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The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


Introduction Turning one page at a time.

Many find solace between the pages of a book. As the pages are turned the story unfolds and so the reader continues, turning one page after the other. In this day of electronic books, pages are turned over with the swipe of a finger. But whatever the method, pages need to be turned over to reach the climax. Even for those who would far rather concentrate on technical books, theories and reasoning, the final result only unfolds once the pages have been turned over. And so we enter the year 2014 and turn to a new page in the unfolding story of our town. The first ten year-period has passed and now we begin with the second decade of the greater area that will in future be known as Midstream. A new primary school has opened at Midstream Ridge and a new access road will soon link residents to the outside world along an alternative route. Many new and exciting pages are being turned. In line with the many new events, the local news team will continue to dish up content that require pages to be turned over. But in this instance pages are being added to the book continuously! To improve our news delivery we have taken a fresh look at what started out as a 16 page estate newsletter and has grown to this 52-page bumper edition. With so much information on the lives of the people of Midstream available, it was decided to rename the newsletter Midstream Magazine. The Midstream Magazine will still appear every second month in printed format, and an electronic e-Mag will appear the alternate months as a full colour electronic version, concentrating on a photographic representation of life in Midstream. This edition shares the results of the 2013 matric pupils at Midstream College, shows pictures of some of the first grade one’s at Midstream Ridge Primary, and relates a few of our residents’ inspiring adventures. As the quote goes “Life is a journey – not a destination”. And if we may add “… enjoy it by turning one page at a time”. From the Midstream Magazine team our wish for our readers and their families is that 2014 will be one of great blessings – enjoy it by turning the pages one page at a time.

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Voorblad foto-verhaal: Die voorblad foto is geneem op die eerste skooldag van 2014 waartydens die hoof van Midstream Ridge Laerskool, Mnr Vernon Harmse, die lint geknip het en die leerders die skoolterrein binnegestroom het. On the frontpage: The principal of Midstream Ridge Primary, Mr Vernon Harmse, on the day the school opened its doors for the first time in 2014.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014

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The Midstream Magazine - February 2014



WHY DO PEOPLE BUY A HOME IN MIDSTREAM In the previous issue the news team looked at the number of houses transferred during the latter half of 2013. For this article we contacted the local – and very active – real estate agents to establish why buyers are eager to live in our beautiful town. Where everyone mentioned the top level of security enjoyed, it is the varying descriptions of lifestyle that are of interest. Some of the responses we received: Midteam Real Estate has been selling properties in the estate for a decade and has had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of happy new families settle into their new homes. The demand for a family home in Midstream is growing by the day, due to a number of enticing factors mentioned by residents and new buyers who chose to live in our beautiful estate: “The idea that children can grow up as we did when we were young – riding their bikes, walking to school and playing in the parks.” “The security and knowing that our children are safe at all times, whether at home or school, was the main reasons for our family choosing this care-free lifestyle.” “The excellent educational facilities.” “Amenities are close and easily accessible.”

Petrus is a Property Consultant at Harcourts. Through his international business connections he has built up a data base of international buyers who are keen to invest in Midstream for the following reasons: (1) The perception that the estate is well managed. They have full confidence in the Midstream Management and have no doubt that the estate will be in the same mint condition many years from now. (2) There are a number of international companies who are opening offices in the Centurion area. Midstream is the preferred residential choice for all their executives and senior managers. (3) They like the peace and tranquillity that the estate has to offer along with other factors such as the schools, wide open spaces and parks, and they have full confidence in the security setup.

We look forward to the next ten years and providing families with their dream homes. Clients from Rachelle and Ana at

Dynamique Real Estates

enjoy the laid back secure lifestyle of Midstream. They think it a fabulous estate, well situated and close to all amenities. They also enjoy the parks and pools that make it the ideal estate for the entire family. Fiona from has been an estate agent for more than 3 years and has been a resident for 8 years. “I have seen the estate grow from strength to strength. When clients tell me they want to move here for the security, I know that they will be making the right decision. Being a resident here as well, I never have to worry about my family’s safety.”

Pam Golding agents, Vera, Jimmy and Celia, have been active in Midstream for six years and say that in the last two years in particular the popularity of investing and migrating to Midstream has grown exponentially.

Clients from Embassies are impressed with the security management and biometric entrance control. Investors have Midstream as a top priority for rental options for diplomats from other countries. But it is mostly young parents and family orientated clients who drive the sales inside the estate in their efforts to join the well-acclaimed Midstream College with its International Education standards, old-style family values and freedom from crime.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


Ansie and Madeleine are property agents at LEAPFROG and have been concluding sales in the area for many years. Whilst many of their clients rate the excellent security as the main reason for moving into the estate they also rate highly the fact that children can once again walk to school.  They have recently also noted that many sellers become repeat buyers within the estate.  Initially reasons for selling might be to downscale, move to a bigger home or even to move to the Retirement Village, but they do not even consider moving from the greater Midstream.  It seems as though the motto is: “Once a Midstreamer, Always a Midstreamer!” from Waypoint Real Estate says: “My favourYanuzka Nel

Property Principal Group have been Carine and Retha from

active in the estate since early in the development. Their clients prefer Midstream to other estates for the following reasons: (1) Many activities for children of all ages – beautiful parks, tennis courts, gym, etc. (2) All the family’s needs are provided for– shops, schools, churches, sport facilities – there is seldom need to leave the estate

ite time of day to drive prospective buyers is 17h00 in the afternoon when residents embracing the outdoor freedom the estate has to offer are on their various walk-abouts” she says Waypoint clients buy in Midstream for the following reasons: (1) Their children can play outside and be safe all hours of the day (2) The “small town” feel with all amenities such as the fuel station, barber, gym and restaurants, are unrivalled and no other estate can offer this (3) All the schools are on one’s doorstep and children can use the footpaths and traffic-controlled crossings (4) Clients love the outdoor leisure concept which can be enjoyed all year round i.e. the mini golf course, fly fishing, tennis, restaurants and parks

One of Remax’s clients had the following to say: “We bought a plot in Midstream and after a while built a house that became our family’s home. The children attended Midstream College, went to University, graduated, and then flew away to explore the world. When the home became too big, we sold it and are building a smaller, comfortable home, in Midstream Hill. We will keep enjoying the safe environment we have become used to over the years. Another buyer commented by saying: “We do not like to look too far into the future, but when the years become too weighty and the hair silky white, we can just move a few blocks away and settle down in the retirement village. We can then still enjoy the same environment and still visit with our grandchildren and lifelong friends.” Catherina Viljoen from Huizemark Centurion has been active in the area for 5 months and has seen the great interest shown by potential clients in this area. She has found the area to be tranquil and the serenity provided by the preservation of wildlife and nature has proven to be not only an environmental consideration, but a great enticement for clients. Her clients invested in Midstream for the following reasons: (1) They love the peaceful environment (2) They enjoy the nature in the area (3) They feel their families are safe (4) It is close enough to the main routes to Pretoria en Johannesburg

Realty1 has been active in Mid-

stream estate for over two years. Their clients bought in Midstream for the following reasons: (1) Quick and easy access to Johannesburg and Pretoria. (2) Kids can walk to schools and enjoy the safety and security the estate offers (3) The facilities in the estate are offered by no other, i.e. the shopping center, fuel station, and much more (4) The opening of the new Midstream Ridge Primary school is also an attraction to new owners (5) The recent opening of the Mugg and Bean brought some excitement to the estate

Apple Property Connections had the Clients from Melanie Burell at

following to say: “Our children have the opportunity to interact with their friends in a safe environment and we never have to be concerned about the safety of our property when we go away on family outings.”

Visit the following link on the Midrand Estates website for all estate agents’ information: http://www.midrand-estates. The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The first 3 days of 14 days by Cheryl Smith I cannot believe our amazing adventure is over and I am sitting on my patio writing about it. In a way I was looking forward to coming home but a part of me wanted to stay a while longer and learn more about these gentle hard working people and their beautiful country. Nepal and the incredible Himalayan mountain range is breath taking and I feel privileged that I was able to go there. After landing in Kathmandu the first thing one notices is how friendly the Nepalese people are, all placing their hands together and greeting everyone with the customary greeting of “Nameste� pronounced Namess-stay. We were taken to Bhaktaphur, which is the old city and we stayed in a beautiful old hotel for two nights before flying across to Lukla.

machines, electric stoves and sundry other appliances are unheard of. Our trek started after we flew across to Lukla, the smallest and most dangerous airport in the world. Walking is a constant up and down, mostly up, and crossing over rivers many times, so that if at first we were a little wary of the suspended bridges by the middle of our journey we felt perfectly at home on them. One of the most amazing things about trekking is that around every bend there is another view of the magnificent snow-capped mountains and very often Everest

is in the distance standing above all else. The first leg of the journey was a 4 hour trip going 200 meters down to a beautiful little village next to the river called Phakding. Unfortunately we had to cover part of our first day trekking in the dark as our plane had been delayed in Kathmandu due to bad weather. Walking with only a head lamp and a small torch on a mountain path was scary but without too many mishaps and we all arrived in one piece.

The Gundu valley right next to Bhaktaphur is an amazing fertile valley with magnificent views. It is well farmed with little farm houses dotted all around. The women folk do most of the hard work in the lands. Although we did see the odd man getting his hands dirty. The women folk wash their clothes at fountains and rivers and even the children help. Washing

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


Day two was a 6,5 hour long trek climbing 800 meters up to Namche Bazaar which is at 3448 meters. This is one of the larger town/villages on the mountain and is filled with hotels, tea houses, and guest houses. The whole town is built in a valley so it is terraced all over. It is filled with many shops selling just about everything and best of all several marvellous bakeries where one can sit and have delicious coffee and homemade cakes. The apple pie is the best, apples are grown all over the lower mountain regions. Day three was an acclimatization day so we had to trek up the mountain to Shyangboche Panorama which is close 3900 meters. There

we enjoyed wonderful hot chocolate at the Everest View hotel. We visited several memorial sites and a museum. By the time we reached Namche if anyone had not noticed how much the body had been affected by the higher altitude during the trek up, then Shyangboche let one know in no uncertain terms. One of the many suspended bridges we had to cross.

In the next edition we will continue on Sheryl’s trek up the Himalayas

Cecilia, Basie, Trevor, Jan, Rita, Santos-Guide, Gungu – Guide, Jack, Apil – porter, Asok, porter, Front row, Cheryl, Ram – Sherpa, Suman – porter, Magors – porter


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014




Midstreamer competes race in the Kalahari Desert

Stefan Müller, resident at Midlands Estate, competed in the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon, one of the most brutal races in the world. His participation in the race which took place from 19 to 25 October 2013, was a life experience second to none. He is looking for more runners willing to join in this testing race in 2014. The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon is a 250 km self-sufficiency run held over six legs in seven days with set distances ranging from 27 km to 75 km for each day. Each participant must carry his/her food supplies, clothes and compulsory safety and survival equipment for the duration of the race. This extreme marathon is not only about the challenge to cover the distance, but also about having the mental strength to continue even if the body loudly protests because of blisters, spasms, sprained ankles or just being extremely tired. It is a challenge to get past what normal people would regard as crazy.

years old, and from all over the world entered. Some participants had impressive running CVs listing many comrades and other marathons or iron man participation. The distances need to be covered during every stage, and one has to take care of the body which should bring you to the finish line, making sure that energy and hydration levels are intact. Preparations The heat and hills in Midstream were a good training ground for Stefan. When friends and family heard about the planned race they just shook their heads in disbelief. Every weekend was spent training in the Groenkloof Reserve where new friendships with other participants were made. Since some had participated in this race before important tips were shared. But in the end, one must plan everything for oneself: the backpack, shoes, gaiters, food, supplements, and medical supplies – for a novice, quite a project.

Get hooked

Let the race begin

Only 63 men and women from all walks of life, 18 to 60 something

According to Stefan the race was more about meeting amazing peo-

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014

ple. People supporting each other, pulling the weaker or less experienced through gruelling distances. One German lady aggravated an old hamstring injury when slipping in the early river crossings within 3 km of the start but she still struggled on for 4 days before she just had to give up; another was limping badly due to a sprained ankle and needed 21 hours to finish the 4th leg of 75 km; then there was the French runner who finished under the top 10 in 2012 but this time round decided to be the guide for a blind female participant. Participants and crew members alike, the support was remarkable. The Kalahari Desert decided to surprise the runners with a great mix of weather from a freezing cold wind which made sleeping in the open nearly impossible, to sand storms, thunder storms and more typically extreme dry heat. The terrain offered never-ending sandy river beds, sandy gorges and steep climbs over jumbled boulders. To survive the Kalahari Desert requires a special strength, which has little to do with just running. “Some runners run for front positions, but many just race against themselves. And it gets quite lonely in the desert because the handful of runners are spread out across a large area”, says Stefan. Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 2014? Stefan is planning to participate in this amazing race again in 2014. Is there anybody who would like to join? Read more about this race at www.extrememarathons. com.




Tennis@Midstream had a successful and funpacked end of year function in 2013. The club chairman, Hendrik Greeff awarded two junior member trophies for the most improved players during the year. Well done and congratulations to Elizma Mans and Victor Putter. The men’s first team will be playing in the Gauteng North B league and the ladies first team is part of the Gauteng North A league. Tennis@Midstream is proud to be one of the three strongest tennis clubs in the Gauteng North region and trusts that these levels will be maintained during 2014. The next big tennis event will be the club championships that are scheduled towards the end of January 2014

me that requ flexibility and ires more stre sp physical cond eed than many other sports ngth, ition will dete . Your rm your golf swin g. Furthermor ine the potential of e, the sport of quires streng th golf refar enough, co and speed in order to hit the ball re strength fo r the perfect flexibility and balance, stability require d diovascular ex ercise to impr for control, and carove fitness, ha coordination an nd-eye d ultimately co ncentration. To improve yo ur fitness and improve your local Patrick game the O’Brien Golf Academy has with fitness partnered experts and no w offers fitness programs to improve your fitness as well as your golf - an d in that your wel lbeing. Contact Patrick at 082 992 1314 for m ore information.

EEN VAN ONS WAGTE RED KIND UIT SWEMBAD Op 1 Januarie 2014 om 18h10 het Sekuriteitsoffisier Andries Mashau algemene interne patrollies gedoen te Midlands. Hy het gehoor hoe daar om hulp geroep word vanaf die swembad in die “Rush Hour Park” in Midlands. Hy het hom daarheen gehaas en dadelik gesien hoe ‘n jong kind besig was om te verdrink - met die oppasser wat benoud op die kant van die swembad staan! Sonder om te aarsel het Andries oor die heining gespring en die kind uit die swembad gered en dadelik mond tot mond asemhaling toegepas. Die kind is bygebring en aan die ouers terugbesorg. Tydens verdere ondersoek is bevestig dat drie kinders na die swembad geneem is deur hul huishulp as oppasser - en dat sy glad nie kon swem nie. Die optrede van Andries beklemtoon die waarde van die “bobby-on-the-beat” stelsel waarvolgens wagte 24 uur per dag deur die dorpe te voet sirkuleer. Dit bewys ook die hoë kwaliteit van wagte wat ons in diens het. Ons loof Andries vir sy onverskrokke daad en dank hom vir die dramatiese verskil wat sy daad aan die familie se lewens gemaak het. Ons is almal trots op hom.

Seeff The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014



The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


F I T N E S S , H E A LT H A N D W E L L N E S S If one of your resolutions for the new year is to be more active and get fit this year, consider these activities available on the estate.

Run Walk for Life Midstream won the category Best

New Branch Nationally for 2013. We provide a field and road training sessions for walkers and runners, from beginners to experienced athletes. Enjoy the beautiful outdoor venue and with highly competitive rates and loads of fun, become part of our energetic team and promote your health. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 17h15 at the Oval behind the Purple Cow Restaurant. Contact us on 083 297 9649 / 082 442 8394 or via email at

No Boundaries Youth Cricket (NBYC) was estab-

lished in 2007, is based at Midstream College and offers various forms of cricket coaching from ages 4 – 17. Our philosophy is to provide an environment of excellence for all young cricketers no matter their age or skill level and to optimise their potential. Contact Kerry on 083 469 3381 or or visit our website for more info.

Pilates is for anyone – whether you want to function optimally, are looking for balance in life or want to change your life for the better! Inside Out Pilates studio offers a variety of classes, including individual classes using equipment to stretch and strengthen the body as well as group sessions using mat exercises. For more information contact Natasha via email at or visit the studio at the Midrand Estates Park, Midstream.

The Centurion Swimming and Aqua Centre offers swimming lessons for beginners from 3 years and older. Stroke correction and squad training at the heated Midlands Indoor Pool. Contact Elmarie van Dyk on 082 463 6525 or

Adventure Boot Camp for Women is a four-week

outdoor exercise program for women of all fitness levels. Exercise 1 hour a day, Monday to Friday and either attend 12 or 20 sessions. We get together at the Doxa Deo Church at 05h00am or 17h30pm daily. Register now at or contact Danielle on 082 567 2267.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


PMA Judo is the largest and most successful judo club in the region, with 46 South African champions over the past

two years. Our lessons take place at Midstream College between the Grade 1 classes on Tuesdays during the following times: Grade 0 – 2 (13h30 to 14h15), Grade 3 – 7 (14h15 to 15h00). Advanced classes presented by invitation only. Contact Louis on 082 657 7470 or or visit our website

The World of Wellness (WoW) Gym offers a great fitness facility and is proud to announce that we are now part of the Discovery Vitality rewards system! Our qualified personal trainers will ensure a structured training programme suited for your needs. Join our gym between 1 February and 31 March 2014 and receive a free “3 day trial” by presenting this advertisement (applicable to Midstream residents only). Let’s make 2014 a fabulous, fit and healthy year! Contact us on 083 629 9350 / 079 885 2452 or visit our website at

Lady Xstream is an exclusive ladies fitness centre.

We offer morning fitness classes Monday to Friday, which includes Basic Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Fitball, Indoor Boot Camp, Pilates, and much more. Contact Debby Taljaard via email at

Whether you are a novice or experienced golfer a trained eye can improve your game. Patrick and his professional golfing team from the Patrick O’Brien Golf Academy is at hand and has the latest equipment to analyse and improve your golf swing. Consider a lesson with video analysis to improve your swing instead of struggling on the course or spending hours at the range on your own honing your problematic swing. Book a golf lesson with video analysis and contact Patrick on 082 992 1314 or email patrick@pobgolf. to discuss your personal way of improving your game.

Daling Biokinetics specialises in orthopaedic assess-

ment and rehabilitation, chronic disease exercise monitoring, sport specific testing and training, rehabilitation of sport injuries, weight management, sport massage, Kinesio-taping, and much more. Visit Chantal at Midrand Estates Park or contact her on 082 815 7633. In

CrossFit is a fitness program that uses constantly varied (always changing) functional movements applied at high intensity (relative to your fitness level). It is designated to increase your capacity over many different times and modal domains. Visit the CrossFit WoW box at the Square@Midstream or contact them on 072 186 1492. Punish your weakness!

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


VALEnTınE’S COUPLE SPECıAL Book a Signature Treatment for a couple and receive FREE access to our Spa facilities as well as dining for two at Tanglewood Terrace Restaurant to spice up your romantic day

TOUCH SPA @ SEASOnS On Valentines day you can forget about your everyday reality and indulge your senses with a range of treatments, inspired by all four seasons – the relaxation of summer, the crisp freshness of winter, the fragrances of spring and the beauty of autumn. Just a 45 minute drive outside the hustle and bustle of the city lies our sensorial secret of rest and rejuvenation.

TOUCH SPA FACıLıTıES ·Indoor Heated Spa Pool with Water Treatments ·Sleep Therapy & Relaxation Room ·Men's and Ladies Steam Rooms ·Outdoor Relaxation Area

·Kneipp Therapy Cold and Warm Pools ·Outdoor Warm Roman Pool ·Outdoor Cold Rock Pool

TAnGLEWOOD TERRACE RESTAURAnT Enjoy dining at Tanglewood Terrace Restaurant which offers a variety of courses, Starters, Main and Desserts. Subject to availability . Pre booking is essential . Valid from 1 - 16 February 2014

e n i t n e Val

Call 087 150 1888 Within Seasons Eco Golf Estate Farm 116, Hartbeesfontein, Old Rustenburg Road, Brits S25 41.7�0 � E027 51.411



The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The use of

light photography in

By Hennie Cronjé

Light is the raw material for photography. Without light, photography is not possible.

With the correct use of light, an ordinary photograph can be transformed into a masterpiece.

less atmosphere within a photo. Colours tend to become less saturated in hard light.

Three aspects are important with regard to light:

Experienced photographers say that when your own shadow becomes shorter than yourself, you should put away your camera and go for a cup of tea or coffee! However, hard light can be altered with the use of filters, such as neutral density filters and polarizers.

• • •

The amount of light reaching the camera’s sensor (exposure) The type of light – soft, hard, artificial, etc. The direction by which the light reaches the object being photographed.

Amount of light reaching the sensor This is called exposure. It can be correct, underexposed or overexposed. Usually, photographers aim for the correct exposure, which is logic. For special effects, however, this can be altered. An underexposed photo can create a very special atmosphere and is known as a low key photo. Slightly overexposed photos with a white background is the opposite and known as high key photos. These photos often convey a light and joyful atmosphere. The type of light Early morning light is the best for photography, closely followed by late afternoon or early evening light. The light is soft under these circumstances, with pleasing colours and soft shades. During mid-day the light becomes hard with dark, sharp edged shades. This often creates a restThe Midstream Magazine - February 2014

Artificial light (and reflectors) can be used with great results. The camera flash is a very useful tool which is unfortunately neglected. For example, in bright sun, a flash can be used to soften the shadows, making the picture much more acceptable. Flash photography consists of many different techniques and effects, a topic on its own. The direction of light There are three important directions of light towards an object: •

Front lighting – from the photographer towards the object. This is the least desirable of the three. The light on the object tends to be hard with almost no contrast due to the absence of subtle shadows on the surface. It makes the image uninteresting and is not recommended, particularly for portraits of people. Of special note is the built-in flash of a camera. It provides powerful front lighting, which makes a picture “flat”.

Side lighting – from one or both sides of the object. This is the best of the three. It creates contrast on the object being photographed, bringing detail to the front. The light is usually soft and pleasing. Back lighting – from opposite the photographer towards him/ her. The light hits the object from behind, creating a nice, often bright, halo around the object that is photographed. However, the front of the object is dark and this is the disadvantage of back lighting. It can be counteracted with artificial light from the front (front lighting)or by the use of a reflector.

White balance The use of light and the white balance of the camera go hand in hand. Wonderful light in a scene can be disappointing in the image if the white balance is incorrect. Generally, auto white balance does not work very well, particularly in scenes with high contrast in light. The auto white balance adjusts itself according to the bright or sunny areas, but in the shades a blue tint will be present. It is recommended to use the manual function, where “shade” is the most useful setting. It works for most situations. Only in bright sunlight and artificial light, other settings should be used. The camera’s menu will clearly show the options.


Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5. Figure 6.

Early morning light, soft and colourful. Cloudy weather brings out colours with less contrast in the picture. Underexposure, a low key photo, creates deep co- lours with a special atmosphere. Overexposure can create a cheerful atmosphere (high key photo). Front lighting with little contrast (left) and side light- ing with beautiful detail (right). Backlighting creates beautiful effects.


What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time. John Berger


Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014

Figure 6


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


DI E JA N F R E DE R I K Hierdie bekende voël is algemeen bekend as die Janfrederik (Cape Robin) en is waarskynlik ons mees ​​ geliefde tuinvoël omdat dit geheel en al ‘n inseketer is.

Hierdie voëls se bekende sang kan reeds van vroeg in die oggend gehoor word en hul roepklank het aanleiding gegee tot hul Afrikaanse naam “Janfrederik“.

Die Janfrederik word hoofsaaklik gevind in Suider- en Oos–Afrika, vanaf Kenia suid tot in Suid-Afrika. Dit is ‘n algemene spesies wat verkies om in die rande van woude en ander digte plantegroei te bly. Hulle is territoriaal en sodra hulle hul tuisgemaak het in ‘n tuin, raak hul gou mak rondom die kosbak of voëlbad - en hulle is baie lief om daar te bad!

Die Janfrederik is ‘n insektivoor, aangesien hul dieet uit ​​ ‘n verskeidenheid van insekte bestaan wat hulle hoofsaaklik naby, of op die grond soek. Hulle raak maklik daaraan gewoond om in tuine gevoer te word en as hul dan nie gereeld kos kry nie, sal hul soms afwagtend die kos by jou deur kom soek! Albei geslagte lyk dieselfde en hul is sowat 16 - 17cm lank. Die

volwassene se rug is bleekgrys met ‘n oranje bors. Die ken, keel, onder- en stertdekvere en die buitenste stertvere is ook oranje en die sentrale stertvere is bruin-grys. Hul bene en voete is pienk-grys en hul oë is bruin. Die jong voëls se kleur verskil egter en hul is donkerbruin en dofgeel met ‘n grys-bruin bors. Die Janfrederik bou meestal hul neste van Augustus tot Januarie. Hulle bou die nes in ‘n koppievorm en gebruik growwe plantegroei en voer dit dan uit met fyn materiaal soos hare. Een van die voëlpaar sal sy / haar ondervere in water week en dan die vog gebruik om die materiaal te versag vir die vorming van die nes. Die neste word gewoonlik versteek in lae bosse, digte rankplante of ou boomstompe. Hierdie voëls lê 2-3 eiers op ‘n keer wat groenerig van kleur is met roeskleurige spikkels . Slegs die wyfie broei op die nes en die broeityd is 14-18 dae lank. Die kuikens word deur albei ouers gevoer en hul bly in die nes vir 15-18 dae lank voordat hulle die nes verlaat. (Die kuikens op meegaande foto is 6-7 dae oud, gretig wagtend vir hul kos!). Die Janfrederik is ‘n pragtige en welkome inwonertjie in ons tuine wat baie plesier aan inwoners en tuiniers kan verskaf!

(Cape Robin-chat Cossypha caffra) FCD van Wyk



APPROVED MOTOR DEALER BY THE IDA!! WWW.LEMONTCO.COM The Midstream Magazine - February 2014




Most Offers to Purchase include a clause/clauses to the effect that such agreement is subject to one or more suspensive conditions. Usually this clause will refer to the fact that the offer is subject to: • the approval of a mortgage loan for a specific amount on or before a certain date. • The sale of the Purchaser’s existing house for a certain amount before a certain date. • Any other condition agreed upon between the parties. The effect of a suspensive condition is that the agreement does not come into effect unless the suspensive condition has been met in time. Principles derived from a few court cases are set out below: Murphy and Another vs Durie 2006 JOL18301 (C) The offer was subject to a condition that a mortgage bond had to be obtained by no later than 9 December 2003. Although the seller

was telephonically informed that the required mortgage bond was granted on the 9th of December 2003, the letter confirming the approval of the bond was only received and dated the 10th of December 2003. The ruling of the Court was that the suspensive condition was not fulfilled timeously and therefore there was no binding contract. Eloff vs Dekker Cape High Court Case Number 1461/2006 A bond was approved but for a lesser amount than stipulated in the agreement. The Court held that a bond clause in an agreement of sale for immovable property is usually inserted in an agreement for the exclusive benefit of the purchaser and such clause can be waived unilaterally by the purchaser. A waiver of the condition however should take place before the due date for fulfilment of the condition. The agreement therefore lapsed.

Corporate of Dryden Hall & Another 2009 JOL23405 (D) The non-fulfilment of suspensive conditions was confirmed as rendering an agreement null and void. Where there are multiple suspensive conditions set out separately in an agreement, nonfulfilment of only one of them will have the same effect. Important: 1. A suspensive condition has to be complied with punctually; 2. When it is evident that the condition will not be met in time, an addendum or a waiver is to be concluded in writing prior to the expiry date of such condition; 3. Ensure that the suspensive clause always has a final date to avoid open-ended agreements; 4. Obtain advise from your legal representative before it’s too late; 5. Snyman de Jager is available in Midstream for advice – our experience makes the difference!

Ashington & Another vs Body

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


Interviews with.....

The Head Boy

of Midstream College P

Reid Peattie

- Head Boy, Midstream College Primary

How do you feel about taking on the role of Head Boy this year? “It’s really nerve-wrecking as there is a lot of pressure, but I am also very excited about facing the challenges. What is your strongest subject, cultural item and/or favourite sport? “Maths, Revue, Squash and Cricket” Can you get by without your cellphone? “Never!” Where do you plan on being in 10 years’ time? “I plan to be very successful and play provincial squash or cricket”

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014



ys &


Primary & Midstream College

Raise your words, not your voice for it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.

Talent can win a match, teamwork can win a championship.

The words above have special meaning for the 2014 leaders at the Midstream College Primary and Midstream College Secondary school. Here is what they have to say about their interests and aspirations.

Danica Meiring

- Head Girl, Midstream College Primary

How do you feel about taking on the role of Head Girl this year? “Honoured, since I am at such a prestigious school. To be head girl of Midstream is a privilege.” What is your strongest subject, cultural item and/or favourite sport? “My strongest subject is geography and violin and revue are my strongest cultural items. I enjoy playing hockey.” What is your favourite saying / quote / song and why? “Psalm 31:24 “Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.” Can you get by without your cellphone? “Yes, definitely. Life’s too short to be looking at a screen all day. There are things to do and places to see. I talk a lot, so verbal communication is something I enjoy more.”

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


Eduard Bosman - Hoofseun, Midstream College

Hoe voel jy oor jou rol as Hoofseun hierdie jaar? “Dit is vir my ‘n groot voorreg, ‘n enorme verantwoordelikheid en ‘n opwindende uitdaging. Ek voel geweldig geëerd en ek sien opgewonde uit na 2014. Die posisie mag dalk soos ‘n eenman-taak klink, maar ek kan verseker sê dit is nie die geval nie. Ek voel rustig, wetende dat ek nie die take en verantwoordelikhede wat voorlê, alleen hoef aan te pak nie. Ons is ‘n entoesiastiese en positiewe groep leiers wat mekaar bystaan en ondersteun. In Fillipense 4:13 staan daar: “Ek is tot alles instaat deur Hom wat my krag gee”. 2014 Sal ‘n jaar tot eer van God wees.” Wat is jou sterkste vak, kultuur item en/of gunsteling sport? “My sterkste vakke is Ingenieursgrafika- en Ontwerp, asook Wiskunde. Op sportterrein geniet ek atletiek en hokkie (ek kan nie wag vir ons eerste wedstryd op die nuwe astro-baan nie!). Ek beskou myself nie as ‘n kultuur-boffin nie, maar ek geniet my deelname aan die revue.” Wat is jou gunsteling gesegde / liedjie en hoekom? “Talent can win a match, teamwork can win a championship” – Michael Jordan. Ek glo dat spanwerk en respek vir elke individu se rol, die belangrikste eienskap van ‘n skool is. Op hierdie manier sal aspekte soos gees, trots en eenheid net nog verder groei.” Kan jy klaarkom sonder jou selfoon? “Definitief nie! ‘n Paar maande gelede kon ek nog maklik my foon by die huis vergeet en nie eers twee keer daaroor dink nie. Deesdae is dit ‘n ander saak. My foon is my dagboek en help my onthou wanneer en waar ek dinge moet doen. Al is my vriende van opinie dat ek “useless” is met ‘n foon, sal ek hul stelselmatig verkeerd bewys.” Waar sien jy jouself oor 10 jaar van nou? “Ek wil graag ‘n Meestersgraad in Meganiese Ingenieurswese by Tukkies verwerf en daarna ‘n ingenieursfirma saam met my pa begin.”

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


Marinette Pretorius - Head Girl, Midstream College

How do you feel about taking on the role of Head Girl this year? “When it was announced that I was Head Girl I will admit to feeling that the task ahead seemed a bit daunting – it still does, even now. However, there is an amazing team of prefects and teachers behind me. I am only as strong as our team, but with that said I couldn’t be more excited to see what this year has in store for us. I have no doubt that we will have our fair share of challenges, but I am also certain that there is nothing that can’t be overcome. There’s a saying that goes “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” – and we intend to go everywhere!” What is your strongest subject, cultural item and/or favourite sport? “My strongest subject is Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD). I enjoy this subject so much – the opportunity to sit, take a deep breath and draw calms me down and gives me time to relax. Even though the work can get tricky, I love the challenge of drawing something and giving my perfectionist side a chance to take over. When times get tough, I fall back on the old trusted outlet that has been part of me all my life – dance. Having done rhythmic gymnastics throughout my youth and later acrobatics, ballroom and contemporary dance, this interpretive way of “letting go” is very close to my heart. Dance allows me to say everything I want and need to, without speaking a word.” What is your favourite saying / quote / song and why? “Raise your words, not your voice for it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” – Rumi “If you raise your voice while talking to people the only thing you will achieve is disrespect. Rather rise to the occasion and be open-minded. Always think before you say something that could leave scars that last longer than the current argument.” Can you get by without your cellphone? “I enjoy every moment I spend away from my cellphone immensely. Suddenly you have so much free time on your hands (literally). Being away from the ceaseless stream of communication gives me time to recuperate and genuinely relax. But when I switch a cellphone on after a week away from civilisation and 89 messages await reading, I realise how dependent we have become on cellphones. All things considered, I have to admit that without my cellphone, organizing meetings and functions would not be nearly as effective and successful.” Where do you plan on being in 10 years’ time? “To be a fully qualified veterinarian (specialising in wild game species) with my own paediatric wildlife rehabilitation centre – my dream ever since I was a young girl. I would like nothing more than to be in the untamed wild, journeying up into Africa and working around the globe giving medical care to wild animals and rehabilitating them before setting them free back into the wild.” The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


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The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014



The Midstream Magazine - February 2014



Day 1 @ the Pre-Primary

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014




Dis die begin van ‘n nuwe jaar. Die vakansie is net ‘n gedagte en die druk van al die dinge wat in 2014 moet gebeur, klop aan almal se deur. Verantwoordelikhede is deel van die lewe, maar tog wil ons ‘n beroep doen op ouers, onderwysers en die gemeenskap om te kyk na hoe te veel, en soms onnodige druk, ons kinders beinvloed en selfs kan benadeel. Wat gebeur in ‘n kind se brein wanneer hy/sy spanning ervaar (“stress”)? Die brein skei twee hormone af, naamlik kortisol (verhoog harttempo en bloeddruk) en adrenalien (verhoog bloedsuiker vlakke). Die doel van voorgenoemde is om die liggaam in staat te stel om vinnig te reageer wanneer die mens in lewensgevaar is. Hoe affekteer langtermyn stress-toestande die kind se breinontwikkeling? • Die kortisol wat heeltyd in die kind se brein teenwoordig is, eet letterlik aan die kind se brein wat veroorsaak

dat die kind se brein fisies kleiner ontwikkel as wat dit moet. • Die aanwesigheid van adrenalien en kortisol inhibeer die serotonien vlakke in die brein. Serotonien is die kalmerende “goed voel hormoon”. • Lae serotonien vlakke laat die kind oorweldig voel met die lewe se verwagtinge, wat dan later manifesteer as agressie of depressie. • Langtermyn stress veroorsaak dat die kind se brein minder en korter dendriete vorm wat die kommunikasie tussen die dendriete verswak, wat dan die brein se vermoë verswak om inligting effektief te produseer. • Volgens Dr Reed Moskowits, mediese direkteur van die Stress Disorder Clinic in New York, dra die kind die brein-patrone wat hy/sy as kind geleer en gevorm het oor na sy volwasse lewe. • Volgens Armstrong se boek, The Myth of the ADD Child, toon ‘n kind wat in ‘n konstante stress toestand verkeer, dieselfde simptome as ‘n kind wat aan ADD/ADHD lei.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014

Ons het die volgende artikel van Mariaan Bester van Midstream Preprimêre skool ontvang (effens verkort deur die redakteur)

‘n Kind se brein ontwikkel, groei en vorm dendriete d.m.v grootmotoriese bewegingsspele, klim en klouter oefening, touspring, fantasiespel en vele meer. Televisie en al die ander tegnologie waaraan ons kinders blootgestel word kan en sal ‘n kind se ontwikkeling strem indien hy/sy oormatige blootstelling daaraan kry. Dr Marcy Guddemi van die Gesell organisasie stel slegs ‘n uur ‘n dag voor vir TV, rekenaarspeletjies, en dies meer en glo ‘n kind onder twee moet aan geen tegnologiese apparaat blootgestel word nie. Neem dus die tyd om oordeelkundig na u kind se program te kyk sodat u kind nog genoeg tyd het om sorgeloos kind te kan wees. Dit is sy/haar reg. Mag hierdie ‘n jaar wees waar skole, ouers en die gemeenskap die kind se belang eerste gaan stel. Geniet u kind!


GRAAD 1-TRANE IETS VAN DIE VERLEDE “Dit is haar heel eerste skooldag en sy loop net in die klas asof dit níks is nie!” Só vertel graad 1-pappa Ruanne Byles van sy blonde krulkop, wat sonder terugkyk, 15 Januarie 2014 vreesloos aangedurf het. Youtube en ander sosiale media gons van die trane wat jaarliks met die eerste skooldag van graad eentjies gepaard gaan – dis nou die trane van die mammas en pappas. Midstream College Primêre Skool was geen uitsondering nie. Elke graad 1-leerling is met ’n prentjie en naamkaartjie by sy / haar sitplek verwelkom. Hulle is dade-

lik aangemoedig om hul prentjies in te kleur, sodat mamma en pappa ongemerk by die deur kon uitglip. Slegs enkeles was in die kameraflitse vasgevang en het ’n drukkie van hul onderwyser(es) benodig. Dié eerste skooldag-onafhanklikheid het selfs graad 2-leerling

Karla Alberts genoodsaak om haar mamma by die aflaaizone te los. “Graad 2-kinners loop nie saam met hul ma’s klas toe nie, Mamma!”

met hul nuwe onafhanklikheid hul huiswerk alleen afhandel, hulself soggens aantrek en versorg en boonop hul eie boeke oortrek.

Sterkte aan al die graad 1-ouers van 2014. Mag jul graad eentjies

KOM-IN-PAS MET DIE AFRIKAANSE DEPARTEMENT Midstream College Primêre Skool is bekend vir sy talentvolle leerders wat op akademiese, sport- sowel as kultuurgebied presteer. Sy talente is egter nie net tot die leerders beperk nie. Agt onderwyseresse van die Afrikaanse Departement van Midstream College Primêre Skool het koppe bymekaar gesit en die heel eerste handboek in die skool se bestaan geskryf! KomInPas met Afrikaans vir Huistaal gr. 4-7 is ’n versameling van jare se voorbereiding en werk wat deur die Afrikaanse Departement in een jaar saamgesit is. Die Departement, oftewel C. de Villiers, C. Kruger, C. Krüger, L. Rautenbach, T. Smith, D. Struwig, E. van der Merwe en N. Wildenboer stel die boek eksklusief aan Midstream College Primêre Skool en Midstream Ridge Laerskool bekend. Die handboek sal moontlik in 2015 aan ander skole bekend gestel word om te verseker dat dit ’n produk van gehalte is. Die Afrikaanse Departement het al vir die afgelope vyf jaar die behoefte The Midstream Magazine - February 2014

gehad om ’n kindervriendelike handboek saam te stel wat deur die leerders gebruik kan word en waarna hul terug kan verwys, selfs al is hulle in die Hoërskool. Dié unieke handboek is die enigste van sy soort, aangesien die afdelings van die taal chronologies georden is. KomInPas met Afrikaans vir Huistaal vervang so ook al die handboeke wat voorheen in gr. 4-7 gebruik is, wat die totale prys van taalhandboeke tot R 180.00 kortknip. KomInPas se sustershandboek, KomInPas met Afrikaans vir Addisionele Taal gr. 4-7, word na verwagting vir gebruik in 2015 vrygestel. Met dié verligting op ouers se beursies en leerders se skooltasse, sien ons sommer nóg meer uit na ’n voorspoedige en geseënde 2014!


MIDSTREAM COLLEGE TURNS EIGHT On 17 January 2014, Midstream College Primary School opened its doors for the eighth consecutive year. After our grade 1-group of 2006 has moved on to the high school, we welcome a brand new generation of grade ones to the Midstream family. Midstream College Primary School celebrated its eighth birthday with a monstrous chocolate cake and an ice

cream for every learner of the school. The ice cream was distributed in the hottest time of the day and therefore well appreciated. Happy birthday Midstream College Primary School, may the years ahead be smooth, blessed and filled with lots and lots of ice cream.

IF HUNGER STRIKES, GO PINK When Marcus arrives at school, it is still dark. A normal day consists of back-toback classes of Maths, Afrikaans, Geography, History, PE, Science and more. He needs to solve complicated problems, build his own models and write essays. After school Marcus joins the athletics club, where he runs multiple 400m for time. Marcus then has violin or Yadah practice, depending on the day. He usually doesn’t start his homework before 17:00. In order for him to concentrate on his school work, as well as perform competitively on a sport and cultural level, Marcus needs sufficient fuel in his tank. Unfortunately, Marcus’s parents work long hours and sometimes he needs to visit the tuck shop in order to survive the demands of the day. Marcus relies on the brand new addition to the tuck shop, Jaclyn Venter, former marketing and advertising executive with Centurion High and Doringkloof Primary as ref-

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014

erence to her ability as mom away from mom. Jaclyn’s primary focus falls on kids like Marcus. With a balanced breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and some toast, a chicken mayo tramezzini at break and beef lasagne with a chocolate cupcake or fruit salad at lunch, Marcus will not only reach his potential academically, but also in sport, culture and socially. Café Excellentia uses the help of a few skilled learners in the school, together with two professional chefs who specialises in patisserie and cooked meals. With operating hours stretching from 7:00 to 16:00, Jaclyn and her team uses their time to cook fresh, wholesome and healthy meals daily. When you see Café Excellentia’s colourful facelift, it’s no surprise that Jaclyn worked on TV-show Pasella as a décor and handiwork specialist. Her book, “Scrap it” / “Plak dit” is conveyed throughout the bright blue, red and pink of the décor. Jaclyn’s future plans includes the expanding of the menu with chocolate

fudge, coconut ice, quiches, chicken and beef lasagne, hamburgers with special reference to Jaclyn’s speciality, rib burgers, to mention a few. In order to speed up the order-and-pay system, learners will be able to pay for their food with their fingerprints. Mom would have to pay in advance, ensuring no problems regarding the handling of money. The no-money system will be up and running in the second term. Jaclyn believes in an open, honest relationship with each of her learners and therefore any suggestions are welcome. If you have a winning recipe for a boerewors-muffin, please share! Although Café Excellentia believes in serving their main client, kids, they also have a teacher’s cocktail, the vanilla cappuccino. If Jaclyn’s reputation is anything to go by, you should try it! As autumn approaches and with it, new sport and cultural challenges, one needs enough fuel to start and end a school day successfully. With the help of Jaclyn at Café Excellentia, this is now possible.


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


DROP OFF… AND SHOP! COMING SOON TO THE RIDGE Midstream Ridge is the talk of the town and made its first appearance with the opening of the Primary School. The pre-primary school with its colourful playground is in the process of completion and is scheduled to open in April 2014.

The new Midstream Ridge Primary School

As one follows the brand new road towards the school, the modernised buildings catch the eye, and one has the exciting prospect of watching the impressive school hall develop until its completion in June of this year. Construction of the shopping centre situated close to Midstream Ridge Primary should be underway by the end of the year. Combining dropping off the little one with shopping is something all busy moms can look forward to and will surely make life in Midstream even more convenient. Early bird entrepreneurs interested in the possibility of opening a shop in the new centre are welcome to contact the Bondev Sales Office.

estates for buyers wanting to buy newly completed homes. Local real estate agents are just a phone call away to help you find the right home for your family’s needs in a shortest hassle-free space of time! And if you dream of designing and building your own home, the Bondev sales office can make your dreams a reality by providing a list of available stands. Midstream Hill offers stands of 1000m² from only R1,2m and there are still a handful of larger 2000m² stands available with picturesque views over the Ranjesfontein bridle paths. We advise buyers wanting to build on larger stands to consider purchasing these sought after Midstream Hill stands. Only a small number of larger stands in Midstream Ridge will be available for sale a few years from now. The units in extension 40 of the Retirement Village are selling out at a rapid pace. There are still a few one-bedroom units with prices ranging from R1 395 000 as well as two-bedroom units from R1 860 000. These will be the very last one-bedroom units to be developed at Retire@Midstream so we urge interested buyers to visit our sales office at the Midstream Medical Centre. 2014 is underway and busy! We wish all our residents a prosperous and successful year. The Bondev Sales Team

Another structure underway is the residential Midstream Ridge Gatehouse which will soon serve as the entrance to yet another successful Bondev development. Whilst there is a hive of activity around Midstream Ridge there are still opportunities right here in Midstream Hill and Midlands. These estates are the ideal and favoured

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014

Retire@Midstream Main Building


professional architects practical &



The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


ZANI AND LEE DO IT AGAIN Twin sisters, Zani and Lee Barnard qualified for the AJC (African Junior Championships) held in Gaborone Botswana. They went on to play against each other in the finals with Lee taking honours. They also won the doubles which assisted South Africa to qualify for the African Junior Cup to be held in Nairobi, Kenya in April this year.

MIDSTREAM OFF TO A SWIMMING START The inter-house gala is the first in the line-up of inter-house events and our learners have demonstrated that much fun is going to be had at school this year. Even those remotely interested in swimming are in for a treat this year.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014






The matric class of 2013 has outdone its predecessors by producing the best grade 12 results to date. We are very proud of the 113 matrics who had a 100% pass rate and achieved 202 distinctions. 82,3% qualified for Bachelor’s Degree studies (full university admission). The top achievers were (number of distinctions in brackets): Christine Verhoef (10), Roux Wildenboer (8), Andries Duvenhage, Jordan Little and Annerine Niemand (7), Nadia Bisschoff, Jason Erasmus, Renate Griessel, Mikayla Relling and Jeanré van den Berg (6), Dayna Hegarty, Ruan Serfontein, Kineta Travern, Dewald Uys and Michael Weightman (5), Riaan Greeff, Ivan Jordaan, Jeanne Jordaan, Nonhlanhla Silomo, Gené van der Walt and Denise Visser (4), and Annerida Coetzee, Jacqui Freitas, Gustav Gerber, Bianca Kapp, Michelle Magliolo, Chantelle Minnie, Lia Myburgh, Schenica Scheepers, Nadine Sheppard and Karla van Dyk (3). A further 14 learners achieved two and another 25 one each. Individual achievements that deserve mention are: Christine Verhoef (Mathematics Paper 3) and Annerine Niemand (English First Additional Language) who achieved in the top 1% of all IEB candidates in individual subjects.

Roux Wildenboer (8)

Christine Verhoef het Midstream College se “Excellentia” leuse gestand gedoen tydens die afgelope Matriek Eindeksamens. Met harde werk en toewyding het hierdie trotse leerling haar slag gewys met ‘n ongelooflike tien (!) onderskeidings.

Christine Verhoef (10)

Watter toekennings het jy ontvang? “Graad Dux leerling, Beste senior netbalspeler, Prefek, Erekleure vir akademiese prestasie bo 80%, beste prestasie in Afrikaans, Wiskunde 3, Fisiese Wetenskappe, Lewensoriëntering, Besigheidstudies, Rekeningkunde en Lewenswetenskappe.“ Wat is jou planne vir hierdie jaar? “Om Aktuariële Wetenskap te studeer aan die Universiteit van Pretoria en om op ‘n hoë vlak deel te neem aan dans.” Die skool wens Christine met ‘n breë bors geluk; en wens haar alle sukses en voorspoed toe met haar studies.

Annerine Niemand (7)

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014

Wat het jou Matriekjaar uitdagend en spesiaal gemaak? “Om betrokke te wees by die skool-, sowel as buitemuurse aktiwiteite. Dit het ingesluit: kaptein van die eerste netbalspan en “Ballroom and Latin dancing”.

Andries Duvenhage (7)

Jordan Little (7)


Nadia Bisschoff (6)

Jason Erasmus (6)

Renate Griessel (6)

Mikayla Relling (6)

Dayna Hegarty (5)

Ruan Serfontein (5)

Kineta Travern (5)

Dewald Uys (5)

Jeanré van den Berg (6)

Michael Weightman (5)

4 1 0 2 8 d a a r G Nuut by Midstream College

Op Dinsdag, 14 Januarie, het ‘n groep gespanne graad 8s vir die eerste keer by Midstream College gearriveer. Die ‘bakstene’ (soos wat graad 8s tot en met hul inhuldiging bekend staan) het ‘n dag vol pret en spele gehad. Die ‘bakstene’ voltooi gedurende die eerste drie weke van die kwartaal ‘n oriënteringsprogram sodat hulle die tradisies en dag-tot-dag funksionering van die skool kan leer ken. VLNR: Rudolph Henning, Suzelle Slabbert, Stephen van Dyk, Wilma van Zyl, David Humphris The Midstream Magazine - February 2014



ROUNDABOUT Driving around Traffic Circle / Roundabout In South Africa we often refer to roundabouts as “traffic circles”. A roundabout is a circular intersection that reduces points of traffic conflict between vehicles in the intersection, calms traffic and improves flow of traffic on the road and through the intersection. So how do we drive through a traffic circle intersection? Step 1: Take note of information from traffic signs and lane markings as well as the volume and speed of traffic flow at the circle; Step 2: Slow down, decide on the exit you will take and approach the circle in the correct lane for the exit selected – typically note that you’re not required to stop.  Step 3: Prepare to enter the circle (in a clock wise direction), always yielding to traffic approaching from your right. These cars may not even slow down as they travel in or enter the roundabout, because they have the right of way. You must stop and wait until there is a break in traffic.

Rule 185: Follow the correct procedure at roundabouts

Step 4: Once in the flow of traffic, maintain a sensible speed (not too fast and not too slow) and use traffic signals to indicate your intentions. Step 5: Stay aware of pedestrians and cyclists as well as the cars in front of you and those waiting to join the circle.

Book a Kiddy’s party with golf at Midstream Hill’s Himalaya facility The green golf putting surface of the Himalayas facility at Midstream Hill is being shaped for your future enjoyment and is expected to be party-ready by the end of February 2014. The anticipated cost for using the venue up to three hours for a kiddy’s party will be R500.00, of which R250.00 is a refundable deposit. Putters and balls are included in the cost. The relevant booking form can be generated from the Midstream Hill website or can be made telephonically by contacting Cindy Rinke at the Midstream Hill HOA offices at 012 940 9555. Be on the lookout on Midstream’s Facebook page and Twitter for updates on the venue.

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


Voting Registration 8 & 9 February 2014 Do not miss out on your opportunity to vote In 2014 South Africa will not only celebrate 20 years of freedom from apartheid, it will also hold the country’s fifth national democratic elections. With the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) announcing a second and final round of voter registration set for February, we bring you a complete guide to registering for the elections. When will the elections be held? The elections must take place some time in 2014, but the final date will only be known once the president has proclaimed it in the Government Gazette. Who may vote? To be eligible to vote, you must:

Be a South African citizen

Midstream has two voting stations: Midstream Estate and Midfield’s X18, 19 & 20 register and vote at Midstream College’s Gym building on the ground floor. Midfield X15, Midlands Estate, Retire@Midstream and Midstream Hill, register & vote at Retire@Midstream community hall. For more information or to verify this information you can visit • •

Be at least 18 years old Have a green bar-coded ID book, or an ID smartcard, or a temporary identity certificate

Finally, you may only vote if you are registered on the voters’ roll. How do I register to vote? With your identity document, you must then register in person – you can’t do it online, for example, or by email. On the weekend of 8 to 9 February 2014, you can register from 08h00 to 17h00 at the voting stations in Midstream Do I have to register before every election? Unless you have moved into a new voting district, you only have to register once. You may have to register again if your voting district changes. How do I check if I am correctly registered to vote? You can check if you are registered to vote, and for the right district, by contacting the IEC or municipal office or by:

• Sending an SMS with your ID number to 32810. • Check your voter registration details online – this will also give you the address of your voting station. What documents do I need to register? By law, you must apply in person, and bring with you a valid green bar-coded South African ID book, or a smartcard ID, or a temporary identity certificate if you don’t have an ID book or smartcard.

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WATER TO YOUR NEW HOME Water is provided to all the households in Midstream by the Ekurhuleni Metro. The process for registering as a consumer of Ekurhuleni, is as follows: To obtain a water connection point and water meter an application must be lodged to the Ekurhuleni Metro at the stage when building plans are submitted. A connection fee and service deposit has to be paid along with the application. Once the house is ready for occupation the occupant has to enter into a service supply agreement with the metro and thus has to make contact with the council themselves;

Where the sectional title units at Retire@Midstream are concerned, Bondev arranges for the connection of water and Midstream Electrical Supplies (MES) handles the water metering duties thereafter. Home owners can also make use of Lenie Edwards, a facilitator whom assists new residents by submitting the relevant documentation to Ekurhuleni. Lenie can be contacted via email at or telephonically at 082 417 7909.

HOA DIRECTORS 2014 The following directors have been elected and/or re-elected to serve on the Board of each of the Home Owners Associations:

Etienne Hefer Greydon Petzer Jan Beukes Koot Myburgh Louis Botha Naudé Klopper Rupert Pöhl

Jan Rhoodie Rapula Modibane André Oberholzer Deon Louw Chris Smith Jan Zeederberg Riaan Botma

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Abrie Potgieter André Oosthuizen Chris Smith Jan Zeederberg Johan van Zyl Pieter Engelbrecht Riaan Botma

Cheryl Smith Chris Rademan Chris Smith Jan Zeederberg Jurie Verster Riaan Botma Tom Higgens

Chris Smith Jan Zeederberg Riaan Botma


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


Services Pro Cleaning Services - Midstream Estates. Our supervised cleaning teams sparkle clean homes and offices. We also supply trained domestics. Our prices are most affordable Mariaan 082 851 5888 For all your curtains and blinds rods and rails, phone Inez 0731018592 Curtinez Interiors CAZMAC Mobile Car Wash. Wash your vehicle in the comfort of your home or business premises! Alicia: 0761651570. Fleet enquiries welcome

Tyrone K Zerf Photography - Weddings, Model portfolios, Corporate events, Maternity and family photography. Contact Tyrone 0829231095

For Hire 2 S/kamer eenheid te huur in Retire@Midstream. 2 Motorhuise, gaskaggel, ondervloerse verhitting. Stapafstand vanaf hoofgebou & park. R12500 krag uitgesluit. 1 Mrt ‘14. Oor 55jr. Nadette 0727961118

Party invitations, banners, party packs and more. Mail us for more information Need a handy-man? Call Wikus on 0717956569. No job too big or small

The Midstream Magazine - February 2014

Elonex E-reader for sale. Small crack on screen (about 2cm long). Good condition otherwise, accessories included. R300. Karien - (082) 450 3403 Graco travel system (pram + car chair + accessories). Chair fits onto pram, can also fit onto car base (can be bought at Babycity etc). R1500. Karien - (082) 450 3403

Wanted Barbara du toit. I am looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom garden flat in Midstream to rent, and admin or any other work. 0832595117

Lie Detection/Polygraph Testing Did someone steal from you? Cheating spouse? Find the truth using polygraph testing by a true professional and former intelligence agent. Call 082 664 6226 Mad Man Maintenance – For all your serious or not so serious home maintenance needs. Contact Andre on 0823320566 or madmanfix@

Second Hand

Arts & Crafts


CRAFTY KIDS @The Purple Cow/ Midlands. Dins/Don-middae kinders 5-13jr. Ons werk met verskeie mediums & maak skilderye, versierings, speelgoed & geskenke. Heloïse 0834713762 / heloiseenslin2@gmail. com

Catering services for any event. Cooked meals daily. I specialise in homemade fudge, different flavours available. Marlene 0723384765 or


Please allow me to wish you, your family and loved ones, a blessed and prosperous new year. May 2014 be all that you want and need it to be. As we begin our journey into 2014, Galatians 5:22 really speaks to us in a big way.  We need to live in the fruit of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit should be evident in our lives every day.  The first fruit that is mentioned is Love.  Jesus speaks about love often.  Love is not something that is soppy or sentimental, love is a really strong word that I fear we so often use too lightly and flippantly.  It is easy to say ‘I love’ to someone, but the question is, do I show that love? The young leader who came to Jesus asks the question, “What is the greatest commandmen?”. He has heard the conversation that Jesus is having with the Sadducees.  This was one of the most basic questions that could be asked.  It was a question that every Jewish boy could answer.  Jesus does not fail the test.  Everybody is happy with the answer. But, then we come to read the passage in John 15 and Jesus takes things one step further.  Here he tells the disciples that there is a new commandment.  We need to love each other as He has loved us. This is a very different place to be in. How does Jesus love? The answer is given to us in the same passage:  Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend, and I call you my friends.  Is it possible to love like this?  Well,

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this is the first fruit of the spirit – we need to love each other. It is easy to love those who are lovable.  But to love those who are not?  Do we not shun those who we think are unlovable? Do we not put people into boxes?  Do we not go with the popular demand, and all the rest? Love is not an optional thing.  We are commanded to love each other as Jesus has loved us.  The question is how do we love? Love involves taking a risk:  We don’t really know if it will work out when we show others that we love them? We allow people into our lives and we get hurt.  We allow people the space to come close to us, and they stab us in the back.  You all know what I am talking about.  But Jesus commands us to continue to love.  To love as He has loved! Love involves doing something:  We cannot love from a distance.  We cannot love without getting our hands dirty.  We cannot be uninvolved in a relationship with others Love is expensive:  If your love is cheap it has no worth.The love that God shows to us, cost Him everything that He had. It cost the life of His Son.  Jesus gave that willingly.  He gave that so that we could live.  This is the fruit that needs to grow in our lives.  We need to take the time to consider the lives of others.  We need to take the time to just stop and open our eyes and see the things that are happening around us

gin to learn the real meaning of the word love! No longer is it the greatest commandment that is true in our lives, but rather the new commandment that Jesus gives to us.  Love the Lord your God above all else, and love your neighbour as I have loved you!  This is a very different way to live.  Not loving as we love ourselves, but loving as Jesus loves us! I wish you well this year, may you be blessed in abundance, and may the true meaning of the word love be very real to you in every way. God bless and keep you in the palm of His hand, now and always.  With my love, Jen

When we reach out to others, we be-


I'm getting full marks for


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The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


The Midstream Magazine - February 2014


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