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The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016



Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

here can be no doubt that much from 2016 will be imprinted in our minds due to the many remarkable turn of events during the year.

in 2016, Bob Dylan a famous singer, was decorated as a Nobel literature laureate.

From an international perspective the election results in Britain and the USA stunned the world and closer to home we had our own number of political ramifications, revelations and upsets. The year 2016 will be remembered as one of poli– tical surprises.

In Midstream, 2016 will be remembered for the 10-year mark of the primary school, and a year of sustained growth with just more than 300 new houses being completed in the year.

On the sport front we had the Olympics where SA’s Wade van Niekerk showed a pair of heels to contenders on his way to a superb world record in the 400m sprint. Our rugby team forced our attention to other sports, whilst the national cricket and soccer teams flourished at year end.

A wonderfully crazy year indeed.

We trust that 2016 will be remembered not only for all the newsworthy events during the year, but also for the happy family events that took place amongst Midstream residents. May the festive season be one filled with love, rest and peace and may 2017 hold good fortune along those same lines to all!

The moon paid its closest visit in many years; we experienced heavy downpours whilst under water restrictions; and also

Front page: One of the original Jacaranda trees in Midstream Photo by: Tyrone Zerf

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Artwork by Nine Smuts from Midstream College Gr 7

Thank you to our Contributors | Dankie aan ons Medewerkers Frik, Corrie, Dirk, Nicoline, Twani, Maureen, Hennie, Jen, Tyrone, Liesl, Jan en Lizelle

Foto: Nine Smuts - Midstream College Laerskool


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Wishing you a

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The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016


Die Ombuddiens

- ‘n Nuwe wet wat addisionele heffings vra vanaf 2017

‘n Nuwe wet het op 7 Oktober 2016 in werking getree wat ‘n direkte impak op alle Midstream inwoners gaan hê. Die Wet staan bekend as “Community Schemes Ombud Service Act” (die Ombudswet). Dit is van toepassing op alle Gemeenskapskemas (“community schemes”), residensieël, kommersieël- sowel as industrieël, en sluit dus die Huiseienaarsverenigings van Midstream ook in. Die Ombuddiens het ‘n wye mandaat om dispute oor heffings, oorlas, herstel- en onderhoudswerk, ensovoorts, te hanteer. Die HEV's van Midstream het as ‘n groep in 2015 regsadvies oor die Ombuddiens ingewin ten einde amptelik kommentaar te lewer oor die voorgestelde regulasies van die Ombuddiens, wat vir kommentaar beskikbaar gestel is. Die proses het vrugte afgewerp, aangesien heelwat verstellings aan die regulasies gemaak is. Die Midstream HEV's is van mening dat die Ombuddiens meer van toepassing op deeltitelskemas is en nie werklik van toepassing is waar ‘n HEV volgens die Maatskappye Wet bestuur


word nie. In sommige gevalle wil dit voorkom asof die Ombuddiensregulasies teenstrydig met die Wet kan wees. ‘n Besluit is geneem deur die Midstream HEV's om ‘n regsopinie te bekom rondom die toepaslikheid van die nuwe wet. Hierdie proses is tans onderweg. Desnieteenstaande het die HEV's geen keuse gehad as om tussentyds in terme van die wet te reageer nie en is die HEV's geregistreer, maar daar is aangedui dat dit onder protes geskied. Verder sal die HEV's ook geen keuse hê as om vanaf 9 Januarie 2017 (90 dae na die instelling van die wet) te begin om heffings namens die Ombuddiens in te vorder en oor te betaal nie. Die heffing word bereken as 2% van die HEV heffing bo (meer as) R500/maand. Na raming sal die Ombuddiensheffing tussen R15 en R25 per eenheid per maand beloop. Verdere inligting rondom die Ombuddiens sal bekend gemaak word soos die proses vorder.

Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

In a nutshell - A new Act that will impact on the Midstream community as from 2017 • The Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS) Act was promulgated in June 2011. • The purpose of the Act is to firstly promote good governance within community schemes which include Body Corporates as well as Home Owner Associations and secondly, as its name suggests, to provide an ombud service akin hereto. • In terms of the Act, the term “community scheme” means any scheme or arrangement in terms of which there is shared use of and responsibility for, parts of land and buildings, including but not limited to : o A o A o A o A o A

sectional title development scheme share block company home or property owners’ association housing scheme for retired persons housing co-operative

• During 2015 the Minister of Human Settlements published proposed draft re– gulations to supplement the operation of the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act for public comment. • As a combined initiative, the estates of Midstream enlisted the services of attorneys to make representations on behalf of the Midstream HOA's on the proposed Regulations. • A number of the issues raised in the submission were duly addressed in the final Regulations, which were published on the 7th of October 2016.

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016

• Subsequent to this date, a further opi– nion on the impact and implications of the published Act and Regulations on the management of the Midstream Home Owners' Associations was requested from the legal team. • This investigation revealed a number of provisions that are irregular or contrary to existing legislation by which the Midstream HOA's are governed. • Accordingly, the Midstream HOA's decided to escalate the matter and obtain additional advice from Senior Council, with the view to challenge the Act and Regulations in a court of law. • However, following legal advice, the Midstream HOA's have duly registered with the service, but indicated that this was done under duress. It follows that, notwithstanding the objections, the HOA's will be obliged to continue with the recovery of the levies from members and the payment thereof to the service as of 1 January 2017, as is prescribed by the Act. These additional levies are not included in the current monthly HOA levies and will regrettably be in addition (between R15 and R25 per unit per month) to levies already payable. • The progressive efforts of the Midstream HOA's have already borne fruit on the matter and with the substantiating legal opinions obtained, it is believed that still further inroads beneficial to all the HOA's will be possible.  



n Sunday, 2 October 2016, approximately 150 children from various countries, including South Africa, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Lebanon, Canada and Kazakstan, participated in the 2nd GASJMA (Global Association of Japanese Soroban & Mental Arithmetic) International Abacus Maths competition that was hosted in Singapore. It was an amazing event, with 24 students representing South Africa. The children wrote 2 exam papers: A 6-minute paper in which the children had to complete 40 difficult sums with an abacus and a 2-minute paper with 40 sums which had to do be done mentally.


The competition was a showcase of what can be achieved with mathematical training when using the ancient Japanese counting tool. The students had been working hard throughout the year and all were looking forward to the event to show off the skills they had mastered up to now. We are so proud of all the students and their parents who prepared and made the effort to travel to Singapore to support this very special event! The following students from Midstream participated in this prestigious event: Chloe Rossouw, Midstream College, Grade 3, Silver Award,& Zoe Joubert, Midstream Ridge Primary School, Grade 5, Bronze Award.

Chloe Rossouw

Zoe Joubert

Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016


RATED ONE OF THE TOP 20 HOSPITALS IN THE COUNTRY “A list of the top 20 hospitals nationally – based on patient satisfaction scores given by some of Discovery Health’s 1.2 million members for 2015 – sheds light on where you are most likely to have the best experience. Out of all the hospitals, at least six small, medium and large Mediclinic hospitals made it into the top 20 – spanning Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal” - with Mediclinic Midstream ranking 7th overall. “The patient survey, based on one developed by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, comprises 22 questions grouped into eight categories. These include an overall rating of your hospital stay, doctor and nurse communication, pain management, staff responsiveness, hospital environment, and medicine and discharge information. Only hospitals that receive 50 or more survey results a year are included in the rankings.” Hospital



Gateway Private Hospital



Lowveld Hospital



Cormed Clinic



Sunningdale Hospital


North West

Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital



Moot Algemene Hospitaal



Mediclinic Midstream



Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital (Rf) (Pty) Ltd


Western Cape

Hillcrest Private Hospital



Wilmed Park Private Hospital


North West

Rondebosch Medical Centre


Western Cape

Life Bay View Private Hospital


Western Cape

Mediclinic Milnerton


Western Cape

Mediclinic Hermanus


Western Cape

Mediclinic Panorama


Western Cape

Bellville Medical Centre


Western Cape

Midvaal Private Hospital



Mediclinic Victoria



Mediclinic Stellenbosch


Western Cape

Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre



“Discovery says that to ensure the comparison of patient experience between hospitals is as fair as possible, the analysis of data considers factors that hospitals cannot reasonably control – such as the nature of illness and demographic factors such as age and gender. “Measuring quality of care is standard practice in many healthcare systems the world over,” says head of quality care at Discovery Health, Dr Roshini Moodley Naidoo. “Patient experience is an important component of care and has the potential to give our healthcare system a more patient-centred focus. Such healthcare systems aim to understand the needs of patients, to involve them in decisions about their care, and to respond quickly to their needs. Healthcare systems that place a high value on quality of care have shown to save costs and have improved health outcomes for patients,” says Moodley Naidoo. Well done to Mediclinic Midstream with this well-deserved accolade. Source: The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016


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Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

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Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016




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Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016


et die Jakarandaboom wat as uitheemse boom verklaar is, en daar derhalwe nie nuwe bome aangeplant mag word nie, is dit tòg goed om te weet dat bestaande bome behoue mag bly. Die voorbladfoto is geneem in Midstream en is ‘n boom wat jare gelede langs ‘n huis op die oorspronklike plaas geplant is. Dit is deur die konstruksieperiode beskerm en bewaar en vandag pryk dit jaarliks in pragtige pers bloeisels wat inwoners aan die Jakarandstad herinner, soos dit ook mooi deur Koos du Plessis verwoord is:

Pretoria (Koos du Plessis)

Pretoria, jakarandastad, dis weer Oktobermaand... Miskien is dit die rede dat ek só verlang vanaand, want hoeveel jare het jy nie my lief en leed gedeel – en stil geluister wanneer ek my ou kitaar bespeel. Pretoria, jakarandastad, waar ek so graag alleen straat op en af geslenter het in die lentereën ; waar meisies lank ná middernag nog deur die vensters loer en dromend luister na die lied van elke troebadoer.

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016



Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

‘n Terugblik op die Rooikatte en Naaldekokers se jaar


at maak Voortrekkers so lekker dat almal terugkom vir meer?

Speel-speel leer en BAIE avontuur. Die Rooikatte en Naaldekokers het voluit deelgeneem aan ‘n verskeidenheid aktiwiteite gedurende 2016. Die jaar het op ‘n hoë noot begin met bottel-vuurpyle wat hoog die lug in geskiet is. Daarna het ons geleer hoe om vlytig te wees by die huis (alhoewel die praktiese toepassing minder konstant plaasvind). Tydens versamelkuns het ons “Little Shoppers”, “Dierekaarte”, “Stikeez” en “Angry Birds” geruil en ‘n maatjie se versameling klippe bewonder. By Rietvleidam was ons reg vir Dierewaarneming en “Kampkook”. Die stokbrood en wors was heerlik en springmielies maak in 'n blikkie op ‘n oop vuur, was ‘n wenner!

Tydens “Kuiertyd” het ons geleer hoe om ‘n partytjie te reël – van die beplanning, gasvryheid en die maak van die heerlikste eetgoed. Ons het ook elkeen ‘n tou gehad en geleer van die skuifknoop, glyknoop, voorslagknoop en kniehalter – maar eintlik was dit net die beste springtou!

en ‘n Koringslang vas te hou. Die ouers is getrakteer op twee konserte wat uitgebeeld het wat ons tydens ons “Kind van Jesus” Kenteken geleer het. En ons staan al amper mooi parade. Fluit-fluit… die jaar is uit. Maar volgende jaar trap ons nòg spore!

Daar is baie gesing en ons tonge knoop nie meer om “Die boeke van die Ou Testament” liedjie nie. Tydens ons spankamp in Midstream het ons ‘n voorsmakie gekry van wat ons te wagte kan wees wanneer ons gaan kamp: tent opslaan, inspeksie, eetgerei was, kampvuur en konsert. Ons uithouvermoë is getoets by Acrobranch en elkeen het ‘n kans gehad om ‘n “Boa”, ‘n “Anaconda”

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016


kerksondermure midstream Eredienstye: 08:00, 10:00 en 17:30 • Kinderbediening: 08:00 en 10:00 Tienerbediening: 16:30 Belydenisklas, 17:30 Tienerdiens, 18:30 Kleingroepe

Mag jy die liefde van die Kind in die Krip en die rykdom van God se genade gedurende die feesseisoen in oorvloed ervaar. Geseënde Christusfees!

Eredienstye tydens die vakansie: 4 Desember 2016 tot 8 Januarie 2017 Slegs 09:00 eredienste

(Normale eredienstye vanaf 15 Januarie 2017) (Kinder- & Tienerdienste skop af op 22 Januarie 2017)


25 Desember 2016 08:00 & 10:00


31 Desember 2016 19:00 - Midstream 23:45 - Hippolaan Vir enige navrae kontak: kerksondermure NG Gemeente 012 940 9480/81 of e-pos navrae na •


Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016



Vehicle specifications may vary for the South African market.

The new C-Class Coupé. Instantly thrilling.

First off the new C-Class Coupé gets your pulse racing. It makes you re-assess your senses of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Its sheer sense of design and feel of potential performance says get inside and drive me. And that’s before you get inside. The C-Class Coupé has arrived at Mercedes-Benz Grand Central Motors. Be the first to drive it. Find out more and book a test drive today on 010 593 2857.

Mercedes-Benz Grand Central Motors, Cnr New Road and Lever Road, Midrand, Tel: 010 593 2857, 20,

Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

Die Springbokke se Lente Uitstappie – Ons trap spore by die Honeydew Doolhof

Na ‘n vinnige oefen– sessie in een van die kleiner doolhowe was dit tyd om touwys gemaak te word oor hoe die doolhof en die reëls werk. Ons missie was om 5 versteekte tuine in die doolhof te vind en dan verskillende vrae te beantwoord. Dit sou ons uiteindelik 90 minute neem, nadat ons meer as 6 km moes stap. Om een van die vrae te beantwoord, moes ons mooi luister na die dieregeluide wat die boksie in die hoek van hierdie tuin maak.

Die groep met genoeg korrekte antwoorde is met 'n roomys beloon en na al die harde "werk" was dit tyd vir 'n welverdiende piekniek.

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016


LLO OVVE E& & LLO OS SS S Op die spoor van die Silwer Beer geskryf deur Henk

Jou spore diep en blywend jou spore altyd vars inge-ets onuitwisbaar deur stormwind en reën met jou spore het jy ons geseën jou spore dra ons deur ons stryd en smarte al jou liefdevolle spore in die kamers van ons harte


Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

Ons vriend,

Chris Smith

In Junie vanjaar het Chris se pad met kanker tot ‘n einde gekom. Vir hom was dit, ten spyte van die tye wat hy kort van asem was, nooit ‘n stryd teen kanker nie. Vir Chris was die pad wat hy met kanker gestap het tekenend van sy persoonlikheid. Vir hom was fokus, dissipline en ‘n onwrikbare geloof in sy Skepper, tweede natuur. Chris was a founder member of Bondev and in that, also a founder of Midstream. As a Chartered Accountant, the role of setting up the financial management systems of all the Midstream HOAs fell on his shoulders and as the oldest of the Bondev directors, he also adopted the role as the initial Chair of every one of the Midstream HOAs. And was forced (with some banter) to make all the speeches. Die mees kenmerklike geaardheid van Chris was die passie waarmee hy gelewe het: o Hy was lief vir Karen, sy hoërskoolliefde, en sy vier blondekop dogters. Hy het saam met elk van sy skoonseuns ‘n eiesoortige, spesiale band gehad, en dan het hy aan almal met spog vertel van sy kleinkinders en sy honde; o Hy het vele dae saam met vriende agter ‘n hengelstok of gholfstok gespandeer; o Rooiwyn, single malt whisky, lekker kuier en ‘n sigaartjie van tyd-tot-tyd was wat hy graag gedeel het terwyl hy oor sy baard streel; o En as hy stil geword het, was hy naby sy Skepper en het hy eindelose lysies gemaak van dinge wat hy wou onthou. Ons onthou hom as iemand wat graag ‘n verskil in sy medemens se lewe wou maak, lief was vir sy mense en iemand wat die pad op aarde met passie geloop het. We salute him for his immeasurable contribution made in the Midstream community. Friends of Chris. The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016



Residential and commercial property transfers Registration and cancellation of bonds Township and sectional title developments

CONTACT: +27 12 432 6000


Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016


Agter: Deon (seun), Celeste (dogter), Nadine (skoonsuster). Voor: Naudé, Beulah

Naudé Klopper Naudé

Met jou heengaan is daar ‘n groot leemte in my lewe. Ek mis jou ongelooflik baie. Beulah

As Naudé Klopper ‘n ding besluit het, dan was dit hell or high water, maar dit het gebeur. Dus ‘n doelgerigte man - een wat in 1971 op Kersdag besluit het om op te hou rook en fiks te word en in Junie 1972 het hy die Comrades gehardloop. Hy het byna elke oggend vir die res van sy lewe gaan draf voor die dag begin het. En toe sy heupe nie meer wou nie, het hy gestap - menige inwoner van Midstream sou hom vroegoggend aantref waar hy flink stap. Hy was ‘n betrokke mens wat wou bydra en help - in sy gemeenskap en met sy gesin, familie en sy vriende. Hy het gehou van werk - toe hy en my ma Midstream toe trek, was een van die eerste goed op sy agenda om iewers ‘n aftree-werk te kry. Hy was baie opgewonde om betrokke te raak by Midstream-bestuur en was so trots op alles wat daar reggekry is, hy was so trots om deel van ‘n suksesspan te wees. Naudé was lief vir mense. Hy was nie ‘n man vir lank kuier nie, maar sou inloer vir ‘n vinnige geselsie, hy bel net om te hoor hoe dit gaan of gaan drink  ‘n cappuccino  saam met jou - een van sy klein plesiertjies. Hy was ‘n nuusmens wat sy koerant van voor tot agter gelees het, hy was altyd op hoogte van wat in plaaslike politiek en in die wêreld aangaan. En dan was hy ‘n Blou Bul en Springbok-ondersteuner wat ook in die middel van die nag sou opstaan om na ‘n wedstryd van die Proteas te kyk. Hy was ‘n lojale mens – hy was tot met sy dood vriende en in kontak met sy 3 beste skoolmaats. Maar bowenal was hy ‘n gesinsman, hy het geleef vir sy vrou, kinders en familie. En lank nadat ons al na hom moes omsien, het hy nog gesorg dat ons almal OK is. ~ Celeste Louw (dogter)

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016


Midstream News

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- Emergency numbers -

The holiday season is upon us and with many of us going away for the holidays and others entertaining family and friends and enjoying leisure time right here at home, it is important to always keep emergency numbers at hand – especially when away from home, should the need for assistance arise in an emergency situation. The Midstream APP allows residents to access the contact details of the local emergency services at the convenient touch of a button: Download "Midstream Inligting"


Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

How to download the Midstream News App for an Android phone

MidstreamE Midstream Estates The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016

* SA App Store 27

If it’s not in the grocery cupboard, they won’t eat it! Would you like to make better choices when shopping for groceries? Now you can! Gourmet Health, in association with Midstream SuperSpar is offering a FREE guided shopping trip with our in-house dietitian. The Dietitian will spend one to two hours with you - starting off with a quick presentation and ending off with a trolley full of goodness for you and your family! This is a first come, first serve offer. gourmet lth

hea : T’s & C’s okings Group bo only oceries Cost for gr of this rt pa a t no is ly the offer - on time end fees to sp ouse in-h with our e are on th dietitian house





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Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

The Diederik Cuckoo (Die Diederikkie)


Foto’s: FCD van Wyk


s from early summer (September), look out for this colourful visitor to South Africa and Midstream. The Diederik Cuckoo can be found across sub-Saharan Africa, and is commonly found in large parts of South Africa. They adapt to a wide variety of habitat, such as forest edges, mesic savanna, closed woodland, semi-arid shrub lands, parks and gardens.

These are very interesting birds as they are brood parasites, which means they lay their eggs in other birds’ nests. They lay 1 egg per nest, 3 - 5 eggs a day, but 20 - 24 eggs can be laid in the whole breeding season which ranges from October to March. Prior to laying their own egg, they will wait for the potential host to leave the nest. They will then destroy any eggs that the host has laid, after which they either leave, or are chased away by the host. Research shows that the female cuckoo lays her egg in a very short period of time, ensuring a clean getaway for her. However, she sometimes gets caught and meets her demise in the process. The host will then incubate the egg and care for the chick as its own. The White-Winged Widowbird, Red-Headed Weaver and Great Sparrow, are some of many bird species that have been noted as hosts for this Cuckoo’s eggs. Within the first three days of hatching, the Cuckoo chick eats any of the other eggs or chicks that weren’t in the nest at the time of laying. It will stay in the nest for about 19 22 days, and will stay with its adoptive parents for about 21 more days.

This Cuckoo can be recognised by its beautiful emerald green feathers and white underparts, but the female’s breast feathers are yellow-brown. Their call can be identified by the ‘deed-deed-deed-deeder-ik’ sound. Their diet consists of invertebrates, especially caterpillars, but also termites and sometimes the eggs of its host. They usually forage in the foliage of trees and bushes, gleaning prey from plants.

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016


Graad Swartwitpense VANG6DIE TERRORISTE IN MIDSTREAM Plaaskamp Kenteken D

ie Plaaskamp is ywerig deur die spanlede tydens twee spanbyeenkomste beplan. Daar is in diepte bespreek waar die kamp gehou sal word, watter vervoer gebruik sal word, watter kos voorberei sal word, slaapplek, veiligheid, ‘n program en diesmeer. Elke lid het presies geweet wat van hom verwag word. Aankope is verdeel, en bydraes vir uitgawes vir die kamp is fyn bereken. Soos beplan, het die wiele begin rol op Vrydag, 22 April om 15h00 na die plaas Rooikloof naby Derby. Met die intrapslag is tente opgeslaan - net betyds vir die vetkoek en maalvleis aandete. Op Saterdag het Marie Vorster, die boer van die plaas, die Swartwitpense geleer van Bonsmara stoetbeeste en Nguni beeste. Die beeste se horings word op die ouderdom van twee jaar gebrand. Beeste word op verskillende maniere gemerk. Etikette aan die ore dui aan wie die bees se ma en pa is, sowel as die geslag. Om die weiding te beskerm word voorbrande gemaak. Beeste word gedip om bosluise te beperk, dan word hulle ingespuit teen siektes soos bek-en–klouseer en bosluiskoors. Stoetbeeste is skaarser en baie duurder as ‘n gewone vleis- of melkbees. Verder het die Swartwitpense geleer van spoorsny, beeste aanjaag en hoe om gronderosie te voorkom deur takke op die grond te sit. Die manne het ook self kos gemaak, skottelgoed gewas en opgeruim na die tyd. Dit was ‘n lekker kamp en ons het baie geleer. Hou Koers, Swartwitpense!

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Did you know that a dedicated Paramedic for all residents and their visitors to Midstream is available 24/7 to quickly attend to any medical emergency, and that no cost for the service is payable on the spot?


he Midstream Medical Centre Paramedic Service offers 24-hour emergency medical assistance which is available to all the residents, domestic workers and visitors of the greater Midstream. The service is provided as an auxiliary service to the medical centre and involves no extra costs on the day of the call-out. The service is financed through a compulsory monthly contribution of approximately R1 per day per household, and this is already included in the Home Owners Associations’ levies.

The paramedic personnel is trained and equipped to assess a patient, do Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), put up an intravenous line, monitor the heart rate and defibrillate, apply appropriate splints and arrange for transport /ambulance services. The paramedics are not allowed to medicate patients. It is important to note that this service does not include the transportation of patients outside of the boundaries of the estate. The responsibility of the Intermediate Life Support (ILS) paramedic is to assess and stabilize a patient before deciding on the next appropriate level of care the patient needs.

The emergency number for the paramedic is 072 728 3620 Residents are advised to keep this number on their mobile phones and to display it in a clearly visible place in their homes for easy access in case of an emergency. Also consider downloading the “Midstream News” App to have all the Midstream emergency numbers available on your smartphone.

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4-Rack Wine Chiller up to 130 wine bottles. Seperate temp control for white & red wines.

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25kg Green Self-Contained, Stainless Steel Ice-Machine with direct water supply

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We also repair, service and maintain any other brand of Aircon, Underbar-Counters, Cold/Freezer Rooms & Ice-Machines

9 000 BTU - 32 000 BTU NON-INVERTER



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Lite mote Chigo U t + Re i n r o Outdo ay Indoor & Ghost Displ

SPECIAL ALL HEAT PUMPS ON SPECIAL Quote “5% Discount” when you phone or email for a quotation

08732944 2163/4/5/6 • 082 604 5943

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INTERSECTION Thank you Bondev for completing the Irene intersection by installing traffic lights and ensuring better flow of traffic for Midstream residents!

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is a modern, one-stop facility that provides in all your family’s health requirements. Our passionate team of professionals combine patient-centred values with the latest technology and knowledge.

Monday to Friday 07:30-18:00 Saturday 08:30-13:00 Sundays and public holidays: closed

MIDSTREAM MEDICAL CENTRE welcomes two new providers: Bergh, van Heerden and Cilliers Physiotheraphists is now open at The Midstream Medical Centre. Established this year after the success of Bergh and Van Heerden Physiotherapists at Unitas and Mediclinic Midstream Hospitals. As of 1 October 2016 we strive to be your first choice physiotherapy practice in Midstream and surrounding areas. Our dynamic team of physiotherapists: Cathleen Bradley, Rudolph Krause and Henriëtte Rossouw will continue to deliver a service at Midstream Medical Centre and will be joined by Neil Cilliers. Treatment of the following conditions: Respiratory, Orthopaedic, Neurological condition, Sport injuries and rehabilitation.

Contact: 012 940 9477 or 082 819 0594 Mon - Fri: 08:00 to 18:00

Sat: 08:30 to 13:00

Sun: Emergencies Only

Dr Scholtz & Partners Inc. Radiologists opened their x-ray department in the Midstream Medical Centre on the 5th of September 2016. All general diagnostic radiography is done at this department and a maximum of 30 - 45 minutes waiting period is required for the completion of the examination as well as receiving the radiology report. Reports will also be sent directly from the department at Midstream to the referral doctor. Services: • General x-rays only • For emergencies and after-hours, Midstream Mediclinic is situated 1.2 km’s away from Midstream Medical Centre. They can be contacted on 012 652 9340.

Radiographer: Marelize - 012 942 1170 Mon - Fri: 08:30 to 16:30

MIDSTREAM MEDICAL CENTRE has a Centre for Diabetes. Make use of our specialised personnel and facilities for assistance and care for all your diabetes needs! MIDSTREAM MEDICAL CENTRE is conveniently situated in the medical wing of the Midstream Retirement Centre, 1 Madelein Street, Midstream Contact us for more information at: 012 940 9509 or mail us at:

Visit Midstream Medical Centre for all your GP needs! 24/7 PARAMEDIC SERVICE 34

Emergency no: 072 728 3620

MMC now claiming directly from selected medical aids! Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016


òg ‘n eerste vir die R@M Bowls Rolbalklub, het op Saterdag, 24 September plaasgevind.

With NEA Attorneys as main sponsor of the day, members of the bowling club put together 28 teams (56 players) consisting of bowlers and guests – mainly from Midstream and surrounds – who had previously only made occasional contact with the game. Almal het die kompetisie bestaande uit drie fases, die verversings en die aangename gees van ontspanning terdeë geniet. A number of the non-playing bowlers indicated that they were inspired and were considering joining the bowling club. Dit was ‘n pragtige dag op Erfenisdag 2016, waar onvergeetlike herinneringe geskep is.

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~Harry Emerson Fosdick

"Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to" 703 Residents of Retire@Midstream will agree with Harry Emerson Fosdick! YES! Gone are the days when you had to fear spending your golden years in a dark and dismal old age home! Retire@Midstream has shattered the negative perception that so many retirees have harboured for many years leading up to their retirement. This belief that once you go to a retirement facility your healthy, active and social life as you know it is over, has made many put off the decision for far too long. An insider view of life here at Retire@Midstream is proof that when you retire to something great, your life will be as full and colourful as it ever was - just minus the stress of life before retirement. In the month of November your diary could be filled with the following events: Enjoy a great social gathering called a “Street Braai” in the Full Title Section. Play Bridge, take part in Pilates and Happy Hour every Wednesday! Join the Mingle Mollies in the library or the social supper every Friday evening. Attend the Annual Year End Function. Play Bingo, join the book club or bowling club etc, etc... The list continues, but what is most important about it is that you never have to feel or be alone; and most importantly, you can remain active and connected in a community where you can make friends that have the same desire to enjoy a full life the way you The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016

do! I had the opportunity to attend a street braai in the Full Title development. It was a wonderful event where everyone was welcome and the newcomers made to feel part of the family. I realised then that this is what makes your house a home; and that your community is a very important part thereof. There is still opportunity to push aside the misconceptions of the past and become part of this vibrant caring community! Bondev still has units available in X55. These 2-bedroom units have a variety of choices and finishes to suit your personal style. The largest sectional title units of 211sqm, are free standing and have spacious gardens which are maintained by the Home Owners Association. There are also smaller units which offer either single or double garages. The variation of sizes ensures that there will be a unit for you! On Show every Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00. Should you wish to view them during the week, the sales team is available at our sales office in the main building of Retire@Midstream. Don’t waste any more time on old ways of thinking! Live the life you deserve! Investigate Retire@Midstream. The Bondev Sales Team (Maureen van Zyl :


Foto by Du triou Photography

• Midstream Ridge is one of the newest residential developments within the greater Midstream. • Consists of a number of parks and green areas, including: Notting Hill, Secret Garden, Eagle Park and Central Park. • Even more parks were established in 2016, which include Noddy’s Nook, Pavillion Park, Wandering Whispers, Harmony Park and the Landmark Tower, which is underway. • The estate boasts an impressive outdoor fitness trail, referred to as “Practice on Art”, to reflect the aesthetic design elements used for physical exercise. The course has been designed to combine both aerobic and strength training to maximise the unique benefits of each.


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328 houses already completed

Estate Manager Ian Faller Midstream Ridge HOA Office 012 940 9501

Latest Development

Practice on Art

Beautiful Parks


Info as per November 2016

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The ladies of the Protea team the Bowls Gauteng North team play in the Ladies Pairs Competition in the indoor rinks of the R@M Bowls Club in Midstream.



Inligting voorsien deur Bosman Olivier

Die nuwe rolbalseisoen het skitterend afgeskop by die rolbalsentrum, danksy die harde werk van Ken Penderis wat die perk onder hande geneem- en dit binne rekordtyd in een van die beste perke in die gebied omskep het. Die nuwe seisoen is geopen met ‘n “Maatjiedag”-byeenkoms waar twee volslae nuwelinge die sport saam met twee meer ervare speler in ‘n span kon speel. So is die nuwelinge blootgestel aan die spel en kon hulle sien dat dit nie so moeilik is nie. Die dag is geborg en ‘n aantal pryse is aangebied - onder meer ‘n prys van R3,000 vir die wenspan.

Reserweliga Die ligawedstryde het op 26 Oktober begin. Die mooi nooiens van Midstream het hulle in die reserweliga baie goed laat geld deur die dames van Mooinooi op hulle tuisbaan met ‘n telling van 39-12 pakslae te gee. Op 26 Oktober kon Midstream spog met sy geriewe toe die tien mans-spanne in die reserweliga hier kom speel het. Die mansspan in die reserweliga het ongelukkig met 15-16 verloor teen die span van Lynnwood.

from Bowls Gauteng North (BGN) on 25 and 26 October. This indoor green is the only one in Gauteng and is used by the Protea team on a regular basis in preparation for international games. In the past, the indoor rink also hosted international competitions, such as tests between South Africa and Malaysia.

Stel jy belang? Rolbal is ‘n spel wat deur mense van letterlik 9 jaar tot 90 jaar geniet word. Dit het talle voordele vir ouer persone, deurdat hulle spiere en gewrigte in beweging bly en hulle bloedsomloop ‘n hupstoot kry met die voortdurende beweging. Talle mense wat aan een of ander gestremdheid ly, geniet nog die spel, omdat dit nie hoë fisieke eise stel aan die deelnemer nie. Indien enigeen belangstel om te begin speel kan hulle gerus die Klub President, Gerhard van der Westhuizen, kontak by 083 564 2477. Jy kan ook enige Dinsdag-, Donderdag- of Saterdagmiddag by die baan opdaag en kom gesels met die vriendelike komiteelede en ander spelers.

Daar is nog agt wedstryde oor in die reserweliga en ons vertrou twee spanne sal Midstream se naam hoog hou.

Proteas The Protea team is preparing for the world championships in New Zeeland later in November. In their preparation for the very fast greens of New Zeeland, they used the indoor green at Midstream to prepare by playing against a team

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R@M was gasheer vir 10 mansspanne in the BGN Reserweligaspan. Kyk hoe mooi wapper die R@M vlag in die agtergrond.



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Midstream College Baby House Midstream College Babahuis


GRANDPARENTS fill the world with LOVE



love love

love love

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Grandparents' at

Grandparent LOVE is strong & deep filled with MEMORIES to cherish & keep

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Prepare your garden for spring

Order bulk compost, topsoil or lawndressing online We deliver and spread in Midstream Estates and surrouding areas Visit us at Or call our midstream garden centre on 087 805 5248 46 trading CASHLESS for you safety and ours Now

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Midstream Ridge Baby house


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Open Days

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ble as Yoga doesn’t discriminate against age, race, gender, or creed. All that is needed is the willingness and desire to improve and enhance one’s own holistic wellbeing. opportunity to exercise, relax and revitalize, is available in Midstream. Anew The Lunula Yoga & Events Studio will soon open its doors at the Retire@Midstream main building. They will host a variety of teachers and classes in order to provide everyone with a space to progress in a training regime suitable to their particular skill level. Morning, evening and private classes will be offered, with many more options to follow. One doesn’t need to be flexi-

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Yoga strives to harmonize all the systems of the body: muscles, joints, nervous system, hormonal system, respiratory system, etc. Even the mind is included through focus. Each posture stretches specific muscles and places specific muscles on specific glands in order to stimulate or target particular points of the nervous system. As an exercise, Yoga targets the whole body by getting it working in harmony. Come experience Yoga first hand and enjoy the first class free of charge.



he familiar sound of singing fills the cultural room, under the pavilion, every Tuesday afternoon. Midstream College Primary School senior choir boasts energy and enthusiasm, as each choir member brings a unique dynamic to the choir’s sound - be it the lovely sweet soprano voices who hit the high notes at just the right volume, or the bold altos who bring in the support and vibrant sounds.


2016 saw this aspiring young choir enter a brand new competition, called “Sing It!”. They were privileged to perform at the brand new Sing It! competition and at the Centurion Arts Festival on the same day, where they received silver medals for both of their performances. The Tshwane Youth Arts Festival (TYAF) selects acts that are of performance value to sing their hearts out or dance the night away during their annual gala-evening at the State Theatre. Midstream’s choir was chosen to perform

at that event.

Bringing “attitude” to choir practice was a challenge to most members. However, this was necessary for the song Copycat Rag, where the voices compete against one another to see who can perform better. A traditional Icelandic song about hunting was also learnt. This song was sung a Capella. The beautiful dynamics and foreign words create wonder and splendour that fill a performance venue. Choir members are vibrant and busy people who still manage to make choir a priority. Without choir leader Wendy Niewoudt, organiser Mary-Anne Badenhorst and accompanist Sandra Booyens, the choir would not be quite the same – thank you to these two enthusiastic teachers for leading the way!

As jy iets het om te sê – SING dit!


idstream College Primêre Skool se talentvolle sangers het behoorlik skoonskip gemaak tydens die jaarlikse SATCH (South African Talent Championship) talentkompetisie. Hierdie kompetisie, wat gedurende die September vakansie plaasgevind het, gee leerders wat uitblink in sang, drama, dans, modelwerk en instrumentale items, die geleentheid om deel te neem. Toppresteerders kom in aanmerking vir die SA-span, wat dan oorsee kan gaan deelneem en deur talentsoekers van regoor die wêreld raakgesien kan word. Dertien van ons leerders het medaljes verower, waarvan 2 in die top 10 van hul onderskeie afdelings geplaas is. Hierdie leerders is Jessica Pretorius en Erin Havemann. Jeanné van der Merwe, Hanli van Reenen, Pieter Smith, Jessica Pretorius, Erin Havemann en Nine Smuts is vir die SA-span gekies. Wat ‘n prestasie – daar wink ‘n skitterblink toekoms vir hierdie sangertjies! Midstream College se eie Grace Ensemble was afdelingwenners in die ope-afdeling en is met ‘n platinum toekenning bekroon. Hul het ook tydens die “Showcase” geleentheid op die finale aand opgetree! Met sulke prestasies is die toekoms van die Kunste in Suid-Afrika definitief nie in die weegskaal nie!



alk about talented… Not only is Erin Havemann, Grade 7 learner at Midstream College Primary School, an extremely talented young singer, but an aspiring actress as well. Erin only started singing and acting in Grade 6 and has come a long way in a very short period of time. This year she won the “Sing 4 the STARS” competition in her age group, the Spur Singstar competition with her rendition of Michael Bublé’s “Feeling good” and the category “Singing” at Midstream’s annual cultural festival. At the Tshwane Youth Theatre Company, Erin recently performed the role of Cinderella’s younger sister in the play, “Cinderella”. She is currently rehearsing for the play “Elves and the Shoemaker” in which she plays the role of one of the elves. This amazing young lady will be moving to Stellenbosch with her family at the end of the year, but we will be tracking her success story! No prizes for guessing what she wants to do after school – JUST SING!!


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he English Department at Midstream College Primary School hosted the first annual “Pyjama-Drama” on 21 October 2016, an event exclusively for the Grade 4 and 5 learners. This proved to be most successful, with all the children clad in pyjamas and ready for a splash of drama. Over 200 children attended the evening. A group of Grade 4 and 5 children prepared plays, reading pieces and one-man acts that were performed in front of the entire group. The performances were preceded by a relaxing picnic on the beautiful green school lawn. All the children seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and would definitely try their hands at acting next year. The evening was concluded with an enjoyable cup of hot chocolate before going home. Well done to the English Department – what a fun, new event to look forward to in the future!


idstream College Primêre Skool het onlangs weer die geleentheid gehad om ons ekstra-spesiale oupas en oumas te bederf en dankie te sê vir hul groot rol in ons grondslagfase-leerdertjies se lewens! Die talle mammas wat as gasvrouens opgetree het, het hulself sowaar oortref – die towermooi tafels en smaaklike lekkernye was genoeg om elke grootouer soos die belangrikste persoon op aarde te laat voel. Een van die oumas het opgemerk dat sy voel asof sy by ‘n deftige huweliksonthaal is!

Talle kultuurgroepe soos die revue en spreekkore het opgetree, met solo-optredes deur sommige van ons beste klein aspirant-sangeressies. Ons gaste het gevoel asof hul deur professionele kunstenaars vermaak word! Tydens die graad 1- en 2’s se weergawe van die liedjie “You raise me up”, was daar nie ‘n enkele droё oog in die gehoor te bespeur nie. Hierdie geleentheid sal beslis nog lank deur ons oupas en oumas onthou word – en hul verdien niks minder nie!

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2016/11/15 Mailed


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olgens hul breëbors-afrigter, Mnr. Pieter Lourens, is Midstream College Primêre Skool se o.10 A-krieketspan, sowaar íéts om oor huis toe te skryf! ‘n Sleutelfaktor tot hierdie spannetjie se rasende sukses die afgelope seisoen, is die feit dat daar ongelooflik baie talent en diepte in hierdie ouderdomsgroep is. Die toppunt van hul suksesvolle seisoen, is natuurlik hul pas-afgelope Titans oorwinning, wat volg op hul Titans o.9 oorwinning van verlede jaar! Sjoe – daar kan definitief gesien word in watter rigting hierdie manne se koppe staan! Tydens die krieketprysuitdeling by die skool, is die volgende spesiale vermeldings gemaak:

GIMNASTE REIK NA HOËR HOOGTES! 2016 was sowaar ‘n fenomenale jaar vir Midstream College Primêre Skool se gimnaste, ‘n groep uiters gemotiveerde leerders wat, bo en behalwe hul skoolbetrokkenheid, elke week baie ure inruim om hul passie uit te leef. Die volgende leerders het provinsiale kleure vir gimnastiek ontvang en gedurende 5 tot 8 Oktober aan die

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Beste Beste Beste Beste Berg

kolwer: Ediaan Kriel bouler: Alex Vannucci vordering: Liam Mack en Jahred Smit speler, asook spankaptein: Beukes van den

Manne, hou maar die kolwe gereed – voor julle jul oë kan uitvee, is die volgende krieketseisoen op hande!

Suid-Afrikaanse Gym-spele in Kaapstad deelgeneem: Brigitte Beukes (gr. 3) Renate Maré (gr. 3) Roux Heyns (gr. 5) Anushke Niemand (gr. 5) Aaltje-Lien Botha (gr. 6) Melissa Strauss (gr. 6) Joshua Blignaut (gr. 7) Hulle het uitstekend gevaar in hul onderskeie items en Joshua, Renate, Roux en Anushke het in die top 10 in hul onderskeie ouderdomsgroepe geëindig. Voorwaar ‘n prestasie as ‘n mens in ag neem dat hul teen die heel beste gimnaste van regoor die land deelgeneem het. Midstream is trots op julle!



e toer ie ‘n baie opwindend ns ka va pe lo ge af e ffels span het di asies. kkers se Graad 4 Bu ere Oorlog Spesialis Bo Midstream Voortre o gl An en ek Tr t die Groo gedoen as deel van leef het. Ons hoe die trekkers ge en e fd lo ge e di r oo tionele kos leer drivier en daar is ge aens te oornag, tradi w oe se Bl os by e di as w in e op nn st bi k geleer er Eerste beleef deur in die la l en elke Buffel het oo s ee ni sp de ge ie sk te ge jie et kie nn uk het ‘n st jies soos ke t, traditionele spelet van daardie tyd te ee vleg. om sy eie sweep te oor die Anglo Borby getoer en baie ve if dr e’s rk Ro en ar geleer oor na ms geteken is), is da die slagvelde by Tala ko na en s re on t oo he es ar ed da vr n e Va aar di By O’Neil se huis (w ere oorlog geleer. e. sien hoe versoening en vred trasiekamp om te en ns ko st ru lks Vo had by die osionele ervaring ge van oorlog. Ons het ‘n baie em het in die swaarkry el de ge k oo rs de vroue en kin tot op die piek. ‘n heerlike berg klim na a ub aj Am by it geslu rlike hoogtepunt af Die toer is op ‘n lette .midstream. s ‘n e-pos na akladm ru ge r uu st s er kk Voortre weet oor Midstream Indien jy meer wil voortrekkers@gmai


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Die eerste inwoners by Retire@Midstream x 55 het op 26 Oktober ingetrek. Mnr Vos en Mev Valerie Benade is oorspronklik van Mosselbaai. Joe Duvenage, Landgoedbestuurder by Retire@ Midstream en Jean Pretorius, Sekuriteitsbestuurder was daar om hulle welkom te heet.

READERS’ PHOTOS Corne Kleynhans

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OUMA EN OUPA GAAN TERUG SKOOL TOE Elke twee jaar bied Midstream Ridge Laerskool se graad 1 en 2-leerders ’n Oupa en Ouma dag aan. Elke leerder behoort dus in sy grondslagfase ten minste een Oupa en Ouma dag te beleef. Hierdie hoogtepunt op die kalender het vanjaar op 19 Oktober plaasgevind. Die belangrikheid van die rol wat grootouers in kleinkinders se lewe speel, word op só dag weer van vooraf beklemtoon. Dit het ook ’n lewensles vir die leerders: om hul oumas en oupas te waardeer, respek teenoor hul te betoon en uit hul bron van wysheid te put. Vrywillige mammas tree as gasvrouens op om die grootouers in die afgrond in te bederf. Die tafels loop oor van kreatiwiteit en kreun onder die smullekker eet- en drinkgoed. As die saal binnegestap word, betree jy ’n lushof en die sintuie werk oortyd. Die bederf hou egter nie hier op nie. Midstream Ridge hoofleiers, Henk en Cara Venter, het die oggend op gepaste wyse geopen en die gehoor aan die Here se belofte herinner dat Hy tot in ons grysheid

by ons sal wees. Die optredes het die Junior Revue, Viool-ensemble, Jubilaté en ’n sangsolo deur Chanté de Klerk ingesluit. Daarmee saam het Mev. Rautenbach die grootouers ’n ietsie oor die ABC van ouma en oupa-wees geleer. Die verrigtinge is met die hoogtepunt van die oggend afgesluit – ’n samekoms van die graad 1 en 2-leerders met Lloyd Cele en Chanté de Klerk vir die lied, The Circle of Life. Die graad 1 en 2-leerders se hoogtepunte vir die oggend - dat Ouma en Oupa in die klas kom kuier het, dat hul saam vir ’n foto kon poseer en natuurlik dat hul vroeër saam met Ouma en Oupa huis toe kon gaan. Die oudste ouma wat die oggend bygewoon het, was 81. Die oudste oupa het egter stof in haar ouderdom geskop, met sy 87jaar. Daar was ook ’n oupa al die pad van Harare af. Die langste getroude paartjie verdien ’n medalje - hulle is al 54 jaar getroud. Baie geluk aan die grondslagfase personeel met die reël van ’n uiters suksesvolle oggend. Die grootouers het met trane in hul oë hul waardering vir al die moeite wat gedoen is, uitgespreek.


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THE RAKKER CHRONICLES VIERDE IN KOMPETISIE In sy geboortejaar verower Midstream Ridge Laerskool se The Rakker Chronicles die vierde plek in Beeld se digitale skoolkoerant-kompetisie! Met sy eerste uitgawe is The Rakker Chronicles reeds onder almal se oë, omdat dit in die digitale afdeling teen 40 skole uit Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Noord-Wes en Limpopo meegeding het. Die kategorie het hoër- en laerskole ingesluit en slegs Helpmekaar Kollege (1), Hoërskool Lichtenburg (2) en Laerskool Garsfontein (3) het The Rakker Chronicles by die wenstreep verby gevat. The Rakker Chronicles en sy mededingers het kop-aan-kop vuisgeslaan in die

bladuitleg-, kreatiwiteit-, aktualiteit-, foto’s-, ontwerp- en oorspronklikheid kategorieë. In die Beeld bylaag van Skoolkoe– rant-kompetisies (17 Oktober 2016) pronk The Rakker Chronicles met die beoordelaars se komplimente, onder andere “goed afgeronde produk” en ’n eindproduk wat baie “slick” is. Die redaksie van The Rakker Chronicles is dan ook genooi na die Beeld prysuitdeling wat op Vrydag, 28 Oktober plaasgevind het. Met sy volgende uitgawe in November is daar hoë verwagtinge en nog hoër ideale. The Rakker Chronicles, mag jy hierdie standaard volhou!

RIDGE OASE – NOU OOP! In die hartjie van die landswye droogte, is daar ’n heerlike oase op die horison. Die water is ysblou, die gras lowergroen en die badkamers pynlik netjies. Jy het reg gehoor (of gesien) – die Midstream Ridge swembad is offisieël in gebruik! Die Midstream Ridge swembad is een van twee swembaddens wat vir die dorp-inwoners se gebruik beskikbaar is. Daar is groot bome, helderkleurige klimrame, swaaie en vrolike tuine wat families op ’n warm somersdag na dié oase lok. Midstream Ridge Laerskool (wat aan die swembad grens) sal die swembad vir galas en ander swem-verwante aktiwiteite gebruik. ’n Kennisgewingbord buite die perseel sal inwoners van hierdie tye waarsku. Aanvanklik het die bou van die swembad langer geneem as verwag. Die swembad is eers in ’n dop gebou om te verseker dat al die lekplekke vroegtydig opgespoor en herstel is. Weens die uiterse droë toestande en waterbeperkings is drie waterpype vanuit ’n boorgat gelê om die swembad vol te maak. 514 000 liter behandelde boorgatwater is oor 19 ure vanuit die skoolvelde se besproeiingstenks getap.

RIDGE’S SHOOTING STAR We welcome all talents here at Midstream Ridge Primary School and what an abundance of talent we have! Nathan Manongwa (grade 6) likes to write poems in his free time. “A way to express unresolved feelings” as he says. Perhaps something to try with the exams looming ahead. Your star shines bright at Midstream Ridge, Nathan!

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Die swembad is ’n indrukwekkende 25m lank, met agt bane. Kleedkamers met aparte aantrekkamers en stortgeriewe maak die swemproses ’n opwindende uitstappie op sy eie. Midstream Ridge Laerskool sal hier– die jaar tydens twee vriendskaplike galas breëbors met die swembad spog, maar die offisiële opening sal eers volgende jaar geskied. Wanneer die gemoedere bietjie laag is of die hitte jou onderkry, kom besoek die Ridge Oase vir ’n koel, sensoriese opkikkering!


A shop does not sell, I must confess what light gives you cheers and bless. But friends and prayers are a priceless treasure beyond monetary measure. So I pray for you, my friend that God may give you his cure and that He, for you, may be there.



Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016



istory was made on Friday, 14 October at Midstream Ridge Primary for two reasons: the school announced its very first head boy and girl since it opened its doors in 2014. The second and perhaps most unusual; twins were chosen as head boy and girl. Henk and Cara Venter, Phillip Korf and Zanele Thekiso beamed with pride as they headed for the stage when they were announced Midstream Ridge Primary’s head leaders for 2016. The grade 7 leaders were appointed on three separate occasions during the year; March 18th, June 24th and September 23rd. In October, every grade 7-learner was given an opportunity to vote for head- and deputy head leaders (boy and girl). The vote was unanimous. Congratulations to Henk and Cara for being the first head boy and girl of Midstream Ridge Primary; and to Phillip and Zanele for being the first deputy head boy and girl. May you always lead with grace, respect and honour.


his year Midstream Ridge Primary School pulled out all the stops with its annual Bohemian Bash. Spring arrived just in time to bring perfect weather. With no clouds in sight, Ridge learners lathered on sunscreen and donned wide-brimmed hats to enjoy the day’s festivities. Families, including parents, grandparents and siblings, joined the line of festival goers and felt right at home under gazebos and on picnic blankets. Good food, delightful conversation and a lot of laughter left everyone in high spirits. The Ridge Tuckshop provided delicious refreshment for all tastes. You could even build your own doughnut and create your own fresh juice flavour! There was no shortage of activities on the day. Learners excitedly lined up to ride the mechanical bull and surf imaginary waves on the surfboard simulator. Speedsters tried their hand at go-cart racing while the more curious learners lost themselves in the maze. Others reached new heights on the climbing wall. Younger children could be found smiling on the merry-go-round and miniature train ride. Even teachers took turns riding inside “The Rocket”, which sent them flying up in the air and dropped them (screamingly) straight back to earth! With the Bohemian Bash in the bag, it’s time to start planning for 2017 – brighter, better and bigger!

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016


Do take note that fire works are prohibited in the Greater Midstream. Fines will be issued for transgressions. 62

Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016



veryone is looking forward to a well-deserved break during the December holidays. With the excitement of packing up and reaching holiday destinations, we tend to forget some of the things on our “To Do” list. To ensure peace of mind when it comes to one’s home, belongings and pets, here are some important things to remember before leaving on holiday: 1. Despite the estate being a safe environment don´t go about advertising that your home is empty and that you are planning a holiday away from home. Do not even let your domestic worker or gardener know when and for how long you will be away. Ask a friend or trustworthy person living in the estate to regularly check on your home, give them a copy of your key and put their phone number on your list of emergency numbers. Should someone from outside the estate be looking after your home, be sure to have them registered with your HOA Security during registration office hours. 2. It is also not a bad idea to create a lived-in impression by using for example timer plugs to turn on specific lights or electronic devices. Go through your home and double check that all doors and windows are closed, locked and secure. It has happened in the past that residents have left on vacation actually leaving their front door wide open! 3. Test your alarm! Remember that the HOA provides an alarm monitoring service – at no additional cost. Enquire at your estate office. Should you have an alarm installed, remember to check it a week before you plan to leave. Be sure to notify the control room (at the HOA security gate) before testing your alarm. Testing should preferably be done during the day outside of peak hours. 4. Turn off all electrical devices and remove all unnecessary plugs from power points in your home, including the one for your geyser. Not only will it save you elec-

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016

tricity bill costs, but it will also prevent power surges or storms from damaging computers, television sets or other electrical equipment. Be careful not to accidentally unplug your alarm system. Switch off automated sprinkler systems to avoid burst pipes. 5. Please take care of your pets! Many people neglect to make arrangements for their pets. Forgetting about them is inexcusable. As horrifying as it may sound some people do actually forget about pets that are left behind without food or shelter. Apart from it being cruel and inhumane, one may be prosecuted as it is considered a criminal offence. Section 2 (1) (p) of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 stipulates that any person who being the owner of any animal, deliberately or without reasonable cause or excuse, abandons it, whether permanently or not, in circumstances likely to cause that animal unnecessary suffering shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment. These are a few options to consider regarding pet care while you are away on holiday. You could – ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅

Have someone come to your home to feed your animals Have someone stay in your home to look after your home and pets Have someone take your pets into their home while you´re away or Put your animals into the professional care of a kennel.

Remember that the holiday season is unfortunately also fireworks season! NO fireworks are allowed in Midstream. Penalties will be imposed on transgressors. LASTLY – ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY, DRIVE CAREFULLY AND RETURN SAFELY!


Arc de Triomphe, Parys

Botel, Amsterdam

Fietsry, Brussels

Midstream College Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam

Euro disney, Parys

Euro disney, Parys

Temple of Heaven, Beijing 64

Big Buddha, Lantau Island Hong Kong

Tiananmen Square, Beijing Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

Kinderdijke, Nederland

Moulin Rouge, Parys

verken die wêreld! Gedurende die September/Oktober-vakansie het twee groepe van Midstream College se leerders die Vlaamse Uitruil meegemaak.

Die eerste groep van 21 leerders en onderwysers het die voorreg gehad om Waregem in België as deel van die uitruilskema met Heilig-Hart College, te besoek. Van die hoogtepunte was Euro Disney, die Eiffeltoring en Notre Dame. “Onvergeetlik” en “onbeskryflik” is die enigste manier waarop die 20 leerders van Midstream College die tweede deel van die Vlaamse Uitruilprogram met Sint Fransiscus en Sint Pieters Instituut in Gent, kan beskryf. Skoolgaan, fietsry, uitstappies en museumbe-

soeke het die leerders en twee onderwysers wat hulle vergesel het omtrent besig gehou.Die uitruil was beslis ‘n hoogtepunt in elk van die leerders se skoolloopbaan.

Die Chinese inwoners van Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai en Hong Kong het die voorreg gehad om 24 entoesiastiese leerders van Midstream College op die jaarlikse verrykingstoer te ontmoet. Van die hoogtepunte was ‘n besoek aan die Groot Muur van China, die Tiananmen-plein en Die Verbode stad. Hulle het ook die geleent– heid gehad om die oorspronklike Terracotta- weermag te sien, ‘n tradisionele Chinese vissersdorpie te besoek en natuurlik, om ‘n paar vreemde Chinese geregte te proe.

Orange River Another dark and early morning start to the 950km that lay ahead was brightened with excitement and enthusiasm. Augrabies National Park did not disappoint and the low water level did not subtract from the thunderous drone of the waterfall. We took to the water off the grassy embankment like energetic pregnant hippopotami, it was a glorious sight! The river guides were professional and competent and managed at the same time to relate with our learners very well.

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016



Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016



athan Jooste en Hakeem Rapea was deel van die Suidwestelike distrikspan wat aan die o.15-Krieketproewe deelgeneem het. Nathan het daarin geslaag om die Northens Titans se o.15-span te haal wat later vanjaar aan die Nasionale o.15week in Potchefstroom gaan deelneem. Wernich Henning and Olé Buffel het aan die o.17-Krieketproewe deelgeneem. Olé is ingesluit in die Northens Titans span wat later vanjaar aan die nasionale o.17-week in Benoni gaan deelneem.



ayla Lombard presteer in die ATKV-Spelathon. Sy eindig tweede in Gauteng en aan die nasionale ATKV-Spelathon finaal deel waar sy haar baie goed van haar taak gekwyt het.

Inter-house swimming Midstream College is looking forward to 2017’s swimming season. The swimming inter-house started with the traditional matric madness in the pool ,whereafter the gala took place.

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016


The New BMW 3 Series


Sheer Driving Pleasure

Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

BUILDERS’ LEAVE AND RE-REGISTRATION With the December holidays on the horizon, everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved break.

It is important to take note that the last day of work for building contractors within the estate will be the 15th of December, and work may commence again from 3 January 2017. Only garden- and pool services and emergency repair service contractors will be allowed access during this period. Access for all building contractors’ employees will lapse on 15 December 2016. Building contractors can re-register their employees by collecting and completing the relevant estate access registration forms applicable to the various HOAs. Once received by the HOA, this information will be uploaded onto the database in order for building contractors and their employees to gain access to the relevant estate(s) in 2017.

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016


Guard of the Month

Fatti Nkadimeng

Art, a resident of Midlands, recently posted the following on the Midstream Estate Residents etc Facebook group: I would really like to commend security guard Fatti Nkadimeng for assistingf my fiancé’s father during the frightening medical scare we had tonight. He was patrolling Mt Cliff and jumped in to assist the medics and stuck with them for most of the evening! Wow, bud – you held the drip for most of the night and questioned his health and stability all through the evening. Well done! Where did you come from?? After the ambulance arrived you insisted on continuing your rounds! Thank you very much!! Keep up the good work, S/O Nkadimeng. This was truly beyond the call of duty and we are proud to have you as part of the team.

HOA OFFICES – HOLIDAY OPERATING HOURS The HOA offices will be closed on the following public holidays: Friday, 16 December 2016 Monday, 26 December 2016 Tuesday, 27 December 2016 Monday, 02 January 2017 The offices will also close their doors at 13:00 on the following days: Friday, 23 December 2016 Friday, 30 December 2016 Security and Facilities staff will be on duty throughout the festive season. 70

Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016



ONEDAY SKIPS, waste management made easy!!

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Hanging of paintings/mirrors

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Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

The Midstream Magazine - DECEMBER 2016



t is hard to think that we stand at the end of the year again, another year has passed, and I sometimes wonder why the years go so quickly… Do you feel the same? Then allow me just to ponder a moment. Presently, we are looking at a series driven by Church of the Resurrection – Kansas, USA - the title, “Your money and your life”, and this has brought so many questions to light in my life. What are the important things for each of us? Many involve money and the ability to purchase those things, but some don’t. What then are the most important things for each of us?

When I speak to people, it is so often around their relationships. Some have relationships that really just fly, and are healthy and wholesome. But so many others struggle with relationships that are broken and cause pain and hurt. We say things like, “if only we could go back and change this or that”… This is something that money cannot buy. Money cannot buy a relationship, or fix a relationship. We all desire a relationship that will always last our lives through, and then I look at our Lord’s faithfulness to us. I look at the relationship that He wants to have with us. We have a faithful God. His faithfulness extends to the heavens and He loves us with an extravagant love that is steadfast and eternal. We know that the Lord is God and that He is faithful in all that He does.

Sunrise: 7:30 - 8:30 Family: 9:15 - 10:30 Evening: 18:00 Youth Children Church: 9:15 Youth Gatherings: Friday 18:30 - 20:30 012 940 9301 (+27) 076 019 8078 74

We also need to know that there is no limit to His faithfulness. It is His nature to be faithful, and we can depend on that with all that we are and all that we hope to be. Psalm 36:5 tells us that. His faithfulness does not come and go, and does not change like the weather. Rather it is inter-ge– erational and will be there for you and me all the time. His faithfulness is great – when I read Lamentations 3:22 – 23, I have the assurance that the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning, great is Your faithfulness of God. He will walk faithfully with us through every season of our lives. He will hold us and keep us and always be there in the good and the not so good times of our lives. And then I look at this season that fast approaches us, and I realise that God gave His all to us at Christmas. He gave us His Son, so that whosoever believes in, trusts in and clings to Him will never die, but have eternal life (Amplified Bible). This is the faithfulness of God that we battle to believe at times, when all around us is too fragile and inconsistent. At Christmas this year, I pray that you will learn to love and accept this faithfulness that God gives to us so freely and abundantly. He wants us to know that He loves us, and because of that love, He did not leave us as we are, but sent His Son to come and live among us and show us His great faithfulness and love. My prayer is that at Christmas time, you will experience and know the love that God wants to lavish upon you. There is no money on this earth that can buy this love of God. There is no money that can ever pay for the love that God exquisitely rains down on us. All we have to do is to accept this and enjoy the abundance of the love that comes from Him. All God longs for in return is that we accept this love and faithfulness that flows from Him. I pray that you will experience this love and you and your family and loved ones will know that God is faithful in all that He does, and that you will experience His peace and joy in all that you do. His extravagant love is yours for the talking. Money cannot buy this peace and love. God bless and keep you. May you always feel the presence of His mighty Hand on your life. I pray that you will have a blessed Christmas and a peaceful and wonderful 2017. With my love,

Jen Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

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Die Midstream Tydskrif - DESEMBER 2016

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