity are, quite sadly, still very much vulnerable to criminal activities. The annual Estate braai and get-together, which has by now become somewhat of a tradition, is planned for early January 2018 when most of our residents who will be going away have returned. This event provides an opportunity for everyone at Midstream Hill to get to know their neighbours better and socialise in an informal and relaxed manner. The day is also thoroughly enjoyed by the children for whom jumping castles and the like are provided at the swimming pool in the Owl Park, where the braai is held. More information will be made available closer to the time of the event. In the meantime, we would like to wish everyone a joyous and blessed festive season and we look forward to welcoming you back early in 2018, after a much-deserved time away or at home.


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The Midstream Magazine - December 2017



Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

The Midstream Magazine - December 2017


Today we realise that Christmas is on our doorstep and that we have again journeyed through another year. Where have you been during this year? For some, the journey has taken them through great joy and for others, great pain. There have been highlights and lowlights. There have been the good times and the times when things could have been better. At the moment we are looking at a preaching series called "The Next Door Saviour", by Max Lucado. When we look at why Jesus came to this earth, we realise that it is because He wants to be near to the ones He loves. He wants to come close to each of us, just because He loves us. We do the same. We want to spend time with those we love because we love them. And the same goes with the Lord. "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us" – John 1:14, this is what we celebrate at Christmas time. The Word coming to live among us to show us the way to go. To give us a route marker so that we can be more like Him. Just as the Child was born in Bethlehem, He is born in us every day. Every place can be Bethlehem in our lives, and every day Christmas. As Jesus grows in our lives, He comes out in our speech and actions, and we are able to show the world just how much He loves us and wants to be with us.

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He was with Adam and Eve, walking with them in the cool of the evening in the garden. He was with Abraham and called Abraham His friend. He was with Moses and the children of Israel leading them with the fire at night and the cloud by day. He is with us in all that we do. And just like the people of old, we need to get to the place where we just come to realise that as He knocks at the door of our lives, and we open, He will be with us in all that we do. This Christmas, as the streets are lit up and the children sing, as we prepare to receive our guests, and as they prepare for us to arrive, we need to realise that we don’t do that alone. That the God of this Universe, the one who made heaven and earth, loves us so much that He wants to go with us. He wants to be close to us because He loves us. We need to just get to the place where we take Him with us. Sometimes we go to places where we are reluctant to take Jesus with us. If that is where you are going, then please don’t go there. He wants to go with us, and so please take Him with you. Don’t go alone, He loves you so much that He wants to go with us. So, this Christmas, I wish you and your loved ones the love of Jesus. His grace and mercy and peace. My prayer is that in 2018 you will have enough. Enough love, peace and grace to wash over your heart and life. My prayer is that as we walk into a new year, we will take the Lord with us all the time. We know what it feels like to be left at home, and the same applies to our spiritual lives. We cannot go without Him. We just need to stop for a moment, and consider how much we need to have the Lord in our lives. I pray that as we turn to Him, that we will know the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the peace of the Holy Spirit in all that we do. May this Christmas time be a time when the Lord is born into our lives again. With my love,

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Die Midstream Tydskrif - Desember 2017

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Midstream Magazine - December 2017/January 2018. Issue 6/2017

Midstream Magazine  

Midstream Magazine - December 2017/January 2018. Issue 6/2017